Reincarnation Of The Heaven Chapter 30

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Song Peng hesitated for a moment. He didn't know if he should place bid again. After all, the seventy thousand inferior crystal stones exceeded the value of the blue ganodorma lucidum. In the end, he still yelled, "seventy-three thousand."

Just then, Xiao Naihe's voice came again, "eighty thousand!"

People present all had a slight exclamation. Although the blue ganodorma lucidum was grade three, it had a single efficacy which could only change the physical qualification. And it only could be used by people who were below the heaven spirit boundary, so the sixty thousand inferior crystal stones was the most reasonable price.

Seventy thousand inferior crystal stones far exceeded the value of the blue ganodorma lucidum. Everyone didn't believe this.

"Will anyone give a higher price than the guest of room three? Eighty thousand first time, second time, and third times! Deal, the blue ganodorma lucidum belongs to the guest of room three! " Shen crane snickered at heart.

Zhu Liyan was really a lucky star. He not only brought a spirit stone of grade four, but also supported Golden Virtue Hall very much.

But Zhu Liyan did not have the same idea as Shen He. Although he was not bidder, buying a strain of blue ganodorma lucidum with eighty thousand made him feel distressed.

Xiao Naihe had one hundred and fifty thousand inferior crystal stones in total, and he has spent one hundred and ten thousand buying two things. One was the Changing Mask which only could change three looks, and the other was the blue ganodorma lucidum which could only reform the flesh and blood Qi. These two things were too limited, so Zhu Liyan would not be so firm to buy them with one hundred and ten thousand inferior crystal stones.

Xiao Naihe placed bid without blinking his eyes. Zhu Liyant admired him at heart.

"That man makes decisive decisions and regards wealth like cloud and mud. He seems to be a great person with a special background."

At this time there was a stir in room six. Ye Jinyan gazed at Song Peng whose temper teetered on the brink of meltdown. If it was not the right occasion, he would rush into room three and fight with that guest.

"Brother Song doesn't need to get angry. Eighty thousand inferior crystal stones are too expensive. In my eyes, seventy thousand has exceeded its value and eighty thousand is not worthwhile!" Ye Jinyan was quite calm, because he didn't desire the blue ganodorma lucidum.

Song Peng came here for this blue ganodorma lucidum, but now it was brought by others, which made him feel resentful in the heart, "I was intended to use sixty thousand crystal stones to buy it. If that man didn't appear, I would have obtained it with the lowest price. s.h.i.+t!"

The blue ganodorma lucidum cost Xiao Naihe eighty thousand inferior crystal stones. Song Peng also felt uneconomic.

If Xiao Naihe did not spoil Song Peng's plan, Song Peng would not miss the blue ganodorma lucidum.

Xiao Naihe grabbed the Changing Mask and the blue ganodorma lucidum from Song Peng's hands, so Song Peng has remembered and hated Xiao Naihe very much.

"The next thing is " Six Leaf Gra.s.s ", a spirit thing of grade two. I had tested it personally. It can invigorate the circulation of blood and dissolve extravasated blood, and it can heal internal injuries. Its start price is ten thousand inferior crystal stones!"

"What is Six Leaf Gra.s.s, have you ever heard of it?"

"I have never heard of it, but since it is a spirit thing of grade two, it also can heal internal injuries. It is worth ten thousand inferior crystal stones!"

Many people in the wing room had never heard of the origin of this "Six Leaf Gra.s.s ". They used their divine sense to feel the spiritual power on the spirit gra.s.s, knowing that it was not fake.

Xiao Naihe's divine sense was also shrouded in Six Leaf Gra.s.s, but he slightly frowned, "Why these three leaves of it don't have spiritual power?"

All of a sudden, Xiao Naihe changed his countenance and he became happy. He cried at heart, "No, it's not Six Leaf Gra.s.s. It's actually a Three Magic Herb. The three green leaves grow from two cores and was mixed with the Three Magic Herb. Besides, the Three Magic Herb has special healing effects. On the contrary, its effects of condensing Qi and blood are neglected."

As the saying goes, fancy finding by sheer luck what one has searched for far and wide.

At this time, the room one began to place bid, "twelve thousand, we haven't heard of this thing, but I believe Golden Virtue Hall."

"I add two thousand, fourteen thousand!"

Ye Jinyan looked at Song Peng and said, "This thing is useful, but we have some kind of healing medicine in Ye family, so I don't want to buy it."

Song Peng smiled, "Well, since Brother Ye said this words, I wouldn't hide my intention, twenty thousand!"

"Thirty thousand!"

This voice...

Song Peng was slightly stunned. At the next moment, he flared up, "It's that guy who contend to auction with me again. Dou you think I really can't defeat you? Thirty-five thousand! "

"Forty thousand!" Xiao Naihe's languid voice sounded again.


At this moment, Song Peng flew into a rage, and her feet crushed the floor tiles. The woman in his arms was pushed to the wall and then fainted.

"Song Shuyun, you go to find out the ident.i.ty of the guest of room three for me right now!"


"Do you dare to disobey my order?" Song Peng grabbed Song Shuyun, "You are just a son of a concubine. As a guard, you dare to argue with me? Do you want to be punished by three knives and six holes? "

Song Shuyun's face turned pale, and he stepped back. His voice quivered, "Okay!"

Song Shuyun and another man went out of the door. When Song Peng could not see him, his eyes revealed a glimmer of maliciousness.

Reincarnation Of The Heaven Chapter 30

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