Rise Of Humanity Chapter 33 - Tree Monster

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Chapter 33        Tree Monster


Such a strong awareness from that human brat, what’s with that quick response!

Tens of miles away from Zhong Yue, the earth cracked open and a huge serpent  head unburrowed out from it, it shrunk down and a young maiden with a serpent’s head walked out, she swung her hands and destroyed the hole to cover up her tracks, she was the Junior Martial Sister She of the monster race.

The speed of his sword was quick, so fast that I can’t even react to it, if I didn’t twist my body in time, I would have been slashed into half!

Junior Martial Sister She lifted her hands and touched her serpent neck. A wound that reached so deep into her bones with blood flowing out could be seen. It clearly showed how fast and strong the sword Zhong Yue slashed was!

That brat is not weak at all, but I’m only wounded because he had the advantage and the element of surprise. And also the lady in black, she seems to be the leader of the group, could she be stronger than that brat? The others are merely wimps, but these two, I must know what the duo are capable of, knowing your own strength and the enemy's is the sure way to victory….

The human-faced serpent head Junior Martial Sister She calmed down, her eyes glimmered in demonic flashes. She only suffered some losses at this small encounter with Zhong Yue but she retreated anyway because she was fearful of Yu Feiyan. In her eyes, Yu Feiyan was the leader of the group of disciples, even Zhong Yue couldn’t be the leader, sure enough, Yu Feiyan would be stronger than him.

Zhong Yue was already this strong, if Yu Feiyan was stronger than him, then she would definitely lose if she faced those two formidable opponents alone, retreat was hence the best option. 

Alright, I will let the little toys of Beast G.o.d Ridge have fun with you humans, let’s dig out the strength of the lady in black!

The demonic flashes in Junior Martial Sister She's eyes glimmered even more eerily, she gave out a shrill whistle and not long after there were m.u.f.fled howls and roars coming from the Beast G.o.d Ridge, Junior Martial Sister She then dashed into the deepest part of the ridge. 

At the same time, Lei Gun of Lei Hu Clan and Li Xiuniang of Li Shan Clan were both ambushed by the monster beasts to test their strengths, when Lei Gun and Li Xiuniang both showed their ability to materialize their visualizations, the monster race’s Senior Martial Brother Xiong and Gongyang held back and avoided immediate confrontation. 

This is not the place yet, if any one of them escaped, they will spoil teacher’s plan! Wait until when they enter deeper into the Beast G.o.d Ridge, then they can be freshly served on the dining table!

While Zhong Yue, Yu Feiyan and the others continued on pus.h.i.+ng deeper into the Beast G.o.d Ridge, they had met with various kinds of monster beasts along the length of their journey, the monster beasts in the Beast G.o.d Ridge were all humongous, sometimes there would be a giant crocodile jumping out from the swamp, over two hundred over feet with impenetrable skin, sometimes there would be a huge fish leaping out from the lake trying to devour them.

Even the birds in the skies were gigantic, with a wingspan of over a hundred feet, the wind it displaced with every flap of its wing threatened to blow the disciples away!

There were some other strange and odd beasts, such as giant spiders that crawled out of nowhere, spurted spiderwebs and pulled one of the female disciples back to its cave. When Yu Feiyan and the others rushed over to save her, the giant spider was just about to lay its eggs into the stomach of the young lady. 

“Junior Martial Sister Rou’er, you have to more cautious, try not to get dragged away by spiders again.” 

The martial sisters teased her, “You are in bad luck, the last time you were nearly swollen away by the huge mountain earthworm.” 

Junior Martial Sister Rou’er was still shuddering in fright, she smiled and a.s.sured, “It is only a coincidence, how will be there the third time? The next time a spider dares to come near me, I will beat the teeth out of its mouth … Aiya!” 

Before her words finished – Hu – a sudden gale of wind blew past and she flew up into the sky with her body upended towards a giant tree.

“The third time came so quickly….”

The girls were in shock, the giant tree’s crown covered a radius of a hundred mus, it’s thick roots and huge branches rippled like water waves towards them. 

