Residence Of Monsters Vol 2 Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

After the bell rang, Feng Ping Lan went back to the classroom to pick up his bag, as well as meet up with the six demons. But when he arrived, Quetzal was already long gone. Kaido was still there, as if he had purposely waited for him.

Kaido glared at Feng Ping Lan, looking like he wanted to say something, but then Yin Su Shuang entered the classroom just on time. He could only swallow the words in.

“Bye-bye, see ya tomorrow!” As Feng Ping Lan collected his things, he waved at Kaido.

Kaido returned a dark look. Smiling chillingly, he turned to leave.

“I hate him.” Watching Kaido leave, Conglong twisted his mouth.

“You hate everyone. You dislike anyone you look at.” Byriel immediately pointed out.

“Who says, I quite appreciate this person called ‘Big Mike’.”

“Who’s that?”

“Met him in the game forums. He doesn’t mind when I go to his aquarium to take his gems. He doesn’t steal my gems either.”

“I don’t say anything when you steal my gems!” Feng Ping Lan protested.

“Sure, but you’ll raise three swordfish in the next day!” Conglong muttered, “Stingy.”

“Stop gossiping about meaningless stuff. Anyhow, what kind of fighting style was that!” Morris complained discontentedly.

“Aiya, I don’t even have a base in martial arts, so I could only make things up. This is my strategy, humph humph humph!”

“That isn’t called a strategy, it’s called messing around! You’re lucky you didn’t break your arms and legs!” Morris reprimanded.

“Alright alright, I’ll do better next time, I’ll do better next time.”

The group of people moved out the gates to the bus stop.

The bus arrived at the foot of the mountain. During the journey of going up the mountain, the demons lazily used their powers to return to the residence.

Feng Ping Lan thought that he’d slowly climb up the rest of the road, but instead, Morris extended a hand to him.


“Your hand! I’ll bring you up!”


“Even though you messed around today…” Morris spoke awkwardly, “But you were quite the kind, I admire your courage…”

Simo nodded her head along with that, “Ping Lan is very brave…”

Feng Ping Lan froze. He then lifted his lips into a happy smile, “Thanks!”

Morris hooked his arm, scooping Feng Ping Lan’s entire person up from his waist, using an extraordinary kick to jump past the mountain road. They arrived at their housing in just a few minutes.

Feng Ping Lan lifted his head to look at the still-dark third floor, something within him feeling a little dejected because of that.

Quetzal wasn’t there…

But he immediately roused his spirit, bringing his smile up. Nevermind, he still had stuff to do anyway.

Feng Ping Lan returned to his room. He showered swiftly and clothed himself, sitting at his desk.

He turned his neck once or twice, breathed in deeply, before flipping his notebook open.

The pages were thickly dotted with notes. The things written in it were completely filled with stuff gleaned from Shadow Academy’s classes. The teachers at Shadow Academy had all taught through speech, so he had recorded everything they had said, circling things he did not understand, marking down the explanations that he had inquired.

He had only gone for two nights’ worth of classes, but the thick notebook was already filled in by two-thirds.

As Feng Ping Lan studied the things written in the notebook, he worked hard to build the scattered knowledge in his brain into a system. But, after studying it for half a day, it was still a smattering of information.

Looks like it wouldn’t be so easy…

Feng Ping Lan smiled wryly.

Spell-casting was something that a human could use on their own. Summoners could bring out some sort of power from themselves through some kind of incantation, to realize different sorts of spells.

He wasn’t sure if this was what every human could do, or that it was only applicable to Summoners.

The basics of spell-casting were very simple. The complicated thing about it was that there were different sects, different variations of different types of spells. It would require a lot of brainpower to memorize them all.

Magic ability was much more troublesome.

When demons were summoned to the human world, they were bound by a contract. The contract was like a house that imprisoned demonic powers, and the size of that house decided the limit of that demon’s usage of powers in the human world.

The demons could freely use those powers in the house, but the master of the house was the Summoner. For Summoners to take the demonic power from the demons, they had to put the ‘Seal-lifting Spell’, ‘Guiding Spell’ and the ‘Sealing Spell’, these three spells to use— before entering the house, they had to release the heavy lock on the doors, enter to receive the demonic power, then place the lock back. This process ate up a lot of Summoners’ power.

