Reincarnation Of The Heaven Chapter 36

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Alchemy was a big event. Any mistakes would make the alchemists die. The old man was already accustomed to see fetal accidents in the pellet shop.

"This old man has obviously taken pellets to consolidate the Qi blood, his thirty-six visible orifices all opened, and he obviously is in the state similar to Zhu Liyan and Shen He. What's more, he has rich power because of the pellet and strong spiritual power, if I fight with him, even I will lose."

Xiao Naihe shook his head. Who could have imagined that this ordinary old man was also a top master of the Houtian spirit boundary?

Only by was.h.i.+ng the marrow and reinforcing the tendons, relying on Celestial Demon's Bible and previous experience, could Lin Xiao enter the heaven spirit boundary and compete with top masters.

The alchemy room was not small, and the firewood and medical tripod were placed in the middle.

Alchemy was exquisite. The medical tripod couldn't be made of common iron, and alchemists needed to use five elements to burn the firewood.

"This medical tripod is made of high quality iron, although it isn't the best, it is enough to refine the Was.h.i.+ng Marrow Pellet.

Xiao Naihe smiled faintly. He moved his right hand lightly, and then the firewood under the medical tripod was burned up.

The geomantic omen of this alchemy room was so suitable that Lin Xiao could refine pure fire of the five elements(metal, wood, water, fire and earth).

Lin Xiao threw the blue ganodorma lucidum, the magical herb and nine rotating flower into the medical tripod.

"Although nine rotating flower is not comparable to arbor, but if I use the demonic skill to refine, the effect is not bad."

The three kinds of spirit herbs were refined through the demonic skill, and then the pellet could wash the marrow, strengthen the tendons and build the Xiantian body.

The Was.h.i.+ng Marrow Pellet was a spirit thing of grade four, which was valuable, and it was not worse than the Nu Wa stone.

"The operation of the spiritual power of the Changing Mask is too restrictive. I need to use my gold core to improve it."

Little South was still sleeping in Lin Xiao's gold core. It was not difficult for him to use the gold core to change the Changing Mask.

Half a day pa.s.sed, the old man began to close the door. Looking at the room four, he twittered, "The little boy is the only customer in this half month. I wonder if he can walk out of the alchemy room safely."

It was dark. Several guards of Song family waiting outside were impatient. Song Shuyun said, "It's been a long time, will he use the herbs to make alchemy? If so, it will take ten and a half days. "

The blue ganodorma lucidum, the magical herb and nine rotating flower were superior treasures. Xiao Naihe was an ordinary scholar, how could he make alchemy?

Xiao Naihe might lose his life later!

Thinking of this, Song Shuyun felt sorry for those three spirit herbs.

Those spirit herbs were too precious. If Song Shuyun could get them, he would immediately fight against Song Peng. These treasures were worth two hundred thousand inferior crystal stone, everyone was eager for them.

"Unfortunately, the pellet shop is so mysterious that even my father has repeatedly told me not to find fault with it, I'd better lurk."

It was often said that there was no finite time for cultivation and it took a thousand years to finish the closed-door training.

Alchemy had the same principle, half a month pa.s.sed in the blink of an eye.

When he was the celestial demon, Xiao Naihe could spend several months refining the spirit herbs of grade six or seven. If he refined the pellet of grade eight, he would spend two years.

The grade four alchemist, who had ascended to immortality and formed the gold core, could refine the grade four pellet.

At this time, if the news that Xiao Naihe, a cultivator of the Houtian spirit boundary, refined the grade four pellet went out, he would be laughed at by everyone.

But others did not know Xiao Naihe had formed the gold core. It was the most basic principle to use the gold core to refine the pellet. But a cultivator of the Houtian spirit boundary could form the gold core, which was unimaginable.

In this way, it made sense that Xiao Naihe could refine the grade four pellet.

Although Xiao Naihe had formed the gold core, he won't absolutely success. There was also a risk in it, and he was likely to die.

But Xiao Naihe had experience in refining the was.h.i.+ng marrow pellet, and he was familiar with the method of using the gold core to refine the pellet, so the success rate was relatively high.

"The blue ganodorma lucidum, the magical herb and nine rotating flower has been refined for half a month to wash bone marrow and reinforce tendons! The pellet has been made successfully."

Opening the top cover, three mysterious pellets with ordinary appearance lay in the center of the medical tripod.

Xiao Naihe picked them up and was satisfied.

If ordinary people ate it, their blood and appearances would be immediately changed, they would become a good cultivator.

If ordinary cultivators ate it, it could wash their marrow, and their talent will immediately double.

Xiao Naihe's original physical talent was too bad, and reaching the earth spirit boundary was his maximum. At this time, once he swallowed this Was.h.i.+ng Marrow Pellet, his physical qualification would be immediately changed.

The thirty secret orifices suddenly opened. Xiao Naihe acc.u.mulated richly and broke forth vastly, and he could faintly feel the spiritual force of the heaven and earth.

"This familiar feeling is ... I has reached the heaven spirit boundary!"

Xiao Naihe gave a soft smile. The heaven spirit boundary was the last threshold under the Xantian immortality. People in the heaven spirit boundary could feel a little spiritual force of the heaven and earth.

Xiao Naihe had early experience. After the thirty secret orifices opened, the spiritual energy of the gold core would be richer, and he was going to break through the peak of the Houtian spirit boundary.

"After I take some time to digest the pellet, it will not be long before my thirty-six secret orifices open."

Xiao Naihe took the remaining two pellets into the storage bag. At this time, the two pellets were useless to him, but they might be needed later.

The old man in the pellet shop did not know Xiao Naihe has refined the pellet. For half a month, he did not care about Xiao Naihe.

The alchemy room's door was opened, and then the medicinal fragrance gave off. The grizzled man's body was stiff, and the next moment he suddenly jumped up, feeling unbelievable.

Reincarnation Of The Heaven Chapter 36

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