Returning from the Immortal World Chapter 541-542

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Chapter 541: Being Hung Upside Down and Red Beet

While looking at Yang Le, Tang Xiu asked, "You don't know anything about the situation of your eldest senior brother?"

"No, but it seems he's taking care of the business of the Yao Family abroad," Yang Le shook his head. "Nevertheless, I'm really suspicious about that, considering how big my eldest senior brother's ambition is. He definitely won't give up the position of family head neither will he stay abroad so willingly just to deal with ordinary businesses."

"The Yao Family is still hiding loads of secrets, it seems," said Tang Xiu slowly. "Hmph, no matter how many secrets they hide, as long as they dare to oppose the Tang Family, then what awaits them is only extermination! Yang Le, answer me seriously, how is the relations.h.i.+p between you and your eldest senior brother?"

Yang Le was silent for a while, before he shook his head with a bitter expression and said, "It's not good. Our relations.h.i.+p is so bad that, even if we aren't enemies, we will never become friends either."

"That's not enough. Help me out, you will become a friend of mine later, regardless. Also, don't forget that you have given me your word that you'll help me for that opportunity," said Tang Xiu.

"I'm on board a pirate s.h.i.+p or something?" Asked Yang Le with a forced smile.

"You can regard it as you like!" Said Tang Xiu calmly.

"What do you want me to do, then?" Asked Yang Le.

"I'll send people to investigate the memorandum of understanding draft currently being prepared by the Yao Family and the government. You must steal it if it's necessary. As long as the MoU draft is missing, it will affect their progress and bring about a lot of troubles to them. Nevertheless, this is only a small part of my plan. We'll talk about the rest of the plan later," said Tang Xiu.

"What shall we do next, Grand Master?" Asked Gu Xiaoxue.

"Prepare to set off immediately to have a look at Clam Island. If the place is really suitable for the implementation of our plan, we must s.n.a.t.c.h it from the Yao Family no matter what means we employ. Yao Xinhua is a very talented guy and he'll definitely become the main pillar of the Yao Family in the future. We'll make him stay in the South China Sea for good if possible!" Said Tang Xiu.

"I'll prepare the boat now, Grand Master," said Gu Xiaoxue.

"I'll go with you," said Yang Le hastily upon hearing it.

After silently watching the two of them leave, Tang Xiu re-read the information of the investigation conducted by the Everlasting Feast Hall. Countless thoughts swirled inside his mind as he silently thought of how to pay the lowest price and obtain the maximum benefits.

In the hallway, Yang Le looked at Gu Xiaoxue with sparkling eyes and curiously asked, "Xiaoxue, why did you call Tang Xiu Grand Master? Is he really your Master's Master?"

"Yes," Gu Xiaoxue smilingly nodded.

Touching his chin, Yang Le said with a curious expression, "Properly speaking, your Master should be old already, no? With such an old age, yet still willing to acknowledge Tang Xiu as a Master means that Tang Xiu truly has the ability. I…"

As he spoke up to there, Yang Le suddenly felt that an invisible hand had grabbed his throat, causing him to be unable to utter a single word. However, what panicked him the most was not this, but the fact that he lost control over his own body. An invisible force had wrapped him and quickly lifted and hung him upside down in the hallway.


While being hung upside down, as Yang Le tried desperately to loosen his neck, he suddenly saw Gu Xiaoxue making hand seals. He was as though being hung up inside the Ashura h.e.l.l filled with lava, surrounded by a mountain of corpses and rivers of blood, whereas countless fiendish forms and evil spirits appeared inside.

While standing in front of Yang Le, the corner of Gu Xiaoxue's mouth formed an arc of a smile as she turned around and walked away. Since Yang Le saw her, his eyes s.h.i.+ned whenever he saw her, and that made her feel annoyed. If not because she was in front of her Grand Master, she would have made Yang Le suffer already. And now, he even dared to vilify her Master's age, it's something that forbearance was no longer able to tolerate!

