Reincarnation Of The Heaven Chapter 20

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Suddenly, Xiao Naihe squinted at the bottom of the pool. His body moved quietly and then he jumped to the above without a sound.


The pool was bubbling and then popped spray out of the pool.

"Today is the day to consolidate the formation. His Lords.h.i.+p dispatches us to guard it. Come on."

"I know!"

Several voices came from the pool, and then four heads emerged from the water. Their shadows flashed. They agilely jumped to sh.o.r.e.

"How did the soul come out of the blood pool?"

A men in black saw the soul of Yun Diao, astonished.

When he finished his words, the man in black felt his neck cold, and then the chill in the air penetrated into his throat.

"What..." The voice just came out of his throat, and the man in black was unable to speak. His eyes turned black.

His body crumpled and lost consciousness. Another three men were slightly stunned, "What's wrong with you?"

Xiao Naihe punched towards the head of two men. The two men only saw a flash of light, and then a pressure came from above.

All of them were martial artists. When Xiao Naihe's fists struck, the two men clearly felt a sense of killing above their head.

Though they felt the sense of killing, their bodies could not respond quickly.

One punch was for one person. Although Xiao Naihe has just reached the earth spirit boundary, he had rich experiences. He knew that one must hit the vital part of his enemy.

In a short while, Xiao Naihe gave two punches, and three men were killed by Xiao Naihe before they had time to react.

"There's one left!" After all, Xiao Naihe's spiritual power was in the Houtian spirit boundary, far from the power of the previous celestial demon. He spent much energy killing three people who were equivalent to him. Thus he restored energy by breathing exercises.

The man left was older than Xiao Naihe, but he saw his companion was killed in the blink of an eye, he felt terrified deeply.

"You... Who are you? "

This man was in the middle-stage of the earth spirit boundary, and the four men's cultivation base were the same as Xiao Naihe, but three of them were killed by Xiao Naihe in this short time, naturally making this man felt terrified.

Yun Diao was also frightened. When he was alive, his strength was equivalent to these four people. He also could tell that Xiao Naihe wasn't stronger than him, but he absolutely wasn't capable of killing these three men in a very short time.

"Who said that this son of Xiao family had no strength and was a coward?"

Xiao Naihe was not cowardly at all. Judging from his action, if not often wandering between life and death, he would never be so cruel and decisive.

But when did Xiao Naihe fight with others?

"Can you recognize who this man is?" Xiao Naihe turned to Yu Diao and asked.

People who knew this place must have a connection with the blood spell formation.

Yun Diao observed the man carefully, and was startled, "He is Yun Konghe, a son of offshoot, and he is the son of my twelfth younger brother."

"Member of Yun family?"

"These four men on the ground are the elite disciples of our Yun family. Are they traitors of Yun family?" Yun Diao was shocked.

Xiao Naihe gave a bleak smile. He ignored the man standing there. Xiao Naihe scratched the face of one person on the ground and tore his skin, exposing a different face.

"d.a.m.n it!"

Yun Diao had a rich experienced and knowledgeable. When he saw Xiao Naihe's action, he knew what he meant.

"Did so many people infiltrate our Yun family?"

Xiao Naihe gave a wintry smile. When he was about to speak, suddenly he heard the sound of a gale.

Like a gust of strong wind, that man was about to throw himself into the pool.

He thought that Xiao Naihe's cultivation base was far higher than himself, and he lost his imposing manner at the beginning, so he wanted to seize the chance to slip away.

Xiao Naihe has already been prepared for this. After he recovered his strength, he has gathered spiritual power secretly, and the divine spirit gathered on that man.

"Do not move!"

Xiao Naihe's mind emerged a "fettering" method which originated from the Houtian spirit boundary.

When the divine spirit fell, Xiao Naihe punched that man's face.

"Go to h.e.l.l!"

The man was startled and frightened. He flipped over and jumped into the water like a loach.

"Don't let him go."

Yun Diao was afraid that if the man escaped, they would beat the gra.s.s and frighten away the snake(act rashly and alert the enemy). Then at that time, Yun family had no preparation for the disaster.

Xiao Naihe did not pay any attention to Yun Diao's words. That man has lost momentum. If he fought with Xiao Naihe regardless of his life and death, he would have a slim chance of survival. It was a pity that his momentum had gone and he was meant to lose.

Xiao Naihe swayed his palms, and then his palm wind fiercely dashed against that man like thunder, beating him to the sh.o.r.e. All the meridians in his body were crushed.

"I have lost my kung fu! You're... so ruthless! "

That man spurted out blood. At this point, he knew that he could not strike back any more, so he allowed himself to be arrested without offering any resistence.

Xiao Naihe's face was expressionless. He only asked, "Who ordered you to set up this blood spell formation?"

"You know the blood spell formation?" The man was a little surprised, and then he turned numb, "Even though you kill me, don't imagine you can know any information from me."

Xiao Naihe smiled coldly, "Do you really think I have no way to let you tell me the truth?"

The gold core in Xiao Naihe's body moved with his mind. Then, a golden light sparkled, and a divine light from Xiao Naihe's eyes entered the man's eyes.

Reincarnation Of The Heaven Chapter 20

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