Rise Of The Wasteland Chapter 107 - Conflict Of Idea

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Chapter 107        Conflict of Idea

As marijuana was legal in the United States, many people were obsessed with it during the ‘hippie’ period that started in the sixties and seventies. They were out of control.

In the world of the Wasteland, deficiency of resources made things that brought temporary joy to people like cigarettes, alcohol, marijuana extremely valuable. Marijuana was the most effective and expensive out of all of them.

To people in despair, even though they knew that marijuana was bad for them, they would still starve to get marijuana. People would kill themselves for their marijuana addiction, people who took marijuana would also suffer irreversible brain damage. In other words, they would become dumb and start looking for excuses for themselves.

As Zhou Qingfeng and Katrina killed all the thugs in the building, the people in Broome cheered and gathered to save the hostages. Even though they were terrified by the corpses in the house, they were happy that the thugs were dead and the hostages were safe.

Meanwhile, Zhou Qingfeng found fifty boxes of marijuana in the house that was occupied by the thugs. There were even branded and felt like proper products. Zhou Qingfeng did not know anything about marijuana. On the other hand, Katrina’s reaction was extreme.

“We’re in big trouble.”


“They weren’t just a gang of ordinary thugs. The fact that they have so many boxes of marijuana must mean that they have to be from a large-scale underground organization. Did you see the brand, ‘ZZZ’? It’s the logo of Zetas from Mexico.”

“Are they really that powerful?”

“They have the ability to hold public ma.s.sacres in Mexico. The most famous incident involved them beheading five teachers and exhibiting their heads in front of the gate of the school. They killed those teachers because those teachers were against drugs. Zetas is powerful in New York as well.”

“Ohh…, I see that they are trying to spread their forces to Manhattan. We better leave here immediately.”

“Wait, I have to tell the people here.”

“Hey Katrina, are you crazy? We’ve helped them a lot. Do you really want to get involved?”

It was easy for them to kill the thugs in Broome street, but the consequences were brutal. Zhou Qingfeng was going to run away as far as possible. As they spoke, Katrina turned around and walked out of the house.

Once Zhou Qingfeng came out, Katrina had already found the old man, Chavez. She demanded that they leave immediately as the people who occupied their area were not just ordinary thugs - they were a bunch of brutal and inhumane people from an underground organization.

“Zetas is one of the largest underground organizations in Brooklyn. They are often cruel and ruthless; there can’t be so little of them.”

“The chaos in New York provided them with their best chance to grow. Zetas could easily recruit thousands of members from the illegal immigrants and they would become extremely powerful.”

“You have to leave here right now. Otherwise, the other members of Zetas would be back for revenge.”

The people in Broome street were still celebrating, but Katrina’s words felt like a wet blanket was thrown on them. As the leader, Chavez said worriedly, “Miss Riven, where can we run? This is our home, we wouldn’t be able to survive if we leave.”

“You’ll die if you don’t leave,” Katrina said firmly. She had no idea how to solve their problem. She then turned around and yelled at Zhou Qingfeng, “Victor, help them.”

“I don’t care!” Zhou Qingfeng already found the fire truck that he wanted. It was loaded with all sorts of emergency equipment and they were indeed the necessary items for survival in the Wasteland. He had also moved the fifty boxes of marijuana, food, drinks and daily necessities to the truck.

“What we’re going to do right now is to make a way and return to our base with this fire truck. We’re going to need to complete our plans as soon as possible and finally, run away from New York. As for Chavez and his friends, I’d suggest for them to bring whatever they need and run away as soon as possible.”

Countless tragedies would happen in the Wasteland and Zhou Qingfeng would not be able to save everyone he met. The exhaustion would kill him.

However, Katrina did not agree with him. She put her hands on his shoulders and yelled at him. “Victor, the world isn’t as bad as you think. You need to believe that we can rebuild the order in society as long as we gather enough power. Trust me, we can return to our normal lives in three months.”

Indeed, the government and the military can be rebuilt. Even the police can be recruited again. As for the foundations, there was no doubt that someone will rebuild them. With the mature social structure of the United States, it would surely stabilize itself after three months.

Unfortunately, the nuclear weapon will destroy the world in three months. G.o.d, who got Zhou Qingfeng into the Wasteland, would not be kind to mere mortals. Zhou Qingfeng could not do anything about it and even if he were to tell others, they would not believe him. Even Lena Fox was doubting it.

“Whatever life holds in store for you, you should never forget these words - ‘With great power, comes great responsibility.’ This is your gift, your curse. Who are you? You’re the savior of our world,” Katrina stared at Zhou Qingfeng seriously, “Do you know why I was willing to compromise? It wasn’t just because you saved me from the subway, it was because you saved all of us.”

Why did that sound so familiar? It’s the funny quote from Spiderman!

Zhou Qingfeng was going to emphasize the trouble they’ll get into by helping people, but Katrina continued, “I understood when you didn’t help your compatriots. There were thousands of them and it was out of your ability. But, it’s only a hundred people here. Most of them are senior citizens. There are even women and children. They’re gonna die if you don’t help them.”

“Why do I need to do this?” Zhou Qingfeng did not want to take the burden.

Katrina added, “If David was here, he wouldn’t be so cruel.”

Zhou Qingfeng was already unhappy. Katrina’s words blew a fuse. David Lawrence was like a huge rock that was putting pressure on him. Ever since they quarreled, he was always stressed by the term, ‘Mr. Saviour of the World’. Subconsciously, he did not want to admit that David was better than him, “Why are you comparing me to David Lawrence? We’re completely different people.”

“I know what happened between you and David. Do you want to admit that you’re afraid of him or not as good as him?”

“I’m not afraid of him.”

“Then, help the people here.”

“These are two different things!”

“Then, you’re afraid. Admit it, I won’t laugh at you.”

“What’s there to admit? I said that I’m not afraid of him.”

“Yes, you are.”

“No, I’m not.”

“Yes, you are!”

“Katrina, stop it! Or else I’m gonna be mad!”

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Rise Of The Wasteland Chapter 107 - Conflict Of Idea

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