Only now did Yang Le regretted it. Had he known earlier that Gu Xiaoxue, whose beauty was akin to a celestial fairy, turned out to be a cruel and merciless woman with such terrifying abilities, he wouldn't have dared to provoke her even if he was killed! He would even stay far away from her and hide.

The h.e.l.lish world made Yang Le's legs s.h.i.+ver. If he could, he really wouldn't wait to beg and ask for mercy, hoping that Gu Xiaoxue could put him back.

Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+

Three ghostly figures silently appeared in the hallway. Quirky expressions were painted on the faces of three stalwart men upon seeing Yang Le's appearance.

"I forbid you to put him down!" An erratic voice rang at the ears of the three burly men.

Immediately, the three big men let out a strange smiles, as all of them then retreated.

Inside a luxury suite, Tang Xiu could clearly hear Yang Le's 'loud prayers' for help. When he released his spiritual sense and saw Yang Le hung upside down in the hallway, he was at a loss between laughter and tears. Although he didn't know how Yang Le made Gu Xiaoxue feel annoyed, he didn't feel like helping and putting him down since it was Gu Xiaoxue's doing.

Ten minutes later, Han Qingwu walked down the hallway under the guidance of a woman. She wore an inconceivable expression when she saw Yang Le, who was hanging up upside down in the hallway.

"He, he, he, how did he…" Han Qingwu approached Yang Le and turned around to ask the woman with a stuttering voice.

The woman smilingly said, "I don't know, either. But no one else in this restaurant is able to do such a feat except Boss and Little Boss."

Nodding in response, Han Qingwu circled around Yang Le for a few times. She then raised her finger to touch her chin and a slightly blurred expression glinted in her eyes as she murmured, "I seem to possess this ability as well. But, it's kinda strange that there's nothing binding him and no restraints keeping his feet planted on the top of the hallway and hanging him upside down like this, though. How should I do it?"

Taken aback, the woman asked in astonishment, "Are you also a cultivator, Miss Han?"

Han Qingwu furrowed her brows and inquired, "Cultivator? The term feels somewhat familiar to me. It's really strange. I seem to know tons of things, yet I don't seem to know anything about them either. Ugh… my head hurts…"

At this time, an erratic voice rang in Han Qingwu's ear, "Since you can't recall it, you shouldn't try to recall it deliberately. You will remember it one day, I believe."

"Tang Xiu?"

Han Qingwu was startled and immediately walked forward. After opening the door to the luxury suite, she then saw Tang Xiu quietly sitting in the hall while smoking.

"You still don't want to tell me about that, Tang Xiu?" Asked Han Qingwu.

"Being anxious is not needed, for the time has yet to come for you, I think." Tang Xiu shook his head. "And I believe that you will remember everything you once knew sooner or later, regardless. Also, I already told you that I have important things to deal with in coming to Jingmen Island this time, so I don't have the time to accompany you sightseeing. If you feel that the service provided by the Everlasting Feast Hall is unsatisfactory, you can leave on your own."

Han Qingwu rolled her eyes and grunted, "Who said the services provided by the Everlasting Feast Hall are unsatisfactory? They prepared me the best room, and the service they provide me is great. I even decided to stay here before you finished dealing with your business."

"If anything, there are many rules and customs you need to observe and obey in the Everlasting Feast Hall." Tang Xiu nodded. "If you want to stay here comfortably with vacation in mind, it's best not to violate the customs here. Tell me, is there something you need from me?"

"I just wanna ask how long it will take for you to finish your things," said Han Qingwu. "The campus only gave me a short time for vacation."

"I don't know how long it will take," said Tang Xiu. "If your vacation is over and I have yet to finish dealing with my business, you can go back by yourself!"

"Okay! Pay attention to your safety, then." Han Qingwu gently nodded after hesitating for a while.

Tang Xiu let out a faint smile, "I'm not a kid anymore. I know how to take care of myself. Anyways, are you hungry? I've already instructed someone to prepare a meal. They should be delivering it soon."

"I just so happen to be starving," said Han Qingwu with a smile.

