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Chapter 116        Mr. President

The scene of the negotiation suddenly turned awkward.

Although he was the minister of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Jos, a member of the Zetas, was essentially nothing more than a lobbyist. He was involved in all sorts of violent events and murder scenes throughout the years.

Now, violent events that occurred after the cataclysm was ten times more intense than in the past. A lot of people would pull out their guns to shoot the moment they disagreed on something. However, Jos had never seen anyone who was capable of shooting four times in a row so skillfully.

Jos was relieved when he saw Zhou QIngfeng put his Colt Python back to his holster. “At least he didn’t kill me. That means that he still wants to negotiate. Everything will be fine.”

As for Zhou Qingfeng, although he claimed that even he was afraid of the power he had, he actually meant the opposite - only four of them were capable of fighting. One of them even needed to work day and night in the subway. The remaining hundreds of people can only act as their support, hence there was no way he could deal with a gang of over thousands of members.

Zhou Qingfeng was clueless after thinking about the consequences that he might be facing. He yelled in silence, What am I going to do? I can’t keep lying anymore. Aren’t you guys supposed to spend more money to bribe me?

These are like the hemp stalks of the wolf, I’m afraid of both ends!

Jos began to hesitate when he saw that Zhou Qingfeng was not planning to step backward at all. He too had read the news from the ‘Cataclysm Journal’. In a world where information suddenly became extremely scarce, everyone who had been tortured repeatedly by the cataclysm would definitely be interested in any news given to them. Hence, it was totally plausible for over thousands of people to join the Armed Nun Society.

Unfortunately, the Armed Nun Society was located in the Fifth Avenue of Midtown Manhattan. It was located near Manhattan Midtown West and it only took ten minutes to travel there during the peaceful era. However, all the roads were now blocked and thus, it would take at least one to two hours to get there. Jos felt that it would be a great achievement if he were able to appease such a force.

Jos then decided to take a step backward after hesitating repeatedly. He decided to first appease Zhou Qingfeng and the others. He then planned to send someone to scout the forces of the Armed Nun Society before coming up with any plans. “Mr. Hugo, we might be able to consider your request. But first, let us continue with our ceremony of loyalty……”

Zhou Qingfeng instantly felt relieved when he saw that his opponent was finally willing to compromise with him. He then said coldly, “Did you want me to serve you without first providing me any benefits? Are you kidding me?”

“Alright, alright. I’ll arrange that for you. Everyone from the Brooklyn area has already decided to serve Lord Zetas and there’s nothing blocking the path of the Brooklyn Bridge too. It’ll be a piece of cake to get you all the required items.”

Jos gave his word, but only God knows whether or not he would fulfill his promises.

The negotiation between both parties ended pleasantly. Jos entered the subway with four bodyguards but only his shadow could be seen when he walked out of the subway. Kenny Street seemed to be extremely dangerous, especially in the dark. Hence, he decided to first report the situation to his leader.

At that moment, Los Zetas, who was famous for his violent nature, could be found in the New York Town Hall, which was not too far away from Kenny Street. Zhou Qingfeng once rescued hundreds of people, including Katrina, out of a subway station nearby. However, the town hall has now been occupied by the Zetas and the solemn occasion in the building has turned into a bloody scene.

Los Zetas was a burly, middle-aged man with a serious face and a strong murderous aura. He was sitting in the mayor's office inside the town hall, surrounded by his most trusted confidante, most loved mistress, and wolfdog.

Meanwhile, thousands of the members of Zetas were camped outside the town hall. They did whatever they wanted to - including camping in the open air and invading buildings - to keep themselves entertained. They were laughing and joking around while enjoying alcohol and the ladies. They were indeed having the best time of their life.

The Zetas was once a group of people with a fearsome and powerful force. Anything they did was enough to scare people off and they were now expanding their territories at an unbelievable rate.

However, Los Zetas always felt like something was not right. He was able to expand his power and influence by tenfold in a matter of days without the restrictions of cops, governments, social order, and legal provisions, but he had begun to lose control of his subordinates.

Los Zetas quickly discovered that the members of his gang were starting to lose their motivation to fight. After all, he should not have high hopes for a bunch of people who only knew about drug trafficking and killing. For them, they were already living in heaven.

In order to solve the problem, Los Zetas had come up with an idea - We need to build an empire, we need to rule a country, and we need to be the heroes of our country. It’s just like what Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, and the rest did in the past.

Los Zetas’ spiritual motivation for his subordinates was indeed super effective! The members of the Zetas began to sing praises about the virtues of their leader. They even removed all the obstacles that were previously blocking the Brooklyn Bridge with great enthusiasm. Then, they flooded Downtown Manhattan.

We’re now in the largest city in the United States, the center of the world! There’s Wall Street, the Empire State Building, and even the United Nations Headquarters… This city simply has everything!

However, their passion only lasted two days. The members of Zetas had questions once again - Have we really built an empire? What’s a nation supposed to look like? How are we supposed to manage our nation?

The ambitious Los Zetas found out that he had solved a problem only to trigger several other problems. He was living in the United States, but he never knew why it was called the ‘United States’. He was sitting in the luxurious mayor’s office inside the town hall, but he realized that he was still nothing but a gangster.

However, Los Zetas refused to give up. He had experienced countless of gory battles throughout his life. There was no way the President would be hindered by these problems. He gave out various orders and appointed a huge amount of ministers. He even started to eliminate the useless people in his territories in the effort to build an empire that belonged to him completely.

In the meantime, the minister of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of New York had returned with some good news. “Mr. President, I’ve just reached an agreement with Victor Hugo, the founder of the Armed Nun Society. He’s willing to join us, but he has conditions.”

“The Armed Nun Society?” Los Zetas had read the newspapers beforehand. He, too, knew who Víctor Hugo was. The others might be afraid of Víctor Hugo due to his violent nature, but for Los Zetas, who have been violent his entire life, he felt that Victor Hugo’s reputation might be more useful for him.

“Is Victor Hugo really willing to join us?” Los Zetas was not an idiot. He immediately doubted the authenticity of the news, “He’s willing to join us, but there are conditions. Is he just trying to botch us?”

“It’s possible, but I felt that we should first make contact with them and exert pressure on them in the meantime in order to let them realize that they should join us before it’s too late.”

Although Jos exaggerated his achievements, his opinion was practical.

“Jos, you’re right. Our lives are never easy, especially when it comes to building an empire. It took the United States over hundreds of years to become the center of the world, while I’ve only just begun.”

The ambitious leader of the gang walked towards the window, struck his chest, and said with utmost agitation, “I should’ve been more magnanimous. But first, I think that they should have a taste of my fist.”

Rise Of The Wasteland Chapter 116 - Mr. President

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