Feng Ping Lan stopped there, scratching his head in distress. The incantations involved in this part were too many, and the theories in itself were pretty complicated. He couldn’t make a clear-cut principle for how it operated. Also, his situation was different from a common Summoner. His Contracts weren’t Summoned here, the contents of his contract were very loose and there wasn’t a single condition set to them. The first stage involving the specifications of the contract and the summoning circle was already making his head spin.

He looked at the notebook, frowning.

He felt like the procedures were incredibly troublesome… Weren’t there any uncomplicated methods?

Why did a Summoner have to personally obtain a demon’s power? Wouldn’t it save trouble for the demons to provide it themselves?

Oh, right, because a demons’ power was already limited by the contract. They didn’t have the freedom to wield all of their power by themselves.

Ahh! Troublesome!

Feng Ping Lan messed his hair around hard. He closed his notebook, turning his objective onto something else.

He took out a spare nail gun from his bag, using a screw to dismantle the parts one by one, carefully researching each and every part.

When the eyes that stared at that screw and components started to get blurry, he put away those things. He took up the clothes clipper, quietly heading to the rooftops.

The evening wind was quite pleasant, subtly chilly. The dim moonlight penetrated a thin layer of clouds.

Feng Ping Lan breathed in the fresh air of the night, stirring himself up, then gripping the rod against an imaginary opponent to cut down on it. He violently attacked one

moment, rolling to the side to avoid in another. He looked like he knew what he was doing, but it was in reality just randomly attacking the air.

In the darkness, a pair of cold eyes stood in the dark corners of the shadows, silently watching Feng Ping Lan’s each and every move.

This was the place Quetzal frequented to think. He was used to gazing at the cityscape from the distance, recalling his past experiences, pondering about their current progress, and, prudently and cautiously thinking about the future he hoped to attain.

He had thought that this moment, this place, wouldn’t be interrupted by anyone, wouldn’t be interrupted by Feng Ping Lan. He had thought wrong.

He didn’t know the reason why Feng Ping Lan was up this late. He even more so did not understand what he had come to the rooftops for.

But when he saw Feng Ping Lan start to wave that metal rod around, he had more or less guessed why.

This guy was using a ridiculous and clumsy method to prepare for the match tomorrow.

Quetzal was originally going to ignore him, leaving secretly. But he stood there for some reason, unmoving.

The sight before him suddenly brought up memories that had been buried deep, long ago. It was a memory connecting to not long after he had been taken in by Prince Shuekan.

He hadn’t had a favorable impression on the Royal Clan at that time. He hadn’t felt very happy about himself being collected into the palace.

After all, the Feathered Serpent Clan had been banished by the Royal Clan. He wouldn’t feel grateful towards the Royal Clan because of this. The reason that he was here was probably just a short period of interest on the little prince’s part.

He had a lot of freedom in the palace, and Prince Shuekan seldom summoned him. The only time he had done that, was about a month before the Royal family’s hunting game.

“The most effective way of eliminating your enemy, show it to me.” The little prince spoke mightily.

“That will depend on what you are dealing with,” Quetzal replied indifferently.

If this was just to catch barbarous beasts during the hunt, he did not need to ask this from him. An ordinary soldier’s swordsmanship would be enough to handle them.

“Everything.” The young prince smiled proudly, “Hunting barbarous beasts, those who think of me as a barbarian, the enemies right now, the enemies I’ll have in the future. Teach me how to slaughter them.”

This was a command, but also a request.

Quetzal’s heart was awed by those insane words, in that short period of time. But he did not say anything at that time, just thinking of it as the words of an egotistical royal.

He took out his sword and started to perform a sword dance, displaying his swordsmanship in front of the little prince, the method he used to slaughter.

From that day onwards, Prince Shuekan had not summoned him once. He wasn’t surprised. After all, not practicing what they preached was one of the Royal Clan’s characteristics.

