Remarry, No Way! Chapter 220

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"Pa, it's not me that said it, it's Song Ting Yu investigated to it. It's unrelated to me….."

Su Hao was so angry that he glared at her: "Shut up!"

Although Su Lai felt wronged, but she just shut up.

Song Ting Yu mocked them: "Do you have anything else to see?"

Su Hao tried to deny it: "Song Ting Yu, I don't know what do you want by making trouble here today, but I could tell you, don't you play around in front of me, if not I will…."

Song Ting Yu continued his words: "If not what will you do?"

Su Hao couldn't finish his words, seemed he was thinking what could he use to threaten Song Ting Yu.

"I already expect that you both father and daughter wouldn't admit it…." Song Ting Yu looked at Tang Zi Chu.

He nodded and immediately put the things down on the table.

There were phones on the table and a voice changer device.

Song Ting Yu stood up and took a phone: "This phone number is x.x.x….." he said then dialed the number, the phone rang.

It was the number that he let Tang Zi Chu to reconnect so it was not an empty number anymore.

"This number was used by Su Lai to connect to Bai Zhi Rui's number. Every time she contacts Bai Zhi Rui, she used voice changer device. It's great it could change her voice to a man's voice…."

He raised the phone: "This is Bai Zhi Rui's number. She always recorded the call, every call, she recorded…."

Song Ting Yu pressed the phone. He played the recorder.

When she heard it, Su Lai denied it the first time: "It's not me, it's not me…"

Although she denied it, but she looked so nervous. To the extent she wanted to clutch the phone in his hand, she wanted to switch off the recorder.

Song Ting Yu used his hand to push her away. She retreated and almost fell down to the ground, luckily Su Hao used his hand to support her.

Su Hao turned calm: "How could you know it was Lai Lai, if she used a voice charger?"

"I got this phone from her room. If it's not her, then who was it? The time I found her, Su Lai was calling Bai Zhi Rui. I just checked from the call to find her." Song Ting Yu laughed coldly.

Su Hao suddenly looked at Su Lai, he blamed her,

Su Lai was surprised: "Pa, I, I just…. I didn't do it in purpose…"

"Shut up!"

Su Hao was furious.

Su Lai was scared to death that she didn't dare to say anything.

Su Hao felt that this time he will die from an excessive of anger. Originally it was a perfect plan without any flaw. But because Su Lai's call for Bai Zhi Rui, it let Song Ting Yu could check it out.

This period of time, they used Chen Jing to help them handle problems, it was without any appearance in public. Every time they will call her from a certain number. Moreover this number was an old one. It wasn't registered. In the other words, Song Ting Yu will have a hard time to check this number.

Moreover, they never met Bai Zhi Rui in public, they never appeared in public to interact with her or give her the package. They used the waiter from the restaurant.

From the beginning, Su Lai never showed in the public. She just repeatedly instructed the waiter.

It should be a smooth and flawless thing if not because of Su Lai's last night call to Bai Zhi Rui!

Now what should he do?

"Do you still have anything to say? If you are not admitting it, perhaps we should call the police? I hope that you will say something later on." Song Ting Yu sat down again and looked at both of the father and daughter.

Su Hao's face turned pale, he was silent then looked at Su Lai: "I know nothing about this. Give me a time, I will definitely investigate it. If it's really connected with Su lai, I will not let her go…"

"Pa!' Su Lai didn't dare to believe it, she looked at her father. She didn't expect that at last for escaping, her father will put all the blame on him.

"Shut UP!" Su Hao glared at her: "Now it's not your turn to speak up!" If Su Lai would be obediently to correspond with him, and accept the blame. Perhaps they will have chance to temporarily make Song Ting Yu and Su Ran to leave and they will think of the way to solve this.

If Su Lai is smart enough, she should understand the reason behind his action.

He already repeatedly looked and signaled SU Lai, but Su Lai seemed to not pay attention to hit. She didn't shut up because she didn't want to be blamed by Su Hao. She pointed at him: "For this matter, it's all your instruction. You are given a piece of land by him…. I did it because Song Ting Yu had ever humiliated me and I didn't want Su Ran to have a good life too. So I am possessed to do it. Zhang An Nan asked you to do it because he didn't want to show himself so he looked for you. It's all Zhang An Nan's plan. Since in the beginning, they were thinking about killing the kid inside Su Ran. But Song family was watching Su Ran cautiously so Chen Jing couldn't do it. Zhang An Nan gave a drug for us and asked us to give it Bai Zhi Rui. It was him …." Su Lai said it and pointed to Su Hao. She said to Su Ran: "Su Ran, you should know. That year for his own benefit, he drugged you and gave you to Song Ting Yu. Now for a piece of land in southern part of the city, he also killed your kid, he even doesn't think about Song Wei Xi's life…."

Remarry, No Way! Chapter 220

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