Returning from the Immortal World Chapter 695-696

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Chapter 695: Being Trampled On

Xie Xiaotong was once fortunate enough to be invited when a certain group of scions held a party, and the one she served was this Young Master Wu. She did her best to serve him that night, and not only did she win this young man's favor, she also obtained tens of thousands of yuan. Following that, she was also often called to serve him from time to time.

However, she knew she had just created trouble looking at the angry Yue Kai. Though Yue Kai was only a freshman at Shanghai University, he probably came from a notable, wealthy family given his extravagant spending.

Yue Kai's angry eyes instantly landed on Wu Guanghui and roared, "LET THE GIRL GO, YOU f.u.c.kTARD!"

Wu Guanghui raised his brows. Not only did he not release Xie Xiaotong, but also lowered his face to kiss her, shot Yue Kai a provocative look, and then casually said, "Who the h.e.l.l is this rubbish? Xiaotong, honey! Where the h.e.l.l did this bloke came from? Do you know him?"

Xie Xiaotong knew how Wu Guanghui acted to a certain degree, and in particular, his habit to seek revenge for the smallest grievance, and his pettiness was also notoriously famous in his social circle. She would end up miserable if she made him lose face today. After hesitating and weighing the importance of Yue Kai and Wu Guanghui inside her mind, the balance counter immediately fell to the latter. She raised her pretty face, shook her head and said, "I don't know him, Young Master Wu."

Wu Guanghui nodded in satisfaction, hoisted his face toward Yue Kai a few times and sneered, "Did you hear that, punk? My honey, Xiaotong, doesn't know you. You're just hopelessly picking up a fight, aren't you?"

Yue Kai stared at Xie Xiaotong in disbelief. He had planned to beat the guy, but Xie Xiaotong's answer was like a heavy slap in the face, literally tras.h.i.+ng his complexion and burning his face.

She doesn't know him?

The woman who slept with him a few days ago now said that she doesn't know him just to fawn upon another man?

Yue Kai took a deep breath, trying to contain his anger inside. He pointed at Wu Guanghui and shot a "you got guts" look, and then turned around and walk away. Just as he was about to step out of the store door, he suddenly remembered something and walked back to the checkout counter, grabbed the 30 thousand yuan, and then spoke to the elegant and beautiful cas.h.i.+er in a deep voice, "I, Yue Kai, am a rich guy, but I'm not giving my money to that b.i.t.c.h. You, on the other hand, are much better since you make a living by your own skills. I'm leaving this money for you to pick wherever bag you like. Just count it as a present."

With that said, he went straight to the entrance door without looking back.

The elegant and beautiful cas.h.i.+er was utterly dumbfounded as she held the 30 thousand yuan Yue Kai gave her. She looked at Xie Xiaotong and then looked at Yue Kai's back with a sympathetic expression. However, she then turned around to speak to her female colleague in a whisper and then chased toward the outside.

At the shop's entrance.

Tang Xiu heard Yue Kai's yell, but he did not go inside. Though he did not know what happened inside, he did not want to meddle in the love affair issues between Yue Kai and his girlfriend.

"Are you okay?" Asked Tang Xiu casually after seeing Yue Kai come out with a sullen face.

Yue Kai spat to the side, shook his head and said with a scowl, "It's nothing. I just had some fun with a b.i.t.c.h for a couple of days, and now I wanna go home to wash my body since I'm done with her."

Tang Xiu sighed inwardly as he nodded and said, "Since you're fine, let us just leave."

The female cas.h.i.+er appeared in front of him holding the 30 thousand yuan quickly blocked Yue Kai's path and said, "h.e.l.lo, Sir. This is your money, I can't accept it."

"Interesting. This f.u.c.king b.a.s.t.a.r.d is really interesting. You know, a n.o.body is still a n.o.body, for no one will accept money from a f.u.c.ktard like you." Wu Guanghui came out from the inside while hugging the two women's shoulders. He had heard Yue Kai cursing Xie Xiaotong as a b.i.t.c.h and was very angry inwardly. He came out and planned to humiliate Yue Kai, but did not expect to be a G.o.dsend opportunity just as he came out.

In an instant, Yue Kai's face turned extremely nasty.

The female cas.h.i.+er had watched all the unfolded causes and everything that followed. She knew that this young master Wu was not a good man. She knew that this guy was using her to mock Yue Kai, making her sympathize with the latter, and quickly said, "That's not true, since there's a regulation in our store that no employees are allowed to receive tips and any benefits from our customers."