Right until the day of the hunting game, where Prince Shuekan captured an abyss creature all by himself, even beheading all of the assassins sent by the other princes, shocking the entire imperial household.

Prince Shuekan looked just so unruffled, calm and supreme, as if everything was under his control.

Quetzal felt astonished at this kind of outcome.

Then, he found a scrap sword due to excessive use, as well as bloodied bandages, in the innermost part of Prince Shuekan’s palace.

So Prince Shuekan had been secretly training. He did not let others see his own weakness, and the hard work that cost him.

He suddenly understood, Prince Shuekan’s goal to become a ruler, to become a revered and respected king.

That was an important juncture of the night he revised his own view of Shuekan.

Seeing Feng Ping Lan like this, a feeling of familiarity quietly brushed past Quetzal’s heart, a feeling that he had only ever manifested for Prince Shuekan.

Looking at the Feng Ping Lan who was doing his utmost best to wave the metal rod around, he couldn’t help but recall Shuekan’s thin silhouette back in those days.

“Hah! Hei! Ha! Huah!”

Feng Ping Lan brandished the stick, at the same time shouting out weird noises. Sweat soaked his entire shirt, but there was still no progress in his actions.

Aiyaya, this didn’t seem very effective…

Feng Ping Lan halted his movements helplessly, panting as he stood.

“…Why do you not use a sword?” A low voice rang out quietly.

“Gah!” Feng Ping Lan got a shock, the metal rod dropping from his hands, turning his head around in alarm. After realizing that it was Quetzal, he smiled shakily, “So it was you, Quetzal! Hahahaha! You almost shocked me to death!”

Quetzal coldly looked at Feng Ping Lan, regretting to have voiced out at all.

After Feng Ping Lan calmed down, he smiled and replied, “Why don’t I use a sword? Because I don’t like the feeling of it going through a body! It feels weird, like when you use a plastic bag to pick up dog feces. That feeling will transfer onto your hand. Scary!”

Quetzal frowned slightly.

What sort of stupid reason was that…

“Besides, I don’t want to hurt my classmates. Using a rod won’t injure as much.”

“The enemies you encounter will not be just your classmates.” Quetzal reminded chillingly.

Shallow, short-sighted… completely different from Prince Shuekan.

“But, you guys might be gone before we meet any real enemies. You’ve said this before, that you’ll leave when you find Prince Shuekan.” Feng Ping Lan smiled, “Quetzal is really amazing, and your strength and powers have gradually recovered. You’re also now under the Shadow Academy’s protection. I think, finding Prince Shuekan wouldn’t take too much time. Who knows, you guys might leave the next day. If I learn how to hurt the other students, for such a short few days, incurring hatred and such, this wouldn’t be very worthwhile.”

Quetzal furrowed his brows.

Looks like this guy didn’t seem that simple-minded after all. He had thought about what would happen in the future, which was why he had planned things this way. Although Feng Ping Lan’s expected outcome was possible, his methods of facing that outcome were absolutely stupid. It was obviously incredibly disadvantageous for himself.

There was plainly an easier method for it…

“Why do you not command me to protect you?” Quetzal opened his mouth without realizing it, feeling astonished at his own words.



He had felt this kind of confusion so many years ago, and had asked Shuekan the same question.

There is plainly an easier method, why did you choose the hardest path to take?

I want to know my capabilities. You won’t sit stably, nor will you sit for long, relying on someone to ascend the throne.

That was the answer Shuekan had given him.

“I want to try for myself.” Feng Ping Lan replied with a brilliant smile, “Because you will return to your own world at any time, and I will return to my normal life, so I have to seize the opportunity to try. It’s like going to a theme park. No matter how interesting it is to watch others play, nothing beats experiencing it for yourself!”

Quetzal froze. Closing his eyelids, avoiding Feng Ping Lan’s gaze, he was silent for a long time.

“…Quetzal?” Feng Ping Lan called out tentatively.

Had he angered the other again? Aiyaya, looks like his answer had been too frivolous.

“If you want to use a metal rod to handle your classmates, you can,” Quetzal muttered suddenly, the hollow of his palm placed on the floor.

