Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms Chapter 576: Killing Nine People With One Single Slash

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"No… Please don't do this…"

Shaking in fear, Du Qiuyu's pupils contracted when a fist approached, closing his left eye.


With a m.u.f.fled scream, Du Qiuyu was sent flying like a meteor ten meters away! A pit was formed from where he landed. Immediately, he pa.s.sed out before he could say a single word.

"What… What the h.e.l.l is happening?"

The rest of the disciples were getting ready to attack Chen Xiaobei. However, they came to a complete stop when they were running halfway. To their dismay, every single one of them had their attention on Du Qiuyu. He was lying right there on the floor with no apparent injuries on his upper and lower body. However, the left side of his head was ripped to shreds with shattered bone around it - like a watermelon being smashed by a hammer. The mixture of flesh, blood, and bones were scattered all around him.

"Oh my goodness… This is horrible…"

Upon witnessing this horrendous scene, the rest of the nine Jianghu folk almost peed their pants. Cowardice got the better of two of them as they collapsed to the floor immediately with their legs shaking uncontrollably. 

"Oh G.o.d… That old man just destroyed Master Du's head with a single punch… His combat power is at least fifteen thousand… At least!!!"

"Too powerful… Among all the one hundred fifty Jianghu folk that traveled here, only Bi Yuntao and Bi Yunyao are powerful enough to defeat him… As compare to him, we are like ants…"

"He hid his true strength too well… It was suicidal for us to call him garbage…"

Petrified, all nine did not think to run for their lives. It was not like they could even if they wanted to!


Instantaneously, a frenzied dragon stormed at them from the crimson sky. Facing a crus.h.i.+ng force like this, they were made to gasp for more air - rendered defenseless.




The crimson mad dragon flitted through them like a lightning. Next second, all nine of them were decapitated - leaving nine headless bodies with blood spewing out. In a blink of an eye, all nine of them became headless corpses!

Killing all nine of them with only a single slas.h.!.+


Yap Liangchen took in a deep breath. Though the battle had ended, a shocking look could still be seen on his face. This was after his first time witnessing Crimson Turmoil! The might of the sword was enough to shake his mind and soul. Experiencing the might that came from the void made him feel like that his lungs and heart were about to be crushed! It was truly terrifying and surreal!

"Don't just stand there. Go and deal with the bodies… We have to leave immediately. I'm afraid that the loud noise is going to attract some people to come here!"

Chen Xiaobei then focused his Chaos Sword Essence to absorb all the blood essence from all the bodies. After that, a bottle of Body Dissolving Poison was handed to Yap Liangchen. After giving the wild ginseng to Chen Xiaobei, Yap Liangchen went to take care of with the bodies.


[You have eliminated a first generation evil individual. Ten thousand merit points had been awarded to you!]


[You have eliminated an evil individual…]


[You have…]

After he kept the wild ginseng in his treasure chest, he received eleven notifications in regards to his merit point gains. Judging from this, one could tell that none of the Jianghu folk that Chen Xiaobei killed earlier were good. In total, Chen Xiaobei received a total of 20,000 merit points.


[Your current merit points is 280,000. You need another 20,000 merit points to go to the next level (Charm: 28,000. Luck: 28,000)!]

"Not bad at all. Other than acquiring the wild ginseng, I'm about level up as well!"

To his surprise, Chen Xiaobei noticed some changes to his Chaos Sword Essence.

"My Chaos Sword Essence is going through some changes as well! Does that mean it is going to evolve soon?"

Upon finished absorbing all the blood essence, the sword flew back to Chen Xiaobei and floated in front of him. On that top-tier sword made of blood jade, a few rays of obsidian glow could be seen. Nine streams of blood Qi were flowing within the sword like nine dragons swimming inside it. The image was definitely clearer than before! The obsidian glow came from the middle of the nine dragons was a dark and deep line. That line was the Black Dragon Blood it absorbed when it was born to this world.

"During the previous evolution of the Chaos Sword Essence, it had a jade form. Its power increased tremendously! I'm curious what kind of transformation I would get to see this time."

Chen Xiaobei was thinking about it. Growing a sword and raising a Spiritual Beast were actually pretty similar. One would need to invest a lot of resources on them for them to grow stronger and evolve. However, the evolution of a sword was actually slightly different compared to a Spiritual Beast. Other than feeding it with blood essence, one needed to wait for the right time for it to evolve. Crossing path with blood jade coffin was the factor that caused the evolution of the Chaos Sword Essence. Clearly, the next evolution was not going to be easy to be completed. Of course, Chen Xiaobei would not give up on it no matter what! Thinking of the power of the Chaos Sword Essence, Chen Xiaobei's combat efficiency would definitely be boosted if it evolved once again!

"I have no idea when is Sifu going to contact me again. It would save me a lot of trouble if I can talk to him right now."

Chen Xiaobei then kept his Chaos Sword Essence. At the same time, Yap Liangchen was done dealing with the bodies as well. Just when the two of them wanted to leave this place, they heard someone shouting in front of them.

"What are you guys trying to do?"

There were five Jianghu people striding towards them in a hastened manner. The one that shouted was the most powerful Jianghu elite of this trip, Bi Yuntao. His brother, Bi Yunyao was walking beside him. The other three following behind them were Zhuang Yuejin and two of his bodyguards.

"s.h.i.+t! They must have heard the loud noise and traced it here!"

Furrowing his brows, Yap Liangchen was worried that they might see the bodies that were still going through the decomposing process. Considering that Bi Yuntao's combat power was 18,000 and Bi Yunyao's combat power was 16,000, it was simply not possible for Yap Liangchen and Chen Xiaobei to defeat them. Other than that, as the person in charge of this operation, Zhuang Yuejin would definitely not allow anyone to disrupt this mission!

Crossing path with them would mean another wave of trouble. Subtly, Chen Xiaobei reached out to his cell phone, withdrew something from his treasure chest, and held it in his palm.

"Bro Bei, what should we do now?"

Seeing that those five people were closing on to them, Yap Liangchen was getting more and more anxious.

"We need to risk it this time."

Focusing his gaze at Zhuang Yuejin, Chen Xiaobei said softly "He will become my chess piece in the Zhuang Family if what I'm about to do to him turns out to be successful!"

"Chess piece? This…"

Yap Liangchen gulped several times. All he could do was stand there with fear gradually building up since he failed to read Chen Xiaobei's mind. Seeing all the bodies on the ground, Bi Yuntao and Bi Yunyao frowned when they arrived here.

"Oh my lord…"

Zhuang Yuejin arrived after that.

Upon seeing the half-decomposed bodies, he quickly hid behind his bodyguard with a pale look on him.

"W-What the h.e.l.l happened here?" asked Zhuang Yuejin fearfully.

"This is poison! So ruthless!" remarked Bi Yuntao.

He then turned his attention to Chen Xiaobei, staring at him intently.

Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms Chapter 576: Killing Nine People With One Single Slash

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