Wu Guanghui frowned, and there was an annoyed look in his eyes, as he shouted at her in a deep voice, "SHUT THE h.e.l.l UP!"

Tang Xiu, who stood by at the side and looked at the fearful looking female cas.h.i.+er, as well as the nasty looking Yue Kai, secretly sighed inwardly and spoke to Wu Guanghui, "Dude, go easy on them. You already have the upper hand, so stop it here and now! It's not worth it for you to make enemies just because of women, especially for such casual women."

Wu Guanghui let out a complacent smile and only glanced at Tang Xiu. His eyes then fell again on Yue Kai's unsightly expression. On the contrary, it was Xie Xiaotong who was fuming, unable to bear being the target of Tang Xiu's ugly remark, as she cussed angrily, "Who the h.e.l.l are you? It's none of your d.a.m.n business! What are you, to mind others' f.u.c.king business? Careful with your words, who the h.e.l.l did you say was a casual woman, huh? What a d.i.c.khead!"

The other woman also swayed her voluptuous waist and indignantly said, "Did you wash your mouth with s.h.i.+t? Look at your dest.i.tute and sour appearance, yet you want to be the third wheel in other's business? Hmph… relying on yourself you want to trifle with me?"

Wu Guanghui looked overjoyed and kissed Xie Xiaotong and the other woman's face and unreservedly praised them, "My two babies, you really can talk, eh? Anyways, your Young Master's mood is very great today, so good that I will treat and love you well tonight!"

Tang Xiu watched the trio in disgust, and then looked at the female cas.h.i.+er and lightly said, "My brother gave the money to you. Just accept it. You're outside the store now, so the rules of your employer no longer apply to you."

With that said, he patted Yue Kai's shoulder, shook his head and said, "Let's just go! Do you want to bite back the mad dogs who just bit you? Just go back home, take a bath and wash your bad luck."

Yue Kai nodded. He did not get angry with that female cas.h.i.+er though she had to give back his money and it was used by Wu Guanghui to mock him. He, on the contrary, admired her, because that 30 thousand yuan was probably equal to one or two months of her salary.

"Yeah, right!" Wu Guanghui rolled his eyes and looked at Tang Xiu and Yue Kai with disdain. He was regretting wasting time to taunt these two trashes, so he might as well spend his time having fun with these two women.

At this moment, his totally unconcerned eyes drifted from Tang Xiu and Yue Kai and were about to turn back to the store, as his eyes caught sight of someone and his expression moved all of a sudden. He immediately released the two women and strode past Tang Xiu towards a pair of handsome man and woman who were pa.s.sing by another place about a dozen meters away from them.

"h.e.l.lo, Brother Chu."

The man and the woman halted their pace. When the man saw Wu Guanghui rus.h.i.+ng over, a disgusted look flashed in his eyes, but he nodded at him and said, "It's you, Little Wu! Did your Dad send you out of the company?"

"Yeah, I did great recently in the company, Brother Chu, so Dad gave me a holiday. I never thought I would into you here today. It's really… a pleasure and honor for me. Anyways, is this… big sis-in-law? Wow, she's really a fairy. A G.o.ddess."

Wu Guanghui looked at the woman next to Chu Yuan, feeling very envious inside, though he still kept flattering without a change in expression or his voice.

Chu Yuan only let out a faint smile and did not feel like explaining his relations.h.i.+p with Xue Yu. He did take the initiative to invite Xue Yu out for a walk today. Since Xue Yu herself just came to Shanghai and had already bought her enough daily necessities and clothes with Tang Xiu before, she still proposed to visit the venue and was planning to buy some clothes, accessories, and jewelry for herself. It was because she wanted to dress herself up to look beautiful in order to attract Tang Xiu.

Suddenly, Chu Yuan's expression moved, because he caught sight of two men in front, and one of them was unexpectedly Tang Xiu. He subconsciously glanced at Xue Yu and found that she also saw Tang Xiu and straightly walked towards him.

"How come you are here?" Tang Xiu felt somewhat helpless inside upon seeing Xue Yu and Chu Yuan. However, he felt quite amused and annoyed to see Wu Guanghui, who previously acted so rampant and arrogant, now rushed over to Chu Yuan's front to greet him with such a humble manner.