The shadow on the ground gradually expanded, two wing-shaped shadows protruding out of it, then, a black line rose out of the center of one of those wing-like things. The black line started to whirl in mid-air, the wings rising following the spiral, slowly shrinking, like wool being spun on a spindle, and at last the entire shadow shrunk into a black hexagonal crystal the size of a pinkie.

Feng Ping Lan couldn’t tear his gaze away, his eyes resplendent with an excited and novel light, glittering brightly. In the next moment, both his hands started to close together.

“Do not clap,” Quetzal warned, turning his palm over, the black crystal landing on it just in time. He grasped the crystal, muttering, “Awaken.”

The crystal in his palm expanded left and right, transforming into an entirely black sword.

He offhandedly tried it out a few times, chanting a ‘Restrain’, and the black sword immediately shrunk into the original body of crystal.

Quetzal turned his head to look at Feng Ping Lan.

“This is how you use it. Remember to think of the sword’s appearance when activating it. The blade will only damage a person’s soul, you will not feel anything when cutting down on them.”

He tossed it at Feng Ping Lan.

Feng Ping Lan raised his hands, fumbling at it for a few moments before catching it firmly.

“T-t-t-this, this… f-for me?” He was disbelieving, eyes widening so much that they were about to fall out.

“You will come across real enemies one day.” Quetzal said apathetically, “If the Third Prince’s soldiers launch an attack, and we have not yet left, you will have to defend yourself—”

“A present! Quetzal gave me a present! Ahhhh!”

Quetzal’s words were cut off by Feng Ping Lan’s overly-excited cries.

Feng Ping Lan raised the crystal in his hands high, happily running circles around the rooftop.

“Goodness! Am I dreaming? Someone, please punch me so I can wake up!”

“Shut up!” Morris pushed his window open, roaring into the open, “I’ll punch you between your legs if you don’t shut up!”

“Oh oh, sorry!”

Feng Ping Lan stretched his head down to shout an apology, then continued to look at the black crystal in his hands.

“I’m super blessed! I’m gonna string it up and put it on my neck! No, I’m gonna place it on my head, this way I can look at it cross-eyed! My goodness! What’s the date what’s the month, what time is it? I’m gonna circle it up on the calendar and put a hundred stars on it! I’ll remember this day this moment forever! I’m gonna tell my grandson’s grandsons, I’ll empty this day of every year, I’ll make a memorial and commemorate this day and thank Quetzal for giving me this present!”

Yes, just like that!

“Ah, Quetzal, how about we take a photo together? I’ll make a hundred copies of it, and then I’ll paste it all over my room and my notebooks! Quetzal… Quetzal?”

Feng Ping Lan was the only one left standing on the rooftops.

As the night neared its end, daylight replacing darkness, faint light lit the empty streets dimly.

The uninhabited roads resounded with a tiny voice, and in the next moment, the voice got stronger, distinct footsteps echoing from the buildings.

Next was the whispers, repeated mutterings, as if two or three people were speaking – but if you listened closely, it was all said by the same person.

Following where the voice became even more distinct, a figure appeared on the sidewalk, looking like it had been smeared by a brush from distance. The blurry figure slowly deepened as it approached, the image of a flat image turning clear and solid.

“How troublesome… I don’t want to go…”

“Go where?”

“No matter the place I’m going to, or the human world, I don’t want to go to either.”

“But there’s no choice, this is the Third Prince’s order, and I’m already in the human world…”

“Can I skip out?”

“No, without the Third Prince, I can’t go back to the underworld. I can’t stay in the human world either, I’ve already got one foot in the grave.”

“I hate this…”

A neutral voice muttered lowly, talking nonstop to itself.

Long purplish hair swayed following the footsteps. If you looked on carefully, you would realize that these strands of hair seemed to have a life of its own, curling up, restless, like it was probing out something.

The rather good-looking features had a combination of rugged and feminine, that it was hard to tell the gender.

Blue eyes inlaid in the rim of the sockets, the eyelids slightly drooping, lancet-shaped eyebrows formed perfectly, and even when it had no expression, those features looked distressed and dismayed, like it was constantly crying.

“Do I go here?”

