Returning from the Immortal World Chapter 386: A Father With A Child

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Chapter 386: A Father with a Child

While sitting comfortably in the back seat, Tang Xiu listened to Hu Qingsong’s proud and self-satisfied laughter. He rolled his eyes and gave him a contemptuous look.


It was nothing if Hu Qingsong only hooked up with a paper girl. But he went so far as to have a threesome with two paper girls! That was absolutely excessive. Tang Xiu was simply unable to bear this kind of behavior.

“The military training starts tomorrow, right?” Tang Xiu smilingly said.

While driving, Yue Kai nodded, “Yeah! The army is kinda a melting pot if you ask me. They will devastate the flower buds of our motherland. Pity that this place is not my old man’s company, but the famous Shanghai University. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have had to attend the military training and do that sinful crime. You tell me, should I deliberately break my legs and then ask for a leave or something?”

“That’s okay by me. I think your idea is great.” Hu Qingsong smilingly said, “Guess what? I heard that the military training is mixed. So that will be a hella best time to pick up girls. If anyone were to give up this godsend opportunity, hehehe… don’t stare at us with envious looks afterward.”

“Hell no, getting injured hurts. All right, I decided to attend the military training as well.”

This time, Yue Kai was poker-faced with all seriousness. But in the eyes of others, it was just akin to shamelessness.

Soon, the car stopped at the dorm. During which, they talked about some school matters, as well as Xue Chao who was still hospitalized. After entering his room, Tang Xiu took a glance at his own bed. He then squatted in front of the desk, looked underneath, and grabbed a few textbooks. He casually flipped it over for a short while and then decided to bring it back. There was still free time, so there was still good time to review.

A mountain of books. There is no royal road to size, and there is no end to learning and work.

Learning! Making money! Cultivating!

This was the road he had set for himself. Wasting time was akin to wasting life for him.

Suddenly, Hu Qingsong turned around to Tang Xiu and asked, “Our campus’ major societies are currently recruiting fresh blood. Eldest Brother Tang, which society are you going to join?”


Slightly startled for a moment, Tang Xiu then shook his head and said, “I’m not interested in joining any society. I might as well learn more things if I have the time.”

“Eldest Brother Tang, are you still a youngster?” Hu Qingsong grinningly said, “We, youngsters, must be passionate and full of spirit to try new things. Anyhow, I’ve decided to join the Basketball Club and the Breakdance Society. How about you join me?”

“Old Hu, do you really want to make Eldest Brother Tang join you in entering the Breakdance Society?” Yue Kai turned around, faintly smiling, “With his girl-flirting technique, if he were to join the Breakdance Society, I’m afraid the flower girls there wouldn’t ever spare you an eye again, no? Maybe the chicks will even throw themselves to Eldest Brother Tang’s lap when he casts his sheepish eyes at them.”

Hu Qingsong froze. Suddenly sobered, he waved his hand and said, “Eldest Brother Tang, count it as if I didn’t say anything just now, okay?”

Tang Xiu didn’t know whether he had to laugh or cry, “Can you not foolishly blabber about? What is this casting sheepish eyes at chicks? What the hell is with throwing themselves at me? You are mentally sick.”

“Eldest Brother Tang, we are indeed sick in the mind. But you are sick in both mind and body!” Yue Kai laughed, “So to say, with so many beautiful ladies taking a like at you, can this small physique of yours still be able to hold the fort?”

Rolling white eyes at him, Tang Xiu was really too lazy to bother about them.

“Anyhow, Eldest Brother Tang, we gotta reach an agreement here!” Yue Kai chuckled and smilingly said, “First, you can join any society you like, but don’t join the Music Society. Those pretty chicks in the Music Society are just fine to have me save them.”

Tang Xiu stood up. He could now tell that these dorm buddies were all akin to Casanova reincarnations. They came to college not to study, but instead, they were looking for a wife. They should’ve gone to a marriage agency should they have the time!

He shook his head as he took a few books and prepared to leave, “Well, be diligent in chasing and seducing those girls! Anyways, I’m not going to attend the military training. If there’s nothing else on campus in the near future, I won’t come back to school again. Gimme a call if anything happens.”

“Not attending the military training?”

Yue Kai and Hu Qingsong were dumbfounded. They watched as Tang Xiu left the dormitory. Then, Hu Qingsong dashed out. As he saw Tang Xiu in the corridor, he called out loudly, “Eldest Brother Tang, did the campus approve of you not attending the military training?”

“Yup. They approved it!”

Tang Xiu didn’t turn his head. He just waved his hand and continued walking.

Standing in front of the dorm’s door, Hu Qingsong then turned around to look at Yue Kai. His lips quivered twice and sighed, “Damn, he’s worthy as the Eldest Brother! This kind of ability…”

When Tang Xiu left the campus, he called Miao Wentang and learned that he had contacted Dao Master Ziyi. As of now, Dao Master Ziyi was bringing his disciple to Shanghai. The news made him secretly relieved.