“Man-eating tree!” 

Ting Lanyue exclaimed out in fear, she quickly visualized the fire and immediately the air around turned burning hot, the other young ladies all followed suit and visualized the fire. But it was useless, the branches and roots, as if impervious to the burning heat, penetrated through the fire to grip the ladies by their ankles, dragging them back to the tree trunk. 

There was a small mountain of dead carca.s.ses littered around the tree trunk, they were all victims of the man-eating tree!

Yu Feiyan murmured and wings appeared on her back, she quickly flew up into the sky and was just able to take out her soul weapon when the tree branches gripped and pulled her in, even a gigantic eagle that was intending to feed on Yu Feiyan was also dragged along. 

Seeing the tree branches jabbing towards Zhong Yue, the young ladies shouted out loud, “Junior Martial Brother Zhong, leave now!” 

The next moment, Zhong Yue was tied tightly together with the young ladies.

“Jiao Dragon Totem!” 

Zhong Yue chanted deeply, a Jiao Dragon surrounded by thunderous lightning flew out from between his brows and encircled the giant tree. 

“Lightning burst!” 

Zhong Yue released a roaring sound and the thunderous lightning force within the Jiao Dragon totem erupted instantly, the tree branches and roots were electrocuted by the lightning force, freeing the young ladies from its hold. The young ladies were overjoyed and they immediately ran as far as they could. 

After fleeing for a few miles, they turned their head to see that the giant tree ‘stood up’ on its roots and moved towards them. 

Again they quickly ran away from it, the giant tree was too c.u.mbersome to catch up to them, it was enraged and it randomly flogged the surroundings in anger. 

“That tree, it’s nearly becoming a Qi Pract.i.tioner….”

Ting Lanyue heaved a breath of relief, she said, “There are a lot of Swords Gate senior martial brothers that arrived earlier than us, I hear that Senior Martial Brother Han is also here, I wonder if we can rendezvous with them? Senior Martial Brother Han is strong, if we walk along together the danger will be greatly lessened.” 

“The Beast G.o.d Ridge is so big, it would be hard to meet with them” 

Yu Feiyan shook her head, she said, “The monster beasts in the Beast G.o.d Ridge are getting more and more powerful, the last time I was here they weren’t this strong, even Han Qingmo will be struggling like us. But they are also heading towards the depths of the Beast G.o.d Ridge, we might be able to meet with them right there.” 

In Zhong Yue’s psyche ocean, Xin Huo was finally awakened, he looked at the surroundings through Zhong Yue’s eyes, he saw the surrounding steep mountains and smiled, “Such humongous ribs these are, whoever died here could truly be acknowledged as a G.o.d!” 


Zhong Yue’s soul was in his psyche ocean, he exclaimed in shock, “What ribs?”

“That mountain!” 

Xin Huo lifted his arm as if a little flame pointed out a line of fire, his arm directed out to a magnificent mountain, “That mountain is actually one of the ribs, whoever died here was a big guy. With such a huge rib, the big guy should not be one of the G.o.d race or demons, instead it would be a beast, a G.o.d of the beasts! Look at the size of this rib, it should’ve been strong when it was alive….”

Zhong Yue was affrighted, he lifted his head and gazed at the magnificent mountain, the mountain was 40-50 thousand feet high, steep and arduous with a hexagonal shape, it was simply an insurmountable task for a human to climb it! 

Such a big rib….

Zhong Yue took in a deep breath, he looked around at the other mountains, there were forty-eight similar mountains like this, twice the number of ribs of an ordinary human!

“This can only be considered as a normal beast G.o.d’s ribs, I’ve seen bigger ones.” 

Xin Huo thought for a moment and said, “But there wasn’t such a place before I sunk into hibernation, it must have been formed during the interim of the slumber, what could it be that caused the death of a beast G.o.d here … Eh, the aura in the air?” 

The little flame exclaimed in surprise, he laughed, “Nice, nice! I thought the essence of this beast G.o.d was all gone, the bones petrified into stones and the soul dispersed into thin air, who knew this big guy left behind an essence of such high purity!” 

