Rise Of Humanity Chapter 63 - The God‘S Heart And The Godly Sword

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Chapter 63        The God‘s Heart and the Godly Sword

Just right after Xin Huo finished his sentence, the little Xiang Dragon beside Zhong Yue dashed out rapidly in pursuit of the flesh war chariot; in a trice, it transformed to the Sword Qi and slashed right at its target.

Within a breath‘s time, the Sword Qi slashed the flesh war chariot that was over thirty feet long into parts; slicing the axle into half; breaking the girder into pieces; and its wheels continued rolling down the path until they rammed heavily into the flesh walls, crashing themselves into bits with the legs scattering everywhere.

Blood gushed out from the war chariot door, as if the flesh war chariot was spurting out blood from a grievous wound. In its final moments, its huge pair of eyes behind the window stared menacingly at Zhong Yue before they rolled back, revealing the blank sclera. It had died.

Zhong Yue gasped for breath, he was speechless watching the flesh war chariot as if it was a real thing with life.

Thankfully I‘ve destroyed it, or otherwise, if it had transported another car of corpse demons, then I would be the one getting destroyed.

Zhong Yue swayed on his feet and stood up; wounds littered his body, remnants of the battle where he had engaged with the fifteen corpse demons. If it were ordinary humans, the blood loss from the wounds would be unequivocally fatal but it was Zhong Yue. His physique was way beyond the level of the normal not only in terms of resilience but also in his regulation of its processes – he could control his autonomic muscles to stem the bleeding, reconnect the dismembered flesh and veins to keep the blood flowing.

His psyche even rejoined the torn skin!

Hence, although his wounds may look very severe, his life was not at stake.

It‘ll be nice if I have the Lingyu Paste with me right now, it is such a good remedy for the wounds, in addition to my strong physique and psyche, I‘ll be able to recover in a day or two. Without it, I surmise I‘ll need at least seven or eight days, that is under the assumption that I don’t undertake excessive movements so as to prevent the wounds from reopening.

Zhong Yue exhaled a deep breath of air, the corpse demons and flesh war chariot he had just encountered would most probably be the weakest in the whole forbidden land; that said, he wouldn’t be as powerless as a rabbit when he would eventually face with the stronger ones. 

The flesh wall around writhed and dragged the dead corpse demons within itself, even the blood on the ground was absorbed away, the flesh war chariot was also eaten by the peculiar walls. 

It only took a few seconds for all the marks and traces of the battle to disappear, the only thing that remained was Zhong Yue’s memory of the bone-rattling battle that almost cost his life right here. 

If I die here, I suppose my blood and flesh would also be eaten away by the peculiar flesh walls? Even with the impressively strong auras of our previous headmasters of Swords Gate, their flesh was still devoured, how can I possibly not end up worse if I die right here?

Zhong Yue recollected his thoughts, he forcefully suppressed his wounds and strode forward. Not long later, he was dumbfounded as a junction with five different paths appeared in front of him!

“Xin Huo, which way?”

Behind Zhong Yue stood the Sui Sovereign with the weathered lamp; he was massive, measuring over hundreds of feet tall, holding the lamp out twenty feets in front of Zhong Yue. Xin Huo‘s voice came out of the lamp, “The tunnels on the four sides must be the bypaths; but this tunnel … it is wider than the others, it must be the central pathway; just like the blood veins, the central vessels are bifurcated into the smaller vessels; so in order to enter the heart ventricle, we would have to follow the path of the central blood vessel ... this tunnel is where we will go!”

Zhong Yue was hesitant, “No! Xin Huo, our goal is to walk out of here alive, there is a weak spot, crack in the seal a hundred miles away from here; if we follow down this path, aren‘t we just walking deeper into the seal core and further away from the seal crack?”

Xin Huo laughed and answered, “You know nothing at all. The heart chamber is the center of a body, and so is this forbidden place. The blood vein on your hand can never transfer blood directly to your leg. Only the central heart chamber is the nexus that can transport blood anywhere within the body. Only by going to the heart chamber can you find a route to where the seal was cracked.”

“You aren‘t trying to fool me, are you?”

“Nope, definitely not!”

The eyes of the little flame in the lamp glimmered, he yelled emphatically, “I definitely have no interests in taking a look at the seal core, nor do I want to know what is in the middle of Devil Soul Forbidden Land! Brat Yue, you must have faith in me!”

Zhong Yue smiled, even if the little flame insisted that he had no ulterior motives,  his heart was undoubtedly misaligned with his words. However, Zhong Yue understood that the logic Xin Huo presented was not wrong.

Xin Huo might be all flubdub and gulf about this tunnel being the central vein, but it is unequivocal that the blood veins on the tunnel‘s walls are getting thicker.

Zhong Yue gazed carefully at the blood veins, observing its patterns and trends, he walked into the central tunnel and thought in his heart, Following along these blood veins will lead me to the center of the forbidden land, and from there, I will be able to find the quickest and shortest path to the location where the seal cracks!

He walked down the tunnel, the air was dead quiet but it did not last long, as Zhong Yue could suddenly feel the quaking of flesh war chariot moving around. He quickly crouched down and placed his palm on the ground, with his eyes closed, he focused his senses and reached out to locate the flesh war chariot. 

If I face squarely with them, it is impossible for me to win against all sixteen corpse demons in my current wounded state. I can only claim victory by striking them down with tremendous speed!

