Reincarnation Of The Heaven Chapter 3

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"The dead man rises! The dead man rises!"

A scream echoed across the hall. Everyone saw Xiao Naihe slowly rising from the coffin. A cold chill came from their feet to forehead.

Several of them were those who practiced martial arts. They were much more rational for the G.o.ds and ghosts. So they were not as frightened as two little maids.

Even so, Yun Yonghuai was also scared to look pale.

"Brother Xiao, are you a human or a ghost?" Ye Jinyan calmed down, and it looked like he was the calmest person on the court.

Xiao Naihe didn't care, but sarcastically said, "Am I a man or ghost? Don't you know clearer than I?"

Ye Jinyan slightly frowned. He clearly remembered that on that day, he drugged Xiao Naihe quietly, causing Xiaonai to lose face in front of Hao Li. He was finally disdained by people, and died of shame.

At that time, Xiao Naihe's breath had disappeared, and he must have died.

But now Xiao Na was sitting in front of the coffin. With a little pale but rosy face, his breath was steady.

"You're not dead?" At this time, Ye Jinyan couldn't be calm any more.

Xiao Naihe looked cool, but there flashed a hint of sarcasm in his eyes. He laughed and said, "Does Brother Ye wish me to die?"

Ye Jinyan changed his face slightly and then returned to normal, "What do you mean, Brother Xiao? You and I are acquaintances, I naturally don't want anything bad happen to you. Now Xiao Family has declined, if you are dead, the five big families will really lose a bloodline! "

"Since Xiao Family has been destroyed a few months ago, didn't the five big families become four? Why is Brother Ye mentioning our Xiao family now?"

Now Xiao Naihe had gained the soul of the celestial demon, he was no longer the former timid Xiao Naihe, so he didn't need to avoid talking about the collapse of Xiao Family.

But in other people's eyes, Xiao Naihe was somewhat heartless.

Yun Yonghuai and others had lived with Xiao Naihe in Yun Family for several months, thus already having a certain understanding of Xiao Naihe. But they saw Xiao Naihe was so clam, they had little complain in his heart.

"When does this man become so sharp? He's quite different from a few days ago! " Ye Jinyan thought secretly.

That day, Ye Jinyan invited Xiao Naihe to Yi Cui Garden. He wanted to take this opportunity to frame Xiao Naihe. Because he found that Xiao Naihe was coward, easily to be taken advantage of.

But now, Xiao Naihe's words were so aggressive, and he had the upper hand, quite different from the past.

"What are you saying, Xiao Naihe? Big brother Ye is just worried about you, thus coming to condole today. You've escape from death, which is the G.o.d's mercy. How come can you speak so harshly? Is this the way you treat friends?'' Yun Yonghuai shouted. He had a bad temper, only sixteen years old. Growing up in a big family, he was in a young and vigorous age. His words were impolite, and he completely ignored his brother-in-law.

Anyway, he despised Xiao Naihe, and he didn't notice he had a hawkish tone.

Xiao Naihe lightly looked at Yun Xiaohuai. He knew that his little brother-in-law had a good rapport with Ye Jinyan. It was said that Yun Xiaohuai had been making a match between his sister and Ye Jinyan.

"Are we friends? I believe everyone has his own scale. Isn't it, Brother Ye? " Xiao Naihe got out of the coffin and looked at Ye Jinyan.

Ye Jinyan looked abnormal, and his tone was somewhat stiff, "Brother Xiao is right."

Ye Jinyan deliberately exposed Xiao Naihe's old scar, trying to disgust him.

But Xiao Naihe's face looked normal with a hint of sarcasm in his eyes.

Ye Jinyan was angry. He always looked down upon Xiao Naihe, and he thought that it was as simple as pinching an ant to kill Xiao Naihe.

Today, however, Xiao Naihe's remarks were not the same as those in past days. Even his att.i.tude made Ye Jinyan feel uncomfortable.

"Haha!" At this time, a cough interrupted their dialogue. The butler Hong Renyi arched up his arms and said, "Now our sir wakes up, which is a big happy event. Since he is not dead, we should report to our patriarch."

Xiao Naihe nodded, and heard Ye Jinyan suddenly asking, "There is one thing that I don't understand. When Brother Xiao's body was taken away that day, not only me, but the patriarch of Yun family both examined that he was lifeless. But he now comes to life. It is really puzzling!"

Ye Jinyan was in the late-stage of the earth spirit boundary. Among the Houtian spirit boundary and the four realms of Heaven, Earth, Metaphysics and Yellow, he had pa.s.sed the third test of Houtian, so it was easy for him to perceive Xiao Naihe's breath.

Even if Ye Jinyan couldn't, the patriarch of Yun family, Yun Nianci, was a master of the peak in Houtian spirit boundary which was close to the Xiantian fairyland, so she wouldn't misjudge.

"I am afraid that G.o.d thinks that I'm not fated to die, and wants me to clear my grievances, so he will not accept my life!" Xiao Naihe couldn't explain this event, so he gave an ambiguous answer.

Hearing this, Ye Jinyan became anxious internally. Has Xiao Naihe found something?

Ye Jinyan looked the same and laughed, "Why do you say that, Brother Xiao? It is natural that talents love beauty. Miss Hao is a great beauty, it is normal that you appreciate her, but you can't be so impulsive. After all, Mis Hao is only a performer but does not sell her body! It's often said that impulse is a devil."

"Indeed, Miss Hao is pretty, but wild flowers are not as beautiful as domestic flowers. Besides, I'm weak and introverted. I must have been bewitched to hara.s.s Miss Hao." Xiao Naihe looked at him and smiled.

Ye Jinyan changed his countenance. Yun Yinghuai and other servants more disdained Xiao Naihe, thinking that he was clearing himself up.

Reincarnation Of The Heaven Chapter 3

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