Rise Of The Wasteland Chapter 121 - Chaotic Situation

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Chapter 121        Chaotic Situation

Pressure can burst a pipe, but pressure also makes diamonds.

Zhou Qingfeng was the type of person who would only maximize his potential when under pressure. He was usually lazy, aimless, and possessed a small dream—he had never succeeded in his life. He did not have anything regardless of ability, social connections, and financial resources. However, he finally obtained what he needed when he arrived in Wasteland.

David Lawrence was actually a good source of pressure. He had a pretty wife and a cute daughter. He spent the first half of his life fighting on the battlefield, and so in the second half, he was deemed a great man. He was strong, powerful, and possessed a charming personality.

He rescued desperate citizens, wiped out evil gangs, removed the obstacles that blocked the main path to the city, rebuilt the order of society, and saved the entire nation. He had indeed achieved a lot of miracles.

The people who followed David Lawrence did not necessarily agree with him, but they all knew what he was capable of. Even the reckless Butcher would only complain about his arrogant nature, as he too could not specifically tell any of his shortcomings.

When Zhou Qingfeng first arrived in New York in the year 2030, David Lawrence was just like a mountain for him; a mountain that he could never surpass. Zhou Qingfeng felt uncomfortable facing him.

The huge psychological shadow had made Zhou Qingfeng unwilling to follow David Lawrence. However, he knew that if he wanted to live in the doomed New York, he must climb the mountain and surpass David Lawrence.

Now that David Lawrence was finally on Zhou Qingfeng’s side, he was able to turn that pressure into motivation. Zhou Qingfeng no longer wanted to be compared with him. Perhaps he was just willful, but at least he was trying his best.

This time around, Zhou Qingfeng did not activate his ‘As Quick as Lightning’ ability. He wanted to compete with David Lawrence using his own physical abilities. Since he wants me to join his shooting contest, so be it!

Zhou Qingfeng’s first shot far exceeded his normal performance. His bullets penetrated the target’s mouth and the .223 caliber bullets successfully made the target’s brain explode.

Next, Zhou Qingfeng aimed at the five or six people who were sitting on the sofa and chitchatting. However, he was a step too late. David Lawrence’s MK23 gave off several quick and rhythmic gunshots.

Bang bang bang! Continuous shots were fired, and the sofa became instantly soaked by sprays of spurting blood. The thugs from Zetas were originally smoking marijuana before they got shot. They felt as if they were in the seventh heaven, and had even maintained their smiles when they got shot. They were dead in just a matter of seconds.

Zhou Qingfeng immediately converted his SCAR from semi-automatic mode to fully automatic mode, as the four thugs who were originally playing some card game finally snapped out of their stupor. They lifted their heads in shock, turned their bodies around and tried to shoot, but everything was too late for them.

Dhuk dhuk dhuk! The ejector port of the SCAR recoiled as the bullets blazed across the room one after another. The four thugs were originally caught off guard; moreover, their position while sitting on the ground was extremely disadvantageous. They wanted to roll, lie prone on the ground, or climb away, but eventually, they all got killed.

Finally, they changed their targets to the two thugs who were standing outside the window. They were smoking while patrolling the area and had the most time to react to the situation among the other thugs. As soon as the ambush occurred, the two thugs hurriedly ran out the window to seek cover.

However, one of the thugs got shot out of nowhere once he turned his body around. Half of his skull was instantly shaved off, and his spurting blood shocked the other thug. The other thug originally wanted to bend his waist and pull out his handgun, but he too turned his body around subconsciously due to the discomfort of being soaked in blood. His brain soon exploded as well, and his corpse fell to the ground.

It took only around five to six seconds. The whole process was short yet nerve-wracking. Zhou Qingfeng felt that his heartbeat had accelerated twice as fast as the usual. It was actually his first time not using his ability when launching an attack, and he felt extremely excited about it.

Katrina’s laughter could be heard through the wireless radio. “I’ve helped you get rid of the two thugs outside the window. You’re welcome.”

David Lawrence eliminated six thugs, while Zhou Qingfeng only killed five with his assault rifle. The third floor of the building went silent in literally a split second. David Lawrence gave a double thumbs up at Zhou Qingfeng, but in the next moment, he murmured, “Your first shot was not bad at all, but after that, you started to lose your composure.”

Zhou Qingfeng rolled his eyes at David Lawrence as they continued moving forward. They walked in through the corpses in order to search for any other potential threats. At that moment, a bearded man was looking at them with his binoculars from a criminal courthouse, which was located right at the opposite of their building.

“Those idiots are dead. They’ve been ambushed.” With the binoculars, the bearded man could clearly see that the two corpses that fell to the ground were shot in the head, and their brains splattered all over the place. There were no other signs of activities in the basement too, so he could imagine that their companions were all dead too.

A sniper tilted his head and asked, “Should we fall back? I think our location has been exposed.”

“Fall back. It seems like we’ve encountered some experts. We’ll need to change our spot before facing them again.” As he was only an observer, the bearded man was immediately able to retreat from the seventh floor of the courthouse. The sniper swiftly packed up his sniper rifle and various equipment, as he too retreated with incredible speed.

The bearded man was very decisive. He decided to fall back without much hesitation once he felt that something was not right. The sniper team quickly left the courthouse, but instead of choosing a better spot, they decided to set up their equipment in an abandoned hatchback.

The sniper first drew water from his water bag to wet the floor, as he covered the floor with a burlap to prevent dust from clinging. He then used a full sack of sand as a mat and positioned his M40A5 firmly on it. Finally, he aimed his muzzle at the entrance of Zhou Qingfeng’s building and said, “I’m ready.”

“On my command.” The bearded man was lying prone at the side too, as he stared calmly at the streets a hundred meters away from him using a pair of binoculars. There were various kinds of wastes on the streets, but the pair still got themselves quite a wide field of vision. They would be able to hit the target as soon as the target appeared.

Meanwhile, Zhou Qingfeng and David Lawrence were still cleaning the floor. However, as they continued sweeping the floor, Zhou Qingfeng suddenly felt strange and said, “There seems to be some movement outside.”

The building where Zhou Qingfeng was located only had eight floors. They had almost finished cleaning up the entire building, so they could basically confirm that there were no other people inside it. However, at that moment, a noise suddenly came from the outside of the building, which sounded like a large number of people approaching.

David Lawrence felt strange as well. He steadily walked to the side of the window and threw a quick glance outside. He then spoke with surprise, “There’s a large number of people approaching us.”

“What do you mean by a large group?” Zhou Qingfeng walked to the side of the window as well, then swiftly glanced outside, “What the hell. Are the Zetas holding a parade?”

There was indeed a large group of people on the street, and all of them were Mexican. There were thousands of them. They started cleaning up the streets, moving the obstacles away, and voicing their own existence.

“I saw a truck, no… a few trucks. Uh… they’re all Narco tanks, and there are quite a few of them. “ Zhou Qingfeng was looking at the far side of the street with his binoculars.

The Zetas was very good at building stuff. They welded some steel plates onto the trucks, leaving only a gap in the cab, and installed a plate-welded machine gun tower on top of the car. Coupled with a few more fully automatic rifles, they had turned trucks into tanks.

“It seems like the Zetas is trying to eliminate all of us.”

Rise Of The Wasteland Chapter 121 - Chaotic Situation

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