Reincarnation Of The Heaven Chapter 21

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"What did you do to him?"

After seeing Xiao Naihe's action, Yun Diao was curious.

Xiao Naihe did not explain. Instead, he grabbed the man. His voice was sonorous and forceful, "Where did you come in?"

The man's eyes were slack. When he heard Xiao Naihe's question, his expression was blurred, and he said dazedly, "There is a secret tunnel we dug out in the rear of the mountain forest, and we can go to the outskirts along that path. We come in from there."

"Let me ask you another question. Who designed this formation in Yun family? Was Xiao family eliminated due to it?"

"His lords.h.i.+p tried to unite all the family forces in Dubhe country for his use to wipe out other hostile forces."

Unite all the family forces in Dubhe country?

Yun Diao was scared. Do not mention the five big families in the capital first. There were hundreds of families, big or small, in the whole Dubhe country. While the big family like Yun family could even control the lifeblood of the capital, if all of these families were used by someone, the collective strength was inconceivable.

If these forces really gathered together, it would definitely outmatch the imperial court.

Who really wanted to gather these forces? Rebellion? Dispatch troops to exert pressure for the emperor?

Thinking of this, Yun Diao couldn't help shuddering!

Xiao Naihe's eyes glinted, not knowing what he was thinking, but he asked with a tough tone, "Was Xiao family also destroyed by you because they refused to be a follower of you."


The man answered Xiao Naihe's question with dim awareness.

"Who is his lords.h.i.+p?"

"His lords.h.i.+p belongs to both Yin and Yang , and he is..." The man's words were stuck in his throat and he made an ambiguous statement.

"Who on earth is he?" Yun Diao wafted in the air anxiously, but the man stopped talking.

Suddenly, the man's face turned black, and a black smoke hit the crown of his head, taking away his life swiftly.

Xiao Naihe saw the situation wrong, so he hurriedly pushed the man away. After a while, the man was turned into ashes.

"Incantation? The puppeteer actually cast a spell on him. Once he spoke out the name of the puppeteer, the spell would show its effect and the man would turn into ashes. It's a vicious method! It seems that it's not easy to find this person! "

Xiao Naihe sneered and looked at the three corpses on the floor. He gave a flick of his sleeve and took out a piece of fire paper. He flung the fire paper to three corpses, and then corpses blazed up.

"What should we do now? We can't know the person behind this." Yun Diao saw that Xiao Naihe played his cards well, so he unconsciously regarded him as the backbone.

Xiao Naihe did not reply. The kung fu he just showed was the theurgy of gold core-- Peace of Mind, which used hallucination to captivate other's facial organs and mind. Because the other side lost momentum, and his divine soul was not as good as Xiao Naihe, he was victimized by Xiao Naihe's illusion.

"Unfortunately, at present, the power of the "Peace of Mind" is really less than one percent of my peak time."

Feeling his limited strength, Xiao Naihe sighed. Moreover, he just recovered the theurgy of gold core, and he consumed much spiritual power when he was in the earth spirit boundary.

Seeing Xiao Nahe's pale face, Yun Diao did not dare to speak again.

Xiao Naihe pit one against three. He defeated three opponents who were equivalent to him and consumed energy to force that man to tell the truth. Yun Diao could imagine how much energy Xiao Naihe has consumed.

"How did he make it? How could he cultivate such a powerful skill at this young age? I am afraid he isn't inferior to Yun Weixue, a genius of Yun family."

Xiao Naihe expelled the turbid Qi within the body and slowly said, "We can stall for time. The blood spell array has been broken. We don't know how many hidden traitors in Yun family. If informing Yun family rashly, we will startle the enemy. This blood spell formation is in this extremely Yin place, which is an optimum choice. I played a deceptive trick to impede the breath to run out. If they don't check it initiatively, they won't detect this event until the blood pool disappears! If this formation isn't broken, it will take two months to come into effect. Whether Yun family can last this period of time depends on good fortune."

After finis.h.i.+ng his words, Xiao Naihe plunged into the water pool and disappeared.


Yun Diao sighed. He knew that Xiao Naihe would not tell Yun family this event.

With Xiao Naihe's status in Yun family, it was impossible for him to see Yun Nianci alone. If he acted rashly, he would attract the attention of hidden traitors in Yun family.

No one knew how many outsiders had sneaked into Yun family. w.a.n.g family, Song family and Ye family had infiltrated Yun family, and they must bear on the collapse of Xiao family.

"If I can't t remove the obsession, I can't prove ascend to immortality!" Xiao Naihe sighed. Now he has crossed the cave.

After Xiao Naihe formed the gold core, he has completed twenty-six internal circulations and reached the peak of earth spirit boundary, and his physical function has been stimulated to the peak.

"The talent of this body is not high. Reaching the earth spirit boundary is my maximum. It is impossible for me to enter the heaven spirit boundary relying on Celestial Demon's Bible alone. I should use external things to strengthen my body."

Xiao Naihe knew clearly about the situation of his body. It was not difficult to restore the state with the help of his previous experience. But every promotion required great resources and opportunities and could not be made up by experience alone. At the most, it could shorten part of time.

If there were enough resources for Xiao Naihe to cultivate, he could fully enter the peak of heaven spirit boundary in this month.

However, this small world had few resources. It was even impossible for the great family like Yun family to give away those earthshaking magic herbs and almighty medicine to Xiao Naihe.

Therefore, everything depended on his own efforts.

"I remember that there is a small p.a.w.n shop in the capital. Although the Nu Wa stone loses spiritual power, after all, it is an object beyond the chaotic world, indestructible and of great value. I can use it to exchange some materials! "Xiao Naihe carefully searched for the memory in his brain.

Reincarnation Of The Heaven Chapter 21

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