Rise Of Humanity Volume 1 Chapter 374

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Chapter 374 - Dead End

Only a few seconds had elapsed between Ao Fenglou's appearance with the Coiling Dragon Sword and his disappearance. Not a single demon present was able to react in time.

The 10000 feet Demon Saint spirit was collapsing, and he was killed just like that, even Zhong Yue didn't foresee this coming.

The Coiling Dragon Sword was a saint weapon on par with the Divine Wing Saber. A mere feather from the whole Divine Wing Saber was even regarded as a fearsome weapon, let alone the entire Coiling Dragon Sword Ao Fenglou had just used.

Ao Fenglou was now a magnate, and with the saint weapon Coiling Dragon Sword directly attacking Demon Saint's naked spirit after his mortal body was destroyed meant that it only needed one strike for Ao Fenglou to vanquish him completely.

Five dragon elders and five divine weapons were all sacrificed by Demon Saint and as a domineering race just like the demon race, the dragon race would abide such humiliation without vengeance.

Rays flashed across Zhong Yue's eyes, and he thought, The dragon race has planned it all just to kill Demon Saint and avenge the five dragon elders. However, Ao Fenglou has indeed taken advantage of me.

If it were ordinary times, even if Ao Fenglou had the Coiling Dragon Sword, he wouldn't dream of being able to kill Demon Saint. But now, Demon Saint's last Demon God Blood Charm was used because of Zhong Yue.

Furthermore, Demon Saint's mortal body was destroyed by Zhong Yue, and his spirit was left bare in the sky, giving Ao Fenglou the perfect opportunity.

Ao Fenglou's timing was incredibly timely, to say the least, striking at the point in time where Demon Saint's spirit was on the verge of awakening, and hence, at its most vulnerable. Also, he had stood on the mountain between the demon land and the Eastern Sea, a location where he could press forward and retreat at his leisure. Even after he killed Demon Saint, the demon experts wouldn't be able to get to him in time before he returned to the sea.

But thinking about it now, there would undoubtedly be some other dragon experts that were standing by in the water at the ready to reinforce Ao Fenglou if some unpredictable turn of events were to occur.

"Demon Saint's demon divine weapon!"

Suddenly, a demon exclaimed, and before the sounds faded away, Zhong Yue dashed forward, swept up Demon Saint's emerald leaf divine weapon and kept it into his Yuan Shen secret realm. After doing that, he then retreated back quickly across the desert and then flew into the sky before disappearing into Demon Saint's collapsing Yuan Shen secret realms!

The demon experts all yelled furiously, and they also flew into Demon Saint's collapsing Yuan Shen secret realms, including the magnates!

Even Shura, Yan Mo, and the others also moved into the secret realms.

A demon god's Yuan Shen secret realm was incredibly vast, especially the Yuan Shen secret realms of such a notable demon god, Demon Saint. Every single secret realm would be immense and wide, with even the smallest Dao Yi Realm typically ranging thousands of miles in length!

A demon god's collection would also be enormous; whether it be the Demonic Spirit Water, the precious crafting materials or any other treasures elsewhere, they would all be the godly treasures. Not only that, but the Five Elemental Qi, the other powers, the life force and life energy, and every other thing he had would undoubtedly be hidden inside of the Yuan Shen secret realms.

Other than that, there were the demon-god-level totem patterns that could be refined into soul weapons to enhance the soul weapons to a higher level!

Demon Saint's five Yuan Shen secret realms could even be said to be the most precious treasure vaults ever!

Zhong Yue had entered Demon Saint's Wu Xing Secret Realm, and upon looking, he saw the lights formed by the Gold Qi, the mountains formed by the Earth Qi, the ocean of Water Qi, and also on the other side, a sea of Fire Qi.

These were all the most valuable Five Elemental Qi of the Wu Xing Secret Realm, refined to their purest state!

Other than that, there were also the precious materials - all sorts of items that were collected by Demon Saint throughout his life were deposited in this Yuan Shen secret realm.

