Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms Chapter 708: A Mysterious Teenager

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"You are Chen Zhufeng?"

Suddenly, everyone s.h.i.+fted their attention on Chen Xiaobei. At first, they were very curious and expect to meet someone with powerful and dominant presence. Soon, it turned into disappointment and disdain! A meagre teenager that was around twenty years old strode towards them. To their surprise, Chen Xiaobei was different from what they expected!

However, Chen Xiaobei was not bother by them at all.

"Are you guys the one that wants to challenge me? Stop your despicable plan! I then will have some fun with the two of you!"

"b.a.s.t.a.r.d! What kind of att.i.tude is that? Do you even know who are you talking to?"

Immediately, Tang Yunshan lifted the combat saber in his hand and pointed at Chen Xiaobei.

"Stop being so aggressive! I don't want you to scare him away!" said Hai Linbai with a cold smile on his face.

Upon hearing, people around Chen Xiaobei started to laugh at him.

"That's right! s.h.i.+xiong Tang, relax! Don't scare that coward away! He is going to pee his pants soon! That will be really embarra.s.sing!"

"I really doubt that whether he is the real Faction Leader Chen of Bei Xuan Faction! To me, he is just a weakling!"

"s.h.i.+xiong Hai had told us earlier that he is just a Jianghu crook! Why would he hide inside his castle if he is really that powerful?"

"True! It's not possible for a weakling like him to be a faction leader of a faction! He is just trying to act tough!"

None of them treated him seriously. Though Bei Xuan Faction caused a stir in Jianghu earlier, now the hype had died down. A lot of people suspected that the so-called faction leader of Bei Xuan Faction was just a crook. After knowing that Chen Xiaobei was just a teenager that was around twenty years old, it was no wonder that they did not take him seriously.


Suddenly, Feng Qingyang ran to Chen Xiaobei and reminded him, "We are away from the Thunder Pool Formation's coverage area! We will be defeated if you fight with them!"

"Step back! Just watch me and stop talking!" ordered Chen Xiaobei with no emotion on his face.

"This… Yes! Sifu!"

Taken aback, Feng Qingyang had no choice but back down. To him, there was no way that Chen Xiaobei could defeat all those enemies. Leaving the coverage area of Thunder Pool Formation would definitely kill him! However, Chen Xiaobei still insisted to fight with them. As his disciple, Feng Qingyang had to stay alert and get ready to bring Chen Xiaobei to go back into the Puzzle Formation.

"Feng Qingyang! This old man is the Xi Bei Demon Overlord, Feng Qingyang! I heard he is good at Spiritual Strength and physical strength! Those who are one the same level with are impossible to defeat him! Why would he call that young kid his Sifu?!"

"I think he is just dumb! If not, why would he do such thing that could bring himself down!"

"You are right! A legendary character just threw away his honor like a bag garbage! This is really pathetic!"

The crowd was bemused. Feng Qingyang was after all a reputable and famous Jianghu elite. Almost everyone knew about him. No one could understand the reason behind him calling Chen Xiaobei his Sifu. To them, it was definitely a stupid thing to do.

"Everyone! Shut up! There's no way that he can defeat those that are on the same level with him! He is no legendary Jianghu elite! He is a joke! You guys shouldn't feel shock about it!" said Tang Yunshan in disdain.

"Yes! Yes! Yes! To s.h.i.+xiong Tang and s.h.i.+xiong Hai, Feng Qingyang is nothing! He is not even worthy to become your opponent!"

"The two of you are ranked ninth and tenth on the Heroes of War Leaderboard! Considering that both of you had achieved Halfstep True Nirvana Stage at such a young age, you guys can be considered as the superstars of Jianghu! Feng Qingyang is not worthy to become your servant!"

"That's right! This old man is just trying to help this crook to scam others! Look at his old age! He is going to surrender all his virtue! He got no shame!"

The crowd started to mock Feng Qingyang. With two Halfstep True Nirvana elites supporting them, they were bold enough to say everything out loud. There was nothing Feng Qingyang could do about it. In Jianghu, those with higher combat power was the rule and the weaker one would not get the right to say anything about it. After hearing the goons mocked Chen Xiaobei and Feng Qingyang, Hai Linbai and Tang Yunshan were taken over by their own pride.

"Are you done talking s.h.i.+t? Stop all you dirty plan now! Do not challenge my patience!"

"What did you just said?"

Hai Linbai and Tang Yunshan felt really angry after listening to Chen Xiaobei.

"b.a.s.t.a.r.d! It seems like you have a deathwis.h.!.+"

With his bad temper, Tang Yunshan lifted his combat saber and prepared to charge at Chen Xiaobei like a bull. As usual, Hai Linbai was still smiling like a manipulative b.a.s.t.a.r.d.

He then taunted Tang Yunshan.

"Brother Tang! It seems like this kid look down on us!"

"We are the elites that are listed on the Heroes of War Leaderboard! We are at Halfstep True Nirvana Stage! How dare he look down on us? I'm going to make him regret that he is born to this world!"

"Hmph! Is this the state of Jianghu in Dragon City?"

Before Chen Xiaobei could make any response, a laid-back voice could be heard from far. Immediately, the crowd s.h.i.+fted their attention to their back slowly. A teenager that was around twenty-four years old with traditional attire approaching them slowly. With his handsome look and well-build figure, he looked like someone that just stepped out from a comic! And there were twenty people following behind him. All of them came in different sizes and shapes. The only common thing on them was all of them had a thick black cape with them and the giant hats on them had blocked their looks. Hence, Chen Xiaobei could not differentiate their genders and age.

"Who the h.e.l.l are you? Can't you see that I'm about to vent out my anger?"

Looking at the young man in a furious manner, Tang Yunshan was not please that someone interrupted him.

"Is this how the Jianghu in Dragon City looks like? All they know is talk! No action!"

Looking calm, his amber colored eyes were exuding with inferior aura. 

"Motherf*cker! Who do you think you are? You have no right to judge the Jianghu of Dragon City! Get lost now! Or die!"

With his combat saber lifted, Tang Yunshan threatened the young man in an angry manner. However, that young ignored Tang Yunshan and continued to stride towards them.

"F*ck! Nowadays, all these youngsters are really good at acting tough! Let me teach you a lesson! You should know that there are always people more powerful than you!"

Taken over by anger, Tang Yunshan dashed at the young man with his combat saber.

"It's true that there are always people more powerful than us! Unfortunately, you are the weaker one here!" said Chen Xiaobei while looking at him with a sympathy manner.


Before Tang Yunshan could get to the young man, he coughed out a mouthful of warm blood and was sent to eight meter away! His Dan Tian had turned into a pile of mush. In other words, his cultivation was completely destroyed!

Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms Chapter 708: A Mysterious Teenager

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