Rise Of Humanity Chapter 32 - Roaring Thunder Sword

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Chapter 32        Roaring Thunder Sword

The Rainbow Clouds Carrier slowly descended from the sky when the girls looked down from the cloud while waiting to alight once the cloud reached the ground. What came into their vision was a ridge with seemingly unforgivable terrain which would instill great terror into anyone looking at it. In the Great Wilderness, there were a lot of places with dangerous environments but this ridge appeared especially malign, making the girls adopt serious expressions.

As the clouds reached the ground, Tao Daier took out the small pouch and murmured something. As she murmured, the rainbow cloud swiftly returned back into the pouch and after a few moments, the cloud completely disappeared into the small pouch.

Yu Feiyan walked forward and explained, “Dear sisters, the reward of this mission a.s.signed by Swords Gate is very rich. A lot of the other disciples are planning to enter the Beast G.o.d Ridge and some are already there by now. We should make haste and enter the deeper part of the Beast G.o.d Ridge to kill those rampant monster beasts promptly!”

Ting Lan Yue walked up and , “Senior Martial Sister, there would be a lot of the elites from the top ten clans here by now and some of them are very strong, like Shui Qinghe and Lei Gun. There are also some strong female disciples here like Li Xiuniang from the Li Shan Clan and Mu Qingxuan from Mu Shan Clan. Are you confident that you could best them?”

Yu Feiyan shook and said, “Li Xiuniang, Mu Qingxuan and the others have already achieved the state of [Actualization of Virtuality]. Their psyche is better than mine. These people are the core disciples from their own clans, they are also selected after rigorous tests and raised up with rich resources when they were still young. Therefore, they are individuals who have exceptional skills. However, the core disciples from my clan, the You Yu Clan, are not any weaker than them as well. They would need to fight with me first if they want me to conceded that they are stronger than me! Junior Martial Brother Zhong, you have fought with Shui Qinghe once, how is his strength compared to mine?”

The other girls immediately looked at Zhong Yue as they really wanted to know about it as well.

Zhong Yue thought for awhile and he shook his head while saying, “Senior martial sister, you are slightly weaker than Shui Qinghe.”

Yu Feiyan stared at him angrily and rebuked saltily, “How would you know if we did not even fight at all? Besides, I really want to compete with you, especially after you fought with Shui Qinghe!”
“Junior Martial Brother Zhong, when do you want to claim the throne of the strongest disciple in the male house?”

Tao Daier smiled and said, “The first in the male house is now Senior Martial Brother Han Qingmo and he is as famous as Senior Martial Sister Yu. He is a formidable foe. If you manage to defeat him, you would then be the best in the male house then.”

Zhong Yue smiled and said, “Is the t.i.tle of being the best in the male house really that important?”

“How is it not important?”

The other girls refuted Zhong Yue’s answer and quipped, “If you have the t.i.tle of the strongest male disciple, you will receive the admiration of us female disciples!” 

“You would also receive the favoritism of the Qi Pract.i.tioners and they might give you various valuable items!”

“People would also become your follower and get things done for you! They would also eagerly help you solve your problems in bids to gain your favour!”

Zhong Yue was stunned by the girls’ answers and he said stupidly, “Such advantages? But I don’t need the admiration of the girls now as it is useless for me now. What I need the most is the medicinal pellets and cultivation techniques….”

The girls immediately dismissed him and proclaimed, “Senior Martial Brother Han is an incredible person like Senior Martial Sister Yu, he will not be defeated by you! If you want to become the first in the upper house, you will have to wait for another few years!”

“May the handsome and brilliant Senior Martial Brother Han defeat this evil demon from Zhong Shan Clan!”

Suddenly, Yu Feiyan face became very serious and she said, “Quiet, there are monsters nearby!”

The girls immediately got nervous and they quickly stood back to back while they prepared for battle and took out their totem pillars.

Zhong Yue recollected his thoughts and his back suddenly felt very warm as a soft body lean towards his back. He turned back and saw the beautiful jet black hair and pearl white neck of a girl. Tao Daier turned her head and smiled towards Zhong Yue. Her smile was so sweet, her teeth were like spotless pearls and she also smelled sublime. All of these suddenly reduced the tension of the atmosphere around Zhong Yue.

He looked around and found the totem pillars of those girls were very small but the carvings on the totem pillars were very exquisite. The carvings seemed to be that of a very high-cla.s.sed phoenix.

The ground trembled lightly and the trembling slowly became more and more frequent and vigorous. The ground trembled so hard like waves in the sea and the next moment, one after another, Feiyi Snakes appeared in their vicinity!

These Feiyi Snakes looked like giant lizards except armored with a body full of scales. They were as tall as a normal person but their body length was only about two or three feet long. 

“Do not use your soul weapons!”

Yu Feiyan quickly said, “Feiyi Snakes consume any metals as their food, their stomach is full of corrosive gastric juices. They could easily corrode your soul weapon if they managed to bite on them. Immediately cast out your totem pillar and initiate the totem of phoenix.”

Dong dong dong! 

One after another, the totem pillars landed on the ground and the carvings on the pillars glowed. The glows from the pillars then intersected in mid-air, forming a majestic phoenix floating in the air over the girls.

“This is an array?”

Zhong Yue showed a shocked expression and he proceeded to measure the phoenix formed by the totem pillars. He could feel the immense strength and aura coming from that conjured phoenix, its strength was equal to a phoenix-derived cultivation technique already!

This phoenix was so condensed as it could almost materialize already. From this, its strength would be incredibly strong!