He had been hoping to craft an interspatial ring earlier. Once he had refined it, he wouldn’t have to worry about carrying his belongings. Additionally, another good thing was that, after he obtained it, he need not worry about losing it. Of course, he also had another idea in mind. After he refined the interspatial ring, there should be a lot of precious materials remaining. Hence, he could craft weapons while convenient.

He had been through several fights and killings!

Although the Mitsubishi army knife was sharp enough, it was inconvenient for him, let alone bringing it along with him.

Let’s head to the hospital!

After leaving campus, Tang Xiu caught a cab outside, and then rushed straight to Shanghai First Public Hospital.


Shanghai World Trade Exhibition Center.

At the moment, counter #0246 in the conference venue was surrounded by a crowd. Those who were eligible to attend this Wine Tasting Conference had all heard about Gods Nectar. They even knew that the seven judges had given it sky-high praises. Therefore, countless people wanted to taste Gods Nectar, while nearly all liquor wholesalers wanted to bulk purchase it if possible.

Prior to this, no one showed any interest in counter #0246. It was simply deserted.

But now, people boiled over, and countless more were coming.

The stark contrast strengthened Kang Xia’s self-confidence and delighted Sun Quan and the several other employees.

“Attention, attention. All wine wholesalers please wait outside. Factory staffs, please wait in your counters. To all friends from the media, prepare to record, since the Wine Tasting Competition will open immediately.” A broadcast spread out in the conference venue.

Immediately, dozens of security guards arrived at the venue and quickly escorted all the wine wholesalers to wait outside, as well as supervised dozens of reporters from the media, preventing them from disturbing the interview.

A broadcast once again came out from the sound system:

“Dear friends, there are a total of 260 traders participating in this Wine Tasting Competition. Afterward, the seven judges will taste each wine produced by the various manufacturers. However, due to the quantity that must be tasted, the judges are to be divided into seven groups. After that, they will assess and evaluate five winners, which will be tasted by the seven judges for the final result.”


Shanghai’s First Public Hospital.

Tang Xiu went to Xue Chao’s ward. As he looked inside, there were three sickbeds, yet only two were occupied. He let out a smile as he looked at Xue Chao, woh was sat on the bed head, wearing a distressed expression.

“Something wrong? Why are you looking like this?”

Walking over, Tang Xiu smilingly asked.

Xue Chao looked up. He was as if seeing a savior as he looked at Tang Xiu. However, he hesitated as he was about to open his mouth. Eventually, he lowered his head again and shook his head silently.

Tang Xiu then put the fruits he brought to the side. Taking a seat on the empty bed, he smilingly said, “Xue Chao, we’re classmates. Furthermore, you’re also my dorm mate. Tell me if you have any problems. I’ll never refuse if I can help.”

Xue Chao’s lips quivered a few times. With an hesitating expression, he looked at Tang Xiu and probed, “Do you have some money?”

“A bit.” Tang Xiu smilingly replied.

“Then, could you… lend me some money?” Xue Chao hastily said, “Tang Xiu, please don’t misunderstand me. I know this is only the second time we meet, and it’s not proper for me to borrow money from you. But… but I’m out of options. If I can’t borrow money, my… my wife and child won’t be able to eat.”

“Your wife and child?” Tang Xiu blinked, and then said in a strange tone, “You mean, you not only have a wife, you also have a child?”

“Yeah! My wife is my high school’s classmate.” Xue Chao nodded and forced a wry smile, “We had our wedding right after we graduated from high school. Although we have yet to certificate our marriage, my son is almost a year and a half now. Originally, with my family’s conditions, I wouldn’t be able to come to Shanghai to study. But my wife forced me to. Moreover, she told me that if I’m not successful at university, she… she will take my son to a faraway place, never to see me ever again.”

“Xue Chao, I know you come from the mountains.” Tang Xiu said, “Are your wife and kid still in the mountains now?”

“If they were still there, I wouldn’t have to worry about them starving.” Xue Chao forced a wry smile, “They could fill their stomach if they go to the mountains and pick up some wild herbs and vegetables. But two days ago she came to Shanghai to find me. They have been in the hospital for the last two days.”

“How about their well-being?” Tang Xiu asked.

“I only have 60 yuan left with me. That is also for them to buy some food to eat.” Xue Chao sighed, “Even if 60 yuan can last today, or until tomorrow, but what about the day after tomorrow? And the days after?”

“I see. Anyways, don’t worry about the money matter.” Tang Xiu said, “Since your wife and son have come to Shanghai, then you must take care of them. However, they should also know about your situation, so why did they came to Shanghai? What about your parents …”

“Ah, forget it. I’ll just tell you!” Xue Chao sighed, “It’s because my family is too poor, so my wife’s family dislikes me, and they didn’t approve our marriage. But my wife went against them, so we eventually had our wedding. However, she didn’t have any means to get any help from her maternal family, while my family only has my mother. We have no other relatives. As a matter of fact, my son got ill after I came to Shanghai. Although he has taken medications, he hasn’t gotten better until now. But if I can’t get money, after three or four days, I’m afraid that he won’t be able to make it.”

Returning from the Immortal World Chapter 386: A Father With A Child

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