Returning from the Immortal World Chapter 693-694

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Chapter 693: Harboring Resentment

Although Wei Zongchao lost 20 million yuan and was also shocked by Tang Xiu's terrifying network, he did not have much concern about it. He thought that if he left in such a crestfallen manner today, it would not take long until he became a laughingstock in the business community, so he slowly said, "We had a gamble and I lost, so this 20 million is yours, Mr. Tang. Everyone loves beauty and so does Chief Zhang who likes Chief Mu, the reason why he pursues her regardless of everything. Please don't stoop down to our level since you're a much better and more magnanimous person, Mr. Tang. Please give him a way out to make a living!"

Looking at Wei Zongchao's relaxed expression, Tang Xiu slightly furrowed his brows. He thought for a while, and then took out his mobile phone to dial Hao Lei's cell number. After Hao Lei's respectful voice came out from the mobile phone, he directly asked, "How much do you know about the Blessed Fortune Jewelry?"

"It's a small jewelry company whose survival depends on our Grand Fortune Jewelries, Boss. The Everlasting Feast Hall is currently holding 20% of its shares, and the source of their goods are also provided by Grand Fortune Jewelries' channels. The company is headquartered in Shanghai, and its General Manager, Wei Zongchao, holds 55% of the company shares…" answered Hao Lei.

Right as an unusual expression appeared on Tang Xiu's face, Wei Zongchao's face turned vigilant, and he said slowly, "I want to see the Blessed Fortune Jewelry go bankrupt and Wei Zongchao have nothing left anymore. I'll hand this matter over to you, and I want the result within a week."

"Understood!" Replied Hao Lei respectfully.

Tang Xiu hung up the phone. After stuffing his phone, he sneered, "You still appeal for another's mercy and not start to request for your own good fortune? You can be sure that you will regret what you did today within a week, for I'll make sure to make it happen."

Wei Zongchao suddenly got up and intently stared at Tang Xiu, and asked, "Who exactly did you call?"

"An employee, or rather, my subordinate," said Tang Xiu faintly. "I think you should know her name, though. She's Hao Lei, the person in charge of the Grand Fortune Jewelries."

Wei Zongchao's body s.h.i.+vered and his legs turned weak as he directly slumped on the sofa and shouted in disbelief, "THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE! How can you know Chief Hao Lei? You… you're bulls.h.i.+tting me! The Grand Fortune Jewelries is a very prominent business in Hong Kong, even if you do have a very good network in the mainland, it's impossible for you to have any influence there."

As he said that, he seemed to realize something and quickly grabbed his mobile phone and dialed Hao Lei's cell number. After his call was connected, he squeezed out a smile and his tone turned very respectful as he said, "h.e.l.lo, Chief Hao, I'm Wei Zongchao from Blessed Fortune Jewelry. It's been a while since the last time I met you. Anyways, my wife recently got a top perfume from France. When do you have some time? How about I personally visit you in Hong Kong and bring it to you?"

Hao Lei's cold voice came from the mobile phone, "I don't know how and why you offended my Boss, Wei Zongchao. But if you're tactful and sensible enough, you had better transfer your Blessed Fortune Jewelry shares to the Grand Fortune Jewelries. Otherwise, you can be sure that I'll use every means necessary to make you have nothing left in this world, and also send you away to a mine in Africa to die working to the bones."

"WHAT?" Wei Zongchao exclaimed. The mobile phone in his hand instantly fell to the floor and he slumped in the sofa with a face devoid of color. It was like all the strength in his body was siphoned away at this moment. Hao Lei's words were like a Thunderblast in his heart that shook him, making him perplexed to a megrim state.

The time ticked by bit by bit in a bizarre atmosphere.

As Wei Zongchao sobered up from his languishment, he raised his head with difficulty to look at Tang Xiu. Under the gaze of Mu Wanying and Zhang Danyang, his body swayed and knelt down in front of Tang Xiu, begging with a trembling voice, "I'm aware it was me who took the road to ruin myself, but could you consider the elderly and the young in my family and spare me this time? I'm willing to transfer 40% out of my 55% shares to the Grand Fortune Jewelries, while I keep the remaining 15% to allow me to live in retirement and to support the young in my family. Is this alright with you?"