Xue Yu let out a faint smile and grabbed Tang Xiu's arm, saying, "Chu Yuan called me out to take a walk today. It's kinda boring to go to the teahouse, so I brought him here since I wanted to buy some clothes and jewelry."

Tang Xiu nodded at her. He then looked at Chu Yuan and said, "How was it? Were you able to persuade her?"

"Haven't you seen what her character is like?" Chu Yuan shook his head. "She'll never budge on what she has decided upon. Not even ten bulls can pull her. Anyways, it's you who is too excessive, Tang Xiu. You just left her as your lover only."

"It was me who was willing!" Xue Yu interjected with an irritated expression.

Tang Xiu could not help laughing. He s.h.i.+fted his sight to Yue Kai, who was gaping in astonishment, and then Wu Guanghui, who was utterly dumbfounded and tongue-tied. While pointing at the latter, he asked, "Do you know this brat?"

"Yeah, I know his father." Chu Yuan nodded. "I have had some business deals with him."

"This brat is kind of a rotten apple—the type of unbridled and arrogant young master," said Tang Xiu. "You had better lessen your contact with him and his father later, since he is probably as bad as him for teaching such a son. If you can opt not to cooperate with him later, then try not to so as to save your own money."

"Did this brat provoke you or something?" Asked Chu Yuan, surprised.

"It's nothing." Tang Xiu waved his hand. "It's just a trivial thing, there's no need to stoop down to his level. Anyhow, let me introduce you to this guy. He's Yue Kai, a brother and a fellow student of mine in university. Yue Kai, this is Chu Yuan, it's fine for you to call him Brother Chu later."

"h.e.l.lo, Brother Chu. I've already heard your great name before. You're simply a legend in the business circle in Shanghai, an awesome figure in the domestic financial industry." Yue Kai hurriedly stretched his hand out to shake hands. "Anyways, I did not expect you to be friends with Big Bro Tang, though."

Chu Yuan's acted very humble, and after he shook hands with Yue Kai, he said with a smile, "Please don't tease me and compare me with Boss Tang, Brother Yue. I don't even qualify to carry his shoes."

Chapter 696: A Foolish Rich Man?

Never did it cross Yue Kai's mind that Chu Yuan would speak such a lavish praise on Tang Xiu. He then recalled all the performances showcased by Tang Xiu previously and finally realized something: Tang Xiu's ident.i.ty was probably very extraordinary.

"Big Bro Tang, you are…" Yue Kai opened his mouth, but hesitated to continue.

Inwardly, Tang Xiu felt rather helpless. Chu Yuan praised him too lavishly in front of Yue Kai in a way that it was impossible for him to back down anymore. After hesitating for a moment, he also did not want to conceal it anymore and explained, "I'm the owner of the Magnificent Tang Corporation as well as the Everlasting Feast Hall. The money I have is probably more than people can imagine, to be honest. But money is nothing but mere worldly possessions in my eyes. Regardless of whatever ident.i.ty each one of us has, we are brothers of the same kindred spirits."

Yue Kai looked a bit astonished. He did not know what to say all of a sudden upon seeing how tranquil Tang Xiu's expression was. On the other hand, Wu Guanghui nearby was unable to restrain his body trying not to s.h.i.+ver, as a horrified expression burst out from his eyes.

The Magnificent Tang Corporation and the Everlasting Feast Hall?

The Everlasting Feast Hall was one of the best high-end restaurants in Shanghai, and Wu Guanghui also knew that it was not its main office, but only a branch. He would not have been this shocked if it was only this restaurant franchise, but the reputation of the Magnificent Tang Corporation was too astounding for him.

In particular, he just heard his father speaking to him a few days ago that the Magnificent Tang Corporation just bought a large plot of land in Shanghai and was preparing to build its HQ as well as an industrial park. Nearly all the top 20 construction companies in the country received an invitation from this company, of which the tender would be held soon.

His family owned the Myriad Construction Group, and it could only be ranked as a mid-sized construction company in the country, thus not eligible to partic.i.p.ate in the construction project tender held by the Magnificent Tang Corporation. But his father also said that if it worked well, they could cooperate with the company that won the bid and that they could make a fortune even if they only got some soup!


Wu Guanghui suddenly slapped his own face, and his unbridled and arrogant manner had completely vanished. Instead, he looked full of remorse and regret as he said, "Tang… Boss Tang, I was just muddle headed and failed to recognize a great man such as you before. Please do not stoop down to my level if I have offended you."