Moments later, he opened his eyes, The flesh war chariot is about two corner turns away, around one thousand four hundred and twenty feet; Usually, I wouldn‘t be able to break through the sound barrier, but in the form of Xiang Dragon, I can raise my speed fast enough to do it in the distance of a thousand feet. The remaining distance of over four hundred feet would allow me to raise my sword‘s speed to the peak of two times of the speed of sound! The flesh war chariot is over thirty feet long and carrying sixteen corpse demons. Right at the moment we clash, I will have to slash continually with my Sword Qi and kill all the sixteen corpse demons at once!

After a round of calculation in his mind, his psyche turned into a spike and struck on the beast god inner core; it was stimulated, and immediately, a burst of immense beast god essence gushed out and engulfed his psyche ocean wholly, diffusing into every corner of his body!

With such an abundant amount of beast god essence flooding him, bursts of gentle light sounds were audible as the dragon scales emerged from beneath his skin, his coccyx ached and grew a long dragon tail!

Within a breath‘s time, he was fully engulfed by the beast god essence and turned into a three feet long Xiang Dragon, longer and larger than the first time he transformed!

His body structure was transmuted into the body of a Xiang Dragon, his muscles were stronger than before, holding immense strength in them; the wounds on his body were covered by the dragon scales, alleviating the burden off his psyche as he did not need to suppress his wounds anymore. 

Zhong Yue crouched down, his heart falling into an unprecedented state of calm. 

The next moment, his body bolted out like an arrow, as the Xiang Dragon moved, he left a huge pit beneath his feet, crushing the stones and sending them scattering in all directions!

The Xiang Dragon turned into a golden figure and dashed away at a tremendous speed, every step he took would crush and leave behind huge pits on the ground!

In the blink of an eye, he was at the first corner turn, the flesh wall in his front was getting bigger; he swung his rear legs forward and dived on the flesh wall feet first, his dragon legs buckled, and the muscles quivered vigorously in boiling anticipation. The flesh wall rippled like water waves and Zhong Yue erupted with his strength, forcefully changing his inertia and launching him out in a different direction!

The Xiang Dragon sprinted in the tunnel, he performed the same maneuver once again when he was met with the second corner turn; immediately after, the flesh war chariot came into his sights!


He broke through the sound barrier and the cacophonous sound of thunder became audible; the Xiang Dragon Sword Qi flashed out between his brows and flitted right at the flesh war chariot , accelerating with every passing moment! 

The windows from the flesh war chariot opened, revealing a pair of huge eyes that were filled with terror; the two dragon claws magnified in its sights, and the next moment, its eyes were crushed by the draconic claws!


The Xiang Dragon Sword Qi flitted around the dangling meatballs, a flash of the sword ray was accompanied by the destruction of fifteen large meatballs, but as it was on the verge of slashing the sixteenth meatball, its momentum slowed until it eventually ceased. 

The last meatball unrolled and expanded into a corpse demon, preparing to leap down.

“Brat Yue, your calculations were off the mark!” Xin Huo shouted out.

Behind Zhong Yue, the Sui Sovereign held the weathered lamp and a little tree, he slammed his hands down, and his voice was trembling as he speaks, “It is all calculated!”

The Wood Sword Qi blasted out, Sword Qi gushed out like thousands of tree branches and pierced the corpse demon into pieces!


Zhong Yue murmured, the Xiang Dragon Sword Qi turned slim and thin, it pierced right into the flesh war chariot and ravage around inside of it. After that, it transmuted into a little Xiang Dragon and crouched beside Zhong Yue. 

Zhong Yue then dashed forward, while the flesh war chariot behind him crumbled into bits.

“Brat, how did you do it?”

Xin Huo was surprised, he said, “You really did it? Compared to a pure-blood Xin Huo inheritor, you are only slightly weaker....”

Time passed without Zhong Yue realizing, he had met with another few flesh war chariots, and he handled them all using the same trick. All these while he had to maintain the Xiang Dragon form; there were no other options as in the form of Xiang Dragon allowed him to fight without concern for his wounds.

Judging by the distance I‘ve traveled, now I should be around or close to the core of the forbidden land.

Zhong Yue suddenly thought of something, This is the center of Swords Gate Mountain, all these tunnels are leading right here, I wonder what will I see here....

Just when he was thinking about it, the blood veins ahead thumped heavier, perpetually quaking the fleshly walls around them, it seemed like there was actually a massive heart palpitating and pumping blood to every corner of the forbidden land. 

Then, Zhong Yue could really see it, the vast and massive heart! 

A heart sized like a mountain, suspended in mid-air with the support of the thick and massive blood vessels; a spherical hollow space created beneath and in the middle of Swords Gate Mountain. The surfaces of the space were packed with holes which joined the blood veins at the core of everything, the heart.

While that vast and massive heart was pumping and supplying blood to the vessels!

In the air, there were also huge banners and flags hovering around the heart, they were inscribed with various types of marvelous and intriguing totem carvings.

The flags glimmered and shone onto the heart, they were seals left behind by the gods for the sole purpose of sealing the heart beneath the Swords Gate Mountain. 

While above the heart, Zhong Yue could see the silhouette of a sword, its tip pierced into the heart, and its blade extended up and breached out to the mountaintop, beside it was surrounded with huge and massive rocks. 

Swords Gate Mountain....

Zhong Yue gazed blankly at the scene, his heart was left with nothing else but shock, he babbled to himself, Inside of Swords Gate Mountain, there is really a sword....

He tried to regain his composure, but as he lowered his sights, his heart thumped again in shock, what came into his eyes was simply terrifying; in the bottom of the pit, there was a countless number of coffins of thousands of feets tall each, the coffins were as black as pitch, and they stood upright in the pit.

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Rise Of Humanity Chapter 63 - The God‘S Heart And The Godly Sword

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