"Logically speaking, I should be ruthless and not spare you. But given that you did not go too far in this matter, so be it!" Said Tang Xiu calmly. "However, you won't keep that 15% shares, but will exchange it to cash and then find a place to live out your life in retirement!"

"Yes yes yes. Thank you, Mr. Tang."

Wei Zongchao wiped off the sweat on his face and got up in trepidation. He did not glance at Zhang Danyang again and left, battered out of his senses.

As Zhang Danyang found that Tang Xiu's eyes caught him, he suddenly tensed up. He did not kneel down but put a very low gesture and beseeched piteously, "I'm willing to take out another 20 million yuan, Mr. Tang, and give all of it to you in compensation for spending your time. My company has been in business for decades, and it's been with great difficulty that I brought it to its current state. Please spare me, do not punish me too heavily. Can you let me go this once? I swear that I'll hide far away and never ever appear in front of you again."

Tang Xiu raised his brows, looked at Mu Wanying's tranquil expression and waved at her. After getting up and walked outside, his voice then sounded into the room, "You have three days to fulfill your commitment. I'm sure it will be very difficult for you to base yourself in Shanghai anymore in the future given the trouble you caused today. You had better think of leaving Shanghai and do your business in some other place!"

General Manager's Office.

After Mu Wanying entered the room, she closed the door with her backhand and looked at it directly. With nearly no delay, she rushed towards Tang Xiu and straightly hugged him, leaving him baffled.

"Thank you!"

The words came from the bottom of Mu Wanying's heart. She was secretly rejoicing that Tang Xiu came to her company and was very moved for everything Tang Xiu did for her. Else, she could have a bellyful of anger and unable to utter anything facing those two shameless and despicable low lives, and even lost some of her business.

It was a blessing in disguise! This sentence truly depicted the situation she was currently in. And what had happened today made Mu Wanying, who was proud deep down inside, realize how important was it to have a man who would shelter her from the wind and rain, and took her to the safe and blissful harbor.

"There's no need of ceremonial talk between us." Tang Xiu patted her back and smilingly said. "Anyhow, the trouble has been solved and your business will become more and more prosperous later, and you'll probably be very busy too. But, it won't affect your schooling, right?"

Mu Wanying released Tang Xiu, shook her head and said, "No, it won't. The schedule for a graduate student is very relaxed. Besides, I already finished the subject I must study, so I don't need to attend on the campus next semester. As long as I do my reviews regularly, I can complete the final graduation thesis."

With that said, she seemed to recall something and quickly asked, "You just contacted so many people today, will it affect you? If it will, I can return all the deposits, and…"

Tang Xiu raised his hand to interrupt her and smilingly said, "No worries! It won't affect me whatsoever. I spared those two guys because they reminded me of one thing. I myself have my own network, and it would be wasteful if I don't use it. In any case, they also need to find an advertising company to cooperate, to begin with. Since we can earn money, there's no reason to shy away from it!"

A smile outlined on the corner of Mu Wanying's mouth. The "we" word used by Tang Xiu was like a sweet honey poured into her heart, giving a sweet feeling to her whole being.

At midday, Tang Xiu stayed at the Grace Regale Advertising with Mu Wanying and had a lunch together before he left. He had pulled in many businesses to Mu Wanying, thus she might be very busy in the following days.

On the way back to the Bluestar Villa, Tang Xiu then remembered Ouyang Lulu, who should still be asleep at his home. After hesitating, he decided to head to the nearby shopping mall to buy her new clothes. After all, he was rather extreme last night by directly ripping her clothes.

However, in regards to buying clothes for a woman, especially underwear, he was but a green rookie, and this made him helpless. After giving it a thought, someone appeared inside his mind- Yue Kai. This guy possessed quite the potential to become a playboy, as his inherent nature was one of being flashy and showy. It'd been half a year studying in Shanghai University, and Tang Xiu heard him talking about seven or eight girlfriends already. The speed he changed his girlfriends was even faster than getting new clothes. So, he thought that this guy was very experienced at buying clothes for women.

Golden Eagle Shopping Mall.

It was a high-end shopping mall in Shanghai, with rows upon rows of stores with dazzling goods anyone wished to find. Yue Kai held a handbag in his armpit while biting a toothpick. He dressed up neatly and was strolling around accompanied by a pretty girl he had just acquainted himself with for about ten days.

