Rise Of Humanity Volume 2 Chapter 521

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Chapter 521 - Idiot

The【Time Light Spatial Crystal Mystic Scripture】had two types of totem patterns — those of time and s.p.a.ce. Their complexity couldn't be described in words, and to master it, one would need to spend years and years studying them.

Zhong Yue spent two months studying the art, and what he understood now was still just the tip of the gigantic iceberg. But nevertheless, he was able to build a primitive teleportation portal. That alone was already a great achievement!

Fang Jiange and the others walked out from the insect expert's Yuan Shen secret realms and looked at the teleportation array Zhong Yue built. There were many pillars forged from divine gold scattering around the array formation and these pillars were engraved with marvelous totem patterns.

However, unlike the other teleportation portals they had seen before, the divine gold pillars were looked shabby and the array formation looked primitive. They couldn't help but doubt the array formation's integrity.

"Wait, wait, this totem pattern needs some adjustment…." Suddenly, Zhong Yue stopped them and corrected a totem pattern on one of the pillars.

Moments later, he said, "Now we can … wait, wait, wait for a second!"

The experts were speechless, they watched as Zhong Yue moved from one pillar to the other. Just a second ago, he announced that they could enter the teleportation array formation but he suddenly stopped them to correct the totem patterns again. Seeing this didn't do much to inspire confidence in those who were watching.

After a long time, Zhong Yue finally couldn't find anymore mistakes, he nodded his head satisfyingly and said while smiling, "Should be fine now! Guys, we can move now."

Be it Tian Yanzhong or Gu Hongzi, none of them had any good feelings about it. Even Qiu Jin'er felt her confidence in Zhong Yue waver for the first time.

Tian Mo Concubine blinked and turned toward Bai Canghai, "Senior martial brother of the Bai Zhe Clan, what do you think of this teleportation array formation?"

Bai Canghai hesitated for a second before saying, "I don't think it's reliable…"

"Oh, then we should be good!" Tian Mo Concubine and the others suddenly felt rea.s.sured and the experts all strode into array formation.

Bai Canghai was speechless, he braced himself and walked into the array formation. He was still mumbling, "But I really do think it's unreliable…"

Zhong Yue heard Bai Canghai and was relaxed as well, he thought, With Brother Canghai words, we are halfway to success already!

He left four insect magnates behind to power the teleportation array formation while the others stood inside of it, waiting for the array formation to be activated.

"Not good!" Gu Hongzi suddenly said, "The insect race is closing in!"

From afar, they could see the insect experts swarming in along with waves of G.o.dly auras coming from behind the swarming insects!

Fang Jiange's face turned solemn, "The insect G.o.ds are here for us as well. Junior Martial Brother Zhong, quick, the teleportation portal!"

Zhong Yue immediately ordered the four insect magnates to power the array formation. The totem patterns on the divine gold pillars shone brightly and linked the pillars together. Marvelous totem patterns also emerged all over on the ground.

The totem patterns shone brighter and suddenly, a beam of light ray shot up into the sky. The experts were shrouded in the light rays as the beam carried them through the atmosphere!

"It worked!"

Zhong Yue was overjoyed, the experts all were relaxed. The light rays shrouded them in and shot them up into the sky at an increasingly faster speed!

At this rate, they will soon be able to travel through the Pure Yang lightning zone and exit the insect planet into the s.p.a.ce!

Bai Canghai felt relieved, he said while smiling, "Senior Martial Brother Zhong's teleportation array isn't too bad…"

"Shut up!" Tian Mo Concubine, Saint Concubine and the others tensed their nerves and shouted.

Qiu Jin'er's face also changed, she mumbled, "Senior Martial Brother Bai is praising again, I hope nothing bad happens…"

Zhong Yue was also worried. Suddenly, Xin Huo remembered something and asked, "Brat Yue, did you do any spatial localization to the teleportation portal?"

Zhong Yue was puzzled, he said, "What spatial localization?"

"This is a teleportation array formation, of course you have to designate a destination." Xin Huo scratched his head and mumbled, "Didn't I teach you how to do it? The【Great Cosmic Localization Art】is a subsidiary art to the【Time Light Spatial Crystal Mystic Scripture】, its main use is to locate the position of a point in s.p.a.ce. It is of utmost importance."

"No, you didn't!" Cold sweat burst out of Zhong Yue's forehead as he said, "What's gonna happen without it?"

Xin Huo thought about it and replied, "Without it, the teleportation process will end at a random position. It might be a black hole, or the nucleus of a star. You may be transported other places like the stomach of an insect G.o.d, anything really. All in all, the result will be unpredictable. Are you sure I didn't teach you the【Great Cosmic Localization Art】?"

Zhong Yue shouted in anger, "You definitely didn't!"

Xin Huo cleared his throat and said diffidently, "Hm, by the looks of it, this teleportation array formation won't go into the stomach of an insect G.o.d, so at least that's that. The teleportation beam is moving out from the insect planet, there aren't any black holes around or any stars. I think you can relax for a bit…"

Zhong Yue's clothes were soaked with his cold sweat, he looked out of the light beam and found them now already out from the insect planet. They were now somewhere in the boundless s.p.a.ce, he mumbled, "Can Brother Canghai really be the Comet Innate Spirit Body, everything occurs in opposition to what he says…?"

Clearly, something was wrong with the teleportation portal he built. The teleportation beam was now sending them flying in circles.

