Reincarnation Of The Heaven Chapter 31

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"Six Leaf Gra.s.s is auctioned by the guest of room three with forty thousand inferior crystal stones."

Xiao Naihe's face floated a smile. Now, he has got the blue ganodorma lucidum and three magic herb. Although he didn't find arbor, those two materials were enough to change the physical qualification and strengthen the blood Qi. It would take time to promote to the heaven spirit boundary.

Zhu Liyan gazed at Xiao Naihe and sighed, "Mr. Xiao is really decisive. You have run out of one hundred and fifty thousand inferior crystal stones without blinking eyes."

"Boss Zhu is a businessman, so you must be shrewder than me in doing business and investment. But to be overcautious and indecisive is harmful to me. Once I desire something, I must Boss Zhu attends to the trifles to the neglect of essentials. Although you have reached the peak of heaven spirit boundary, your state of mind is unpeaceful. You must be careful."

As soon as Zhu Liyan heard these words, he was in a daze. After meditating quietly, he realized that what Xiao Naihe said was correct.

Zhu Liyan had reached the heaven spirit boundary for twenty years. For twenty years, he had worked hard to reach the peak. But he had no clue to Xiantian immortality.

He had managed Jin Heng Archway for many years, and his martial arts remained the same without progress or setback. At this point, hearing Xiao Naihe's words, he was suddenly enlightened.

"Mr. Xiao's words awakened me, I'm thoughtless."

Zhu Liyan could not perceive Xiao Naihe's cultivation base, which was not because Xiao Naihe had reached the heaven spirit, thus concealing his breath and reserving his blood Qi, but because he has formed the gold core, leading to hide his cultivation base. People below the Xiantian fairyland couldn't perceive his cultivation base.

That was to say, even if any patriarch of the four big families couldn't perceive Xiao Naihe's cultivation base.

In Zhu Liyan's eyes, Xiao Naihe was very mysterious.

Suddenly, Zhu Liyan was in a move, and his eyes quietly looked at the door, flas.h.i.+ng across a chill, "I didn't expect that in the big Golden Virtue Hall, someone keeps watch on us."

Xiao Naihe was obviously aware of this. His divine sense might not as good as Zhu Liyan, because he cultivated The Bible of G.o.ds and Devils, his divine soul wasn't inferior to the masters of heaven spirit boundary and was very sensitive to any movements of other divine souls.

"Boss Zhu, don't worry. That person's breath is stable with light footsteps. He should be just in the early-stage of earth spirit boundary. Golden Virtue Hall won't deliberately find fault with me. Perhaps I had just placed price too fiercely and offended some people. I believe they do not dare to be rash." Xiao Naihe shook his head and fixed his eyes on the stage again.

Zhu Liyan also nodded. As the owner of Jin Heng Archway, he also wasn't interested in that villain, but he did not like to be peeked by others. So he released a pressure towards the door.

In a moment, the prying eyes disappeared.

The peeper was Song Shuyun, who was just in the early-stage of the earth spirit boundary. Under the pressure from Zhu Liyan, Song Shuyun's chest was like being pressed by a heavy stone, and then he spat blood.

"That is the owner of the Jin Heng Archway. No wonder that he has a big tone. But who is the young man beside him? That man looks familiar."

Song Shuyun glanced at another person next to him, who said a piece of news in his ear, and then Song Shuyun suddenly felt incredible.

Shen He did not know anything else happening in the hall, and the next item was brought to the stage.

When this item was put on the platform, Xiao Naihe's eyes showed a pleasant surprise, "I did not meet the arbor. Instead, I met Nine Rotating Flower."

Xiao Naihe stared at the flower s.h.i.+ning seven colors on the stage. Its nine petals were like the rotating neon lights, glowing grotesque lights in the dark hall.

"According to the owner of this thing, this thing is called Nine Rotating Flower, and it is a spirit thing of grade two. It comes from the ninety thousand demon realm and grows up with the demonic beast all the year. This thing can stabilize the spirit and adjust the breath. It is a treasure to reserve the breath. Its bottom price is ten thousand!"

All people cast their eyes at the Nine Rotating Flower.

Zhu Liyan looked at the Nine Rotating Flower, and wondered, "I have been traveling the Wan Qing continent for many years, I never heard of the Nine Rotating Flower. But I have heard of the ninety thousand demon realm which is a forbidden land on the border of the Wan Qing continent. It is not easy to get this spirit flower in the place which is commanded by the demonic beasts, but it is a pity that the effect of stabilizing the spirit and adjusting the breath is too monotonous."

Shen he gently sighed. He had seen the Nine Rotating Flower twice. Although it was very precious, because its effect was too limited, it was only helpful to some martial artists who cultivated the divine soul. The market of such goods was sluggish.

"Boss Shen, I am not mean. Since it is a spirit thing of grade two, how can it only be worth ten thousand inferior crystal stones? I'm afraid that it has more connections with the demonic beast. "

There were a lot of people in the hall. Shen He had expected someone would ask this question, he nodded, and his tone became more serious, "Yes, in fact, the Nine Rotating Flower could help people build the divine soul, but it has a little side effect."

"Side effects? What kind of side effects? "

"Because the Nine Rotating Flower grows up with the demonic beast all the year, when it was born, it developed the demonic breath. Although the master of our Golden Virtue Hall has removed the demonic breath, the imprint remains. In other words, when anyone uses this Nine Rotating Flower to stabilize the spirit, adjust the breath and cultivate the divine soul, once he makes mistakes, he is likely to be infected with the demonic breath, and then..."

Reincarnation Of The Heaven Chapter 31

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