Rise Of Humanity Chapter 48 - Swords Gate's Shen Dragon

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Chapter 48        Swords Gate's Shen Dragon

“The top ten clan disciples have taken part in this Lawless Battle but why are there no disciples from the first clan?” asked the curious Ting Lanyue.

Zhong Yue also felt curious as Li Xiuniang introduced the other nine clan’s core disciples but seemingly omitted the first clan and their core disciples entirely. Logically, the first clan had always been the strongest clan in the Great Wilderness and they must have sent disciples to participate in the battle.

“The first clan is Feng Clan, which is the clan of the current headmaster of the Swords Gate. Their bloodline is very strong and rumors said their bloodline belongs to the human gods' bloodline.”

Li Xiuniang shook her head and said, “Although their clan is very strong, their numbers are too few, which is also why there are no disciples from that clan taking part in the battle. However, although their population has always been little, each and every one of them was a paragon of their era. For example, Feng Wuji of the four top young disciples is from the Feng Clan. At the same time, our headmaster of Swords Gate is the strongest in the entire Great Wilderness!”

“Feng Clan?”

In Zhong Yue’s psyche ocean, Xin Huo shouted happily and he said, “Feng Clan is the biggest clan in the era of Fuxi. This clan is also the earliest clan to be formed and they were called the first clan under the heavens! The Feng Clan of that era were the descendants of the first Fuxi and Nuwa. I wonder what is the relationship between this Great Wilderness’ Feng Clan and Feng Clan of the Fuxi’s era … Brat Yue, I want to meet with the people of this Feng Clan here. Perhaps, I may find a pure-blood Fuxi celestial race!”

Zhong Yue’s heart fretted as Li Xiuniang said that the bloodline of Feng Clan had always been incredibly strong and Xin Huo now said that Feng Clan is the descendants of Fuxi, maybe he could really find a pureblood Fuxi celestial race in the Great Wilderness.

The Feng Clan is located in the Great Wilderness and there are people from the Feng Clan in Swords Gate. All I have to do is approach the headmaster of Swords Gate and Feng Wuji, but how am I supposed to approach with my current status? Maybe I have to become a Qi Practitioner in order to meet them?

All of the upper house disciples along with the Qi Practitioners in the Knowledge Teaching Pavillion had gathered around the Five Pine Summit. They all stood behind the elders whereas the elders sat down under the cover of the umbrellas.

Not long after, an elder stood up and looked at the few thousand upper house disciples beneath the summit and announced, “Today is the day that the Lawless Battle is held. There will be no rules and no restrictions in the battle, but you all hail from the same school after all. Therefore, if possible, you must all do your best to not harm anyone’s life. Junior Martial Brother Lu, please explain the rules to them.”

Another Qi Practitioner walked up and he then explained the condition to win to the disciples.

The condition to win is very simple; one would have to occupy the high stage in order to win. There are a total of one hundred stages, and by occupying and successfully fending off every participant, one would be able to ascend as one of the top hundred disciples of the upper house.

Those who managed to occupy the high stages would have to face the challenges from the other participants. Only by successfully maintaining their position for four hours would the disciple be able to become one of the top hundred disciples of the upper house.

Through this, these upper house disciples would have to fight each other again and again and the ones who managed to hold the high stage from his foes for longer than four hours would be able to acquire the qualification to enter the Ethereal palace. 

After this first round, the top hundred disciples would have the opportunity to compete among themselves in a battle royale for the title of supremacy among all the upper house disciples. The battle among these top hundred disciples was very crucial, as only the strongest among them would be able to acquire the most resources after entering the Ethereal palace. 

Is that all?

After hearing the rules, Zhong Yue felt a little bit stunned. He thought, With only such battles, I guess it would be very difficult to determine the true strength and potential of the disciples? After all, some of the disciples have techniques that could allow them to fly and the final battle will not be able to adequately showcase the strengths of these flying techniques. Besides, with so many disciples taking part in that battle, the stages will definitely be very crowded….

After he finished talking, the Qi Practitioner notified the elder and the elder said, “Bring in Shen Dragon.”

The Qi Practitioner nodded and shouted, “Bring in the Shen Dragon!”


Then, the other Qi Practitioners replied and shouted, “Bring in the Shen Dragon!”


Then, one after another, the Qi Practitioners held large chains in their hands and there were a total of one hundred and ten of these chains. The other end of the chains extended all the way into the clouds and as they moved, the clouds near the golden peak of the Swords Gate rumbled vigorously.

As these Qi Practitioners used their full strength to pull the chains, the clouds kept on rumbling and after a moment, a gigantic creature was pulled out of the clouds!

This creature had the head of a chicken, back of a turtle and tail of a dragon. Its claws were extremely sharp and it rested in the clouds. However, it was now being chained and pulled out from the clouds. When the Shen Dragon was pulled out from the clouds, it let out furious roars that sounded like the crowings of a rooster which reverberated throughout the mountains.

Zhong Yue looked up and saw that the Shen Dragon was incredibly long and it floated in the air like a huge mountain, refusing and struggling to stay in the clouds.

Such a rare exotic beast! Swords Gate is indeed very resourceful to have such creature. But why did they bring in Shen Dragon?

Ting Lanyue murmured, “So the crowings of the chicken I heard every morning was let out by this Shen Dragon. I have been wondering for a long time about who actually bred chickens in Swords Gate….”

The struggling Shenlong that was brought in by the hundred and ten Qi Practitioners immediately turned its head and angrily bellowed at Ting Lanyue, “You dare to call me a chicken?”

Ting Lanyue stuck out her tongue and quickly hid behind Zhong Yue.

A Swords Gate elder stood up and shouted, “Shenlong, stop causing a ruckus. We Swords Gate supported and took you in for a very long time and it is now time for you to do your job again.”

