Rise Of Humanity Chapter 31 - The Monster Race

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Chapter 31        The Monster Race

“The Beast G.o.d Ridge is a special place in the Great Wilderness, rumors say that within this 800 miles radius of land, there was a beast G.o.d that had fallen here, it’s body turned into the Beast G.o.d Ridge. The Beast G.o.d Ridge is the paradise for the various kinds of mythical beasts that lived there, these beasts are known as monster beasts by the Qi Pract.i.tioners of the Swords Gate.” 

On the soul weapon Rainbow Clouds Carrier, Ting Lanyue said to Zhong Yue, “Junior martial brother, the monster beasts are beasts that cultivate, but they are low in intelligence. Some beasts can morph into human form, they are then cla.s.sified as the monster race. It is quite interesting as we humans and the demons enter this world  with our ident.i.ties set in stone, but the monsters can only be cla.s.sified as such when they start to cultivate. Those that can be cla.s.sified as monsters are all Qi Pract.i.tioners, they are strong and incredibly horrifying!” 

Tao Daier laughed and continued, “But there are no Qi Pract.i.tioners in the Beast G.o.d Ridge. I hear word that says there is a sacred holy land of the monster race outside of Great Wilderness, but the Great Wilderness is the domain of humanity. With the Swords Gate guarding the Great Wilderness, the monsters dare not invade us. The mission given by the Swords Gate this time is a small matter to us.”

“Tao-tao, you said you have smelled Junior Martial Brother Zhong before, how did you smelled him?” Ting Lanyue gazed at Tao Daier and Zhong Yue and she suddenly interjected banteringly.

“Yes yes!”

The other young ladies were excited, they laughed and asked, “Quick, tell us how did you smell him?” 

“Tao-tao, where did you smell Senior Martial Brother Zhong at, the face or the mouth? Or was it some other places ...?” 

Tao Daier jumped up and her face stiffened up, she stood with arms akimbo and said. “Make more noise and I will throw all you down from the clouds!”

“Tao-tao is angry we caught her little tail.”

One of the young lady moved close to Tao Daier with her mouth pouted and laughed, “Did you smelled at him like this mouth to mouth?” 

The lips of the two young ladies almost touched each other, finally Tao Daier’s face couldn’t help but blush red, she turned her head to the other side while the other young ladies laughed out loud, the sonorous laughter and sounds of chuckling resounded through the clouds. 

Zhong Yue’s face too was red due to the hara.s.sment, he acted as as if he had heard nothing and asked, “Senior martial sisters, how does it look like outside of the Great Wilderness?”

The young ladies looked at each other and shook their heads, one of the young ladies shook her head and said, “We don’t know too, none of us had left the Great Wilderness before. But I hear that it is extremely dangerous, there were people walking out of the Great Wilderness in the past, but none of them returned.” 

“Even more! I hear that the villagers living around the fringes of the Great Wilderness will often go missing, they were s.n.a.t.c.hed away and eaten by the bad guys outside of the Great Wilderness!” 

Zhong Yue looked at Yu Feiyan and asked, “Senior martial sister you are knowledgeable, have you been out there before?” 

Yu Feiyan shook her head, “Not once, but there are Qi Pract.i.tioners of the You Yu Clan walking outside of the Great Wilderness. Out there… it is not a place for human inhabitation.”

Not a place for a humans to live, what kind comment is this?

Zhong Yue furrowed his brows, he asked Xin Huo, Xin Huo yawned and answered, “How do I know? Before I fall into hibernation there wasn’t such a thing as the Great Wilderness or so, the ruler of the world is of your kind, the f.u.xi celestial race. Who knew after I woke up, the f.u.xi celestial race had now devolved into the human race. Even I am craving to know what happened between this period of time….”

In the Beast G.o.d Ridge, the steep and precipitous mountains stood high like swords piercing through the skies. The monster beasts took the Beast G.o.d Ridge as their breeding ground and their paradise. Not a single trace of human tribes could be found, the humans only exist outside of the Beast G.o.d Ridge. Often there would be human tribesmen hunting activities but only at the outer rings of the Beast G.o.d Ridge. 

