Reincarnation Of The Heaven Chapter 7

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Xiao Naihe laughed, and he stood in the center of the hall like a mountain.

Hong Renyi changed his countenance. It seemed that the fact that Xiao Naihe beat Ye Jinyan before was not because of luck and secret skills.

Xiao Naihe had really studied hard about martial arts!

"He should be only in yellow spirit boundary, not better than ordinary people. How would he deal with this situation?"

Hong Renyi was not a member of Yun family. A bystander was always clear-minded. He also didn't like Yun Gongsheng and these elders treated Xiao Naihe like this.

As Xiao Naihe said, there must be more than that. Perhaps Yun family had already known the truth, but no one wanted to reveal it.

Why? Because they wanted to remove Xiao Naihe!

This was the idea of most people in an old-brand family. They were arrogant and couldn't afford to lose face.

"Xiao Naihe, how dare you to use your tricks to make a fool of yourself?"

Yun Cong was an offshoot of Yun family. There were many clansmen in Yun Family .He status was not very high. Even if he became a law enforcement disciple, he couldn't compare with the status of Yun Weixue's "husband". So he was very unhappy.

Not only Yun Cong, but almost every offshoot in the family didn't like Xiao Naihe.

Xiao Naihe, a man who had lost his family, has become a member of main vein just because he got married into Yun Family.

The sons of the main vein also looked down upon Xiao Naihe. Because they thought that how could Xiao Naihe as an alien be equal to them?

Today, it could be seen that all Yun family members in the hall did not like Xiao Naihe at all and wanted to get rid of him.

Several Yun family sons wanted to lay Xiao Naihe on the ground.

Houtian spirit boundary, and the four realms of Heaven, Earth, Metaphysics and Yellow. Xiao Naihe was in the middle-stage of the yellow spirit boundary, and his divine soul was weak. Although these disciples were ordinary, they were in the level of metaphysical spirit. Hong Renyi thought that Xiao Naihe couldn't compare with them!

But Xiao Naihe was not an ordinary person. He once cultivated to be a demon, so his own Kong Fu was not Xiao Family's martial arts!

"Go back!"

Houtian spirit boundary was just a small threshold that he once experienced.

The two law enforcement disciples came up and pressed on Xiao Naihe's shoulder, smiling coldly, "You just rely on the strength of Yun Weixue. What can you do without her?"

"Don't talk nonsense and put him down!"

Xiao Naihe didn't feel sad or joyful, and there was a strange feeling rising in his heart.

The previous celestial demon once challenged many masters of Nine Heavens and Divine Domain, but now he had to fight with several playboys. This was a strange feeling.

At the next moment, Xiao Naihe was instantly concealed by another emotion.

He was no longer the former demon, and he was Xiao Naihe! From now on, Xiao Naihe would embark on a new journey to go up the peak.

Nevertheless, he's soul still was the proud celestial demon who overlooked the Nine Heavens.

With this thought, the spirit power in the body has raged his tendon and vessel, and his vision became very clear.

The two law enforcement disciples didn't realize that Xiao Naihe has begun to rebel.

But Yun Gongsheng was different. His body was already in the early-stage of heaven spirit boundary, and he was very sensitive to spiritual power.

Xiao Naihe's body was glowing. He has already changed the loop, which made Yun Gongsheng feel a bit dangerous.

"You two, hurry back!"

Just then, Yun Gongsheng saw a flash. Two figures flied out of the hall and b.u.mped against the door.


"Yun w.a.n.g."

Everyone was shocked and two law enforcement disciples have fainted.

Everyone looked unbelievably at Xiao Naihe, stunned.

Was this man the weak Xiao Naihe? How did he throw out the two law enforcement disciples?

Yun Yonghuai cried, "I forget that he seems to have ancestral secret tricks. This morning……" Speaking of this, he suddenly reminded of Ye Jin Yan's instruction.

Yun Gongsheng didn't think too much. He scolded, "Why didn't you say so earlier?"

In spite of this, Yun Gongsheng, as a temporary leader and an elder, was embarra.s.sed to beat a younger generation. He thought that although this Xiao Naihe had some tricks, after all, his cultivation was insufficient, and he was weak physically.

So he asked two other law enforcement disciples to fight with Xiao Naihe.

Yun Liangtu and Yun Fa differed from the previous two law enforcement disciples. As the sons of main pulse, they enjoyed more resources. They were already in the late-stage of metaphysical spirit boundary. It was easy for them to beat Xiao Naihe.

Suddenly, the two men grabbed Xiao Naihe's arms and headed straight for his philtrum.

"Is this the martial arts of Yun family?"

The two men swayed their bodies. Looking at them, it turned out that their movements were integrated together.

The chimerism Kung Fu!

In martial arts, the weak were unable to compete with the strong for various reasons. In order to break this convention, the chimerism Kung Fu was born.

The so-called "chimerism Kung Fu", also called integrated Kung Fu, was the method used by weak warriors to produce a stronger Kung Fu through combing companions' martial arts.

The chimerism Kung Fu was definitely the method that showed one plus one equaled more than two.

Reincarnation Of The Heaven Chapter 7

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