The purplish figure flashed, appearing in the alleyways a few streets over in just the next second, and continued to move forward. At last, the footsteps halted in a small lane by the suburbs, looking at the abandoned hospital before him.

“This is the last place Ci Mu and Mang Nao was sighted. They secretly mobilized nine-tenths of their troops to come here. Were they trying to rebel?”

The purple figure stepped into the building.

“Oh, that’s not right. Before Ci Mu disappeared, the last report it gave was that they had discovered a place that an Association’s Demon Slayer roamed about.”

“A Demon Slayer, huh… Although they’re an eyesore,

an eyesore, they wouldn’t be so important as to mobilize these many soldiers. Could it be that their plan failed, so all of them escaped?”

He closed his eyes, the purple hair rising slowly like a claw, out open in the air.

“Oh, that’s not right. All of them are dead.” The hair lowered, and he sighed impatiently, “I’ll have to find the one that killed them now.”

“But that bastard Mang Nao is smelly, and Ci Mu looks disgusting as hell. I don’t care that they died at all, and I don’t want to investigate for them either. I don’t want to provoke a Demon Slayer.”

“But, Mang Nao’s letter said that Ci Mu found a huge target, enough for them to be promoted to the rank of colonel. That rank is higher than mine.” He tsked, shaking his head, “Rushing to brag about their glory even though the circumstances were still unexplained. They couldn’t even control their subordinates’ mouths, what can they possibly do? How tragic.”

“But, what exactly happened here?”

One hand folded over his chest, another propping his head up, his head tilted to the side to think. The blue eyes flashed, whirling in circles.

“Could they have found the location of Prince Shuekan’s group?”

“Is it possible? I don’t want to provoke Quetzal and the others…”

“Honestly… Why do I have to be here? I don’t want to be here… Troublesome!”

A jittery hand grasped at his hair, and the purple hair trembled hysterically in the air for a while, before dropping down.

He sighed in resignation, “I’ll take a sweep around the entire city first…”

Dawn. Feng Ping Lan had slept in, and it was until Dongya called him up that he woke up.

He bore a drowsy-eyed look, walking down the mountain while eating his toast. After they boarded the bus, he dozed as he leaned against the railing, almost falling out of the bus a few times the bus stopped.

Luckily Morris gripped his collar, saving him from directly crossing the windshield and getting out from the bus through the front.

“Oh oh! Thanks.”

“Who told you to muck around all night yesterday!”

“Aiya, I had something to do.” Feng Ping Lan yawned.

“What were you even doing?”

“Enough, Morris.” Dongya gently prevented him from asking any more, “Sometimes, youthful boys will need some individual time to themselves. It’s written in the phys ed textbook.” He gave Feng Ping Lan a concerned and motherly look.

“Mmmm, that’s right.” Feng Ping Lan answered non-committedly. “It takes up a lot of energy.” What with studying late into the night, it was really tiring…

Conglong and Morris both bore expressions of disgust.

When they reached their classroom, Feng Ping Lan leaned his entire body on his desk to continue napping.

The bell signaling the early self-study session rang, and Liu Yi Chen walked up to the front, “Students on duty, collect the screening tests. Remember to write the names on the tags before handing it in.”

“Hey!” Morris pushed at Feng Ping Lan’s back, “What’s that about?”

Feng Ping Lan raised his head, looking at the front.

“Oh, they’re collecting urine.” Feng Ping Lan rubbed his eyes, bending down to take out inspection tubes heavily wrapped in toilet paper.

“What’s that?”

“One of the student health inspections. They’ll take our urine and inspect it for any diseases.” Feng Ping Lan unwrapped the toilet paper, revealing the long inspection tubes in it, “Basically you need to put your urine in these small bottles.”

“So this was the reason you were up all night?” Conglong spoke as he drank his milk.

“Of course not! What did you think of!”

Byriel looked at the tube, displaying a distressed smile, “This bottle is too small. It won’t be able to allow for my dimensions.”

The female classmates near them revealed bashful expressions, and after exchanging glances, they giggled a little.

“It’s not used like that!”

