Remarry, No Way! Chapter 284

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"I know your capability now…." Su Ran laughed coldly. Perhaps he will ask for the video of it. Of course he will know what happened during their meeting later on.

Gu Dong Cheng laughed for a while: "It's good that you know about it. Don't you force me. I'm an impatient person. That time the one that will be in danger is Song Wei Xi. Moreover, I also hate that Tang Zi Chu, Lin Cheng Huan and those people. You also need to act in front of them. If you tell Song Wei Xi's disappearance to Song Ting Yu, then you break the rule of this game. Then you shouldn't blame me okay?"

Su Ran looked at the divorce paper: "Let me meet Wei Xi first."

"He is not here."

"Then you also need to let me meet him first, I know that you already prepare for this."

Gu Dong Cheng snorted: "You understand me quite well."

He said it then looked for his phone. He pa.s.sed the phone to her. Song Wei Xi was inside the room, a maid was urging him to sleep but he didn't want. He was crying loudly and said that he wanted to go home and looked for her Mama.

Even though Song Wei Xi was a good boy but he was still four years old boy. He was taken away for the whole day and surrounded by strangers. He was scared.

Gu Dong Cheng just gave Su Ran a look then the time she wanted to take the phone, Gu Dong Cheng turned off the phone: "Do you see it?"

Su Ran felt so sad: "Okay, I will do as you wish. But in the end of this, you should let Song Wei Xi go, return Wei Xi to me."

"Then you should wait for my mood and how you perform. If you perform well, then my mood will be good too. I want to see how Song Ting Yu looks when he is suffering. Perhaps I will let Song Wei Xi go…" Gu Dong Cheng laughed loudly.

"Gu Dong Cheng, you…"

"What?" Gu Dong Cheng looked at her: "Do you have any choice? Now let me make this clear to you. You just do what I ask, perhaps I will let Song Wei Xi go. If you don't then this lifetime you will not find her again. Oh right, don't you dare to look for Mu Chu Cheng or anyone else for help. If you do, I will let Song Wei Xi dead in front of him. Then I will send the picture to you."

Gu Dong Cheng's words successfully made Su Ran felt so scared.

This despicable man wanted to kill her son. He didn't have heart. He was not happy to just kill one of her kids.

He said to her: "Take it and leave now."

Su Ran took it, and left.

Su Ran looked at him once again: "What is the benefit for you if I do this?"

"I've said it. I will let every Song family member to suffer. For Song Ting Yu, your betrayal will be the greatest attack."

Su Ran just turned her body and came outside.

She sat on the car and put the paper down. She covered her swollen eyes and wiped her tears. She drove her car to leave.

The time she returned to Lin house, she noticed the light was turned on. She thought she forgot to turn off the light.

When she opened the door, she noticed Lin Cheng Huan was sitting on the wheel chair and waiting for her.

Lin Cheng Huan turned his body and looked at her: "It's already late at night, where did you go?"

Su Ran just noticed the paper on her hand. She pretended and put the paper on her pocket.

Lin Cheng Huan noticed it and was silent.

"I came out to look for Wei Xi."

Lin Cheng Huan didn't say anything: "How can you make yourself this miserable?"

Su Ran lowered her head, she noticed her b.u.t.tons were disordered.

Lin Cheng Huan noticed it too: "Ran Ran, if you have something to say, don't you hide it for me. I am your brother, don't you hide it and just keep it inside your heart…"

This moment, Su Ran almost blurted out what had happened before. But she controlled herself and shook her head: "Nothing, I'm just feeling so sad, I want to find Wei Xi."

Didn't know whether Lin Cheng Huan believed it or not. He just looked at her and said: "Go upstair and have a rest. It's too late."

Su Ran nodded: "You also have a good rest."

Lin Cheng Huan was worried about her! But she didn't dare to spill it out for she feared about Song Wei Xi's life.

She went upstairs and returned to her own room. She placed the paper on the table and looked at it carefully. Her tears fell down. She wiped it. She then went to her bed and laid down.

The next day, Su Ran woke up with dazzled mood. She looked at the mirror. Last night she didn't have any sleep. Her face looked so paled and her eyes were red.

She pressed her eyes.

She then took the divorce paper and took a pen. She turned to the last page and closed her eyes to sign it.

She looked at it blankly for long time, then touched her signature. Their marriage will end as soon as Song Ting Yu sign it.

She wouldn't be his wife anymore, they would be unrelated to each other.

Su Ran couldn't think too much and couldn't see it anymore. If not she wouldn't stand this and just throw the paper to trash bin.

She folded and put it inside her bag. Then she left her room.

Lin Cheng Huan was working downstairs. He noticed her and said: "Ran Ran, go have some breakfast first."

Remarry, No Way! Chapter 284

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