Rise Of The Wasteland Chapter 125 - Barrier Troops

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Chapter 125        Barrier Troops

M72 electromagnetic rifle, the latest military technology product of 2030, used 2 mm high-speed ammunition, accurate, and most importantly, deadly. Katrina was only able to purchase this ultimate rifle through several installments. She also purchased several thousands of bullets, as well as ten high-energy storage batteries. She stared at her rifle as if she was whispering to herself, It came to me. Mine. My love. Mine. My precious.

Zhou Qingfeng could only grumble ‘I’ve never seen you using this rifle anyway’ as Katrina did not even let him touch it. He then had no other choice but to replace his SCAR rifle with an M249 light machine gun, accompanied by a large amount of ammunition and grenades. He also put an M18A1 directional anti-personnel mine into his backpack.

“Do you even know how to use them?” Katrina doubted him.

“They come with a manual.” Zhou Qingfeng somehow managed to get himself a manual. Those anti-personnel mines were produced in Chile and smuggled into the United States. Most importantly, they were very easy to use. “I’ll know how to use them after I read the user guide.”

Katrina, however, did not really believe him. “You better not get yourself killed.”

The basement full of equipment and supplies required at least two large container trucks to transport all of them away. In order to make sure that everything ran smoothly, Zhou Qingfeng and Katrina personally led twenty members of the search team and spent two days to transport the resources.

While Zhou Qingfeng and Katrina sneakily hauled all their resources from Brooklyn, Los Zetas spent two days as well to finally begin improving his armed forces.

“I need a team of barrier troops, a fierce and malicious team that can turn the widowers into warriors and drive them fearlessly.” Los Zetas gathered all of his subordinates up in the town hall plaza.

“A group of ten will form a team and command a hundred soldiers each. If anyone dares to disobey an order, immediately execute them on the spot.” Los Zetas felt a surge of anger, as he kept waving his arms and yelled, “We need a team that’s capable of fighting, not a pile of sh*t!”

Los Zetas’s force expanded from a few hundred people into a few thousand. However, many of them joined his gang only to seek the opportunity for survival in the midst of chaos. After a series of frustrations, Los Zetas finally decided to come up with his ultimate move, forming several teams of barrier troops.

Most of the people who could be considered the backbones of Zetas were once police officers who fought against drug trafficking. For whatever reason, this group of people soon joined Los Zetas, and they too engaged in drug trafficking. All of them were vicious and merciless, and they never cared about other people’s lives. Therefore, they were the best candidates for the team leading the barrier troops.

With Los Zetas’ order, the thousands of ordinary Mexicans who recently joined Zetas were divided into dozens of combat groups. There were not enough firearms to equip these combat groups, however, and some of them even had to fight with their bare hands.

“I got this inspiration from watching movies.” Los Zetas felt immensely proud of himself as he told his subordinates, “During World War II of the last century, the Soviets were able to defeat the Germans only because of this tactic. Now, I shall use this tactic to defeat anyone who dares to stand in my way,”

Just beside Los Zetas stood a bearded man. He was exactly the same member of the sniper team that almost took Zhou Qingfeng’s life two days ago. He stood on the stage of the town hall plaza and licked his lips when he saw the chaotic crowd under the stage. He then smiled mischievously and said, “Los, give me some manpower too. I’d like to try the feeling of leading them into the battlefield.”

“As you wish, Guzman. You’re my most competent man. I’ll let you pick anyone you like.” Los Zetas waved his hand as a sign of passing his authority to Guzman.

The bearded man named Guzman descended slowly from the stage of the town hall and walked in the middle of the thousands of Mexicans who were at a loss. His eyes exuded a murderous intent, and every time he stretched out his arm, a Mexican was selected for his team.

After selecting fifty men, Guzman took them to equip their weapons. However, some of them realized that they would get nothing but a magazine. “Sir, I only got one magazine. Where’s my gun?”

“It’s with your companions’ dead bodies.” Guzman smiled mischievously once again. “Lord Zetas got these inspirations from watching a movie. Those who do not have a gun could only wait for the death of their companions with guns.”

There were fifty of them, but only ten were equipped with guns, and some of the guns were merely pistols. They immediately stared at each other. Those with guns grasped the weapons firmly in their hands, while those who only got magazines felt anxious, as they threw glances at their armed companions.

“Now, your task is to take down Kenney Street, which is only few hundred meters away from us.” Guzman lifted an M4A1 and ordered, “It’s a simple task, and it’s near us. All you guys need to do is to rush toward that street. However, if anyone stops, escapes in the middle of the fight, or even lies on the floor to fake his death, Koval will blow off his head.”

The bearded Guzman waved his hand as Koval stepped forward with his M40A5. Both of them were from the same sniper team, and they had assassinated countless opposing forces as they served under Los Zetas.

Koval was much younger, darker, and had a habit of gazing with a sulk. However, the aura released from his eyes had people shuddering at the thought of him. The fifty selected men trembled under his gaze.

Meanwhile, the other Mexicans who joined Zetas were spurred on as if they were a herd of sheep. Most of them joined the gang only to seek survival. They would never have imagined that they had to become cannon fodder.

Nieto was one of the members of Guzman’s team. He migrated to the U.S. illegally a year ago, and he used to think himself very lucky for being able to reach New York, the bustling capital of the world. However, after meeting Guzman, all he wanted was to go back to his hometown.

Another hundred-person combat group was being formed just beside Nieto. Someone from the group pleaded loudly because they did not even know how to use a gun. However, without much hesitation, the barrier troops shot them to their death.

Bang! Nieto shivered involuntarily. He turned his head around once again, and he saw the people who were crying just seconds ago now shot in their heads and lying prone on the ground. Their blood even splattered onto his face, frightening him.

Nieta did not know how to use a gun as well. He was only nineteen years old and was a mere farmer from Mexico. He came to the U.S., hoping to live a better life. However, when he looked at the magazine in his hand, he could not even guess what the matching gun was for his magazine.

In the past two days, Nieta had heard numerous rumors, including the terrible news of the cataclysm. For instance, everyone said that people from Kenney Street were fierce and should not be trifled with. However, it just so happened that he was ordered to attack that particular neighborhood. Only God knew what he would face against next.

Am I going to die? Am I going to die? Am I going to die?

Nieto was extremely afraid, but he did not dare to speak or express his feelings, let alone cry out loud, as the members of Zetas were known for their cruelty. When he looked at his other companions, all of them looked pale, and some had even wet their pants.

“Alright, everyone. From now on, you’re a soldier; a loyal soldier that’ll serve only under Lord Zetas.” Guzman walked past the fifty soldiers with a crazy smile on his face, striking their chests. “I’ve seen your fear, but it’s best for you guys to summon your courage as soon as possible. Otherwise, I can guarantee that you’ll be dead in no time.”

Rise Of The Wasteland Chapter 125 - Barrier Troops

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