Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms Chapter 594: Shameless

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"What?! Me, Yap Tianlin, ask for your help? Are you sick in the head? Or is it because Lan Mengchen hasn't told you the situation you're in yet? You still dare to be arrogant until the end! F*cking r.e.t.a.r.d!" Yap Tianlin yelled angrily, his expression filled with disdain as he looked into Chen Xiaobei's eyes.

In Yap Tianlin's perspective, he had more power than Chen Xiaobei. If Chen wanted to get the license for the factory, he would have to be on his knees and beg Yap Tianlin for it.

How could he be begging to Chen Xiaobei? It's a joke!

"Tianlin! Don't bother entertaining their nonsense! Master Situ is waiting here!" shouted Yap Maosong.

In his heart, the whole thing was clear.

He understood that he could take advantage of the situation and retaliate against him. Since Chen Xiaobei was not aware of it, he naturally would not give any chances to Chen Xiaobei.


Yap Tianlin gave Chen Xiaobei a cold glare and said, "Continue the arrogant front then! I'll see how long you can put up with it!"

After his speech, he turned and walked away.

Lan Mengchen was anxious.

"What can we do now? There's no way we can get his signature with Yap Tianlin around! It's alright if we don't get the money but the workers won't be able to start working and they wouldn't have any food to eat!"

"Don't worry, things may turn around!"

Chen Xiaobei narrowed his eyes and set his gaze onto Situ Hengfeng, who was known as the elder of Mountain Shu Faction.

Under everyone's gaze, Yap Tianlin said haughtily, "Master Situ, you can now start by displaying your power to open the eyes of these commoners!"

 "Excuse me! Master Situ, what should we do to solve this problem?" One of the authorities from the National Meteorological Administration asked in a humble tone.

Situ Hengfeng looked oblivious, as though he did not hear the question.

He was like a G.o.d who scorned ignorant mortals, looking down upon Elder Fang.

His arrogance was over-the-top!

Elder Fang was cast aside and he felt very embarra.s.sed.

The other experts around him grumbled in dissatisfaction over how Elder Fang was treated.

 "What a sn.o.b! Elder Fang is able to discuss with the n.o.bel Prize winners about academics, and he isn't allowed to ask for advice? Who does he think he is?"

"This might sound rude but he seems to be a con artist of Jianghu! I really thought that he could solve the problem of the smog."

"That's right! In the final a.n.a.lysis of this problem, only science can solve it!"

The situation was starting to get uncomfortable. Yap Tianlin quickly responded, "Master Situ is an expert from the outside world. He doesn't like interacting with guests, so everyone please understand!"

"Disliking to interact with guests? It's obvious that he looks down on us!" Some angered experts immediately expressed their dissatisfaction.

They have done their research for a lifetime and even Yap Maosong had to be polite to them.

This fully-bearded old Daoist appeared from nowhere and he dared to be obnoxious in front of them; it was simply intolerable. 

Seeing the experts squabble, Yap Tianlin and Yap Maosong were anxious as the situation seemed to be getting out of hand.

However at this moment, Situ Hengfeng spoke for the first time, and his remarks were like adding fuel to the flames. "Right! I'm Situ Hengfeng and I look down on all of you! I'm arrogant because I have the right to be this way!"

After those words were uttered, the experts went into an uproar; they had never met such an overbearing sn.o.b!

However, Situ Hengfeng directly ignored them. He stepped forward and performed some martial arts. A single blast was launched to the side of the hill within a blink of an eye!

 "Good movement!"

Chen Xiaobei blinked, he could not help but sigh.

"As expected of a master with a combat power of 40000! His speed is ten times faster than mine! Mountain Shu… The hidden faction… I still have a long way to go down this road…"

"Oh my G.o.d… This… What just happened?"

"It flew away just like that? That… that defies gravity... Physics even! This isn't science at all!"

"Is he a supernatural being?"

Of course, not everyone could through see his method like Chen Xiaobei.

The group of experts was completely stunned by Situ Hengfeng's light movements!

"Tianlin, what is Master Situ doing?"

Yap Maosong had a fearful look on his face.

"Rest a.s.sured, Master Situ is an old friend of our great-grandfather's, he came from the mountains to a.s.sist our Yap family!" Yap Tianlin said with confidence. "I have seen Master Situ's supernatural power with my own eyes. When he said he will do it, he definitely will!"

Yap Maosong gulped.

Although he was also part of the Yap family but when it came to the core of some things, he was not as close to the family heir compared to Yap Tianlin; all he could was to watch with a pinch of salt.

"Xiaobei, do you think that Daoist can succeed?" Lan Mengchen's pair of bright beautiful eyes were wide open from surprise.

Chen Xiaobei did not express any opinion, he could only smile without saying anything.


At this moment, Situ Hengfeng's body was surrounded by True Qi!

An extremely thick white True Qi solidified into True Nirvana; it centered on him and spun at high speed!

At the same time, he took out a few Talismans from his sleeve and pinched it with his other hand!

The Talismans were cold but they were burning on their own!

Followed by that, a wind attribute that came from the nature of heaven and earth was moved by him and turned into a tornado of True Nirvana!

"My G.o.d… What is going on here…"

The group of experts was going to be scared silly, their guts shrank and their heart beat like crazy, their legs were starting to turn weak as well.

"Runes of the Wind Attribute!"

At the time being, only Chen Xiaobei could see through this puzzling scenario.

Before the layout of the Puzzle Formation and the Thunder Pool Force Field, he used the runes. The former was moving the mist from the midst of the mountains and the latter was moving the lightning bolt!

The existence of the talisman was equaled to a miniature formation!

Situ Hengfeng was going to make use of the landscape and the wind. By pus.h.i.+ng the air on the top of the mountain, it would create an uneven air pressure, which would evidently create wind flow. Thus, clearing the smog. 

At that moment, Chen Xiaobei's prediction and foresight came true.

A strong gust of wind whirled by. It was blowing from behind Situ Hengfeng to the airport.

The effect could instantly be seen. The smog was blown a few hundred meters away!

"Gone! The smog is gone!"

Yap Maosong and those experts yelped in astonishment, baffled by what they just witnessed! Yap Maosong, in particular, was lost for words since the smog problem affected him the most. The scene in front of him made his heart drop to his stomach.

When the deed was done, everyone gathered there turned to Situ Hengfeng. Yap Maosong took the lead, followed by the rest of the crowd, clapped frantically, showering him with praises!

"Master Situ really is a G.o.d! It's no wonder he looked down on us! As we were ignorant about Mountain Shu Faction, we seek forgiveness for the offense!" Elder Fang and the group of experts clearly had a change of heart.

Yap Maosong added on to the shower of compliments saying, "Master Situ is so knowledgeable! Even if Zhuge Kongming borrowed the east wind, it wouldn't be as stylish as you!"

When he heard that, Situ Hengfeng smiled smugly.

As the one who brought and introduced him there, Yap Tianlin also felt a sense of pride, as he held his chin high.

But during this time, Chen Xiaobei walked over and smiled. He said, "It's only blowing away the smog in the range of a few hundred meters. Not to mention the airport, it's only the tip of the iceberg! With such a low-level skill, he dares to compare to Zhuge Kongming? Isn't that rather shameless?"

Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms Chapter 594: Shameless

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