Zhong Yue flitted across the whole Wu Xing Secret Realm with the totem patterns flowing around him. He laid his palm up to the sky then down to the earth, and he said,


Zhong Yue surged his arcane energy out and moved his totem patterns. He passed through the whole Wu Xing Secret Realm and reached into the Wan Xiang Secret Realm. The Wu Xing Secret Realm that was filled with his totem patterns started glimmering with rays, and the whole secret realm began to collapse and shrink at a rapid rate.

If one were to be inside the Wu Xing Secret Realm now, they would be able to see the totem patterns in the【Celestial Demon Tai Chi Art】form, with the Yin and Yang spinning in different directions, refining this heaven and earth away.

Meanwhile, on the outside, Qi Practitioners rushed over in an attempt to enter the Wu Xing Secret Realm, but the vast Wu Xing Secret Realm suddenly shrunk to the size of a light wheel from the inside!

The Heavenly Dharma Qi Practitioners then cast their Avatars and tens of huge demon palms clenched over at that light wheel.

However, their efforts were to be in vain as the light wheel was pulled into the Wan Xiang Secret Realm where they followed closely behind and watched as it flitted into the sky.

The demon hands chased after it, but unfortunately, the light wheel had already entered Zhong Yue's Yuan Shen secret realms and disappeared.

"Human, leave behind Demon Saint's secret realm!"

The Heavenly Dharma Qi Practitioners were all enraged, and they slammed their hands towards Zhong Yue.

Zhong Yue laughed and took out the Golden Peng Sword. He swung the sword in a full circle around him before quickly leaping out from the Wan Xiang Secret Realm and into the Shen Cai Secret Realm.

The giant cultivators were all furious as their hands were severed and fell to the ground.

The Wan Xiang Secret Realm was the biggest secret realm, several times greater than the Wu Xing Secret Realm, and all around this secret realm were the totem pattern pillars that pierced through the sky and earth.

These totem patterns were formed by the Demon Saint, and if they could refine them as their own, they would be able to enjoy a significant boost in their strength. However, if Zhong Yue wanted to refine the Wan Xiang Secret Realm, he would have to pave all of his totem patterns across the whole, and it would take a long time to do so. Hence, Zhong Yue had left the secret realm right away to tend to the next one.

However, he was also lamenting in his heart, This Wan Xiang Secret Realm contained all of Demon Saint's Demonic Spirit Water, vast like an ocean, and pure like the newborns.

The many demon race experts rushed into the Shen Cai Secret Realm, and before they could even attack Zhong Yue, the whole Shen Cai Secret Realm shuddered violently, and the heaven and earth grew distorted. A magnate walked into the Wan Xiang Secret Realm, and his aura burned like the demon fire, trembling the whole secret realm.

Meanwhile, Zhong Yue was trying to keep Demon Saint's life force and was alerted as he saw the incoming magnate. He quickly threw the life force away and rushed toward the edge of the secret realm, brandishing the Golden Peng Sword in attempt to carve a path out of the secret realm and away from the magnate!

"Human of the Zhong Shan Clan, if you just escaped right after the Demon Saint was killed, you might have just been able to live, but unfortunately, your greed for the Demon Saint's treasures will be your undoing."

The demon magnate smiled, and he reached his hand out over at Zhong Yue and calmly said, "This time, you've asked for your own death. No one other than yourself can be blamed for your foolishness. In truth, to the demons, you are even more valuable than Demon Saint's treasures!"

Zhong Yue slashed his sword and broke a path out of the Shen Cai Secret Realm. He then slipped out from the crack while the magnate's hand was closely following behind him out of the secret realm.


Zhong Yue turned and slashed the sword down while the magnate's hand softly pinched on the sword and remained unscathed at all.

His other three fingers then flicked, with the first hitting the Golden Peng Sword and the impact force was transmitted to Zhong Yue's body, causing him to let out a muffled groan. The Golden Peng Sword also slipped out from his grasp.