"Okay, just hurry up and continue having fun with your girls!" Tang Xiu waved his hand in disgust. "Don't make a fool of yourself here."

At this very moment, Xie Xiaotong, who just caught up, was stunned, for she had never dreamed that Tang Xiu turned out to be the Big Boss of the Magnificent Tang Corporation and also seemed to have other industries other than this company as well. She recalled herself ridiculing and insulting him a while ago. Her whole being suddenly turned tense and restless, and the regret made her feel like dying.

She just compared them and suddenly found that Wu Guanghui, who was already very outstanding in the eyes of many people, was far worse than Tang Xiu. The latter was self-employed and built his own enterprise, and became the true owner of such a major company, while the former was only a scion of a rich family—a second generation nouveau riche, and a playboy silk pants.


Suddenly, a slap hit her face. And the one who did that was Wu Guanghui.

Wu Guanghui rolled up his sleeves and, after slapping Xie Xiaotong's face, he pointed at her and cursed furiously, "IT WAS BECAUSE OF YOU, b.i.t.c.h! YOU'RE THE ONE WHO SEDUCED ME! Had I known you and this Yue… Mr. Yue knew each other, how the h.e.l.l would I dare to even touch you? Get the h.e.l.l out of here! And don't let me see you again later."

Xie Xiaotong looked dull after getting slapped. Never did she expect that this guy would slap her all of a sudden and make her a scapegoat as if all his mistakes were all caused by her.

She felt humiliated, and yet, the regret she felt was even more!

She admitted that she was not a good woman, but little did she think that het flattery would lead to this situation. At this moment, she suddenly felt that her stupidity was already beyond limits, for her sn.o.bbishness was nothing but making her a plaything for men… a s.l.u.t.


The vocabulary replayed inside her mind, and Xie Xiaotong's heart was like being pierced by needles—painful. Her face was instantly devoid of color. She did not fight back nor did she get angry. She was as though she had lost her soul as she staggeringly walked away, carried by her footsteps.

Tang Xiu calmly watched as the scene unfolded. He had not the slightest sympathy for Xie Xiaotong. For one to be pitied, she or he must have a detestable side, and yet, she was the one who brought disaster upon herself for the situation and consequences of today's incident. He was also disgusted by Wu Guanghui and did not want to even look at him again, saying, "Chu Yuan, are you going to continue strolling around? Or…"

Without waiting for Chu Yuan to answer, Xue Yu straightforwardly spoke, "No, we won't go shopping together. I'm going with you."

Chu Yuan opened his mouth and a forced, wry smile appeared on his handsome face. He then shook his head and sighed, "It's as people said, that a woman who has gone out to marry a man is truly like something that has been lost and cannot be retrieved. Anyways, Jade Beauty is paying more attention to her lover than her friend, then I'll go back first. Tang Xiu, remember your promise to drink with me some other day."

Tang Xiu smiled at him and nodded with eyes following Chu Yuan's departure.

At this time, Yue Kai had a complicated mood. He looked at the beautiful Xue Yu beside Tang Xiu and then looked at the latter and spoke, "About your things… do you still need my help?"

Tang Xiu scrunched up for a moment before shaking his head and saying, "Seems like we gotta forget it. You are not in the mood, and since I met Xue Yu here, I'll take her to accompany me!"

"Okay, then!" Yue Kai was indeed not in the mood right now and nodded happily. Just as he walked away for a few steps, he suddenly recalled something and his pace came to a halt. He then turned around and asked loudly, "Big Bro Tang, are the clothes you wanna buy for her?"

"No!" Tang Xiu shook his head.

"HOLY f.u.c.k!"

Yue Kai's heart was as good as dead at this time. The comparison between them was pretty much odious, and his spirit was thoroughly dying. He had seen too many Casanovas, yet never seen such an amazing expert who could outspokenly say to buy clothes for another woman with his lover.

"Your money."

The female cas.h.i.+er from the Hermes exclusive store had yet to leave, so she witnessed the entire farce from the beginning to the end. She was extremely disgusted by Wu Guanghui and despised him, and even held Xie Xiaotong in an unusual contempt since she felt that she was a disgrace to all women.

Nevertheless, she did sympathize with Yue Kai at first, but felt happy for him afterward. Although she never expected that the Big Boss of the Magnificent Tang Corporation turned out to be just a handsome young man, but for Yue Kai to have such a brother was definitely a good karma that was sowed after having been cultivated for several generations.

