Return Of The Soldier King Chapter 219 The Truth

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"You are Ye Fei? Great! There is such a loyal warrior like you in China, it is our honour."

Lv Danyang repeatedly praised Ye Fei.

"Thank you, sir."

If Ye Fei was still in the Falcon, he would be very grateful when he got the praise from his superior.

But now, Ye Fei nodded politely.

Times have changed.

As a soldier, Ye Fei's absolute sincerity to China never changed. However, the central leader had said there was a traitor in the leaders.h.i.+p, which made Ye Fei disheartened.

"Ye Fei, I came to see you this time because I am worried about your injury. And... I will tell you something that you should know."

Lv Danyang let Ye Fei sit back to bed, directly said, "I know, you've been thinking about the death of the Falcon, even wants to find out the truth by yourself."

Ye Fei did not say any words, and now he was staring at Lv Danyang, he knew, he would know the truth of this matter.

"Ye Fei, you're a sniper of the Falcon, and do you know the target of Falcon each time?"

Lv Danyang looked at the information in his hands, asked.

"I don't know. The soldier did not need to know the purpose of the battle, only to carry out the command of the officer."

Ye Fei shook his head and said.

"Well, then you should know what the last mission of the Falcon was, and you should have been involved in this mission." Lv Danyang smiled, he thought the answer of Ye Fei was very standard, a soldier did not need brains, only needed to be loyal.

"I know. We raided an underground drug factory in New Mexico, and killed a former Chinese national security traitor. the mission was accomplished well, and we were praised by our superiors."

Ye Fei said.

"Yes, an underground drug factory, where the Falcon has a great harvest, it is the information of type JF1 medicament. According to this unexpected harvest, our country has received important information, but unexpectedly, because of our mistakes, the Falcon was destroyed. The Falcon is one of the most important team, we lost it, just like we lost our hands. Moreover, the information of type JF1 medicament was also lost."

Lv Danyang sighed and said.

"Type JF1 medicament!"

Hearing this name, Ye Fei immediately excitedly jumped out of the bed, "I know this name, because of this medicament, colonel Jack becomes a monster!"

"Yes, the value of type JF1 medicament is far more than ordinary drugs. It has become an important resource for all the great powers to scramble."

Lv Danyang seriously said, "You can imagine, if... This kind of stimulant is equipped with the soldier, how many times will their combat effectiveness be increased?"

Ye Fei took a deep breath, from colonel Jack's performance, his strength had risen more than ten times. If a team, even an army, was to be equipped with this kind of medicament, the force would be multiplied geometrically.

In that case, the pattern of war in the world would be changed in an instant.

The international situation would also be changed, the big powers might fall, and the poor small countries would rise.

"I see..."

Ye Fei sighed, today he would know all the things about the Falcon.

The main mission of the Falcon was to traitors in the United States and kidnap anti-Chinese businessmen and officials to achieve some political goals.

Of course, the actions of the Falcon was illegal in the United States, but it was not completely hostile to the FBI, so the FBI often turned a blind eye.

However, the Falcon discovered and took away the information of type JF1 medicament, so that it had been hit by some organizations.

It was also a fluke that Ye Fei could escape.

"But... The information of type JF1 medicament, should be controlled by the U.S. military. Why colonel Jack can get this kind of medicament?"

In Ye Fei's heart, another confusion emerged.

"No, because the type JF1 medicament was developed by accident, the chemist who developed it could not reproduce the situation. And after the firsthand information was taken away by the Falcon, then the Falcon was destroyed, but the U.S. military did not get all the information of type JF1 medicament, only got a small part. We suspect this complete information was taken away by your comrade, Eagle Claw Liu Han. And it was developed somewhere in Mexico, then it was sold to the terrorist organizations in the world. Colonel Jack only got one of the samples."

Lv Danyang explained.

"It is impossible."

Ye Fei tightly clenched his fist, loudly said, "Eagle Claw is definitely not such this kind of people. He can not betray the country and become a traitor."

"We don't want this to happen either. But in fact, Liu Han has betrayed the country. I tell you all the things, because I want you to help us to arrest Liu Han."

Lv Danyang calmly said.

"Do you know what you are talking about?"

Ye Fei asked Lv Danyang.

"Of course I know. And I know the matter of type JF1 medicament was the Falcon's credit and also the Falcon's fault. I know, as a member of the Falcon, you must want to make up for this fault. Now, you only need to help us to find Liu Han, then you will get the honor to become a real hero of the country."

Lv Danyang said.

"Become a real hero of the country."

Ye Fei looked out of the window, after a long while, opened his mouth and said, "Then how can I become a real hero of myself?"

"Ye Fei, what do you mean?"

"I mean, I don't believe that Liu Han is a traitor. Maybe you don't understand our friends.h.i.+p. I trust him. So, I'm not going to help you."

Ye Fei said decisively.

After a long while, Lv Danyang angrily said, "Ye Fei, I am saving you, hope you can become a hero. Your words, really made me too sad. I'll give you a chance now, and you'll apologize immediately."

Ye Fei leaned on the bed, closed his eyes, "I am tired, and I need to rest, please leave here."

"Well, Ye Fei, I hope one day, you don't come to beg me!"

Lv Danyang angrily stood up and left.

Return Of The Soldier King Chapter 219 The Truth

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