"I want a Hermes bag, honey."

The pretty girl pulled Yue Kai's arm with a coquettish manner. Her bright eyes were constantly sweeping through each extravagant shop.

A Hermes bag?

Inwardly, Yue Kai s.h.i.+vered. Though his family was indeed rich, and his mother secretly gave him more money regularly, his monthly allowance was only 20,000 yuan. Not to mention that he was also a spendthrift, the 20,000 yuan he got after the New Year now remained only 8,000 yuan.

However, he still had a credit card with a 100,000-yuan limit. But, it could be said that this credit card was like his immovable property, and he did not want to use it unless he came across something that forced him to use it as a last resort. He wanted to refuse his new girlfriend's request, but looking at her pretty face as well as her coquettish and seductive voice, he did not have the heart to reject her. After some hesitation, he finally nodded and said, "Since you want it, then let's buy it."

"You're really handsome, honey."

The girl looked pleasantly surprised, and then stood on her toes to kiss Yue Kai's cheek.

Yue Kai grinned and smilingly said, "Of course, I am. Even those Korean stars are not qualified to even carry my shoes. Anyways, if I hadn't booked a room at the Shangri-La Hotel to have a pleasant night with you tonight, I would have directly brought you to Jingmen Island to ride a yacht."

The girl's eyes turned brighter, but she intentionally turned her head with a shy expression and said, "I do want to go to Jingmen Island to ride a yacht."

"I wish I could!" Yue Kai regretfully said. "Unfortunately, I don't have much time. Wait until my school holidays later, then I'll take you to Jingmen Island to have some enjoyment."

Ring ring ring…

At this time, the ringtone of his mobile phone sounded.

Chapter 694: Material Girl

The aim of Yue Kai in picking up girls was to move their motionless feelings. A beautiful woman was like a wine who had thoughts and considerations of her own, and a man must act, and at the same time, do everything he could to capture her heart, showing his appreciation with kind words or gifts to showcase himself as a "strong and real" man. But in regards to feelings, Yue Kai was not one who was able to invest in them. For instance, this girl beside him. What she settled on was Yue Kai's money, while the latter was taking a fancy in her flesh.

Finding amus.e.m.e.nt when the occasion arises and nothing else but for fun.

So as to make Xie Xiaotong give up her ballooning appet.i.te, he directly took out his mobile phone and secretly sighed upon seeing that the caller on the screen was Tang Xiu's name. As a man himself, he deeply admired Tang Xiu in his way of chasing and picking up girls, for those top belles were like moths fluttering to a flame. He had never seen what kind of magic trick and spell Tang Xiu cast on them, and yet, all those belles gathered around him.

"Big Bro Tang, you've always been busy, how come you remembered me? Did you miss me?"

Envy and admiration may mix together, but Tang Xiu was his cla.s.smate, dorm mate, and a brother Yue Kai approved and identified himself with, so chit chatting and teasing was a must-have.

"Bah, cut the garrulous c.r.a.p, will you?" Tang Xiu mocked him. "Anyways, I got something to consult, or rather, ask your help with."

"Woah, no kidding?" Pretending to be surprised, Yue Kai called out. "Does Big Bro Tang want me to be there for your beck and call? Then, tell me, it will be my pleasure to serve you!"

"Can you not happily chew the rag?" Tang Xiu snappily said. "I have some time and want to buy something, but I'm not experienced in this area. Let's just meet and chat."

"What thing did you talk about?" Asked Yue Kai immediately.

"Women's clothes!" Tang Xiu touched his nose and smiled dryly.

Yue Kai rolled his eyes, immediately patted his chest and said, "I may not be sure of other aspects, but I guarantee that I can make you satisfied regarding buying women clothes, buddy."

Suddenly, his eyes lit up. He quickly glanced at Xie Xiaotong beside him and smilingly said, "What a coincidence! It just so happens that I'm also taking my paid girlfriend to the Golden Eagle Shopping Mall. Do you know the Golden Eagle Shopping Mall in Hong District? It's on the Tianhua Avenue."

"Yeah, I know it. I'm in the vicinity."

"Then come over now! I'm in the Hermes exclusive store on the 6th floor."

"Got it!"

