Reincarnation Of The Heaven Chapter 28

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When Shen He just finished his words, one guest issued a question, "Boss Shen, the Changing Mask can change only three looks, and each time lasts only twenty-four hours. Although it is miraculous, it at most is a spirit thing of grade two. How come it becomes a spirit thing of grade three? Are you cheating us?"

Shen He's voice was not urgent, as if he had expected, "Please don't worry. Although the mask can change only three looks, because of its special material, it is said that the ordinary cannot detect it!"

It could deceive the immortals. This mask was really the spirit thing of grade three. If it could be used repeatedly, then it must be a spirit thing of grade three.

Zhu Liyan looked at the Changing Mask in the hall and shook his head, "This mask is designed for warriors of the Houtian spirit boundary. Although it can cheat the immortals, how can a warrior of the Houtian spirit boundary provoke an immortal. It is like chicken ribs. I heard that this mask had been transferred many times, perhaps it will be transferred again today.

Xiao Naihe shone his divine sense on the mask. He obviously felt wonderful spiritual power on it. It was the genuine thing.

"Twenty thousand!"

Zhu Liyan heard a cry in the ear, and he looked up to see who wants to buy this strange mask. But he found it was Xiao Naihe that placed bid.

"Mr. Xiao, did you place bid?"

Xiao Naihe nodded his head. Seeing Zhu Liyan's undisguised surprise in his eyes, Xiao Naihe laughed, "Boss Zhu did not need to feel curious, although the mask is the same as chicken ribs, it was worthwhile to take this spirit thing of grade three with twenty thousand crystal stones."

Zhu Liyan considered for a moment, and then he felt Xiao Naihe was right. Anyway, even the common spirit things of grade three are worth fifty thousand or sixty thousand inferior crystal stones. Xiao Naihe can buy this mask with half the price, it is really economic.

But what Zhu Liyan did not know was that Xiao Naihe bought it in order to transform it.

Xiao Naihe was very fond of studying and did desultory reading when he was a celestial demon. He was skillful in the martial arts, the alchemy, or the art of becoming invisible and so on.

The reason why the Changing Mask only could change three times was that there was a defect in the operation of the spiritual power. Only the immortals who truly understood the law of the heaven and earth could reform it. After being reformed, the mask could change thirty times.

However, the immortals wouldn't spend time making these playthings, and this was why the number of changing look hadn't been broken through.

If Xiao Naihe could repair this defect, then the value of the mask would be far more than twenty thousand inferior crystal stones. Xiao Naihe has formed the gold core, so it was easy for him to repair this defect.

Shen He looked at Xiao Naihe's wing room and murmured, "This voice sounds like the man followed by Zhu Liyan."

However, now that someone placed bid, this mask didn't need to be auctioned in other place. This Changing Mask had become a hot potato of Golden Virtue Hall, which made Shen He have a headache.

When Shen He felt joyful, another voice rang, "Twenty-one thousand!"


Shen He was surprised, and he thought at heart, "What's the matter? n.o.body wanted to buy this thing before. Now there are two people competing for it. Was today my lucky day?

"The guest in room six offers twenty-one thousand. I wonder if the guest in room three will mark up the price?" As he did his duty, Shen He continued to induce Xiao Naihe.

The second bidder seemed to be quiet confident.

Xiao Naihe didn't blink, and he opened his mouth and said, "Thirty thousand!"

All people in the wing rooms were surprised. Zhu Liyan and Shen He also looked stunned.

My goodness. That man added ten thousand inferior crystal stones. He virtually didn't value the crystal stone and he acted like a nouveau riche.

Obviously another bidder was scared. It made his heart ache to spend thirty thousand inferior crystal stones buying this mask which was like the chicken rib.

"Thirty thousand first time, second time, and third times. Deal! The Changing Mask belongs to the guest in room three." Shen He quickly responded to set the tune with one beat of the gong.

Zhu Liyan shook his head and then nodded. He didn't know whether it was worthwhile to take this mask with thirty thousand. But since he didn't need to pay the money, he did not care much about it.

Xiao Naihe mainly wanted to transform this mask to a treasure that could deceive the public. He hadn't own strong enough strength yet, so he might encounter difficulties in the future. With this mask, he could avoid a lot of trouble.

In room six, a young man pushed away a woman in his arms. His eyes were full of anger, and he glared at room three, "That man dares to contend with me. He let me lose face!"

A guard next to Song Peng hurriedly persuaded, "Younger master, people who attend this auction are not ordinary people. Please calm down."

Song Peng snorted. He was overbearing and unbridled, but he was not a fool. Instead, he was very shrewd. He just stared at room three without any action.

"Brother Ye, what are you thinking about?" Song Peng looked at a man next to him.

If Xiao Naihe was here, he would be able to recognize this man,Ye Jinyan, who was defeated by him more than a month ago.

At this point, Ye Jinyan's expression was uncertain. He looked at room three with his hands clasped, and slowly said, "The voice that just placed price is very familiar. It makes me remind of a man of Yun family!"

Reincarnation Of The Heaven Chapter 28

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