After the savory dishes were delivered, Tang Xiu broke the illusion array that restricted Yang Le and brought the ghastly pale Yang Le back to the hall. After putting him on the sofa, he said, "I'm not related to whatever bitter experience you've just encountered. She wouldn't have taught you a lesson if you didn't say something that annoyed or made her upset. Just take a rest and eat. Important are already waiting for us after eating."

Crawling up from the sofa, Yang Le's eyes were still filled with fear. He said in a trembling voice, "B-brother Tang, y-you… h-how do you have so many monsters? T-that X-xiao… T-that Gu Xiaoxue looks like a celestial fairy… b-but s-she's m-more frightening-than a witch."

"I just heard someone shouting 'Ghosts!'. That should be you, no?" Tang Xiu chuckled. "Anyhow, you're someone from the Occult Sect. It would really be a huge joke if people from the Occult Sect feared ghosts, don't you think?"

Cough, cough… Yang Le choked and laughed, and his handsome face turned beet red.

Han Qingwu's eyes widened in astonishment, "Ehh? I never thought that Mr. Yang Le, whose mouth is so amazingly sharp, would blush out of embarra.s.sment. It's really unthinkable. Then, I guess the person who said that word before should be him, right? Or else he wouldn't have blushed in embarra.s.sment like this."

"You guys…"

Yang Le was miffed out of embarra.s.sment. He fiercely glared at Tang Xiu and Han Qingwu as he staggeringly stood up and turned to leave, "Hmph, I'm full already. I'll be waiting for you outside."

"Hahaha…" Han Qingwu burst into laughter.

Just after dinner, Gu Xiaoxue hurried back. There was an invitation envelope in her hand as she came to Tang Xiu's front and said, "Grand Master, this is an invitation from the Ouyang Family. They are holding a charity banquet in Sheraton Hotel. They hope the Everlasting Feast Hall can partic.i.p.ate in the event. Also, I just received news that Yao Xinhua, who is currently in Jingmen Island, has also received this invitation."

Yao Xinhua?

A cold glint flashed in Tang Xiu's eyes as he nodded and said, "Since someone from the Yao Family will go, then I'll personally attend it as well. I will let that brat know who will send him to h.e.l.l in the future."

Chapter 542: Meeting the Foe in Person

Jingmen Island's Sheraton Hotel was located in the heart of the city's downtown area, an area where an inch of land was as valuable as gold. It covered a large area, and the entire hotel building was impressively stylish. The hotel was the first option for a lot of tourists who come from all over the country, hence the price was quite high.

On the surface, the Ouyang Family was the most powerful family in Jingmen Island. After decades in business, the position of the family was difficult for other families to catch up to regardless of whether it was business network or social connection.

Nearly all respected figures in Jingmen Island were invited to the charity party organized by the Ouyang Family; even foreign dignitaries also received invitations.

At 5 PM, a luxury car entered Sheraton Hotel. Powerful figures in well-dressed outfits entered the hotel and were warmly welcomed by Ouyang Lei as they entered the hall. At nearly 6 MP, Ouyang Lei looked at his watch, turned to look at his nearest man and asked, "How many of the invited have yet to arrive?"

"About ten plus," whispered a gentle, middle-aged man.

Ouyang Lei squinted his eyes. As he noticed a luxury car driving in and stopping in front of him, he glanced at it and quickly came to greet, since he found that the person inside was an acquaintance. After exchanging several pleasantries, and the other party entered the hotel's lobby, an ordinary SUV then stopped near him.


Ouyang Lei's expression moved, before it was replaced by pleasant surprise upon seeing that it was Gu Xiaoxue. However, Tang Xiu's figure appeared as he had yet to arrive in front of Gu Xiaoxue.

"Goodness, how are you here, brother-in-law? How have you been?" Ouyang Lei directly ignored Gu Xiaoxue and walked toward Tang Xiu.

Tang Xiu rolled his eyes and looked at Ouyang Lei, whose expression was that of pleasant surprise, and then said, "Can you change your of addressing me? Even if you don't think of me, at least do it for your younger sister, please? She isn't married yet, and calling me brother-in-law will damage her reputation."

