Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms Chapter 533: Thunder Roars!

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Holding the Thunder Pool Tesseract carefully, Chen Xiaobei placed it in the middle of his faction slowly; a hole that he dug earlier.



A hundred and eight lightning bolts escaped from the hole. The size of the bolts had increased to the size of arms. Interconnected, all the one hundred and eight pieces of Wind Thunder Divine Stones transformed into a giant lightning net! At that moment, the entire Hundred Beasts Faction was covered in lightning! It was as if the whole place was going to be devoured by a prehistoric ancient lightning beast, entering the endless realm of lightning and thunder!

"This is scary…"

Chen Xiaobei's pupils contracted. Feeling suffocated, the bolts did not hurt Chen Xiaobei but he could sense an invisible force crus.h.i.+ng down at him! Ever since Chen Xiaobei joined the Red Envelope Group, he had been through all kind of hards.h.i.+ps and witnessed all kinds of storms! By now, his state of mind was really solid and tenacious. That was the immense force of a divine item! This divine item was casually created by Yun Zhongzi but its power was beyond terrifying!

'Imagine, how terrifying it is to use a completed and well-designed divine and G.o.dly item?!'

"According to the Monkey King, Thunder Pool Tesseract has the potential to become a full-fledged divine item!"

Chen Xiaobei was really looking forward to it but he still had a clear state of mind. 

'Thinking of it transforming into a completed divine item seems too far a thought. Right now, I should only focus on one thing! To control all these lightning bolts!"

Calming himself down, Chen Xiaobei started to figure out the spiritual attribute of the Thunder Pool Tesseract. He needed to build a spiritual bridge with it and connect his soul with it. By doing that, he would be able to control it solely with his will!


Those one hundred and eight lightning bolts kept on growing and growing. From the size of arms to an anaconda and soon into the size of a dragon! Meanwhile, Chen Xiaobei was calm; no longer affected by the pressure from all the lightning! All were gone!

Lightning could no longer put fear in him because all one hundred and eight lightning bolts were under his control now!

"Thunder Pool! Pierce the sky!"

Chen Xiaobei roared.

Immediately, a hundred and eight lightning dragons that surrounded the mountain behaved like mystical beasts following Chen Xiaobei's will and charged into the pinnacle of heaven!


The lightning dragons dove through the sky and tore the sunny weather into pieces. Within seconds, the sky was dominated by lightning! The whole of Dragon City was shaken when the people witnessed such weird phenomenon happening during midday!

"Thunder Pool! Crack the ground!"

Chen Xiaobei roared again. This time, all one hundred and eight lightning bolts rushed to the ground from high above the sky! It was as if they were going to turn the entire Hundred Beast Mountain into ashes!

Heaven and earth shook; mountains and rivers shattered. Who could face the wrath of lightning? Only Chen Xiaobei could!


A simple roar and hundreds of dragons were tamed! Immediately, all one hundred and eight lightning bolts returned to their respective cores!

The formation was done!

From this second onwards, Chen Xiaobei was the master of the lightning world!

"Si… Sifu… What just happened? This is so scary…"

G.o.d knows when Feng Qingyang got there. His face was pale as a sheet and one could see that sweat covered his forehead. Weakened, Feng Qingyang fell to the ground with a dull look in his eyes.

"The formation to protect the mountain has been deployed. All the deities and evil spirit have to take a step back when they are within the protection area of the Thunder Pool!"

Chen Xiaobei might have sounded calm but a simple statement like that was oozing with confidence, domination, and arrogance! Needless to say, Chem Xiaobei's state of mind was enhanced by this divine baptism!

"Com… Completed… Sifu, you are almighty! Omnipotent!"

Feng Qingyang's body was shaking uncontrollably. Promptly, he went down on his knees and paid his respects to Chen Xiaobei. Venturing the Jianghu for more than ten years, the legendary northwest hero was truly impressed by the things that Chen Xiaobei could do. Without any hesitation, Chen Xiaobei took out his cellphone and uploaded a post on Weibo.

[The auction will begin five days later! Time: 8.00pm! Location: Hundred Beast Mountain (former headquarters of the Hundred Beast Faction)]

Waves and waves of heated discussion hit Chen Xiaobei's Weibo right after he uploaded the post. Chen Xiaobei's ordinary fans had no idea about the meaning behind the post. Only the true Jianghu elites knew what Chen Xiaobei was trying to tell them. All of them mentioned that they had prepared enough money for the auction.

After updating his Weibo account, Chen Xiaobei called Yap Liangchen and Wu Tianhe to ask for their help in promoting his upcoming auction. Though his auction might make waves in Jianghu and attract enemies, the Thunder Pool and Puzzle Formation sufficed to deal with them.

'I hope there will be no enemies coming to my auction. They shall get a taste of my lightning if they have the guts to crash my auction!'


Chen Xiaobei's cell phone rang. Looking at the caller's number, an exciting look could be seen on his face. It was Lan Mengchen! She wanted to have dinner with him! Without any hesitation, Chen Xiaobei said yes to it immediately. After giving some simple orders to Feng Qingyang, Chen Xiaobei left the Hundred Beasts Mountain promptly.

Everyone started to get restless after Chen Xiaobei left the Hundred Beast Mountain around one hour. People from metrological bureau, astrophile, forest service specialist, and faction members from different factions were drawn to the strange phenomenon. All of them wanted to come here to have a look at it. However, they found out that the area was covered by a thick fog. A lot of them retreated after went into the fog for around twenty meters. Other than the thick fog, they claimed that they experienced confusion. It was not possible for ordinary people to differentiate the directions.

Not even the equipment from the metrological bureau and forest service specialist could help with finding the right path. It was as if a special magnetic field existed inside the area. All the equipment and were deemed useless in a situation like this. In the end, they were forced to leave the place after a number of fruitless attempts.

"Master Dongtiao! We have located Chen Xiaobei's current position!"

At a hidden corner, there were eight people standing there silently. A total of nine people; including the one that just reported back to them. Dongtiao narrowed his gaze and said seriously, "For the sake of j.a.pan's glory, we must succeed! I will not condone failure!"

"Master Dongtiao, don't you worry. There is no reason for us to fail since you are here with us, the Octadic Spectral Squad!"

"That's right! We have done a really thorough investigation for this operation. Chen Xiaobei's combat power is no more than fifteen thousand! Any of us from the Octadic Spectral Squad is more powerful than him! Let alone the high-ranked ninja, Master Dongtiao!"

"Master Dongtiao's combat power is around thirty thousand! Tensho's decision to a.s.sign Master Dongtiao to complete this mission is like using a butcher knife to kill a chicken! Wait, No! It's like using a Dragon Slayer to kill a chicken!"

All the eight members of Octadic Spectral Squad were discussing this matter. Clearly, they were very confident that they could definitely execute this operation successfully.

"Only Chen Xiaobei. He poses no threat to us! However, don't forget that we are in China now. This place is filled with different kind of elites. Expect unforeseen circ.u.mstances! We must not let our guard down before we capture Chen Xiaobei!" Dongtiao said in a deep tone.

Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms Chapter 533: Thunder Roars!

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