Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms Chapter 628: The Rise Of Haters

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"Mmm… Alright. I understand!" They spoke for only a minute or so and Song Qincheng had already hung up.

 "So? What did the boss say?" Feng Yaolun was a nervous wreck. He could almost hear his heartbeat in his ears.

This was his only chance. If it failed, there was a high chance that his reputation as a top-notch director would be destroyed.

Song Qincheng put down the phone and said while grinning, "Don't you worry Director Feng. Our Boss Chen has agreed to work with you. What's more, he'll even meet your financial needs!"

"Really? That's great news! That's amazing!" Feng Yaolun glowed with excitement.

Being able to work with Qin Cheng Entertainment was wonderful, and now that he did not even have to worry about money matters, which made him the happiest man alive.

"But, Boss Chen has a request." Song Qincheng continued, "He's hoping that the male lead is a fresh face!"

"This…" Feng Yaolun froze, a pained look on his face. When he finally recovered, he said, "I'm afraid that that's inadvisable… My team and I have put our heart and soul into making Lin Yue the Heroine a premium film. This is a huge production with major investments put in. The fans have very high expectations… How could we let someone inexperienced take the lead role?"

 "I understand your concern. But don't forget that you changing the actor on a last-minute notice!"

Song Qincheng said, "There are only so many seasoned male actors In the entire nation. And out of that, those who are suitable for this show is no more than five! Zhuang Bufan, Peng Qiuyan, Yang Yang, and Li Jianfeng. There's no one else other than them."

"This…" Feng Yaolun was speechless. Who knew that Song Qincheng had such sharp eyes? The four actors that he mentioned were the ones that Feng Yaolun had picked out initially!"

Feng Yaolun did not tell anyone about this list.

It seemed that Song Qincheng had really keen and sharp senses!

Song Qincheng continued, "If I'm not mistaken, they are all completely booked this year! They can't possibly be in your show! Instead of hiring mediocre actors, why not hire someone new?"

"But…" Feng Yaolun started to waver, lacking courage. "They won't bring any influence or attract any attention. That will directly affect the ticket sales and the film would not become a box office hit! It would be a complete failure…"

"That may not be true!" Song Qincheng chuckled. "The person that Boss Chen has chosen will most likely have a box-office appeal!"

"How… How is this possible?" Feng Yaolun found it hard to believe.

"Give me a week's time. And you will see that this is true!" Song Qincheng sounded very confident.

With his eyes wide open, Feng Yaolun asked, "May I know the name of this person?"

Song Qincheng nodded. Her beautiful eyes glimmered with a hint of sweet delight as she announced, "His name is Chen Xiaobei."

A week has pa.s.sed.

Chen Xiaobei had been staying at Bei Xuan Faction. Every day, he would take a little time out to grow his voodoo worms; as for the rest of the time, he would use it to train himself. With the help of the Spiritual Qi inside the Green Jade Gourd, his health had increased to twenty thousand within seven days! Now, he could handle the stress that came from pinnacle phase of Qi refining stage. Next, he was planning to work on his cultivation. He could use Skybreaking Cultivation Pill to achieve a breakthrough to True Nirvana Stage right after he reached pinnacle phase of Qi refining stage.

However, he had something really important to do today. He had no choice but to stop.

"It has been a week today. Let's see the result of Qincheng's work!"

Chen Xiaobei took out his phone and logged into his Weibo.

Even though he had prepared himself for this, Chen Xiaobei was still deeply shaken by his number of fans.

"Four… Four million."

Chen Xiaobei was dumbstruck, he checked it a couple of times before he could believe what he was seeing. "The number of fans is up to four million! My goodness! This is more than five times the previous amount of my fans! This is insane!"

The previous seven hundred thousand fans were the result of Chen Xiaobei's many hours of hard work. Who would have thought that in just a short one week, that the number would increase so drastically!

"No doubt that it has everything to do with my recent boost in charm! But surely this is the result of Qincheng's actions as well! Let's see what she did."

Chen Xiaobei started to look up news and Weibo regarding this. Possessing the Scholar Heart, he managed to build a connection in the sea of information. When Song Qincheng first announced that the male lead for Lin Yue the Heroine would be changed, the internet exploded with fans questioning who it would be. To keep this wave of attention, Song Qincheng kept his ident.i.ty quiet.

After three days, when all the fans' curiosity was aroused, Song Qincheng announced that Chen Xiaobei's involvement in the movie.

Naturally, everything about First Love Peach, the song that Chen Xiaobei performed, Wukong were all uncovered. These two matters were all over the internet some time ago. Especially when it came to the legendary First Love Peach, it was ranked top in the most discussed news in the forum! It even managed to put pressure on Lin Yue the Heroine!

Song Qincheng saw the opportunity and called her contacts to get the media to stir things up.

In just one day's time, the number of fans erupted like a volcano. It went up to two million and then continued to rise until it hit four million.

But, when Chen Xiaobei looked closely at the comments, he was dumbfounded.

"That's strange… Why are so many people mad at me? What did Qincheng do?"

 Amongst the four million fans, there were only a small number of die-hard fans. The others, on the other hand, which were more than half of them, were his haters! 

His eyes swept across the comments, most of them were hate comments.

[Who the heck is this joker Chen Xiaobei? I've never even heard of him! Is the crew r.e.t.a.r.ded? Why did they choose him?]

[He is a n.o.body! He has no right to take over my Bufan's place! p.i.s.s off! If Chen Xiaobei is not replaced, I will not watch this movie - not even if you beat me to death!]

[@Bro Bei, you are a piece of s.h.i.+t! You are just a pretty face. What can you do? Nowadays, there are so many handsome dudes around! You are nothing special!]

[@Bro Bei, just because you know how to sing, it doesn't mean that you can replace our number one male actor! In fact, how do we know that your singing is not fake?]

[Give me Zhuang Bufan! Fire Chen Xiaobei! Rubbis.h.!.+ F*ck off!]

 "My G.o.d… This is scary…" 

Chen Xiaobei was bewildered. "What the h.e.l.l has Qincheng done? Why are there so many haters? Maybe it's better if this had never happened… This is completely counterproductive… I wanted this role to gain followers, not lose them…"


Just then, the phone rang. It was Song Qincheng.

Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms Chapter 628: The Rise Of Haters

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