Zhong Yue’s face s.h.i.+fted, he asked curiously, “What essence?”

“When a beast G.o.d dies, it seals its essence and soul, biding its time for the moment it could rise from the dead again. But time pa.s.sed and his soul was not wors.h.i.+pped by the beasts, without the wors.h.i.+pping it couldn’t turn into the totem and hence, its soul perished into thin air. But the essence remained, don’t you realize that the monster beasts around here are getting more and more powerful, stronger than before?” 

Zhong Yue nodded and confirmed the statement, Ting Lanyue and Yu Feiyan both said that the monster beasts in the Beast G.o.d Ridge were stronger than before. 

Xin Huo then said, “This is because the essence and soul seal placed by the beast G.o.d was getting weaker, its essence leaked out from the seal and was subsumed by the monster beasts, that’s why the monster beasts are getting stronger. Plus, I suspect that this place only became the paradise of the monster beasts because they were all attracted to the leaked essence of the beast G.o.d. Brat Yue, only a slight leakage of beast G.o.d essence and all of these monster beasts became so strong, do you realize how much benefit the essence of the beast G.o.d can bring?”

“That said, the mess of the monster beasts in the Beast G.o.d Ridge is caused by the leaked beast G.o.d essence?”

Zhong Yue was thrilled, he asked, “This essence of beast G.o.d, can the humans absorb it? How is it compared to the Yuling Pellets?”

“Yuling Pellets?”

Xin Huo was dumbstruck by his question, he took some time to recollect his thoughts from the absurdity of the question and lectured, “Yuling Pellet doesn’t even have the right to be called dust in front of the beast G.o.d essence, alright? The beast G.o.d essence is way beyond the level of Yuling Pellets, even the Swords Gate would only have a handful of medicinal pellets that are comparable to the beast G.o.d essence! But you are not wrong, it can be absorbed by you, but not directly, or otherwise you will turn into a monster beast, a beast of the same kind as the beast G.o.d!” 

Zhong Yue was shocked, he shouted out involuntarily, “Turning into a monster beast?” 

Xin Huo smiled banteringly, “It is fine if you want to, but why? You humans are the descendants of the f.u.xi celestial race, the f.u.xi are the descendants of the Leize and Huaxu, the Leize are the innate dragon G.o.ds, Leize Clan the Dragon G.o.d race, while the Huaxu are the innate snake G.o.ds, Huaxu Clan the Snake G.o.d race. The ancestors of these two races are innate G.o.ds, the two races are royal clans, the royalties! Their bloodlines are thousands of times superior to the beast G.o.d. Maybe, the beast G.o.d essence can trigger the f.u.xi bloodline in your body. After all, the f.u.xi lineage in you is too dilute, the beast G.o.d essence might just be able to purify it a little bit more.” 

“Xin Huo, are you sure that the beast G.o.d essence can purify the f.u.xi lineage in me?” Zhong Yue was excited but doubted it at the same time. 

Although Xin Huo treated him nicely, he wasn’t really a figure that looked reliable at all, Zhong Yue couldn’t help but doubt him. 

“Rest a.s.sured, it’ll all be fine as long as I’m here, I guarantee that your f.u.xi lineage can be triggered and purified! Move move, go deeper along the mountain range, there you can find the seal where the beast G.o.d placed its essence at!” 

Xin Huo kept a.s.suring Zhong Yue with words, but in his heart he was a little diffident, En, whether if it can trigger and purify the f.u.xi lineage is something I’ve never tried before. The success rate should be kinda low … En, there’s someone nearby?

Zhong Yue also sensed it at the same time, he turned his head and saw the same old mushroom-like pink effluvium from afar. 

He spotted me again!

Junior Martial Sister She smiled demonically, This brat is really sensitive, but all this while I’ve seen through the strengths of the lot of you, that lady in black was not strong at all, only you alone can be considered to be strong. In that case, I don’t have to be polite and nice anymore, I will crush you petty humans right away … Ey, someone’s coming! Did Senior Martial Brother Xiong not take these humans down?”

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