“Do we have to hand it in?” Dongya was worried, “They won’t be able to inspect the expected outcome if they take our fluids…”

Liu Yi Chen walked down near where Feng Ping Lan sat.

“The ones that have not handed it in, the class has many spare bottles if you have forgotten to do yours. Do it immediately. Ones who hand in late or do not hand in at all will have their class’ points deducted.”

“But, their…” Feng Ping Lan glanced at Conglong and the others, giving her a ‘you know what’ look.

Liu Yi Chen sighed exasperatedly, “Just make something up and hand it in. Ivan’s already done his.”

The group looked up, seeing Ivan and Igor putting their inspection tubes into the plastic rack.

“That’s probably Igor’s.” Conglong speculated.

“So what?” Liu Yi Chen rolled her eyes, “You guys can get Feng Ping Lan to help.”

“Ah, I don’t think I can manage that much. I’ll have to accumulate some first.”

Liu Yi Chen once again rolled her eyes.

“No matter how you do it, you’ll have to hand it in before this period ends. Also,” She looked at Feng Ping Lan, “Both you and Igor are on duty today, so you’ll have to send the tubes to the sickbay.”

“Just put water in it and it’s done.” Ivan sat back in his seat, deliberately passing Feng Ping Lan’s seat to speak, “If you can’t even finish something that can be done in three seconds, you suck!”

“None of your business!” Morris snapped. “How about you? You relied on someone to do your job.”

Byriel knitted his brows, not saying anything, putting his leftover syrup back into the desk’s drawer. He then got up, casually snatching Conglong’s milk and putting it back before he realized it.

He placed a hand into his drawer, as if he was searching for something, then very naturally taking his hand out to put it into his pocket, walking to the front.

“Byriel, what are you doing?” Feng Ping Lan asked.

“Taking references from others, hehehe.”

Byriel walked to the teacher’s platform, a hand on his chin, looking like he was overflowing with interest as he looked at the urine samples.

Bai Li Rui was just about to hand in his. Walking past Byriel standing near the platform, he couldn’t help but rebuke.

“You look like a pervert.”

“You mean that I look like you? Hehehe…” Byriel smiled easily, using a finger to point at the plastic rack, “As I look at all these unique colors, I feel slightly concerned about the health of these students.”

“Which? Uh!” Bai Li Rui turned his gaze on the plastic rack, and he could tell from just one look that one particular that one particular bottle towered over the rest in color and luster.

A tube that was filled with a translucent white fluid, looking like a crane in a flock of chicken.

“Woah, of which individual is this creation from…”

“Don’t stall once you hand yours in, return to your seat. Or else you’ll get our points deducted.” Liu Yi Chen walked to the front, reprimanding sternly. When she saw the white fluid on the plastic rack, her face went ashen. “Whose is this?”

Byriel did not move. Bai Li Rui turned the tube over, muttering the name on it, “Ivan…”

“What is it?” Hearing his name being called, Ivan turned his head.

“Student Ivan is a foreign student. He must be still a little confused about the cultural differences of this country, which is why he misunderstood what to hand in.” Byriel deliberately raised his voice, attracting the gazes of the other students.

All of them saw this very eye-catching bottle.


“Oh wow…”

“As expected, Russians are really fearless…”

Astonished whispers broke out from below.

“Ivan even said that he completed this in three seconds,” Byriel added languidly.

“That’s not mine!” Ivan defended angrily.

Liu Yi Chen realized that something was not right, asking Byriel, “What did you come here for?”

“To deliver my sample, of course.” Byriel pointed at a sample tube in the corner which held a tag with his name written on it.

Liu Yi Chen noticed that the placement of the bottle was a little skewed, the corner a little raised, but she did not say anything. She just took the tube with Ivan’s name on it.

“This is not qualified.” She put it on his table, taking out a new bottle, “Redo it.”

Ivan wanted to defend himself, but then realized that Byriel was shooting him a gleeful smile.

“There are many more chances, hehehe…” Byriel laughed lightly.

Ivan knew, that he was retaliating for the stunt at yesterday’s battle. There were many opportunities to exact revenge, and it wasn’t necessarily on the battlefield.