There were too many monster beasts in the Beast G.o.d Ridge, only a handful of courageous men were brave enough to enter it. 

Right now, there were upwards of twenty  Swords Gate upper house disciples walking in the deepest part of the Beast G.o.d Ridge, with their soul weapons, they slew every monster beast they could see. 

“Senior Martial Brother Han, this doesn’t feel right, the monster beasts are getting fewer in number, but stronger!” 

The over twenty disciples worked together and finally brought down a bovine monster. 

The bovine monster was strong, its cowhide was tough enough to withstand the salvo of soul weapons, the upper house disciples exhausted quite a bit of effort to kill it. 

The carca.s.s of the bovine monster was like a small mountain, they stood on it and overlooked the surroundings, they could see that the Beast Monster Ridge was shrouded within pink effluvia reminiscent of blooming mushrooms. 

One of the young disciples cast his gaze around, he frowned and said to their leader Senior Martial Brother Han, “Senior martial brother, there is something wrong, this monster cow is too strong, there had never been monster beasts this strong appearing in places like Beast G.o.d Ridge!” 

Another disciples smiled and answered him, “Junior martial brother you are overreacting, Senior Martial Brother Han is the strongest disciple in the male house, what kind of situation has he not met before? Even that Zhong Shan Clan member and Shui Tu Clan are clowns in Senior Martial Brother Han’s eyes, they are small and petty!” 

The Senior Martial Brother Han they spoke of was the strongest male disciple in the upper house, similar to the strongest female upper house disciple, Yu Feiyan. He smiled warmly and said, “Senior Martial Brother Shui Qinghe is strong, he might just be stronger than I am. As for the Zhong Shan Clan member, he still has some aspects he needs to improve on.” 

Suddenly, the effluvia at the front slightly parted, a young maiden slowly emerged within their visage as she ambled out to the front of the disciples. It was weird that she was dressed in pink clothes and in her hands gripped on a coalescence of mist that took the shape of a stick as if she were holding an umbrella or a mushroom covering her appearance. 

But vaguely from part of the figure she exposed, she appeared to be only 14-15 years old. 

“This junior martial sister, be careful, that miasma is poisonous!” 

One of the male disciple shouted out, “Quick, get out of there!” 

“Wait, something’s not right!” 

The Senior Martial Brother Han’s face turned, he whispered, “It is hard for even people like us to enter the Beast G.o.d Ridge, how did a little girl do it? It is best if we leave now….”

“Leave? Where can you go?” 

Under the umbrella-like effluvia, a graceful laughter of a young maiden sounded, she chuckled and said, “Humans, the most delicious food of the Great Wilderness, it is a very long time since I last ate one….”


Senior Martial Brother Han shouted, the disciples controlled their soul weapons and leapt down from and abandoned the carca.s.s of the monster cow where they killed it. 

The umbrella-shaped mist dispersed, revealing the body of a quintessential elegant young maiden, with the exception of her neck being three feet long with a serpentine head and a human’s face, she was a human-faced serpent!

The human-faced serpent laughed, “I said, there’s nowhere you can run, but none of you believed me!” 


Her neck grew bigger as the wind blows, the serpentine body rushed out from the clothes’ neck opening and grew longer and thicker, her head also grew larger. All of a sudden, she was already as big as a small mountain. In a split second, she spurted forward and swallowed four Swords Gate disciples all at once!

“This monster serpent is on the verge of becoming a Qi Pract.i.tioner, the Beast G.o.d Ridge would not give birth to such an extremely dangerous beast, she must’ve come from the outside!” 

Senior Martial Brother Han released an cry, “Use the soul weapons and slow her down, we will be safe as long as we leave this place!” 

The rest of the upper house disciples controlled their soul weapons and one after another, slashed down onto the gigantic serpentine head and heart area, sparks of fire emerged with the collision of the soul weapons and serpent scales, but the serpent was left unharmed. 

“Imbecilic humans, you dare show me your soul weapons, especially such inferior ones, don’t you know you are just asking to die?” 

