Reincarnation Of The Heaven Chapter 24

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They were laughing at Xiao Naihe, but they heard Zhu Liyan said, " Elder Zhuo, you go to fetch the 'Double Star Sword'!"

Elder Zhuo was suddenly surprised, and he asked unbelievably, "Boss, You...You believe this stone... "

"You go to fetch it. I have my own plan!" Zhu Liyan dared to bet. Because he was a master of the peak of the heaven spirit boundary, and had rich experience, but even he couldn't recognize the origin of Nu Wa stone.

Elder Zhuo fetched a box from the back hall. There was a treasured sword in the box. A pair of red gems was mounted in the hilt, glittering. Zhu Liyan brought this "Double Star Sword" when a foreign master of the heaven spirit boundary p.a.w.ned it.

Zhu Liyan also had a double sword, but it was slightly inferior to the "Double Star Sword" which was superior among the grade two weapons. He spent twenty thousand inferior crystal stones exchanging it.

Elder Zhuo and the clerk stared at the "Double Star Sword" with eyes brimmed with undisguised envy and jealousy. Zhu Liyan glanced at Xiao Naihe. He saw the young man's cool look, and it seemed that Xiao Naihe did not care about this grade two weapons, which puzzled him.

Zhu Liyan did not know that Xiao Naihe had owned many spiritual tools in his previous life. He thought nothing of the grade three or four weapons, let alone the grade two weapons.

Zhu Liyan brandished the "Double Star Sword" to hack the Nu Wa stone, just like strong wind and running thunder, which made Xiao Naihe's eyes s.h.i.+ne.

Zhu Liyan really deserved to be the master of the peak of the heaven spirit boundary.

After that, Zhu Liyan looked at the Nu Wa stone. Although cut by the sharp blade of "Double Star Sword", it was unscathed.

"It's a grade two treasure."

Elder Zhuo nodded. Though he did not wear the mockery expression, he remained calm.

"It is a superior grade two treasure." The idea of the clerk was different. The superior grade two spiritual stone must be worth tens of thousands of inferior crystal stone. Jealousy and flattery were revealed in the clerk's eyes.

After Elder Zhuo finished his words, suddenly they heard a "clang". The "Double Star Sword" was broken in half. They were stunned, and fixed their eyes on the broken sword.

"The Double Star Sword was broken... This spiritual stone... "Elder Zhuo stammered.

In Elder Zhuo's career, dozens of grade two weapons were authenticated by him. The grade two weapons were held by the master of the heaven spirit boundary, and they were absolutely powerful weapons.

But at this time, this powerful weapon "Double Star Sword" was cut in half by the Nu Wa stone, overturning Elder Zhuo's cognition.

Then they turned their eyes to the Nu Wa stone on the table.

"Boss, is it the grade three treasure?" Elder Zhuo cried.

It was even very hard for the top master of the heaven spirit boundary to get the grade three weapons. It was much more valuable than the grade two weapons.

Zhu Liyan shook his head, and he said excitedly, "Double Star Sword is a superior grade two treasure, and it is not inferior to some common weapons of grade three. This stone can cut Double Star Sword quickly, even if the grade three weapons cannot do this, so this spiritual stone is absolutely not a grade three treasure, but..."

Above grade three!

Was it grade four, or higher?

All of a sudden, Xiao Naihe took the Nu Wa stone back. Zhu Liyan could not see Nu Wa stone, he felt that as if his wife had run away with others.

"Boss Zhu, now you should believe what I said!"

Because Nu Wa stone lost its spiritual power, it reduced to grade four. If its spiritual power still existed, it could absolutely be cast into grade seven or grade eight weapons.

Even so, the temptation of grade four spiritual stone has already made Zhu Liyan hot-headed. He forced himself to calm down and said, "I believe you, this Nu Wa stone should be a grade four treasure, and it is qualified to create grade four weapons."

At this time, Zhu Liyan did not mention the broken "Double Star Sword". If he could get such a spiritual thing, even if ten "Double Star Sword" was broken, it was worthwhile.

Why couldn't mortals gain the weapons above grade three? It was because grade four weapons had great power, and even the legendary immortals desired it.

Seeing grade four spiritual thing, Zhu Liyan desired to gain Nu Wa's stone badly, and he even wanted to kill Xiao Naihe and rob it.

But when he saw Xiao Naihe's indifferent complexion, he repressed his evil thoughts.

As one of the strongest men in Houtian spirit boundary, Zhu Liyan was the top ten in Dubhe country, but he still couldn't perceive Xiao Naihe's cultivation base.

Since Xiao Naihe formed the gold core, his breath was reserved, and his twenty-six inner circulations ran secretly. No one could perceive his cultivation base.

Thus, Zhu Liyan canceled his evil thought.

Xiao Naihe was also confident that though his cultivation base was not as good as Zhu Liyan at present, if Zhu Liyan attacked him, he would leave here safe and sound.

"May I have your name? How many crystal stones do you want to exchange with this Nu Wa stone? "

Reincarnation Of The Heaven Chapter 24

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