Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms Chapter 575: You Have Chosen Death

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"Elder Bei!"

Yap Liangchen rejoiced when he saw Chen Xiaobei. With his strength, it was really easy for him to take care of the situation. The Jiangfu folk around him did not know his true ident.i.ty. Everyone was taking turns to mock him again.

"This old piece of trash is here again! Yap Liangchen is now our hostage! How dare you come here to be killed by us?!"

"Old junk! You must have lived too long! You are about to die of old age! Coming here to interfere in our business is like risking your life to act tough in front of us!"

"Maybe, he wants to go crazy for one last time before he dies! He is looking for a rush of adrenaline!"

With their voices raised, they were getting more and more creative with their insults. Though Chen Xiaobei was still calm, a cold wave was stirring deep within his pitch-black eyes. In order to prevent trouble from coming to him, Chen Xiaobei suppressed his anger from the beginning until now. However, trouble still came knocking at his door even though he did not do anything.

With that being said, people would see you as a weakling when you choose to not to defend yourself! Being patient would only bring more oppression to yourself! There was no need to hold back anymore!

"I now will give you guys two options! One, let him go! Second, die!"

Chen Xiaobei might have sounded calm but his tone carried determination and authority. That being said, he was more than ready to kill all of them. There was simply no third option for them. Bewildered, Du Qiuyu and the rest of the disciples could not believe what they just heard.

'Bro Bei is simply too powerful! Life and death for this bunch of idiots lie on one single thought now!'

Feeling puzzled, Du Qiuyu took a good look at Chen Xiaobei again. He felt like there was something about this old man, but he couldn't put his finger on it. Standing there emotionless, Chen Xiaobei was waiting for an answer from the enemies.

"F*ck! Stop the pretentious act here! Even Yap Liangchen is afraid of us! An old man like you can do no harm to us!"

"Master Du! I can kill that old b.a.s.t.a.r.d within three seconds!"

Fat Bear volunteered to kill Chen Xiaobei.


Nodding his head, he was still unaware of how powerful Chen Xiaobei was. To him, Fat Bear alone was more than enough to defeat him.

"Fat Bear! Bullying an old man is so shameless! Hahaha…"

"Fat Bear! Use your Eagle Claw to decapitate him!"

"That's right! Do something special! Don't let him die an easy death!"

Everyone that sided with Du Qiuyu was getting ready to sit back and enjoy the exciting show that was about to unfold with wicked grins on their faces. 

'A bunch of idiots!'

Upon hearing their cheering, Yap Liangchen could not help but roll his eyes at them.

'Bro Bei has given you guys a chance! There is no one to blame when you guys are killed by Bro Bei!"

"Old b.a.s.t.a.r.d! Any last words? Speak now! There will be no more chance to say anything when I strike you!"

With a grim smile on his face, Fat Bear was getting closer to Chen Xiaobei. An arrogant look could be seen on his face when he used both of his colossal hands to tap on his belly that was comparable to a ten-months-pregnant-belly.


Waving his hand casually, the crowd was stunned when they saw a blood-red ray rush out from Chen Xiaobei's palm. Immediately, a bloodthirsty aura filled the s.p.a.ce. With Black Dragon acting as the source of energy, the evening sky turned into a crimson h.e.l.l! It was like the demon king himself stepped foot in the place.

"Ughh… Ah…"



The sound of wailing could be heard from Fat Bear. It was too painful for him to bear! Before he realized it, a precise vertical cut appeared on his big fat tummy - like a watermelon being cut in half. Thick blood spurted out from his stomach along with slashed internal organs. It was definitely a terrifying scene.


Fat Bear's life ended as he fell into the pool of his own blood. With his eyes wide open, he let out his final breath. In the end, he did not even know what killed him - which made his death in vain!

"What… What the h.e.l.l is going on?"

Everyone included Du Qiuyu did not know what just happened. All they saw was a crimson ray flashed pa.s.s their eyes and next thing they knew was Fat Bear's stomach was cut open and he ceased to exist.

"This… This is unreal… Master Du… What did that old b.a.s.t.a.r.d just do?"

With his heart thumping non-stop, Bamboo Snake's face turned pale.

"How would I know…"

Du Qiuyu's broke out in cold sweat. Without knowing Chen Xiaobei's combat power, he did not dare to risk his life. With his teeth gritted, he made his stand clear.

"Elder, you are too powerful! We make a huge mistake this time! Please bring Yap Liangchen away from this place. We shall not cross paths again!"

"Hmph! Dream on! You have chosen to be killed by me the moment you sent that fatty to kill me!"

Shaking his head with no emotion on his face, no sympathy could be seen in his pitch-black eyes.

"What?! Elder! So, are you trying to kill all of us here? Do not force our hand! We have ten people left! I don't think you can defeat us all at once!"

"You guys are just like ants to me! One squash is more than enough to kill all of you!"

"Alright! Remember, you are the one that forced our hand! Brothers! Let's fight with him all at once! Let him know that he messed with the wrong people!" Du Qiuya ordered, gritting his teeth.

Though he could not identify Chen Xiaobei's combat power, he was really confident in his own strength. Along with his shout, he was the first one that dashed at Chen Xiaobei.

"Mountain Crus.h.i.+ng Punch!"

His True Qi was pushed to the pinnacle phase while he was shouting. Immediately, a stream of mud yellow True Qi surrounded his right arm - making it look like a huge pillar that could crush mountains!

"So, that's the true power of Pinnacle Mountain Crus.h.i.+ng Punch! Du Qiuyu's talent is really not bad! Until today, I couldn't even learn this skill but he has already reached the pinnacle phase with this skill!"

Yap Liangchen was awestruck.

"What now? Afraid of me yet? Die!"

His confidence was boosted greatly after hearing the compliment from Yap Liangchen. With his fist aiming at Chen Xiaobei's chest, he wanted to be able to take him out with only one punch!

"To be honest, I can't defeat you! But, don't forget that your opponent is Elder Bei! To him, you are just an ant!"

"What?! How is that even possible?!"

Suddenly, Du Qiuyu let out a scream. It was not because of what Yap Liangchen just said. His punch did land on Chen Xiaobei's chest but no harm was done unto him! The look on his face was still as calm!

"This is not possible… It can't be…"

With his pupils contracted, startled, Du Qiuyu fell to the ground like he lost his soul. He did not expect that his Mountain Crus.h.i.+ng Punch that he was always proud of was completely ineffective on Chen Xiaobei. Of course, he did not have much to think about it. Next second, Chen Xiaobei uttered a final sentence before his death!

"My turn."

Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms Chapter 575: You Have Chosen Death

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