After hanging up the phone, Yue Kai stuffed the mobile phone into his pocket and rubbed his hands with an excited expression. He did not know about others, but he knew perfectly well that Tang Xiu was a superrich who lived in an extravagant home and drove a luxurious car—a guy wallowing in money. He was now short on money, and now that this guy came over, it was simply a timely rain from the sky, a friend in need indeed!

Xie Xiaotong looked at his expression and curiously asked, "Who called you, honey? Seems like that person is coming here too, no?"

With a somewhat brazen smile, Yue Kai said, "A buddy of mine. He owes me some money. I don't have much pocket money recently. The reason being is, he borrowed most of my money. It seems like this buddy of mine recently hit a fortune and he'll give me back my money!"

Xie Xiaotong's eyes lit up and she held Yue Kai's hand tighter. Originally, Yue Kai spent money in front of her extravagantly, proving that he was rich and lavish. He even still had more money, but he lent it to his friend! Xie Xiaotong thought that Yue Kai would buy her famous brand clothes and various articles of luxury goods as well as dealing with her bills. The thought immediately excited her and made her lower body feverish at the moment, for she could not wait to employ every trick of horse riding art she had to make him prostrate under her skirt.

"Alright, let's have a look at the bags first!"

"Let's go."

Ten minutes later, Tang Xiu came to the sixth floor of the Golden Eagle Shopping Mall and spent some time to find the Hermes exclusive store. When he saw the smiling Yue Kai watching a girl who was unceasingly choosing handbags, he immediately came to him and then said, "I did not disturb you, did I, Yue Kai?"

The way Yue Kai looked at Tang Xiu was like he was seeing a gold mountain. He shook his head like a beaten drum, and his face, that was as beautiful as a woman's, wore a bright smile as he replied while rubbing his hands, "Nope. How come you're disturbing me? Anyways, you borrowed money from me, can you pay it back? You don't know, Buddy. I have been so poor recently that I did not have a thing to eat at all. Just look at that pretty girlfriend of mine. She wants to buy a bag but I'm almost broke myself."

Tang Xiu stared blankly and found that the girl who chose the bag also looked up to see him, but did not pay attention anymore and continued choosing the handbag. Then, he immediately looked at Yue Kai and, shaking his head, smilingly said, "How much is it?"

"50 thousand yuan," answered Yue Kai immediately.

Tang Xiu smiled and secretly stuffed his hand into his pocket and took out 50 thousand yuan in cash from his interspatial ring. He threw it to Yue Kai directly and said, "Well, I'm returning the money to you, but don't take your words back and help me get my things done, then account between us is cleared."

It was Yue Kai's turn to stare blankly, with eyes staring so wide they almost popped out, staring at the Tang Xiu's pocket. If it wasn't for him holding 50 thousand yuan in hand and counting them, he would have come over to rummage that pocket. How could 50 thousand yuan in cash be stuffed into such clothes?

"Big Bro Tang, did you just conjure some magic?"

Tang Xiu snappily replied, "That was originally the money I withdrew to buy the clothes. But I did not expect it to be exactly the amount I needed to 'return' to you. So, do you want it or not? If you don't, then give it back."

"h.e.l.l no, who said no?" Yue Kai put the two stacks into his pocket, and then went to the checkout counter and dropped the remaining 30 thousand yuan on it. He then said to his girlfriend—Xie Xiaotong, "Hurry and pick your choice, babe. I already put the money in the checkout counter, so you can pay the bill directly. Keep the rest for your pocket money if there's some left. My buddy and I will go out to the entrance to smoke and have a chat."

"Got it!"

At the moment, Xie Xiaotong held a Hermes bag she took a fancy in, and her sharp eyes glanced at the checkout counter and saw three stacks of red 100 yuan bills placed on it. She immediately put down the Hermes bag in her hand and selected another slightly worse quality and much cheaper bag in the next part.i.tion.

Buying a bag was her motive, but if the rest of the money was for her own pocket money, she did not want to waste too much!

At the store entrance.

There was an embarra.s.sed expression on Yue Kai's face as he rubbed his hand and spoke with a dry smile, "Thanks for this time, Big Bro Tang. I'll pay you back next month."

Tang Xiu could not help but laugh and said, "We're brothers, so leave out talking about money since it's kinda offensive, don't you think? Anyways, are you available to help me pick some women clothes?"