And Byriel’s smile told him that this was just the start of it.

“You’re really childish.” Ivan pouted, cursing softly.

“You’re my opponent. This kind of level should be just right for you.” Byriel left the front, heading back to his seat.

Ivan’s eyes lit up, a cunning smile curling on his lips.

Just too careless… He’d switch it back when it was time to hand it in. They’d see who was the one being embarrassed then!

“Oh, right.” As Byriel walked halfway through he halted as if he had thought of something, suddenly turning back to the front to take the plastic rack down.

“What are you doing?”

“Feng Ping Lan is on duty today, so he’ll be responsible for handing it in later.” Byriel carried the plastic rack, placing it on Feng Ping Lan’s place, “We’ll put it here first for him to take care of.”

Feng Ping Lan looked at the table full of sample tubes, his expression a little awkward, “Oh, this reminds me of the fruit lollipop I had yesterday, hahaha…”

“Igor’s also on duty, why didn’t you put it on his desk!” Ivan protested.

“Hey! Be quiet!” Liu Yi Chen warned, glaring at the demons that hadn’t handed in their samples yet, “I don’t care what method you use. Before this period ends, everyone will hand in a sample with the ‘right color’! Understood?” With that, she turned, stomping heavily back to her seat.

Looking at Liu Yi Chen’s back, Feng Ping Lan said quietly, “Why do I feel like Class Rep’s been getting stricter recently… Is it because we keep on messing around, so she’s become even more uptight?”

Byriel crossed his legs, saying leisurely, “I feel that she was even more uptight before this. She’s much more natural like that…”

But, it was still apparent that Liu Yi Chen was pretty stressed. He didn’t know what stressed her out, nor why.

He was extremely curious, of when she broke free of her restraints, when she lost all control. What would that be like?

Byriel smiled mischievously. Digging out secrets was one of his favorite pastimes, hehehe…

The ruckus in the classroom once again became silent. Ivan walked out the classroom, returning just two minutes later, a yellow fluorescent pen sticking out of his pocket, the raw materials for its manufacture pretty obvious at a glance.

He put the sample into the plastic rack, glaring at Byriel before heading back to his seat. He kept on glancing at Feng Ping Lan’s seat all the time, in case Byriel decided to mess with him again.

“Hey, what do we do?” Morris took out the bottle that had been given out yesterday, frowning, “Go to the toilet, grab a random person and threaten him to fill a tube?”

“It’s not as serious as you think!” Feng Ping Lan took out the green tea he had bought this morning, whispering to them, “Use this and dilute it with water…”

“Are you sure it’s alright?” Conglong said doubtfully. “What kind of urine would smell like jasmine?”

“We’ll improvise if there are any problems later.” Feng Ping Lan waved it off, “Give those bottles to me.”

Conglong, Simo, Dongya and Morris handed the empty bottles to him, and added to Feng Ping Lan’s, there were five bottles in total.

He put the green tea in, filling it about a third of the bottle, then adding two-thirds of plain water from his thermos. He then put on the lids, shaking them to make it evenly distributed. At last he held up the bottles, facing them up to the light, and under the light’s rays, the contents of the bottle looked perfectly natural.

“I feel like an alchemist, hehehe.” Feng Ping Lan couldn’t help but say, pleased, placing the bottles with the rest of them.

“I’ll be sending these now, then!”

“I’ll accompany you.” Byriel stood up as well.

“Wait a minute!” Ivan saw that Byriel was acting, immediately cutting in, “Igor is also on duty, it should be him that accompanies him!”

Byriel knitted his eyebrows, “Relax, I’m not planning on wasting all my time on you.” He was planning to see something else go down…

“I don’t believe you!” Ivan wrinkled his nose.

Byriel turned his head, glancing at Liu Yi Chen, “May I go?” He didn’t want to miss this.

“I want to go too!” Ivan interrupted at once, “Yi Chen, you can only side with me!”

“Deal with your own personal grudges, just don’t get our points deducted.” She didn’t want to care, just wished that this bunch of troublemaking pests would go away as soon as possible.

Residence Of Monsters Vol 2 Chapter 6

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