Reincarnation Of The Heaven Chapter 35

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"This storage bag contains four items of treasure you have taken. According to the rules, we have taken five percent commission, and there are still one million and seven hundred thousand inferior crystal stone. Please accept it."

The auction was over. Shen He has settled everything, and he put the crystal stone and auction items into a storage bag and handed it to Xiao Naihe.

There was a glimmer of envy in Zhu Liyan's eyes.

Xiao Naihe took it in his hand and smiled. Since Shen He had known that Xiao Naihe was the real owner of Nu Wa stone, Xiao Naihe did not have to pretend anymore.

"Boss Shen, thank you. Hope we will have more chances to cooperate again! "

After that, Xiao Naihe went out of the Golden Virtue Hall.

Zhu Liyan stood beside Shen He and sighed softly, "It turns out that you know that spirit stone doesn't belong to Jin Heng Archway!"

"Brother Zhu, I have known you for so many years, I certainly know your temper. But this time you bring such a valuable guest, I believe we will cooperate with you more." Shen He patted Zhu Liyan's shoulder.

Zhu Liyan was pleased. He came here in order to cooperate with Golden Virtue Hall. Now this goal was achieved, he was very happy.

Suddenly, Zhu Liyan said, "Brother Shen, today someone peeked at me and Xiao Naihe, where is the guard of Golden Virtue Hall?"

The lip of Shen He showed a mystical smile, and he said, "This is allowed by me. Golden Virtue Hall has a rule that we can't spy on the privacy and ident.i.ty of the guests, but we can't guarantee others won't do this."

"I see, you want to find the ident.i.ty of Xiao Naihe by the hand of the snooping man. Have you found out?"

"Xiao Naihe is the son of Xiao family and the live-in son-in-law of Yun family. He is said to have no cultivation base, and is an ordinary person." Shen He felt uncertain.

"The son of Xiao family?" Zhu Liyan was slightly stunned. The news that Xiao family had been destructed gave rise to much discussion, and Zhu Liyan also knew that the son of Xiao family had got married into Yun family.

"He is said to have no cultivation base, but today I obviously feel the floating blood Qi in his body, and I cannot determine the level of his cultivation base which is absolutely not weak, how come have this rumor?"

"Who knows! This young man is obviously knowledgeable. Perhaps he hides his capacities and bide his time, I think that he will be the same figure as you. As for the Nu Wa stone, I'm afraid it is a treasure of Xiao family and it is hidden by him."

Zhu Liyan nodded his head. Shen He said again, "But now the people of Song family have been watching him, for fear that his situation is not safe. Xiao family has been destroyed, another three families make an alliance, and the status of Yun family is embarra.s.sed. At the Family a.s.sociation, the storm in the capital is coming up, but it is a good opportunity for Golden Virtue Hall."

People with discerning eyes knew that the destruction of Xiao family must be related to another three families.

Xiao Naihe did not know others' discussion about him, and he came to the street alone.

At this time, Xiao Naihe did not go back to the Yun family. The three spirit medicine in the storage bag needed to be refined. Was.h.i.+ng the bone marrow and strengthening the muscles, transforming his Qi blood and physical qualifications, these were also the purpose of his trip.

"The pellet shop!"

Xiao Naihe looked up and walked into a shop.

In the distance, several figures slowly came out, and one of them was Song Shuyun, "That boy went into a pellet shop, what should we do, Brother Song?"

Song Peng's face was grim and he said, "Since it's a pellet shop, we can't make trouble. You wait for him to come out, and then hit him later. "

"This son of Xiao family unexpectedly has spare money to buy those four treasures, how many benefits did Yun family give him!"

Song Peng's eyes blinked with jealousy. At this time, he reminded of the first beauty of the capital, Yun Weixue, and he hated Xiao Naihe more. His hands clenched tightly.

The pellet shop was the place of alchemy.

The cultivators knew that it was hard to advance the martial artists, and the pellet was difficult to find. Alchemists were rare in the continent. Because the pellet was difficult to find, naturally some cultivators made alchemy for themselves.

But many cultivators didn't have the tripod for alchemy, which gave birth to pellet shop. Every pellet shop would charge some crystal stone and then provide tripod and s.p.a.ce for costumers to make alchemy.

The origin of pellet shop was said to be more mysterious than that of Golden Virtue Hall. It was supported by the immortals as well.

Because the pellet was made by immortals' alchemy methods, it must be guarded by immortals.

Therefore, the pellet shops prevailed in Wan Qing continent, but no one dared to find fault with it.

Xiao Naihe had cultivated to be a demon in his previous life, and he had studied many manuals concerning alchemy, so he had a good command of alchemy.

When he was the celestial demon, he was framed up by the treacherous people, causing his body broken and his orifices closed. Then he began to cultivate to be a demon, he had collected all books of alchemy in the world, only to restore his body and orifices.

It could be said that in his previous life, he did best in martial arts, and his second capital was alchemy.

The pellet shop was permeated with medicinal fragrance. It provided some common medicinal materials for guests to refine drugs and make alchemy.

There was only a grizzled man sitting in a chair in the front of the counter. He was reading a medical book.

"Old gentleman, are there any vacant rooms here?"


The old man looked up and glanced at Xiao Naihe. When he saw Xiao Naihe was a young man, he wore a lukewarm expression.

"Room four has just been cleaned up, there are tripod, firewood and some common herbs. How many days do you want to stay?"

"Thirty days!"

The old man nodded his head and said, "It costs one thousand inferior crystal stone. This is the key! "

Xiao Naihe took the key and paid one thousand inferior crystal stone, and he didn't speak any more.

The old man looked at Xiao Naihe, when he saw Xiao Naihe walking into the alchemy room, he said, "Now the alchemy has really declined. If one wants to make alchemy, he should cultivate for thirty years. This boy is less than twenty years old. He even learns refining medicine, hope that nothing bad will happen."

Reincarnation Of The Heaven Chapter 35

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