Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms Chapter 592: Smog In The Airport

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 "Xiaobei! Get up quickly! Quickly… It's almost daytime! You have to, the cleaners will be here any minute!"

Song Qincheng had already put on her clothes while she anxiously urged Chen Xiaobei to get up. She tried to help by putting on his clothes but could not get a hold of him.

"You really think that I'm a superman who never gets tired… I came so many times last night… I have to sleep a little longer…" Chen Xiaobei had an exhausted expression on his face as he kneeled on the sofa, refusing to get up.

Song Qincheng face flushed bright red and remembered what happened in the office the night before. That moment of pleasure and happiness, then another moment of b.u.t.terflies in her stomach, it made her body weak.

If it was possible, she did not want to get up either, hoping that wonderful moment would last forever.

And just like that, she could always enjoy it. The happiness that Chen Xiaobei brought to her, a feeling of happiness that only a woman that was single could experience.

*Ding ding—*

While Song Qincheng was deep in thought, the phone started to ring.

The ringing came from the pile of clothes that Chen Xiaobei tossed aside.

"Can you help me check who's calling?" Chen Xiaobei said in a sleepy tone.

"... G.o.ddess Lan."

Song Qincheng took the phone and muttered the two words.


Chen Xiaobei was excited and hurriedly got up. He took a look at his phone. With realization, his face was filled with awkwardness.

"Don't worry, I don't mind."

Song Qincheng smiled and calmly said, "I'm a divorced woman. I'm already satisfied just by being your lover in the dark! Answer the phone soon, having someone to call in so early must be an urgent matter!"

"I know, what you said is from your heart. I don't want to be tempted to make promises either."

With a solemn look, Chen Xiaobei's said, "I just want to let you know! You, Song Qincheng, not a mistress who would never be brought to light! I will let the whole world know that you are my woman!"

"Hey… Stop trying to be cool, just pick up the phone!"

Song Qing Cheng let out a shriek, her heart was already melting.

Perhaps it was because in the early years that she had more contact with a eunuch. Deep down Song Qincheng's heart, she really liked Chen Xiaobei's dominance; it was simply filled with too much masculinity.


Chen Xiaobei nodded and answered the call, "Mengchen, why are you calling in so early?"

"There's something wrong with the company here, I need you to come and have a look."

"Because the construction of the factory involves the approval of an environmental permit, they need the signature from the deputy mayor in charge of the environmental protection."

Lan Mengchen added, "But he has been rejecting and refusing to approve it! Madam Diana and I have been with him for a few days. He finally relaxed and said he would discuss with the chairman."

Chen Xiaobei frowned and replied, "This is strange. With the ident.i.ty of both you and Madam Diana, how can the deputy mayor make things difficult with you? It should've been green light all the way!"

"The guy named Yap Maosong is the third uncle of Yap Tianling!" Lan Mengchen said indignantly.

"Oh, so it's a public feud." Chen Xiao Bei sneered. "Rest a.s.sured, I will deal with this matter!"

Lan Mengchen said, "Then come as soon as possible to the company and set off with me! We will have to rush before Yap Maosong arrives to work and wait outside his office!"

After hanging up, Chen Xiaobei then changed his clothes and left.

Song Qincheng discreetly sent the robes that were worn the day before to dry cleaning, then went back home and changed into a new set of clothes to avoid others noticing something different about her.

Outside the building of Dragon City.

As Chen Xiaobei and Lan Mengchen arrived, they saw a group of cars driving out.

"It's Yap Maosong's car! We have to rush up to him!" With Lan Mengchen's sharp eyesight, she found the mayor with a glance.

Chen Xiaobei quickly drove to catch up and asked, "Did you set up an appointment with him beforehand?"

Lan Mengchen reluctantly said, "He doesn't even pick up his phone, how can I set an appointment with him? We can only chase him around like the paparazzi!"

Chen Xiaobei's expression was cold and uncomfortable. "You all have worked so hard these days; let's see how I'll handle him."

"Don't fool around!"

Lan Mengchen nervously said, "If we don't get his signature, the factory construction will have to shut down completely, which would result in a lot of monetary loss. More importantly, there are thousands of workers waiting to get paid at the construction site, so this matter cannot be neglected!"

"Don't worry, if they want to play, I will play with them until the end!"

Chen Xiaobei smiled confidently.

He followed the group of cars and went all the way to Dragon City's airport.

Chen Xiao Bei thought that Yap Maosong wanted to travel by plane.

However, Yap Maosong and his people did not enter the terminal. Instead, they went to the corner of the northernmost part of the airport.

"What are they doing here?" Chen Xiaobei was very puzzled.

"Did you see those white-haired old men?" Lan Mengchen said, "They're the experts from the National Meteorological Administration and also the officials from the Ministry of Environmental Protection. Apparently, it's coming from the smog."


Chen Xiao Bei slightly moved his sight and looked up at the sky.

It was covered in gray dust; the visibility was extremely low and that was alright if it was in the city. However, if it was at the airport in this kind of weather, the airplanes had no way to take off.

"Yap Maosong is the deputy mayor and he's in charge of environmental protection! Recently, he has been busy with this smog issue."

Lan Mengchen explained, "Actually, the smog in Dragon City is nothing new but this year has been very strange. There has been frequent smog occurring at the airport and it often affects the usual takeoffs and landings of the flights. It has caused several large-scale of pa.s.sengers to stay put.

"It is said that a deadline was given so that Yap Maosong can resolve it within the time limit, otherwise he will be subjected to a demotion.

"Based on the facts given by Yap Maosong, the construction of the factory will bring in a lot of dust. That's why he never approved our license; it would be useless even if we tried pet.i.tioning…"

Lan Mengchen sounded helpless.

After all, the issue of the environmental protection was a major one and going through the higher-ups was a challenging task. It was no wonder that even with Madam Diana's vast connections, this was near impossible.

 "Alright, let's take a look."

Chen Xiaobei nodded. While he was walking, he carefully observed the nearby terrain.

This was the corner of the airport and it was close to the mountain. Also, there was a clear gap between the terrains.

At the side of the airport, the surface was flat, like a piece of land on the mountainside.

He saw a white-haired old man who said, "This mountain was originally the natural barrier of the airport, but this year, the wind direction has obviously been changed! The smog that gathered here could not disperse due to the mountain!"

Yap Maosong heard the conversation, he continuously nodded and replied with politeness: "Elder Fang, you are the authority of the National Meteorological Administration. In this case, how would you solve it?"

"In my opinion, the mountain should be blown to bits. That would allow the monsoon wind to flow, the smog in the airport will naturally disperse," said Elder Fang in seriousness.

"Oh…" Yap Maosong heard his speech and rolled his eyes.

No wonder netizens gave the professional nicknames such as pro-f**k-sionals! Those "pofessional" would never cease to spout out-of-this-world ideas without even thinking of the consequences. 

'Would you blow up this mountain that's several kilometers wide for me to see?'

With an injured expression, Yap Maosong said, "Everyone knows that this matter is related to my future. I want you to come up with some other ways and I will definitely reward you!"

When that statement was said, Chen Xiaobei's lips curled into a smile.

Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms Chapter 592: Smog In The Airport

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