Rise Of The Wasteland Chapter 170 - Mercenary

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Chapter 170        Mercenary

The moment Zhou Qingfeng touched Johnson’s hand, a few messages popped up in his mind.

“You have passed the sudden death trial.”

“You have gained the achievement of ‘Perfect’ from your steadiness and decisiveness.”

“You have reversed the fight, you will be hated by Skull and Bones.”

“You are approved by the Brotherhood of Steel. But please pay attention, this is not a friendship.”

“You will be able to manage your time travel within your world and the Wasteland. You are able to get the same amount of time that you spent in the Wasteland in the original world.”

“‘Awe-inspiring murderous’ ability has been granted - your combat power will be increased by five-percent from killing an enemy or destroying one of their heavy weapons. It will be deactivated after the combat.”

Zhou Qingfeng was astonished for a moment and realized that it was sort of a level up for him. After Johnson shook hands with Zhou Qingfeng, he then brought his team and chased after Skull and Bones. There was no point for Zhou Qingfeng and his mates to continue to stay. They found a car and returned to the community.

As soon as Lena Fox saw Zhou Qingfeng return with victory, she immediately flew into his arms and gave him a deep kiss in front of everyone. DogMeat was running around and barking happily at its owners.

Butcher and David Lawrence were happy to see the joyful scene. However, Katrina appeared like she was forced to smile by the side.

For the next two to three days, Skull and Bones was chased out of Manhattan by the Brotherhood of Steel. However, Brotherhood of Steel lost Brooklyn. Both sides were in confrontation across the East River. They were still in a deadlock.

Overall, the Brotherhood of Steel was on the downside. However, they occupied the prime location in New York. Both of them used cannons but the experienced veterans in the Brotherhood of Steel played their advantages. Skull and Bones could not fight against them

After all, they were all meaningless for Zhou Qingfeng.

“At least our property was saved by joining the Brotherhood of Steel.”

The Armed Nun Society created by Lena Fox only lasted for around two weeks. However, its structure and management were kept. Even so, its management became more efficient. The reason was…..

“Yeah, we also left that burden,” Zhou Qingfeng sighed as he watched Manhattan getting farther away.

The Brotherhood of Steel allowed Zhou Qingfeng to keep his personal belongings and property. However, they got rid of the few thousand people gathered by Lena Fox. At the moment, they were only around fifty people in the team. All the people and resources were kept in the dozens of trucks and they were all transported by a ferry on the way to the base of the Brotherhood of Steel - Staten Island.

“We’re temporarily away from the war,” Butcher was standing with Zhou Qingfeng at the side of the ferry. Behind them was Mox who just got up from the sickbed. The scenery looked very harmonious and peaceful.

Unfortunately, David Lawrence left. He brought his daughter and Tony Park and officially submitted to the Brotherhood of Steel. As he was a veteran and a white man, he was assigned as the Junior Assault Unit Leader. He was still working hard and trying his best to find his wife.

Zhou Qingfeng could not do anything about David Lawrence leaving. Looking at Angie who was sad to say goodbye, Zhou Qingfeng really wanted to tell her that nuclears will emerge in New York in two months. However, he knew that even if he told them and they believed in him, they will not give up. David’s thoughts on finding his wife were stubborn and extremely strong.

Apart from that, there was another thing that Zhou Qingfeng did not expect. He had no idea what she was thinking about, she left alone unexpectedly. That’s right, she left some notes for Zhou Qingfeng and David Lawrence in the morning before she left.

He was not sure about what she wrote for David Lawrence, but the note for Zhou Qingfeng said, “Victor, I’m so happy to have met you, but I should leave. Please don’t come and find me, thank you!”

It was a simple and plain note but Zhou Qingfeng felt inexplicably sad. Even though Katrina was a little bit of a maverick, she was a good buddy.

‘Please don’t come and find me’ actually means I need to find her! Zhou Qingfeng brought DogMeat with him to search for Katrina. However, he found that the fierce lady went to the other defense point of Skull and Bones. He could not do anything but sadly return to the community.

As for Zhou Qingfeng, the Brotherhood of Steel assigned him with the ‘Fifth Special Force’. In other words, they were just mercenaries under the Brotherhood of Steel. Do your work if you want resources, you will get nothing if you don’t.

That kind of life seemed relaxed and free. However, in the last phase, if there was no supply of resources from a huge organization, no food supply, and no rules, they would be gone once they’ve exhausted their resources.

“We should continue with our plan of escaping New York. There’s advantage with little people, at least we wouldn’t need a huge ship.”

After the sequence of impactful events happening to Zhou Qingfeng and Lena, they wisely gave up their plans to live a wonderful life in the last phase. They were starting to think about a simple life with quality. After they set up a temporary base near a small port in Staten Island, Zhou Qingfeng exchanged his Cougar vehicle with a speedboat filled with fuel from the Brotherhood of Steel. He used the speedboat as transport.

“We’re going to travel a lot, so we’ll need a ship that’s worth at least five thousand tons. A cargo ship would be the best because we have a lot of stuff and resources. Other than that, we need a large number of vehicles.”

“We’ll also need sailors, but they were all under the control of the Brotherhood of Steel. They won’t give up those professionals.”

“Even if there were sailors, we’ll need a huge amount of diesel. Based on our initial plan, we’ll travel to South America along the East Coast and it will consume tons of diesel.”

“Apart from that, we’ll get more resources on the way. Even though our current resources look sufficient, they won’t last very long.”

It was not a big problem to get a cargo ship in New York because it was the world trade center. However, the sailors and fuel were a huge problem.

Zhou Qingfeng had no choice but to request for them from the Department of Internal Affairs of the Brotherhood of Steel, “I’d like to hire some professionals and buy some urgent resources…”

As Zhou Qingfeng spoke, one of the members of the department handed him a form that listed the missions for mercenaries, “Mr. Hugo, you’re the ‘Fifth Special Force’. You will be rewarded accordingly as long as you work for us. You can get anything you want once you complete the mission.”

Most of the missions on the list were just the prices for collecting resources. However, searching for resources was meaningless for Zhou Qingfeng. It was simply a waste of time. As he read through the list and arrived at the end of the list, he saw the wanted notices for five of the core members of Skull and Bones. The reward for killing them was extremely attractive.

“What do these ticks mean?” asked Zhou Qingfeng. “Have they been killed?”

The member of department replied, “No, it means that the other special forces accepted the mission. You should be aware you’re the ‘fifth’. There are four other teams in front of you.”

“Ohh, so the last one…..” Zhou Qingfeng thought the reward of killing the leader of Skull and Bones was not bad. He was going to accept the mission.

All of a sudden, a palm smashed on the office table. A strong and bulky man arrived next to Zhou Qingfeng. He slowly lowered his head and stared at Zhou Qingfeng, “Kid, go back to your mother! This kind of dangerous mission isn’t for you!”

Rise Of The Wasteland Chapter 170 - Mercenary

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