The Shen Dragon replied, “Kid, I am from the same generation as your grandfather, when you need my help, at least say please.”

The speechless elder then weakly added, “Please.”

With that, the Shen Dragon stopped struggling and unleashed its psyche. As soon as it released its psyche, Zhong Yue was shocked as hundreds of mountains started appearing around the Five Pine Summit. 

In a few moments, hundreds of mountains were formed around Five Pine Summit with the psyche of Shen Dragon. Jungles were everywhere and animals could be seen walking around in the jungles!

These mountains that appeared all of a sudden were just like real mountains with abundant resources, flora, and fauna!

An upper house disciple walked forward, touched the mountain and shouted with surprise, “It is just like a real mountain!”

The psyche of this Shen Dragon was so great that everything it materialized with its psyche was so true to life! Without knowing the situation before this, one would not even be able to realize that all of these were formed from psyche!

The Shen Dragon had an intrinsically incredible psyche, this Shen Dragon that was taken in by the Swords Gate was one of its kind. Its psyche was so strong that it could envelop the entire mountain where Swords Gate was located and transform it into a land of mirage.

On top of that, it’s incredibly strong psyche also allowed it to transform everything it formed with its psyche into something so authentic that it was nigh impossible to distinguish the psyche-actualizations from their genuine counterparts.

In past history, whenever Swords Gate was invaded, this Shen Dragon would definitely step in and lend its assistance. With its strong side and its ability to form illusions that were so real, it managed to help repel invaders. However, this Shenlong was very rebellious and so it was chained up as it always wanted to run away. 

Its seniority in the Swords Gate was also incredibly high as even every single elder would have to give way to its seniority.

In the air, a few elders nodded and the Qi Practitioners from the Knowledge Teaching Pavilion moved the stages into the hundreds of mountains with their psyche.

Not long after, the stages were all moved into the mountains.

“The battle begins now!”

As the signal was given, innumerable upper house disciples dashed towards the stages located in the mountains. While some ran on the ground, they were those disciples that formed wings with their psyche and took to the air to fly into the mountains in order to occupy the stages before the others.

As long as they managed to occupy the stages and have their totem pillars set up, they would be able to gain the initiative over their opponents!

Zhong Yue did not rush towards the stages and he stood at the same spot quietly. Other than that, Ting Lanyue did not move as well. There were another ten plus people who stood at the same place without any intention of rushing towards the stages as well.

“Such impatience, recklessly charging forward and even after occupying the stages, one will constantly face challenges from the other disciples. With the continuous battles, one’s strength will be drained quickly ... this strategy is not sustainable. 

An elder stroked his beard and laughed, “These disciples may not be the strongest but they are the smartest. They might be waiting for the right time to strike, waiting and observing the strength of those who occupied the stages. Once they located the weakest disciples occupying the stages, they will strike at them mercilessly and forcefully take over the stages to advance into the top hundred easily.”

The other Qi Practitioners and elders nodded and said, “However, if you are incredibly strong, you don’t have to wait at all, all you need to do is just occupy one stage and roll over all the challengers.”

Zhong Yue looked around and he did not show any sign of surprise as he did not see Li Xiuniang and the core disciples from the top ten clans. Shui Qingyan was also nowhere to be found around them and he wondered which mountain she went off to.

“Xin Huo, did you notice which mountain Tian Myriad Mother headed to?”

Xin Huo was stunned a little bit and he replied, “Whatever I see is through your eyes, I can’t see what you can’t see. You want to duel with Tian Myriad Mother? Brat Yue, that is the soul of a demon god in Shui Qingyan’s body, not just an ordinary upper house disciple! Shui Qingyan’s strength was nothing when compared to the strength of Tian Myriad Mother! Zhong Yue looked towards the mountains and saw that some disciples have already occupied the stages with their totem pillars set up in formation around the stages and started fighting together with the other disciples.

After another few moments, the stages have all been occupied one by one and the battles erupted en masse as the disciples contended among each other for supremacy.

Those disciples around Zhong Yue also picked their targets and headed towards their own destination. Ting Lanyue also started walking and she suddenly turned back and said fiercely, “Junior Martial Brother Zhong, don’t go on the same path as me or I’ll bite you!”

Zhong Yue felt speechless and he walked towards another path and thought, “Tian Myriad Mother is very strong, I would eventually face her in the battle royale even if I don’t run into her this time. I should not push too hard!”

He continued walking forward and he did not run into many disciples on his way to his target. This was all because the majority of the disciples were already somewhere near the stages.

On top of them, the elders and Qi Practitioners saw the way Zhong Yue walked towards and they felt speechless. They conversed with each other quietly, “Is this young man really that unwise? He waited for so long only to choose this path?”

“This path will eventually lead to the Shui Qinghe, the core disciple of Shui Tu Clan of the top ten clans, one of the disciples qualified to become the top hundred disciples! Why did he choose this path? Is he asking for trouble? Such foolhardiness.”

“Perhaps he really is that unwise.”

The elders and Qi Practitioners shook their head and felt speechless at the decision of Zhong Yue.

On the other end, Zhong Yue calmly walked towards his destination and it did not take long until he reached his destination. In front of him were huge water waves that blotted out the skies and the stages. Waterspouts that looked like a water dragon filled the landscape and one after another, totem pillars stood like trees in a forest. Waterspouts and ice crystal swords were flying everywhere, forming a huge net of formidable defense, fending off the onslaught of attacks from the surrounding disciples. 

As one upper house disciple leaped into the sky in order to launch an attack from the sky, a water sword energy ray shot out and knocked him down from the sky. 

The stage occupied by Shui Qinghe appeared to be untouchable!

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