Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms Chapter 630: The Most Incredible Extra

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"What is that?"

Everyone was confused by it.

Not even Chen Xiaobei could figure out what Song Qincheng was trying to do. In the first place, Tang Mengwan should not have anything to do with it.

"This is the thing that can turn the tide around!"

With a smile on her face, Song Qincheng took out her laptop and plugged in the USB. Immediately, Chen Xiaobei raised his eyebrows - he sort of guessed that what Song was Qincheng trying to do. However, all the other people were still left in confusion.

"Boss Song! You have to stop messing around! Your action will cause all those haters to boycott us! It was because you did not discuss with us first and made your own call! We will not be dragged into this deep s.h.i.+t with you if you continue to do whatever you like!"

"Boss Song, please listen to me! Let's change the actor first. Then, we'll apologize to the netizens. We have to take care of publicity first. That will give us a chance to turn the tide around! I can promise you that we will help you to support Chen Xiaobei to become a superstar! The consequences would bring us down if you continue to mess around like this!"

Feng Yaolun was trying his best to convince Song Qincheng.

"I'm sorry but Chen Xiaobei is the one that my boss wants to support! We will not force the two of you to stay if you are not happy with our decision."


Immediately, Feng Yaolun was taken aback. Clearly, he knew that he was left with no choice. Other than Qin Cheng Entertainment, there was no one else could help him. In other words, he had to do whatever Qin Cheng Entertainment wanted since Song Qincheng was willing to help him to solve his problem. Although he was highly reputable in the entertainment industry, there was nothing he could really do about it. On the other hand, two of his a.s.sistant directors could not stand it anymore.

One of them shouted, "Director Feng! Let's go! At most, let's just forgo this production! This production consists of our blood and sweat and twenty years' worth of good reputation! We cannot allow them to ruin it!"

"That's right! Let's leave this place now! We will put out an announcement to tell everyone that we had nothing to do with Qin Cheng Entertainment! Let them die alone if they insisted to pull such idiotic act!"

"Boss Song! I'm going to take Tang Mengwan from his place if you continue to do whatever that you are doing right now!"

Upon seeing this mess, Sister Fei expressed her thought to Song Qincheng as well.

Without waiting for Song Qincheng to explain herself, Tang Mengwan said, "Everyone! Please wait a little longer! I believe in Boss Song! Mr. Chen's issue can definitely be solved!"

Upon hearing that, Chen Xiaobei could not help but look into Tang Mengwan's eyes. Clearly, she still remembered Chen Xiaobei and she believed in him.

"It's useless to believe in her! She abused our trust and gave us more haters instead! This would never happen if we hired a team of fake news creators to help us! Come with me! We will not be involved in this production!"

After that, Sister Fei tried to drag Tang Mengwan away.

"Sister Fei… Listen to me…"

Tang Mengwan's face looked perplexed. Even though superstars like Tang Mengwan seemed like the held the world in their hands onstage, a lot of things they wanted to do were restricted by their company. It varies with the contract that they signed. Some of them were forced to comply with whatever the agents told them to do. Clearly, Tang Mengwan was supposed to listen to Sister Fei. There was no way for her to take the job if Sister Fei did not say yes to it.

Ding Ding!

The sound of an incoming message could be heard from the laptop.

"Alright. I have posted the video online. If all of you here insist on leaving, the door is right there. Of course, you are welcome to stay and watch the ending as well."

Upon hearing that, everyone was left in a state of bewilderment. None of them believed that Song Qincheng could turn the tide around. However, Song Qincheng's confidence managed to trigger their curiosity. Even Chen Xiaobei was intrigued by it. External pressure from the haters and internal pressure from Sister Fei and Feng Yaolun were closing in on Song Qincheng. So, how was Song Qincheng going to solve the problems?




Suddenly, the sound of horse racing could be heard from Song Qincheng's laptop. A video started to play on her Weibo's account. Immediately, everyone s.h.i.+fted their attention to the video. A handsome man with white outfit could be seen riding a horse. In front of him stood a lady in an ancient outfit and there were men in black outfits lying around her. Following that, the sound of Feng Yaolun shouting 'Cut!' could be heard clearly. The man that rode on the horse was none other than Zhuang Bufan. To showcase his coolness, he decided to ignore all the men in black that lay on the floor, intending to run over them.

In the end, all the men in black started to run for their lives out of fear - causing the horse to charge at the lady in the ancient outfit instead. This lady was none other than Tang Mengwan. At this critical moment, her outfit got stuck on some wire. There was nowhere for her to run. Suddenly, a man in a black outfit leaped into the air and landed a kick on Zhuang Bufan. Following that, the man in black stopped the horse with a single hand and managed to keep Tang Mengwan safe.

In the end, the man in black's appearance could be clearly seen in the clip. This person was none other than Chen Xiaobei!

"It's you?!"

Suddenly, Feng Yaolun and Sister Fei had their eyes wide open and stared at Chen Xiaobei at the same time.

"That's why I feel that you look really familiar to me! So, you are the sidekick that rescued Tang Mengwan on that day!" Feng Yaolun said in a shocked tone. The video ended when Chen Xiaobei calmed the horse down. After that, Chen Xiaobei ended the whole thing by beating up Zhuang Bufan's security guards. Other than incredible, there were no words Feng Yaolun could use to describe Chen Xiaobei.

"So, Mr. Chen was the one that rescued Tang Mengwan! I have always wanted to thank you personally! I did not expect that I will meet you here… Thank you so much!"

Sister Fei's att.i.tude towards Chen Xiaobei took a huge turn as well.

"Mr. Chen! Thank you so much! I have always wanted to show my grat.i.tude to you as well! However, I couldn't find you since that day! Until Boss Song invited me to come here!" said Tang Mengwan.

"You are most welcome! You have done me a great favor by finding this clip and giving it to us."

"I hope it can help you!"

Immediately, everyone took out their cell phones and laptops to check out this video. Considering that they were a bunch of smart people, they knew the value behind this video clip! Song Qincheng was not trying to make something up when she said she could turn the tide around.

"So fast! The netizens have begun sharing this video clip! This speed is insane! Ten thousand… Twenty thousand…"

Bewildered, Director Feng could not take his eyes off his cell phone.

Seconds later, Sister Feng shouted, "It changed! The comments from the netizens are getting better!"

Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms Chapter 630: The Most Incredible Extra

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