Return Of The Soldier King Chapter 49 Premeditated

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Murong gave Ye Fei the key to her little scooter and said, "I'll go with you."

"We can't waste time; I won't be fast enough if I take you with me. Just call a taxi."

Ye Fei gunned the little scooter towards the Triumph Hotel, quickly leaving the police station behind him.

Murong did not dilly-dally either, immediately calling a taxi service.

The Triumph Hotel was just about five kilometers from the police station. However, it was the peak of the morning rush hour and traffic was very heavy. Murong only hoped she could reach the hotel in time to be of help.

Weaving the little scooter through the heavy traffic, Ye Fei reached the Triumph Hotel in about ten minutes. He spotted the familiar black Land Rover in the parking lot. Sure enough, Xue Bing was there.

Now, how was he going to find Lin Qingwan in such a big hotel?

Ye Fei ran straight into the lobby, looked round, and then went to the front desk. "I am with the police. Is Mister Chen Kaixuan, here?" he asked the receptionist.

On his way across the lobby, Ye Fei spotted a huge plaque reading "Every guest feels at home" and signed "Chen Kaixuan" hanging on the wall, so he immediately inferred that Chen Kaixuan was the name of the Triumph Hotel's manager or owner.

The receptionist looked a little panicky when she heard the word 'police'. "Mister Chen is not here, sir. Do you have an appointment?"

"No," Ye Fei shook his head, "I'm here to investigate a case, so there is no appointment, but rest a.s.sured, your boss has nothing to do with this specific case. You can go ahead and call the local station if you want to confirm. Now, if you please, which room is Mister Xue Bing in?"

The receptionist looked at Ye Fei, carefully recalling Xue Bing's appearance. "You mean President Xue? He came here earlier today. He looked really freaked out and restless. I thought there was something wrong with him, to tell you the truth. The security guard from the parking lot told me later that his car's b.u.mper was crushed. Anyway, my manager said that Mister Xue Bing was an old customer and I shouldn't bother him, but now here you are. I knew there was something wrong!"

Ye Fei gave the receptionist a lopsided smile. She was a chatty one… "Which room is Xue Bing in? Tell me quickly! Could you bear the responsibility if something bad were to happen?" he urged her.

Startled, the receptionist hurriedly said, "He is in room 8888. It's on the eighth floor."

"Thank you! Remember, you never saw me here."

Ye Fei immediately turned and left.

"Do you need the key, sir? We have a spare key here at the front desk," the receptionist called after him, but Ye Fei ignored her and went straight into the elevator.

The elevator stopped on the eighth floor with a ping. Ye Fei walked to the door of room 8888 and took a thick, stiff card out from his pocket. It was the hotel's business card, which he had conveniently picked up at the front desk. He inserted the card into the crack between the door and the frame, and within seconds, the lock opened with a click.

These hotel door locks looked high-end and secure, but were in fact very easy to pick.

Ye Fei opened the door to a crack. He was relieved - Xue Bing forgot to hang the security chain.

The people inside the room paid no attention to the door at all, but Ye Fei could clearly hear their voices.

He did not act rashly, only quietly observed the situation in the room from the doorway.

Besides Lin Qingwan and Xue Bing, there were two other men Ye Fei didn't recognize, standing silently in the corner of the hotel room.

"Why did you call me here?" Lin Qingwan said coldly. It seemed like she had also only just arrived. 

Xue Bing sneered and pointed to the sofa in front him, "Manager Lin, sit down. I have something I want to show you!"

After Lin Qingwan sat down, Xue Bing stood up, walked across to her, and showed her a picture on his phone.

It was a freeze-frame from the video of her in the bathtub, taken by the pinhole camera in her bathroom at the villa.

"Where... Where did you get this picture? Give it to me!"

Lin Qingwan's cheeks turned bright red as she jumped up from the sofa to grab the phone from Xue Bing, but he put a hand on her shoulder and forcefully pushed her back down.

"Manager Lin, this is a still from a video, one of many in my possession," Xue Bing said grimly.

In fact, Xue Bing was bluffing. All he had was the one still frame on his mobile phone that Fire Dragon had sent him.

If he really had Lin Qingwan's videos, he wouldn't have had to meet her in person, but Lin Qingwan didn't know that. When she heard her videos were in Xue Bing's hands, her face became as pale as a sheet of paper. "It was you! You b.a.s.t.a.r.d! How could you do such a disgusting thing?! How long have you been planning this?"

"Since the moment you came back from America. You're just a girl! How dare you give me orders?! You stole everything from me, and this is my revenge. With these videos in my possession, you'll have to do everything I say. You're my slave now!" Xue Bing gloated.

"What happens when the police hear of this? Or my father? You b.a.s.t.a.r.d!"


Lin Qingwan's fist slammed mercilessly into Xue Bing's face.

He gently touched his sore jaw before spitting out a mouthful of blood and two of his teeth.

Xue Bing did not cry out in pain. His face was ferocious. He mercilessly pulled Lin Qingwan to her feet by the hair and threw her on the bed, pinning her down with the weight of his body. "The police? Your father? I was worried about them at first, but not anymore. If you don't cooperate, I will upload the videos to every social network on the planet and let the whole world know what your birthday suit looks like!"

Return Of The Soldier King Chapter 49 Premeditated

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