Rise Of The Wasteland Chapter 169 - Collapsed Frontline

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Chapter 169        Collapsed Frontline

Commander Sergey already heard the roaring engine of Cougar. It was around a hundred meters away, which was around two blocks. As the soot dispersed, he could see a shadow moving in front of him.

By right, it did not matter what kind of heavy weapon he used, Zhou Qingfeng will be a goner, even if it was just a small rocket launcher. However, Sergey realized that he could not do anything because there was a scary dog around him.

Meanwhile, Richard was covered in his sweat and standing beside Sergey. The weapon in his hand was shaking. He was so nervous that he kept on swallowing his saliva and asked Sergey, “Mr. Commander, shouldn’t we withdraw from here?”

“To where?” Sergey was terrified too. Ever since DogMeat started to attack people with its small body and agility, there was no one on the street who was not attacked.

Sergey attempted to raise the morale and fighting spirit of its soldiers, however, he saw the mad dog rush towards the Stryker and literally destroyed it and pulled out the door with its sharp and exposed teeth. The people in the car were unprepared and got killed instantly.

To save his soldiers, Sergey plucked his courage, brought a team with him and went for the rescue. However, it was just a ten-second delay and that mad dog had killed all seven people in the vehicle. He swore to God that he had never seen such ferocious and evil dog!

Especially when DogMeat came out of the vehicle, Sergey commanded his soldiers to focus and fire at the fast dog. Once again, he swore to God that the dog was hit by the bullets, but he could only hear the sound of a bullet hitting metal.

The dog was wearing armor. After the impulse of the bullets, it literally continued to run as if it was not hit. After that, it started to target Sergey and the soldiers with him.

There were around twenty people with Sergey. They were all armored. However, all of them were astonished by the ghost-like dog. They had never seen a dog like that. Meanwhile, they could only withdraw to a building and form a circle. All of them were paying full attention to the movement of the elusive, ferocious dog.

Meanwhile, the few snipers on the top the buildings kept on sending warnings on the wireless radio. They were saying that the heavy-armored vehicle had gone through their defense point. They have attempted to attack but it was useless. The enemy had snipers as well and their weapons were overpowered. The bullets could even get through reinforced concrete and kill the people behind the wall.

As they were not clear with what was going on and Commander Sergey was stuck with DogMeat, the soldiers were not properly conducted at the battle front. A lot of them did not even what was going on, they just panicked and started to withdraw.

Meanwhile, Zhou Qingfeng finally arrived at the planned location with his Cougar. He yelled at Butcher and David Lawrence through the wireless radio, “Cover me, I’m coming out.”

“Don’t worry. We’re watching your ass,” Butcher replied steadily.

As soon as Zhou Qingfeng opened the back door of the vehicle, the soldiers fired and he was forced back into the vehicle. There were two soldiers down the street around three to five meters away from him.

If it was not his ‘As quick as lightning’ ability to gain an extra second, Zhou Qingfeng would already be gone with such a close-ranged attack. He snapped, “Nine o’clock, two soldiers.”

“Roger that.”

David Lawrence took out the grenade launcher, roughly aimed at the location and a tear gas grenade was launched.

The 40mm radio grenade bounced on the wall and landed right in front of the two soldiers. Two of them thought they had killed Zhou Qingfeng and were still happy about it. Meanwhile, they were poisoned by the tear gas and could not even escape. Zhou Qingfeng opened the door again and started to run.

In the meantime, one of the snipers on the top of the buildings picked up the light rocket launcher from his mate. He was crawling on the floor while reloading the rocket launcher. He was going to change to another angle to give Zhou Qingfeng another shot.

The sniper, indeed, saw Zhou Qingfeng run away. However, the strange thing was Zhou Qingfeng was moving so quickly that he went twenty meters ahead in just the blink of an eye. Very soon, Zhou Qingfeng was out of his vision. As he could not shoot Zhou Qingfeng, he shot the vehicle.

Zhou Qingfeng who returned to his mates quickly shouted, “Run, run! The area of effect will be at least a hundred meters with that hundred kilograms of TNT. We need to get farther away.”

When three of them traveled around sixty to seventy meters, the rocket launcher ignited the blasting charge that Zhou Qingfeng placed in the Cougar. The blasting flare went up to the sky and so did the sniper who launched the rocket. Before he landed and died, he cursed in his mind, B*stard! Who the hell put so much blasting charge in that vehicle!

The wave from the explosion blew up the surrounding buildings and traveled along the street. The invisible wave was like a huge wall. It sent three of them, including Zhou Qingfeng, more than ten meters away.

Butcher was the heaviest among them. Thus, it was worst for him when they landed. He got up from the ground with his mouth full of blood and shouted, “Victor, I thought you said a hundred meters?!”

Zhou Qingfeng nearly wanted to spit out the blood from the strong explosive wave, he replied with a painful chest, “I swear to God, it wasn’t me.”

David Lawrence, who was on the other side, looked even worse. He was hit onto a wall by the wave and fell to the ground. His face and hair were covered with dust and even his nose was bleeding. The moment he heard Zhou Qingfeng, he scolded too, “Victor Hugo, stop lying. You’re a non-believer, you don’t even believe in God.”

As soon as three of them regathered, Katrina’s voice rose from the wireless radio. She asked, “Are you guys alright?”

“Not me, I think my one of my ribs is broken,” Zhou Qingfeng was indeed injured by the huge explosion. The power of a hundred kilograms of TNT could not be underestimated.

“Rib fractures are just a small case for abnormals like you. You’ll be fine after two days.” Katrina immediately exposed the truth that Zhou Qingfeng was just joking. Everyone in the team knew Zhou Qingfeng recovered extremely quickly because he accidentally consumed the NTZ-49.

They turned around and looked at the defence point of Skull and Bones. It was completely destroyed and ruined by the hundred kilograms of TNT. All the buildings within a radius of fifty meters had collapsed, the structure of the heavy weapon defence point was completely obliterated. The soldiers were either killed by the TNT or buried alive by the collapsed buildings. The entire street was cleared.

After a few moments, the biggest winner of the fight, DogMeat, returned. A lot of its fake fur had shed and there were even more bullet holes on its armor-plated back.

“Stupid dog, good job. Otherwise, I’d already be dead.” Zhou Qingfeng hugged DogMeat. DogMeat was very excited and kept on shaking its tail. It jumped off its owner and ran around him.

The explosion shocked the entire Manhattan. It was impossible for the Brotherhood of Steel who was nearby to not know about it. As they saw that the defense point of Skull and Bones was destroyed, the First Assault Team Captain, Johnson, immediately announced to attack and finish Skull and Bones.

A few minutes later, Johnson arrived at Zhou Qingfeng with a Jeep Wrangler. He took a glance at three of the fighters in front of him and asked, “I thought there were four of you? Where’s the other lady?”

“She’s probably aiming at your head,” Zhou Qingfeng stood up and said.

“Hahaha…, kid, I like your recklessness. A good soldier should be like that.” Johnson put his hand out and laughed, “Welcome to the Brotherhood of Steel. Even though we’re white supremacists, I feel like the Chinese aren’t that bad now.”

Rise Of The Wasteland Chapter 169 - Collapsed Frontline

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