Reincarnation Of The Heaven Chapter 117

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Si Wenhan felt a little frightened at the sight of Xiao Naihe's kung fu.

Even Qin'er, who thought she was sort of knowing Xiao Naihe, realized that this young man before her had such an awesome power when she witnessed Xiao Naihe alone slew twelve strong guards.

Xiao Naihe maintained a powerful offensive, but his moves slowed down, and he mused: Although the seven-dagger kung fu was remarkable, I was still in the Sky Spirit Realm, and was unable to defeat so many guards in the same level with me, and I presumed I had to activate my gold core after I killed the seventeenth guards.

"Peace of Mind kung fu!"

All of a sudden, an idea struck Xiao Naihe--Illusions and the theurgy of the gold core.


Thinking of this, Xiao Naihe immediately checked his gold core and then activated its theurgy.

No one in the world believed that a cultivator in the Post-celestial Spirit Realm was capable of activating the theurgy of the gold core, and even skillful martial artists like Qin'er and Yun Weixue didn't know what this kind of stuff was.

But things were different in the eyes of Murong Fengjian and Si Wenhan.

"Illusions come out!"

Falsehood could be dressed up as truth. The first ability of the Peace of Mind kung fu was to create illusions in the human brain and human consciousness, and Xiao Naihe was only able to employ this first ability, for he was just confined in the Sky Spirit Ream at present.

But as a rare and special skill belonging to ghost-immortal level, the theurgy of the gold core could kill immortal masters, hence, it was quite easy to deal with the guards in the Post-celestial Spirit Realm.

Bewitched by Xiao Naihe's illusion, more than a dozen of remaining guards stopped attacking one after another, and then lost their breath.

Yun Weixue gazed at Xiao Naihe in amazement. She clearly remembered that "Bei Nanyi" used this method to kill Tian Ying in the hunting forest a short time ago and he told her that such a skill could invade the enemies' mind with illusions, true or false, in which they thought they were killed for real, and once their bodies, mind and nerves all believed that they were killed by a lethal attack, they lost their functions. Even though they weren't killed, their awareness told them that they were dead.

Astonishment took hold of Qin'er. She guessed Xiao Naihe used an amazing magic to attack Murong Fengjian a few days ago, and now she finally realized how powerful this magic was.

"True is false, and nothing is everything." She said in a wobbly voice.

Murong Fengjian stared at Xiao Naihe with a ghastly pale look, and then gave a wan smile, "It's you…Back then, you struck me after Zhiqing monk left. I don't expect there exists a cultivator in the Sky Spirit Realm with such a kind of means, I'm genuinely convinced by it..."

Before Murong Fengjian could finish his sentence, he vomited blood and fell to the ground, so dead. His body was just in the Sky Spirit Realm before his immortal body recovered, so he would certainly die after his vital part was. .h.i.t by Xiao Naihe.

Xiao Naihe walked over, squatted down and searched Murong Fengjian's corpse. Suddenly, a smile appeared in his eyes, and then he drew out the first volume of The Magic of the Celestial Devil.

"The first volume of The Magic of the Celestial Devil!" Qin'er laughed.

Xiao Naihe started to turn over the book, but for a while his face darkened, and he sighed, "Well, I miscalculated."

Then, he threw the book to Qin'er.

Puzzled, Qin'er leafed through the book, and finally knew what Xiao Naihe meant.

One page in the middle was torn apart, and the gold foil was gone.

"It seems that I have to search Murong Fengjian's bedroom."

All of sudden, Xiao Naihe's heart jumped. He hastily closed his eyes to feel the obsession in his body, but to find that it almost evaporated!

"The former Xiao Naihe's hatred is gone? Oh, yeah. Murong Fengjian is the one who caused the tragedy of the Xiao family. Killing him is the end of Xiao family's hatred." thought Xiao Naihe .

As the obsession in his heart vanished, the shackles of his body and divine spirit were immediately shattered. Within a moment, his thirty-six internal circulations were opened up. But there still remained some small wishes which wanted to remove the remaining evil elements of w.a.n.g family, Song family and Ye family.

Nevertheless, so far, Xiao Naihe reached the highest level of the Sky Spirit Realm for real, which refreshed him. The fatigue caused by killing the guards and applying the theurgy of the gold core disappeared with the improvement of his realm.

Reincarnation Of The Heaven Chapter 117

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