Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms Chapter 525: Wu Zetian Reincarnated

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Early the next morning, Chen Xiaobei did two things at the same time.

He took NeZha and Hong Haier to look for Song and asked Cao Zhenyang to help him purchase a top-tier jade.

Elder Cao loved jades. Once, he was willing to spend four billion to buy Chen Xiaobei's jade sculpture and that was actually how he was became affiliated to Chen Xiaobei.

The Cao Family was very knowledgeable when it came to jades; they could find a lot good quality jade, but when they saw the workmans.h.i.+p on Chen Xiaobei's jade, they immediately changed their course and made a trip to Green Vine City.

Everything would surely turn out smoothly when Cao Zhenyang was put in charge.

On the way to the film base, the two of them would not stop asking questions when they saw something new.

"Bro Bei, why is it so gray and hazy? The sky is also gray, it feels so depressing…" NeZha crinkled his brows.

"Fortunately, there's not a trace of Demonic Qi. If not, I would've thought the Black Mountain Demon is here!" said Hong Haier, his mouth twitching.

"This is smog, one of Dragon City's distinguis.h.i.+ng features."

Chen Xiaobei explained, "There's dust, sulfuric acid, nitric acid, and other particles in the air, forming a sort of aerosol that blocks vision. Simply put, this is a kind of air pollution.

"Earth's environment is awful… No wonder my dad always says that the mortals from the lost land here are living in deep water and scorching fire…" NeZha sighed.

"Isn't that right?" 

Hong Haier echoed, "In heaven, the air is fresh and clean, there is not a trace of pollution. In fact, it's full of Spiritual Qi! If Earth has even one-tenth of the Spiritual Qi, NeZha and I can improve our cultivation immediately!"

"Poor earthlings…" NeZha sighed again.

"Yeah, what a pity…" Hong Haier also sighed.

"Hey hey hey! The both of you, can you please be more sensitive to my feelings? I was born and bred here!" Chen Xiaobei protested.

But at the same time, inside there was a longing, that perhaps someday, he might be able to set foot on heaven.

When that day came, he would bring his parents, his brothers and friends, and his woman, to that surreal place!

Just thinking about it excited him! 

 Very quickly, they arrived at the film base.

Song was already waiting at the door. Now that Wenyuan was on the right track, everything was smooth sailing, there was no need for Song to constantly be by her side.

"Wow! What a pretty lady!" NeZha exclaimed, clambering to the window.

"Wow! She's really beautiful!" Hong Haier came over, his eyes bulging.

Song wore a red and white suit, the cutting was immaculate-it made her look very adept, oozing with feminine power.

 Her beautiful complexion exuded a sense of natural charm. With her hair being fluffed, one could spot her adorable earlobes that were compared to pearls. Finally, her snowy jade neck made everything go well together.

Under her collar revealed a mesmerizing collarbone, and under her skirt was a pair of slender fair legs-she did not need to put on fishnets to look s.e.xy. Finally, she had on a pair of red heels, simple and elegant. Her beauty was enough to mesmerize every man that she met.

As they approached, Hong Haier suddenly asked, "NeZha, did you notice that that beautiful lady looks like Wu Zetian?

"Oh, yeah! Exactly alike!" NeZha nodded in agreement.

"What?! Wu Zetian?!" Chen Xiaobei was stunned. His Scholar Heart was short-circuited.

"Wu Zetian is the most famous female emperor in history! Don't you know that?" Hong Haier asked in disgust.

"I… I… Of course I know Wu Zetian… But what do you mean by look exactly alike?" Chen Xiaobei was very unhinged.

"Who knows? It's probably just a coincidence. There are countless living beings within three realms! They must just look alike!" Hong Haier said.

 "There is another possibility! Wu Zetian used to train at the Underground Realm. She gave up her training twenty-seven years ago without any reason! She then went through the reincarnation process! That lady over might be the reincarnated Wu Zetian!" NeZha added, "

 "What the f*ck?!" Chen Xiaobei's hands shook, nearly causing the car to overturn.

If it were just that they look identical, then it was nothing. But the thing was, Song was about twenty-seven years old too! She was the epitome of a young MILF with extremely seductive body features!

Could it be that what NeZha said was true?

Chen Xiaobei was dumbstruck. If that was true, then he had just nearly gone to bed with an empress.

(Oh my G.o.d… This is insane!)

"Whether or not she's Wu Zetian, I'm going to hit on her first!"

Hong Haier licked his lips, and said excitedly, "One can never miss a young MILF! I'm going to hit on her as hard as possible! Ouch…"

 Hong Haier's head was knocked by Chen Xiaobei while he was having some exciting thoughts.

 "That's my woman, you are not allowed to think of my woman like that! If not, I won't give you a single dime!" said Chen Xiaobei gravely.

"This…" Hong Haier blinked and nodded his head. "Alright… I promise you, I will not touch your woman… But you must give me more pocket money. I want to become Mimi and Bobo's sugar daddy!"

"Deal. As long as you behave, money is not a problem!" Chen Xiaobei grinned.

At that moment, Chen Xiaobei knew Hong Haier's weakness was money!

Last night, Chen Xiaobei had just given him fifty thousand, and Hong Haier had already spent it all. He was hara.s.sing Chen Xiaobei for more money.

No matter how smart Hong Haier was, he could never outsmart Chen Xiaobei when he caught his weak point!

"Don't worry, Bro Bei!" Hong Haier thumped his chest and said, "I will behave next time! If you ask me to go east, I will definitely go east. Basically, I will do whatever you ask me to do!"

"Mmm… Such a teachable kid!" Chen Xiaobei nodded satisfactorily.

 The car came to a stop. 

Song walked over with a smile on her face. "Why are looking at me like that? Is there a flower on my face?"

"How can flowers compare to you?" Chen Xiaobei smiled.

"Oh you, don't you sweet talk me! Song Qincheng gave Chen Xiaobei a look, but inside, her heart was melting.

"Sister, you are so pretty!" said NeZha and Hong Haier, giggling.

"It looks like you've already brought bad influence to someone…" Song Qincheng laughed. It was the not the laugh of an ordinary woman but the laugh of a young MILF!

"So, what do you think? Can these two enter the entertainment business?" Chen Xiaobei asked.

Song surveyed them and said, "Not bad. But you said that they only know how to sing and dance and nothing else. Don't even think about the film base, they can only go into the performing industry since they know how to dance and sing."

"That's alright. As long as they can enter the entertainment industry. Everything else is up to you," said Chen Xiaobei.

"Whether or not they can enter is not up to me," said Song Qincheng. "Come with me, I'll bring you to see someone really important."

Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms Chapter 525: Wu Zetian Reincarnated

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