"Your matter is of the utmost importance in the Heaven and Earth, Big Bro Tang." Yue Kai nodded. "Let alone girls, even if such a great event as the sky falling, they must be put aside first. Anyhow, lemme see bid that girl farewell first, and then we'll go shopping."

That girl?

"Are you doing it for fun?" Asked Tang Xiu curiously.

Yue Kai lit a cigarette, puffed twice, and said, "Without having some fun, don't tell me I have to invest in some feelings too now? I know perfectly well that women nowadays are very materialistic. You too heard what Qingsong said before, no? The craving for material things reigns in this age of materialism, where money is the principle of truth! Women… tsk, tsk. Just have fun and playing with them will do. If you do have a good life later, you may meet a good one and marry her so you can be said to make a hit yourself. If you don't chance upon one, you might as well be muddleheaded."

Tang Xiu rolled his eyes at him. He was helpless as far as Yue Kai's deranged fallacy was concerned. However, each and every person had their own circ.u.mstance, and naturally had a different way of thinking as well. At present, Yue Kai said what he thought as if seemingly the truth, but maybe he would meet a girl one day, one who could satisfy what his heart had been wis.h.i.+ng for and step into the matrimony sanctuary ahead of time, ultimately hugging a chubby boy earlier.

"Dear, I want the latest Hermes bag."

A coquettish voice came from the left side, as a woman with a voluptuous body and beautiful looks held a handsome young man who was donned in various famous brands from head to toe. Her posture was literally almost hanging on the young man.

A smile outlined on the handsome young man's mouth as he said, "Then buy it. You can buy them if you like it, honey. We'll buy three to five of them."

The girl's eyes lit up and she immediately said with pleasant surprise, "You're the best, dear. I'll serve you and definitely make you feel great after we go back home tonight."

"I love it."

During the chat, the couple walked past Tang Xiu and Yue Kai. They did not even glance at them and headed straight into the Hermes store.

"What a foolish spendthrift." Yue Kai rolled his eyes and whispered.

Tang Xiu's smile looked strange as he commented, "I think you're just same, mate!"

Yue Kai was stunned and his face immediately blushed with shame. He touched his nose and coughed, "No, it's different. Absolutely different. At least I never said 'Honey, we'll buy three to five as long as you love them'… Hahaha."

Tang Xiu ruthlessly slammed him, "That is because you're poor as dirt."

Yue Kai's face was pulled down and said helplessly, "Big Bro Tang, don't send me such a deadly blow, will you? If I had a financial source like yours, I would have been disinclined to see that woman inside or the woman who just pa.s.sed by. I'd definitely find myself the best women."

Tang Xiu shook his head and did not feel like responding to this creature again.

After the cigarette was completely burned out, Yue Kai then called Tang Xiu and walked toward the Hermes store. Just as he strode inside and saw the situation there, his expression instantly turned gloomy, since his girlfriend Xie Xiaotong acted so intimately, pulling the arm of the handsome young man who had just entered the store and tried her best to fawn upon him, while the other woman also did not want to be outdone by her and took the young man's other hand.

Much to Yue Kai's indignation, the handsome young man seemed to welcome the two beauties, with his arms coiled around their shoulders while his fingers slid across their makeup covered faces from time to time.

"You both are my babes. This young master is very happy today, so you can pick whatever bag you like and I'll pay it," said the handsome young man with a particularly bright smile.

"XIE XIAOTONG!" Yue Kai dashed a few steps forward and shouted, looking incensed.

The girl glanced at him and looked fl.u.s.tered. She hurriedly released the handsome young man's hand and wanted to break free from his hand. But that handsome young man obviously heard Yue Kai's shout clearly as he furrowed his brows. Not only did he not loosen Xie Xiaotong's shoulder, he even forcefully pulled her to his chest.


Xie Xiaotong somewhat regretted it. She had just seen Young Master Wu and was so excited that she forgot herself and ran straight to the young man and did everything to please him. She knew his ident.i.ty as the only son of the Wanjian Group, who grew up with a golden spoon since childhood. He was rich and handsome with an ill.u.s.trious ident.i.ty—an existence a countless number of people would look up to in the future. He was simply the perfect wealthy husband in her eyes.

Returning from the Immortal World Chapter 693-694

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