Reincarnation Of The Heaven Chapter 22

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Xiao Naihe found the secret way the man said in the rear of the mountain forest, "This secret tunnel led straight to outskirts. It was over ten miles far, and it took more than one year to complete."

In other words, those people had tailed Yun family since long time ago, like Xiao family. Perhaps three or five years ago, or more than ten years ago.

The mouth of the secret tunnel was a tree hole, directly going to the outside. The exit of the tunnel was concealed. If hadn't known it from that man, Xiao Naihe wouldn't discover it.

After four hours, Xiao Naihe left Yun family. This was the first time to left Yun family in the first month after his rebirth.

Pa.s.sing by various stalls on the street, Xiao Naihe felt that the small secular world had its own prosperity.

Among the three thousand and three hundred realms, after all, the secular world was the most prosperous one.

"Jin Heng Archway" was the first p.a.w.n shop in the capital. It had a big force in the capital. Martial artist knew clearly about that. With a master of the peak of heaven spirit boundary in place in "Jin Heng Archway ", no one dared to attack it.

Hence, this p.a.w.n shop was known to all in the capital.

"Sir, do you have anything needing to be authenticated?" A thin and small but clever clerk asked.

Xiao Naihe nodded and laughed, "My object is very special. May I invite a master to authenticate it?"

"Yes, but our master only authenticates treasures over grade two. Your treasure is…"

"More than that!"

The guy's eyes brightened. Treasures over grade two were worth a thousand pieces of gold. They might not be able to receive a treasure of grade two in one month, let alone treasures above grade two.

"Go inside, please, sir"

At this time, the att.i.tude of the clerk was obviously more respectful because of the change of the price, which reflected mortals' worldly nature.

"I'll go and ask Master Zhuo to authenticate for you!" The clerk hurriedly withdrew.

Xiao Naihe picked up the teacup on the table, and took a sip with calm expression. When he just put it down, he heard someone yelled, "Is this guest who wants to p.a.w.n the treasure?"

This Elder Zhuo was about sixty years old but still hale and hearty. He was dressed in a white gown, urbane and affable. He looked at the tea on the table without a word.

This valuable tea was from a foreign country, it can refresh the mind. Generally, only the big family or the royal children could afford to drink it.

When he saw that Xiao Naihe sipped tea and looked calm, he knew that Xiao Naihe was not from an ordinary family, so he didn't dare to neglect this young man.

However, Elder Zhuo did not know that Xiao Naihe had never study the tea ceremony. In his eyes, tea was to quench his thirst, and he didn't take the valuable tea seriously.

"I want to p.a.w.n this thing."

Xiao Naihe took out the Nu Wa stone from his bosom. Although it lost spiritual power, but the colorful splendor was still hidden in it, and it had been soaked in the blood spell formation for a long time, resulting in dying the smell of Yin, so it looked very special. Elder Zhuo was unable to perceive it for a time.

Although Elder Zhuo did not have any cultivation base, he had a pair of piercing eyes and a few decades of authenticating experience, but he still couldn't gain an insight into the Nu Wa stone.

Xiao Naihe wasn't in a hurry. p.a.w.n shop had its own rules. When the master was authenticating, he couldn't be interrupted, otherwise he would not receive the treasures. Xiao Naihe condensed his mind and cultivated secretly while drinking tea.

After the time of a stick of incense, Elder Zhuo sighed and blushed, "Sir, can you introduce this stone for me?"

Elder Zhuo could not penetrate this stone. The clerk on the side clicked his tongue secretly. No wonder Elder Zhuo looked embarra.s.sed.

Xiao Naihe smiled lightly. Even if many masters of immortal circle couldn't recognize the Nu Wa stone, let alone Elder Zhuo.

This kind of rare treasure was scrambled by masters once it appeared in the world, so it was inaccessible to ordinary cultivators.

"This is Nu Wa stone. It is beyond the chaotic world and indestructible."

"Nu Wa stone?"

Xiao Naihe nodded his head. He remembered that the Nu Wa stone originated from the ancient envoy of the mortal world, Nu Wa. She had already gained great enlightenment and returned to the void in primordial times, leaving the mortal world. It was normal that people in this small world hadn't heard it.

At this time, Xiao Naihe did not want to explain more. Elder Zhuo held the Nu Wa stone in his hand and asked, "Indestructible? How to prove it is a treasure over grade two?"

"I don't know if there are grade two weapons here?"

Elder Zhuo frowned. What did Xiao Naihe want to do with grade two weapons? But when he pondered over carefully, he suddenly understood.

"Do you want to use grade two weapons to verify this Nu Wa stone?"

There were nine grades of weapons in the mortal world, and there were below grade three weapons under the Houtian spirit boundary. Grade two weapons were more priceless, even if the master in heaven spirit boundary might not be able to get grade two weapons, and grade three weapons were rarer.

Grade four weapons were held by immortals. Weapons above grade five or six were legendary weapons, which couldn't be bought with money. Xiao Naihe's tone hinted that this Nu Wa stone was at least a grade three treasure.

"Is this Nu Wa stone a spiritual treasure of grade three?" Elder Zhuo's eyes were full of banter. He did not believe in Xiao Nahe's words at all.

After seeing Nu Wa stone, the clerk on the side laughed sarcastically. This broken stone just had a special style, but Xiao Naihe said it was a spiritual thing of grade three, which might make people laugh his teeth off.

Xiao Naihe lightly said, "Is it true or false? Why don't you verify it? If it is false, I will give you ten thousand inferior crystal stones. How about it?"

Elder Zhuo Lao was slightly stunned. Ten thousand inferior crystal stones could buy a grade two weapon. This young man spoke with great a.s.surance. Was this for real?

At this time, Elder Zhuo was half believing, half doubting.

Xiao Naihe gave a faint smile. Even though the Nu Wa stone lost spiritual power, it wouldn't decay in the sea for good and ever, so it must be a grade four treasure.

As for why he was quite confident, because he didn't have so many crystal stones.

"Grade two weapons are too precious. I need to ask instructions from my boss!" Elder Zhuo hesitated for a moment, but still promised Xiao Naihe.

Reincarnation Of The Heaven Chapter 22

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