Zhong Yue's face turned gloomy, he thought, My understanding of the time and s.p.a.ce totem patterns are really still too shallow… This teleportation array is still not complete yet….

Suddenly, the light beam shuddered and Zhong Yue was shocked; something was affecting the teleportation array formation!

The experts in the teleportation beam were also shocked, they could feel their ends catching up to them. Qiu Jin'er immediately turned to Bai Canghai and said, "Senior Martial Brother Bai, say something!"

"Say what?" Bai Canghai was bewildered.

"The worse the better!" The experts shouted in unison.

"I think we are all going to die!" Bai Canghai shouted out loud.

Beside the teleportation array formation, the insect experts swarmed into array formation. The four insect magnates that Zhong Yue had left behind weren't able to stop so many insect experts, and in just seconds, tens of thousands of insect experts entered the teleportation array formation!

The teleportation array formation was already unstable in the first place — it was already at its limit teleporting Zhong Yue and the experts. And now, as the many insect experts swarmed into the teleportation array formation, it caused the array formation to start breaking down.

"Teleportation array formation? Brats!"

Suddenly, an insect G.o.d flew over. He landed beside the teleportation formation and swung his sleeves. Immediately, the insect experts around were pushed away from the array formation. The insect G.o.d shouted, "Get out of my way!"

As of this moment, the teleportation array formation already crumbled. The divine gold pillars collapsed and were reduced to dust while the four insect magnates that powered the array formation were also repelled out from the center.

The array formation broke down and the insect experts fell from the sky. It looked like as though there was an insect rain showering down from the sky. In just these few moments of time, there were countless insect experts that been transported into the lightning zone and with the array formation breaking down now, the insect experts fallen from the sky.

At this instant, the sounds of thunder and the sparks of lightning strikes filled the heaven and earth. The dark side of the insect planet was bright as day as the lightnings struck unceasingly at the insect experts.

An ear deafening dragon whistle came from the center of the Pure Yang lightning zone. An ocean of lightnings filled the sky and a terrifyingly huge dragon G.o.d was formed within the lightning ocean. It let out a long whistle and in just a swing of the tail, countless insect experts perished away.

"s.h.i.+t, I'm still one second later," the insect G.o.d was piqued in anger, he glanced at the broken array formation and said, "These little insects overloaded the array formation, now even I can't find where they are. Bugs, you little bugs that couldn't help but sabotaged my plan instead!"

He sneered frigidly and the insect experts around him spurted out a mouth of blood.

"The Ancestral Star Qi Pract.i.tioners know how to install a teleportation array formation? Such an array, is it really possible for Qi Pract.i.tioners to learn?"

The four insect magnates Zhong Yue left behind struggled to get up and they lunged toward that insect G.o.d.

The insect G.o.d smirked and opened his mouth, sucking the four insect magnates into his mouth. After that, he raised his head and look up into the sky, he stared at the lightning ocean and the lighting dragon G.o.d in it with a pair of eyes filled in fear.

The lightning ocean was wholly formed by the Pure Yang lightnings, the Leize dragon G.o.d soaring in it was of great threat to him. Even a strong G.o.d like him wouldn't dare to pa.s.s through the lightning ocean directly and go head on with the Leize dragon G.o.d.

Thankfully, with the insect experts in the Pure Yang lightning zone completely eliminated, the Leize dragon G.o.d and the lightning ocean slowly disappeared.

"They just been teleported away, they wouldn't be too far."

The insect G.o.d waited for the lightnings to disappear and he leaped into the sky. He sneered coldly and said, "The teleportation process will leave behind traces, as long as I can grasp that trace, I can find them! Keep on dreaming kids, there's no way you all can slip through my fingers!"

He was after all a G.o.d, he tracked on the trace and reached to the outer s.p.a.ce very quickly. But moments later, the insect G.o.d's face turned dark and gloomy.

"What a s.h.i.+tty teleportation array formation this is. It brings me round and round in circles, what is this, a circus?"

The insect G.o.d was incensed, he flew for over a million miles and yet, the teleportation beam was just randomly flying in the s.p.a.ce, it wasn't even heading toward a destination!

Without a set direction, that means Zhong Yue and the others could be teleported to anywhere!

In this endless s.p.a.ce, how could one ever find them at all?

"Do you even know how a teleportation array formation works?" the insect G.o.d was cursing, he searched around and regrettably lost track of the traces anymore. And he continued searching for another few more moments before completely giving up.

"The one who places the array formation, he must be an idiot who doesn't even know what he is doing!" the insect G.o.d cursed.

In the endless s.p.a.ce, at the moment the teleportation array formation broken down, the teleportation light beam disappeared as well. Zhong Yue and company were uncontrollably swung into the s.p.a.ce and crash into a straw hat-like star.

This straw hat-like star was the sixth planet, there was a huge ring formed from asteroids, stardust and ice surrounding it, and also over seventy little stars were orbiting around it.

"Are we going to crash into the stars and be stuck there forever…" Bai Canghai lamented, before he could continue talking, those around him and already covered his mouth. The experts were looking at the star ring as they drew closer to it.

Fang Jiange, Gu Hongzi, Zhong Yue and the others started launching skills to the front, hoping that the force would slow them down. After a very long time, their speed finally decreased, but at this rate, they would still crash right through the stars and made to dust!

Rise Of Humanity Volume 2 Chapter 521

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