As the phoenix flapped its wings, huge fireb.a.l.l.s shot out towards those Feiyi Snakes. The fireb.a.l.l.s exploded as soon as they landed in the crowds of those Feiyi snakes, splitting them apart and killed countless numbers !

The remaining Feiyi Snakes let out a scream and scattered everywhere. The girls felt relieved until the ground trembled suddenly. A huge hole opened in the ground and innumerable red tentacles with no eyes and no nose, just a huge mouth emerged from the ground. The tentacles then flew towards the head of the girls!

One of the tentacles had its mouth wrapped around a girl’s head and her shoulders before she the scream could even escape her mouth.

“Don’t panic, it's just the huge mountain worm! Flying Goose Shocking Swan!”

Yu Feiyan shouted, stretched out her hands and the swans she visualized flew out and severed the tentacles with their wings. The girl who had her head and upper body wrapped in the tentacles took the chance and quickly escaped.

Ting Lanyue used some water to help her wash off the stains and at the same time, the other girls shouted, “Many of our totem pillars have been swallowed!”

“There’s the huge mountain worm and Feiyi Snakes again!”

The ground swelled and more tentacles flew out from the ground and previously fleeing Feiyi Snakes had returned. They opened up their huge mouth and pounced towards the girls!

Yu Feiyan’s face changed quickly and she shouted, “You girls deal with the Feiyi Snakes, I’ll take care of the huge mountain worm….”

Before she finished her sentence, the ground began trembling vigorously again and the roar of thunder could be heard underground as Zhong Yue stomped his leg very hard onto the ground!


The ground cracked open and a fissure of about six to seven feet appeared. A huge meatball could be seen flying out from the fissure and smokes could be seen exuding out from its black c.o.ked body.

The burnt meatball was at least about fifty to sixty feet and it had a myriad of tentacles growing on its body. However, its formerly grotesquely writhing appendages were now condemned to eternal silence as the existence that controlled it was exterminated by the thunder!

At the same time, thunder roared across the sky and transformed into Sword Qi before filling up the entire area with immense lightning Sword Qi and striking down onto the few hundreds Feiyi Snakes.

The over thirty girls immediately looked at Zhong Yue and saw him hold and place his sword scabbard in front of him. There was no trace of the sword being removed from the scabbard, it was only his psyche that was used to activate【Spring Thunder Swords Skill】.

While under his feet, a huge dragon claw could be seen, as if a Jiao Dragon had walked over the place he was standing.

So strong….

The girls gasped and Yu Feiyan glanced at Zhong Yue and thought, Is Shui Qinghe that strong as well? If he really is that strong, I’m afraid I will not be able to beat him….

Ting Lanyue raised her head and looked at the huge meatball while she said in shock, “So this is how a huge mountain worm looks like? Our totem pillars are still in its stomach, should we open up the stomach and retrieve our totem pillars?”

“The huge mountain worms have a strong digestive system, which allows them to travel underground, devouring everything in its path. The totem pillars are made with wood, they should’ve long been digested in its stomach by now.”

Yu Feiyan recollected her thoughts and said, “If Rou’er was completely swallowed by it just now, we wouldn’t even have been able to recover her remains at all.”

That Junior Martial Sister Rou’er had a scare and forced herself to calm down.

Suddenly, Zhou Yue could feel something very far away from them and he could see a huge pink effluvium floating far away from them. He frowned and murmured, “Unsheath!”


His Dragon Blood Sword Scabbard suddenly opened up and a jet black sword ray sliced through the air and flew a few miles away.

Yu Feiyan and the others were shocked by Zhong Yue’s action and quickly looked towards that direction and they saw the mushroom shaped effluvium had been pierced thoroughly by the sword ray before it dispersed. Then, the sword ray returned and rain water started pouring down from the pierced effluvium but there was no trace of rain water on the sword.

The rain water then suddenly disappeared as if it was never there in the first place.

The Dragon Scale Sword returned and Zhong Yue held onto the hilt. Blood stains could be seen on the sword as he managed to injured a living being that was hiding within the effluvium.

“Senior Martial Sister Yu, there is something wrong here. The attack of Feiyi Snakes and the huge mountain worm was aiming at our totem pillars instead of us. I think they had a clear target which was to destroy our phoenix totem array! Do the ordinary monster beasts have such high intelligence?”

Zhong Yue flicked his fingers on his Dragon Scale Sword and shook off all the blood stains on the sword before sheathing it back into the scabbard. He continued saying, “Besides, I could feel someone secretly observing us and I attacked at the same direction. The blood stain here could explain that there is someone who is manipulating the monsters behind this attack!”

Yu Feiyan frowned and Ting Lanyue nodded while saying, “It is indeed very strange. The strength of these monsters are also much stronger than before.”

“Anyhow, everyone must be more careful from now on.”

Yu Feiyan said, “There are some strange things going on in the Beast G.o.d Ridge. I suggest that we explore part of the ridge and we will escape on Tao-tao’s rainbow clouds if things go beyond our control!”

Tao-tao nodded seriously as Yu Feiyan was talking.

The girls then kept the totem pillars and walked forward. Not long after, they reached the place where the pink effluvium was just now. Perforations about the size of a fist could be seen everywhere around, they were formed by the rain water from the effluvium just now!

“Such poisonous rain water, capable of corroding the rocks and soil to this degree!”

Yu Feiyan was shocked and she received another shock as she could see a huge hole reaching deep into the underground. There were also blood stains splattered about the entrance of the hole. Obviously, the living being injured by Zhong Yue burrowed and escaped into the hole.
However, the huge hole also indicated that the fled living being was also incredibly huge!

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