Reincarnation Of The Heaven Chapter 37

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"I have never smelled this medicine fragrance..., but it was definitely not a common pellet."

The old man scratched his head with a complex look, and he was as anxious as a monkey.

"Are you making alchemy or refining medicine?" The grizzled man could not help but ask.

The threshold of refining medicine was lower than that of alchemy. This was the common sense of alchemy philosophy.

"I made alchemy!"

"Really?" The old man looked carefully at Xiao Naihe, "I see, you've made the pellet, and you've taken it. Although I can't discern your cultivation base, your spiritual power is richer than half a month ago. What kind of pellet did you make?"

Xiao Naihe laughed, "It's none of your business."

The grizzled man was slightly stunned, he realized that he really asked too much, but he felt uncomfortable if he didn't figure out, "I have never smelled this medicine fragrance in my experience. Is my kung fu not sophisticated? There are some Xiantian spiritual breaths in the medicine fragrance, so it is obviously the grade four pellet, but the thirty-six visible orifices in your body are not completely opened, and you haven't reach the Xiantian spirit boundary. How can you refine the grade four pellet?"

Only forming the gold core could a cultivator refine the Xiantian pellet.

Xiao Naihe has formed the gold core in the Houtian spirit boundary, which was very unimaginable. How could he reveal his secret before he gained the most powerful strength?

At this point, the old man took out a storage bag from his bosom, "This is one thousand inferior crystal stone you paid me before. I gave it to you, in return, you tell me what kind of pellet did you make?"

"Ha ha!"

Xiao Naihe could not help laughing. He shook his head, "Old gentleman, you don't need to persuade me! What is the point of knowing my pellet? It is not important whether it is Xiantian or Houtian pellet. Besides, I am not an alchemist!"

Hearing this, the old man more ensured that Xiao Naihe made the Xiantian pellet. "Well, I won't ask any more, what's your name?"

"My surname is Xiao."

"Boy, if you are interested in learning more alchemy, you can go to our alchemy court to study. I believe that we will certainly welcome you."

The old man had another idea, and he wanted to draw Xiao Naihe in.

"Alchemy court?"

Xiao Naihe did not find any information about the alchemy court in his memory, but he felt familiar with it, and he seemed to have heard of it.

"Our alchemy courts are distributed in the three thousand and three hundred worlds, and there are not many branch shops in the Wan Qing small world. You can go to the branch shop in the Unparalleled Continent."

When it came to the alchemy court, the old man was proud.

Xiao Naihe was quite surprised. The organization that could spread throughout the three thousand and three hundred worlds was absolutely a super strong school, but Xiao Naihe hadn't heard of the alchemy court in his previous life. Was it a new force that emerged in the dark after his rebirth?

Xiao Naihe he nodded and said, "Okay, I'll remember it."

The old man followed Xiao Naihe with his eyes until Xiao Naihe went out of the pellet shop. He patted his head and said to himself, "This little boy is obviously in the Houtian spirit boundary, but the medicine fragrance has a few Xiantian breaths. In the alchemy court, no one in the Houtian spirit boundary has refined Xiantian pellets successfully. Weird, weird! "

Now Xiao Naihe has completed his own purpose. He put his eyes to the distance, "It is time to return to Yun family. I haven't avenge Xiao family's hatred and haven't repay Yun Weixue's kindness. Even though I have cultivated seventy-two internal circulations, if I didn't remove the obsessions in the body, I was unable to ascend to immortality."

Xiao Naihe was quite helpless.

He had to adapt himself to the dusty world since he came.

"I go to inform the third young master that Xiao Naihe comes out. You follow him in the dark. "

The man who was hiding opposite to the pellet shop showed his head. Song Shuyun's face was weary, and he was angry, "I have waited for half a month. That boy finally comes out."

These people were Song Peng's underlings who tried to teach Xiao Naihe a lesson and robbed his treasures, so they kept following Xiao Naihe 's tracks.

Song Peng didn't expect that Xiao Naihe had stayed at the pellet shop for half a month. In the past half a month, he hated Xiao Naihe more.

Song Peng has spent so much energy. If he could not catch Xiao Naihe, he would lose face.

Song Shuyun informed promptly Song Peng who was discussing about the Family a.s.sociation Meeting with Ye Jinyan

Hearing this news, Song Peng banged the table and shouted, "He finally came out. That boy has been in the pellet shop for so long. Has he really refined all the herbs he has brought?"

Ye Jinyan said, "It's impossible. That boy is only in the yellow spirit boundary. He is unable to make alchemy. I'm afraid that those herbs have been wasted. But he has a low status in Yun family. Where can he get so much money to auction?"

"Hum! I'm afraid it's a legacy that is hidden by Xiao family. That boy looks harmless. But he must have some tricks. Xiao family was one of the five big families. Now its industries are taken away by the imperial court. He must hide some property in the dark. We catch that boy and force him to tell us the whereabouts."

Ye Jinyan's eyes were also brimmed with greed. He remembered that Xiao Naihe had defeated him with Xiao family's secret skills, so his heart was full of resentment.

He immediately went out with Song Peng to chase Xiao Naihe. Relying on the special communication means of the Song family, they found Xiao Naihe very soon.

The secret tunnel Yun family in The Regretting Peak was far away from the suburb, Xiao Naihe has almost arrived there, but at this time he did not walk very fast.

Since he has reached the heaven spirit boundary and opened the hidden orifices, he has gained the spiritual force of the heaven and earth, so he was sensitive to the surrounding environment.

After coming out of pellet shop, he dimly perceived several secret breaths.

"They keep following me from the pellet shop to here? They may be well-prepared!" Xiao Naihe sneered at heart.

His ident.i.ty was awkward, so few people knew him. These people have been following him from the pellet shop, which meant that they must aim at him.

There were signs that they must have tracked him since the auction ended.

Reincarnation Of The Heaven Chapter 37

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