Staring blankly for a moment, Ouyang Lei immediately patted his own head and said, "Ah, you're right! My little sis isn't married to you yet, so you can't be considered as my in-law yet. Then, you're my prospective brother-in-law. This address should be correct, no? Hahaha…"

Tang Xiu glanced at Yang Le, who came out from the driver seat, and said, "Remember this guy. I give you one night. Make him anxious to seek me tomorrow."

Yang Le looked at Ouyang Lei with a strange, scrutinizing look, and then nodded with a smile, "No problem. You can consider it done already."

"What do you mean? What is this?" Asked the confused Ouyang Lei.

"I won't introduce you to him for the time being," said Tang Xiu with a faint smile. "You will know who he is tomorrow. Also, I'm kind of a guest too, aren't you going to warmly welcome me, as the host?"

Laughing, Ouyang Lei said, "That won't be needed. I definitely won't exchange false pleasantries with you. You can attend any charity party organized by our family whenever you want. Anyways, it's almost time for the event to start. Let's go inside together."

After entering the lobby, they took the elevator to the 26th floor. When they were about to enter the banquet hall, Tang Xiu asked with inattentive expression, "I heard you also invited the Yao Family. Are they here yet?"

Looking vacant for a while, Ouyang Lei quickly realized something and hastily said, "Future brother-in-law, don't act reasonably today! I know that your Tang Family and the Yaos clashed recently, but today, the powerful figures in the entire Jingmen Island are here. My family won't be able to deal with the aftermath if an accident were to happen."

"I won't provoke them if they don't provoke me," said Tang Xiu with a slight smile.

Ouyang Le nodded silently, "Yao Xinhua has arrived along with several people. They should be inside right now."

Tang Xiu no longer spoke. After entering the banquet hall with Ouyang Lei, he saw hundreds of people inside. The hall was fortunately very large, as it could accommodate thousands of people, so it didn't seem too crowded. Under the soft illumination of the crystal lights, tables full of wine and delicacies could be seen everywhere, whereas the powerful figures were gathered in groups of three to five people and chatting on various topics.

"What is the purpose of your family in organizing such a magnificent event today?"

"Putting it plainly, it's just a simple charity donation," said Ouyang Lei smilingly said. "The Ouyang Family has been organizing this kind of event almost every year. However, the charity party seems to have changed its meaning along with the pa.s.sage of time, though. It has become a grand meeting for private exchanges between business elites, officials, and powerful figures in Jingmen Island. As of now, every successful figure in Jingmen Island takes the invitation of my family to this banquet as an honor that they can be proud of, or something like that."

It dawned upon Tang Xiu as he thought about how the Ouyang Family could become the most prominent influence in Jingmen Island. He was sure that they must have many other means to acc.u.mulate social connections and network all this time, and this charity party was only one of those.

"All right! You don't need to accompany me since you're the host of the party. Attend to your duty, we'll have more time to talk later," said Tang Xiu.

Ouyang Lei smilingly nodded. He indeed had the duty of entertaining the guests, since he was the future successor of the Ouyang Family. It would be quite unjustified for the other guests if he were to keep accompanying Tang Xiu.

With his departure, Gu Xiaoxue, who was walking alongside Tang Xiu, became the focus of many people's attentions. She leaned toward Tang Xiu and whispered, "Grand Master, pay attention to the two o'clock direction. The young man in white suit, with straight combed hair to the back, is the one who is touted as the most skilled junior of the Yao Family's latest generation… Yao Xinhua."

Tang Xiu set his eyes ahead and saw the handsome and tall Yao Xinhua, who was now holding a gla.s.s of red wine and merrily chatting with several big figures. As if sensing that someone was watching him, Yao Xinhua glanced around for a few times before his and Tang Xiu's eyes finally met.

Tang Xiu gave him a cool smile and then turned toward the rest area in the corner. It was his first time seeing Yao Xinhua today, and he admitted that the young man indeed possessed a silver bearing and good brains. He could tell that Yao Xinhua also had quite some abilities. This type of person may be terrifying for many people, but he was nothing to him. Maybe if that old man, the head of the Yao Family was to come here, only then would Tang Xiu pay attention.