What is the so-called brotherhood?

This Big Boss of the Magnificent Tang Corporation had spoken this, that it was something that the thought of the people involved in the bond that matter. Brothers would not bother mentioning wealth and money. Either being rich or dest.i.tute, brothers were brothers. So what this was called? This was the so-called genuine nature of what a real man!

Yue Kai was taken aback and looked back to at Tang Xiu again, only to find that Tang Xiu just waved at him and brought Xue Yu away.

"Just take the money! What has been given to someone is something one cannot take back. Taking it back will only mean that person is shameless. If anything, it was Big Bro Tang who actually gave me the money. Besides, he's a super rich guy, so you should not take it seriously."

Finding that Yue Kai was going to leave, the female cas.h.i.+er quickly blocked his path, shook her head and said, "No, a gentleman must never hand out a meal in contempt, and this is not my money either. I already told you that I don't want it. Besides, I don't think your brother is likely someone to owe money. It was you who did not have enough money to pick up a girl and borrowed it from him, right? Anyhow, I've been wanting to speak to you about this before, but I held back since we're just strangers. But now, I can't think that much anymore."

"Pretending to be a scion from a wealthy family with others' money won't make you a real man. You're still young, so it is the time for you to study or start a business. It doesn't matter if you don't have money now. Just don't seek enjoyment and pleasure at first and wait until you earn enough money. Like those two women just now, they definitely cost you a great deal.

"Thus, I ask you to take this money back."

Again, Yue Kai was taken aback. He looked at this female cas.h.i.+er in disbelief and felt his face burning. He had just gotten humiliated by Wu Guanghui and it was already quite a grievous blow to him. To think that even an attendant was now looking down on him, a nefarious flame was immediately set ablaze inside his heart. He reached out to grab the 30 thousand yuan and stuffed it into her pocket, and then grabbed her hand and strode towards the store.

After entering, Yue Kai released the struggling female cas.h.i.+er's hand. He then picked the nearest four Hermes bags and directly dropped them on the checkout counter. Then, he took out a credit card and spoke in a heavy tone, "Swipe this card. I'll buy these four bags."

The female cas.h.i.+er looked stunned, and then her expression turned into that of surprise, Did I just misread him? Didn't he borrow the money to pick up that girl? Is he really rich?

Countless question marks fluttered around in her head. She hesitated for a short while, as she forced out a wry smile and said, "If what I spoke to you wrong, I beg you to forgive me and not to be offended by my ignorance. Please don't be angry and try to prove yourself in front of me. There's no need for you to buy those four bags all at once. You must know that the total price of these four bags is 110 thousand yuan."

"I told you to swipe the card!" Said Yue Kai with a sullen face.


The female cas.h.i.+er opened her mouth, only to find that Yue Kai did not even wanted to hear it. She suddenly felt annoyed and turned the label directly. After registering and calculating the price, she said, "The total amount of these four bags is 118 thousand yuan. Are you sure you're going to pay them with your credit card?"

"Swipe it!" Said Yue Kai adamantly.

However angry and irritated she may be, the female cas.h.i.+er still hesitated and looked at Yue Kai again. After finding out that his face was cold and gloomy, only then did she pick up the credit card and swiped it. As the bill was printed out, only then did she realize that she had really misunderstood Yue Kai. A customer who spent 118 thousand yuan meant that the person did not even need to borrow money from others.

Yue Kai shot her a deep look before he turned around and left.

The female cas.h.i.+er was speechless due to astonishment. The four bags were still on the checkout counter, and he just left like that? After a short blank, she hurriedly called out, "Sir, you haven't taken your bags!"

Yue Kai did not even look back as he replied, "I'm in a bad mood today. I'm not even allowed to play with money and throw it out? You can take all those bags if you want. Or throw them out if you don't."


The female cas.h.i.+er was as though zapped by thunder. Her whole being turned silly and she stood still in her spot with a blank expression. Her several colleagues around could only cast envious looks at her. She did not even remember that Yue Kai had also returned that 30 thousand yuan to her a while ago. Ultimately, in just a short few minutes, four Hermes bags with a total price of 118 thousand yuan were gifted to her.

"What's wrong with everything going on today?

"Did I just run into a good-for-nothing? Or did I just a silly, rich local guy?

"And these four bags…"

Returning from the Immortal World Chapter 695-696

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