The gigantic serpent chuckled, she opened her mouth and rained down her venomous fluids, green smoke billowed out from the soul weapons the moment they were contaminated by the venom. In the blink of an eye, the soul weapons were corroded into sc.r.a.p metal. 

The disciples cried out blood-curdling screams as their souls that were occupying the soul weapons were also corroded by the poisons; their souls dissipated into thin air while they died alongside their own helpless screams. 

Pu-tom, pu-tom – the bodies of Senior Martial Brother Han and the other disciples swayed and all of a sudden fell onto the floor. 

“All dead, the humans are so weak, no wonder they are always taken as food by us and the other races.” 

The gigantic serpent shrunk down her serpentine neck and reverted back to her human form, she shook her head as she mumbled. Suddenly, she smiled and said, “Senior martial brothers, do you all want to eat too? This little sister can distribute some to the two of you.” 

“Hmph, who needs it?” 

A brawny man like a pylon strode over, he gave a cold sneer and a.s.serted, “If I want to eat humans, I will catch them myself. There are plenty of human tribes just right outside of Beast G.o.d Ridge, the last time I entered a human village, I had an enjoyable feast!” 

The brawny man was over twenty feet, wearing a thick and furry overcoat, thick tuffs of hair grew all over his chest while he had a head of a bear that boasted razor-sharp teeth. 

“I am just one step behind and Junior Martial Sister She has taken care of everything.”

Another man hopped over at great speed, he in turn, had a head of a buck, he smiled and said, “Senior Martial Brother Xiong, Junior Martial Sister She is just being nice offering us food. These people are different than the ordinary humans that are bland and unpalatable. They are cultivators, their muscles are strong and solid, satisfying to masticate on and delicious to eat. If they are placed on the market, they can be sold at a nice price!” 

Junior Martial Sister She nodded with a smile, “Especially the human Qi Pract.i.tioners, they are more than valuable. The last time I was at the Xian Kong City for the Pageant of the Million Races, I saw someone selling the human Qi Pract.i.tioners, that selling price, you can’t even afford it even if you sell off yourself!”

The black bear was visibly fascinated, he said, “I hear that there are a lot of Qi Pract.i.tioners at the Swords gate….”

“Don’t you ever think about it!”

Junior Martial Sister She smiled coldly, “The Swords Gate guarded the Great Wilderness for tens of thousands of years, its strength is unfathomable. Not to mention that you are still not a Qi Pract.i.tioner yet, even if you are already a Qi Pract.i.tioner, if you dare to mess with the Swords Gate you will die without leaving behind a single hair! Senior Martial Brother Gongyang, am I right or not?” 

Gongyang nodded, smiled and said, “We are here today to accompany our teacher in searching for the treasures of the Beast G.o.d Ridge, it is fine to eat them if the disciples of the Swords Gate comes over, but we must not provoke the Swords Gate. We will immediately leave once our teacher has found the treasure! The Swords Gate is stronger than you can imagine, there are powerful forces trying to annex the Great Wilderness in their claws but none of succeed, one can tell how strong the deterrence of the Swords Gate is.” 

Senior Martial Brother Xiong nodded and said in a guttural voice, “Before we leave I will plunder some humans and sell them off!” 

Junior Martial Sister She suddenly turned her head to the skies and m.u.f.fled, “Someone’s coming! Eey, there are three groups of them, we don’t have to quarrel now, the three of us will each take charge of one group. Two senior martial brothers, remember, they must all die here and now, there must be no one left living lest they leak word of this, or otherwise, when the Swords Gate is informed, it will foil the plans of our teacher!” 

Gongyang and Senior Martial Bother Xiong nodded and went their separate ways.

Junior Martial Sister She spat and flicked her protracted tongue, she quickly slithered towards the Rainbow Clouds Carrier where Zhong Yue, Tao Daier and the others were on, she mumbled to herself, “I hope teacher can quickly get his hands on the treasure, if we drag this matter any longer, I’m afraid the next one to come would not be these helpless  little disciples anymore, but the Qi Pract.i.tioners….”

Translator Note:

Gongyang (公羊) literally means ‘male sheep/goat’
Xiong (熊) literally means ‘bear’

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Rise Of Humanity Chapter 31 - The Monster Race

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