The magnate's second flick of finger hit empty air, but a shrill cry rang out from the air in from of Zhong Yue as the force of the flick traveled through the air as its medium to heavily land on Zhong Yue's chest. The force of the finger even caused it to cave in on itself!

The third hit was from his finger that had extended longer and thrust over at Zhong Yue like a spear!

Zhong Yue then moved his hands around like fluttering butterflies as he made hand signs. His chest then started to restore itself as his mortal began to work rapidly.

But that finger was also incredibly swift, moving around like a deft snake, sticking to Zhong Yue and continuously forcing him to retreat. He had no opportunity to retrieve his Golden Peng Sword to launch a counterattack.

All of a sudden, the Golden Crow Wings emerged behind Zhong Yue, and he flew away at high speed.

The demon magnate then walked out of the Shen Cai Secret Realm and clenched on the Golden Feathery Peng Sword to keep it. But suddenly, just at this moment, Zhong Yue opened a shabby copper lamp, and the Golden Peng Sword shot out from the magnate's hand and rushed into the copper lamp.

The Divine Wing Saber was in the copper lamp - the mother body of the Golden Peng Sword, and when Zhong Yue opened the copper lamp, the Golden Peng Sword would undoubtedly rush back to its mother body.

The magnate was shocked, and he quickly clenched on the Golden Peng Sword, but that only resulted in him being towed along as the sword flew toward the lamp!


The demon magnate's face changed drastically, and he quickly let go of the Golden Peng Sword. Zhong Yue then closed the copper lamp, and just as he clenched onto the Golden Peng Sword in his hands, a dark smoke suddenly surged out from the golden sword and decomposed his hand, exposing his white bones in the air.

The demon magnate had left a surge of demonic Qi on the sword, and when he touched the golden sword, the demon magnate's demonic Qi climbed onto his hand and corroded his flesh.

"【Celestial Demon Yi】!"

Zhong Yue yelled a deep chant and the Tai Chi Art appeared around him, the celestial and demon Tai Chi Art then spun anti-clockwise and vanquished the demonic Qi. At the same time, the Golden Crow Wings spread out and pushed him away into the sky like an iridescent beam of light.

However, just as he flew away, the Ji Xiang old lady smirked and tore off the other sleeve. She then threw it into the air, and it formed a huge black cylinder above Zhong Yue that sucked him into it.

Seeing that he couldn't escape from the pulling force, Zhong Yue turned back and rushed into the cylinder, hoping to use the combination of his own speed with the attractive force of cylinder to shoot out and escape through the other end.

"Do you really think you can escape?"

Ji Xiang old lady chuckled, and she tied a knot at the end of the sleeve. Zhong Yue then rushed back and tried to exit from the other end, but the old lady also tied a knot at the other end to completely enclose him in the cylinder.

The demonic Qi and magnate's totem patterns rushed into the sleeve, curling around Zhong Yue in an attempt to refine him while at the same time, the old lady flew up and grabbed at the sleeve.

Zhong Yue then cast the Golden Peng Sword out and slashed at the dark sleeve, a rift was created, but it was later restored in just a split second.

He slashed for over hundred times and created many tears through the sleeve, but they were also restored, all the same, leaving him with no chance to escape!

The old lady had cultivated her soul weapon to a high state; she could alter its form to her will, and not even the Golden Peng Sword could break it open.

The old lady then moved forward and grabbed the sleeve in her hands, but all of a sudden, a hurried voice sounded out from the inside of the sleeve, "Big! Big! Big! Big! Big!"

In the sleeve, Zhong Yue held the sword straight and enlarged the Golden Peng Sword, stressing the sleeve's elasticity.

The old day's wrinkled countenance then changed drastically, but she also shouted, "Big! Big! Big! Big! Big!"

The sleeve was also enlarged, and in just a few seconds, the Golden Peng Sword was already 30000 feet long while Zhong Yue was hiding inside of the sleeve. Even the old lady couldn't find where he was.

The sleeve was enlarged to 8000 feet before it reached its limit and was pierced right through its the middle.

Rise Of Humanity Volume 1 Chapter 374

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