Reincarnation Of The Heaven Chapter 9

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Yun-Sen's murderous intention gradually revealed, and the chill in his eyes was obvious. He pinched two fingers without saying a word, and looked at Xiao Naihe like watching the dead. There were many martial artists in Yun family. The murderous intention of Yun Sen was so obvious that they all have conjectured what Yun Sen meant to do.

"Xiao Naihe, you have three big sins! First, you humiliated the Yun Family by hara.s.sing a prost.i.tute. Second, you disrespected the elders and blatantly hurt others. Third, you despised the rule of Yun family. Three punishments got together. Today I would carry out a death sentence of you on the spot as a law enforcement presbyter. Do you have objections?"

Xiao Naihe laughed lightly. Even if he refused to obey, would the whole Yun family listen to him? He didn't say anything at the moment. He was just a boy in the middle-stage of the yellow spirit boundary. He had no chance if he fought with Yun Sen who was in the early-stage of heaven spirit boundary.      


"I can only retreat!"

If you couldn't kill the enemy, you had better retreat a thousand miles!

Xiao Naihe exerted his strength on his legs and concentrated his remaining powers on his legs. It was not wise enough to resist Yun Sen face-to-face.


Yun Sen's fist split the air, and released great power quickly. He wanted to kill Xiao Naihe completely.

Only to hear the sound of wind, the real Qi around Yun Sen quickly gathered together. Only using a little bit of spiritual power, he could beat back all the people in the hall.

Yun Gongshneg thought at heart: sen has recently promoted to heaven spirit boundary, and he was the third master of heaven spirit boundary second to the patriarch and me. He was forty-three years old, and it was possible for him to achieve the peak of heaven spirit boundary and became the strongest one of Houtian spirit boundary.

Yun Sen, who was not very talented, suddenly showed his talent in the past two years. He only spent thirty years entering the heaven spirit boundary, and he was not inferior to the later generation, Yun Weixue.

Yun Weixue, who was only sixteen years old, has reached the peak of the earth spirit boundary, and she was regarded as the first genius in the five big families.

But Yun Weixue, the daughter of the patriarch, had a high status in Yun Family. Xiao Naihe was her husband, if she came back and knew this event, no one knew whether she would be dissatisfied with this.

"Since the matter has been done, just do it to the end. Today, we have offended Xiao Naihe, even though Xiao Naihe was a lame duck and Yun Weixue disliked him, we didn't respect Xiao Naihe for the sake of her, just do it to the end!

Yun Gongshng fixed his idea, and gazed at Xiao Naihe. Suddenly he reminded that Xiao Naihe was the son of Xiao family, so he had an immortal bamboo jade card. Yun Family must take it out after killing Xiao Naihe.

Yun Gongheng has already produced several ideas in a short time. At this time, Yun Sen showed his boxing forcefully, making the surrounding family members retreat.

Many people were amazed by the strength of Yun Sen, and Yun Sen was proud.

"Xiao Naihe, go die!"

Xiao Naihe's strength was not strong enough. The chill suddenly rose in his heart in the face of Yun Sen's boxing.

Xiao Naihe's body paused, and the power of Yun Sen's boxing came towards him overwhelmingly. Without hesitation, Xiao Naihe could not resist.

With the flow of the eyesight, Xiao Naihe only saw a figure, and had an idea in his heart. He exhausted his strength to run out the door like a running fox.

"You want to escape? It's too late!" Yun Sen sneered. The wind under his fist came along, and the wind rippled.

The heaven spirit boundary was indeed the most powerful spiritual realm of Houtian spirit boundary.

Xiao Naihe only felt a cold chill in his body. The five viscera swung around under this boxing, and his mouth spurted out blood.

But suddenly, Xiao Naihe rushed to the other direction.

"You can't save your life even if you put all your strength today." Yun Sen shouted.

Suddenly, he heard a surprised cry when he was about to change his fist.

"sen, no!"

Yun Sen was stunned. He heard his wife's alarmed voice. He looked at Xiao Naihe.

Xiao Naihe was rus.h.i.+ng to Yun Liangtu.

"Oh, no, this boy deliberately induces me to swallow the bait and wants to deal with my son with my boxing."

Xiao Naihe used his own body to bear the lightest blow and introduced Yun Sen's strongest fist to a few people around Yun Liangtu. Yun Sen's son was just in the earth spirit boundary, so how could he avoid Yun Sen's strongest fist.

A few law enforcement disciples around Yun Liangtu turned pale and saw that the the blow of boxing was coming and the breath of death was coming.

Too bad!

"Ah!" Yun Sen shouted. He knew Xiao Naihe's intention, so he forced himself to stop. In this case, his meridians must be damaged, even if he knew Xiao Naihe's idea, he had to do it. If he didn't stop, his son would die!

"Xiao Naihe!"Yun Sen yelled. He hurriedly halted his fist. The meridians suddenly were stimulated in the absence of the boxing, and blood already jumped out of his ears.

One half of his strength was hurt, and a pair of eyes filled with resentment against Xiao Naihe. He saw that Xiao Naihe grabbed the hands of Yun Liangtu with one hand and clutched Yun Liangtu's neck with the other hand.

"Xiao Naihe, what do you want to do? Let my son go, or I will kill you today! " Yun Sen glowered at Xiao Naihe.

"You are a good-for-nothing. You dare to catch our law enforcement disciples. Today we must kill you without patriarch's permission."

"Xiao Naihe, don't do stupid things. If there is something wrong with Liang-tu, we will make your life a living h.e.l.l."

"Let him go, do you want to find death?"

The surrounding Yun family members were hot under the collar, and all of them dashed to Xiao Naihe.

Reincarnation Of The Heaven Chapter 9

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