Reincarnation Of The Heaven Chapter 32

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Although Shen He didn't finish his words, guests present were warriors with high cultivation base, and they all knew what Shen He meant.

"Do you mean that one may become a demon?"

Shen He nodded and smiled, "Guests present has cultivated for many years, so you naturally know all the treasures are a double-edged sword. As long as you want to achieve a higher cultivation base, you must need to bear a little risk."

A guest yelled, "I have cultivated for so many years, but I have not encountered any risks. But we are totally incompatible with the demons. If I become a demon, I prefer to die."

"Nine Rotating Flower is precious, but it's only used to cultivate the divine soul. I do not need it!"

Shen He produced a forced smile and he didn't speak.

Human beings were totally incompatible with the demons, Xiao Naihe thought so.

He was once a human being. If he hadn't given up on human cultivators, he would have not become a demon. But after entering the demonic world, he found that everything was not what he had thought.

Despite of the demons were evil, they respected human beings who created rumors about demons.

Xiao Naihe gave a bleak smile. Nine Rotating Flower was dangerous for human beings, but for Xiao Naihe, who cultivated to be a demon, it had no risk. So Xiao Naihe didn't hesitate at the moment, "Ten thousand, I want it."

Zhu Liyan glanced at Xiao Naihe, though he was somewhat curious, he was no longer asking questions because he knew Xiao Naihe's means.

Shen He was a little bit stunned, and he looked at the room three.

"That man has spent one hundred and fifty thousand today and he still wants it?" Song Peng's tone was unfriendly and hesitant.

Song Peng thought that people who could buy so many spirit things at one auction were not ordinary people. Perhaps that man's background was not weak. If he was an offspring of the officials in the imperial court or the great cultivators, Song Peng did not dare to attack him.

After Xiao Naihe placed bid, no one offered another bid. Nine Rotating Flower had a great risk. Even the master of the peak of the heaven spirit boundary did not dare to have a try.

The hall was silent.

When Shen He continued to speak, he felt that Nine Rotating Flower would fall into Zhu Liyan's hand, but suddenly he heard another voice:

"Twenty thousand!"

Xiao Naihe was slightly surprised, there was unexpectedly still one person wanting the Nine Rotating Flower?

"Thirty thousand!" In any case, the Nine Rotating Flower could replace the arbor, so it was very useful to Xiao Naihe. Regardless of thirty thousand, even if it cost three hundred thousand, he was still willing to buy it.

"This little brother, the Nine Rotating Flower is only a spirit thing for adjusting the breath and cultivating the divine soul. There are many this kind of spirit thing, such as Arbor, the Essence Bamboo, Listening Moon Wood and others spirit things of grade two. And they have no risks at all. Why do you contend this Nine Rotating Flower with me? Forty thousand! "

There was a lazy voice in the wing room above Xiao Naihe. After Xiao Naihe hearing this, there was some turbulence in his mind.

The Arbor, the Essence Bamboo, Listening Moon Wood indeed could cultivate the divine soul, and their effects were much better than the Nine Rotating Flower, but all of them were extremely precious materials.

These things have not even been heard of by Zhu Liyan who has run Jin Heng Archway for many years. Why did a simple guest say this at the auction, and he listed three things?

Xiao Naihe rolled his eyes with a slight smile and he used spiritual power to send out his voice, "Since you know another three things, why do you want to buy this Nine Rotating Flower. Due to the same reason, can't I place bid? Fifty thousand! "

"You are right, but this Nine Rotating Flower was not a treasure for you, instead, ..." That man stopped talking, and he seemed to think about something, and then he suddenly said with surprise, "No, You want to alchemy the blue ganodorma lucidum, three magic herb and the Nine Rotating Flower for ten days so as to create blood, refine Qi, wash bone marrow and relax the sinews. I see! You are also... All right, I won't grab this thing! "

This voice seemed to be very light.

After Xiao Naihe heard it, he was astonished. That man not only recognized the three magic herb, but also discerned the purpose of Xiao Naihe.

The reason why Xiao Naihe bought these three things was that he wanted to alchemy them for ten days to create blood, refine Qi, wash bone marrow and relax the sinews. That man unexpectedly knew the Was.h.i.+ng Marrow Pellet.

"That person's strength is really unfathomable, I'm afraid he also cultivates to be a demon." Xiao Naihe was shocked deeply.

Since Xiao Naihe was reborn, the most powerful people he has met were cultivators of the heaven spirit boundary, but he felt that this mysterious man was even ten times stronger than those cultivators.

"He is very strong, perhaps he has already gathered three flowers to the top, and ascended to immortality!"

Zhu Liyan did not know the idea of Xiao Naoihe, he asked, "Mr. Xiao, you have spent more fifty thousand crystal stones than we budget today, how do you settle accounts?"

Xiao Naihe has recovered from his contemplative mood and slowly said, "I believe my Nu Wa stone is more valuable than this number!"

"Well, deal. Our staff will send the Nine Rotating Flower to the guest of three later." Shen He's face bloomed with laughter. Zhu Liyan was really a lucky star! He gave has auctioned two hundred thousand crystal stones in one day.

"The next thing is added temporarily. It is authenticated by the appraisers of our Golden Virtue Hall, and it is a spirit stone of grade four!"

Reincarnation Of The Heaven Chapter 32

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