At the two o'clock direction, after Yao Xinhua saw Tang Xiu, his expression turned solemn and serious. A cold glint flashed in his eyes, as he could feel a killing intent gushed out from him. In the first bout with the Tang Family in the Southern region, he was completely routed by Tang Xiu's strikes. He, who was originally in high spirits and persistently delivered heavy blows on and was prepared to rout the Tang Family, finally ended up in total defeat and lost two provinces completely. It happened so fast that it ended up in vain for him. The strategy employed by the Tang Family rendered him unable to react and come to support his forces in time, and everything he did to cope with the situation was always too late.

The end result was simply miserable.

His Yao Family and the families that were on good terms with them suffered quite a heavy blow, and he was forced to retreat in defeat time and time again. All of his achievements were turned into nothing, causing him to be forced to retreat back to Beijing.

At that time he was furious and aggrieved, because he couldn't figure out who his real adversary was. Only until later, after conducting investigations through various channels, did he finally found that the real culprit was the missing offspring of the Tang Family. The fellow named Tang Xiu, he was the one who took over the battlefield in the Southern region and literally played him this miserably.

He thus regarded Tang Xiu as his mortal enemy in this life. Even until now, he had been preparing himself, looking forward to play again with Tang Xiu in the future, to wash all the shame and humiliation he had gotten from him. However, seeing Tang Xiu all of a sudden made his heart tighten despite having already prepared himself for the occasion.

Why did he appear here?

Yao Xinhua kept his cool and wasn't affected by the killing intent. Countless thoughts swirled inside his head, as he silently figured out the purpose of Tang Xiu appearing here. Logically speaking, Tang Xiu should now be in Shanghai studying.

Don't tell me… it's because my family's plan of renting an island in the South China Sea?

As Yao Xinhua thought up to there, his heart immediately felt tight, and a vigilant look appeared in his eyes. It must be noted that this plan of the Yao Family was very important. If they could complete it, the Yao Family would continue to grow and their armed forces would progress and expand rapidly. As long as the plan went smoothly, the Yao Family would be able to stand proudly in the capital as the most powerful family.

"Excuse me!"

Keeping a cordial smile on his face, Yao Xinhua spoke to the people around him. Then, he carried his gla.s.s of red wine and walked to the corner. There, he took out his mobile phone and dialed a cell number.

"Dad, it's me!" Spoke Yao Xinhua in a whisper.

"What is it?" A majestic voice replied from the phone.

"I met Tang Xiu in the charity party organized by the Ouyang Family in Jingmen Island, Dad," said Yao Xinhua. "I suspect his sudden appearance in Jingmen Island must be related to our family's upcoming plan that is about to be implemented."

"Tang Xiu?" Yao Chengqing's voice brought a doubtful tone. "Which Tang Xiu are you talking about?"

"It's the Tang Xiu from the Tang Family," said Yao Xinhua.

Yao Chengqing fell into silence for a while. As if suddenly recalling something, he suddenly spoke in a heavy tone, "The Tang Xiu whom you competed against in the Southern region? The brat who was missing from the Tang Family for 20 years?"

"Yes, it's him!" Said Yao Xinhua.

Yao Chengqing was silent for a moment, and then said in a grim and cold tone, "There must be no mistakes in implementing the plan this time. Although you're there just to smooth things over, you'd better avoid trouble. With a member of the Tang Family suddenly appearing in Jingmen Island, that means they have noticed something already. In this case, find a chance to make this Tang Xiu stay in Jingmen Island forever."

"I understand, Dad." Yao Xinhua's face moved. "He'll meet his maker for sure, and it will be carried out silently."

"Don't take it lightly. He's in the shadows and you're in the light, so take your own security as the first priority," said Yao Chengqing. "If it doesn't go well, then retreat at once. I believe your uncle will be able to do it very secretively."

"Don't worry. I know what I'm capable of," said Yao Xinhua. "I won't take the initiative to strike without 100% certainty. I'll immediately retreat should the slightest sign of trouble arise."

Returning from the Immortal World Chapter 541-542

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