Rise Of The Wasteland Chapter 274

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Chapter 274        Trouble Maker

"Hugo, Mr. Hugo! I've been looking for you the entire afternoon, aren't you worried?" Mr. Clooney from Enclave rushed into the military club in Guantanamo. He found Zhou Qingfeng drinking with two pretty female guards.

"What happened?" Zhou Qingfeng was a little drunk.

The Caucasian old man from Enclave raised his voice, "Mr. Hugo, you're so irresponsible, this is gonna affect our cooperation. The Brotherhood of Steel is working with the National Liberation Front. It doesn't only affect the Polarlys Legion, but also Enclave.

The situation was indeed terrible for Enclave!

The Brotherhood of Steel occupied the north, Enclave occupied the south of the United States. Cuba was close to the south. Enclave had enough trouble with the millions of Cubans who came to Florida. If those Cubans were all trained and armed by the Brotherhood of Steel, the results would be unimaginable.

Clooney trembled at the thought of the Cubans coming in like a wave. He thought the Cubans were not reliable; he was afraid that they would betray them any time. Even though Victor Hugo was a Chinese, most of the people in the Polarlys Legion were Americans. To Clooney, they were more reliable.

While Mr. Clooney was looking for Zhou Qingfeng to ask for military support, Zhou Qingfeng went missing. Clooney really panicked. Finally, he found that the little b*stard. Zhou Qingfeng was drinking.

"Mr. Hugo, I'll give you whatever you want. The situation now is this: we can't allow the force of the Brotherhood of Steel to get into the Caribbean. They are not allowed to affect Enclave." Clooney panicked and begged Zhou Qingfeng.

However, Zhou Qingfeng knew what was this smart, old man was thinking about. At the moment, Enclave could not fight with the Cubans because of the Brotherhood of Steel, otherwise, he would not beg Zhou Qingfeng. He was just trying to delay the process to get more benefits from Zhou Qingfeng.

"We want more food, more fuel, and a few cargo s.h.i.+ps with sailors. We're currently expanding the Caribbean, we need some workers like professional workers in the oil industry. Thank you." What Zhou Qingfeng asked was no different to daylight robbery.

Clooney was shocked when he heard Zhou Qingfeng. The Caribbean was covered with pirates, the only way they could expand was to fight! In fact, it was so much harder than conquering the United States at the moment.

"You're involved in the oil industry?" Clooney doubted whether or not the Polarlys Legion could make it.

Zhou Qingfeng thought, The nuclear war is coming, alright? The global nuclear winter would last for at least a few months or even a few years. The dust from the explosion would get to the top of the stratosphere. Sunlight would significantly decrease and global temperature would drop at least ten degrees.

A direct consequence of the drop in temperature would be people starving or freezing to death. Without an energy supply like petrol, days in the future will be extremely difficult.

"We'll attack Na.s.sau in these two days, we'll get Havana after that. We're hoping that we could still use the oil extraction factories and offsh.o.r.e oil rig in Havana. Thus, we need some petroleum engineers or workers in that field."

Clooney hesitated when he heard what Zhou Qingfeng asked for. The oil refinery will be very useful until oil was depleted; it would be a great tool for them. If the Polarlys Legion got the oil industry, they would be a huge problem for Enclave in the future.

"I'll need to think about it and report back to the headquarters," Clooney did not accept immediately. Instead, he leaned towards rejecting Zhou Qingfeng.

"Well, take your time to think about it. Actually, the Cienfuegos refinery in Havana is enough for us. There were even buildings built by the Chinese. We might find some Chinese people over there, who knows?" Zhou Qingfeng left the club with two of the female guards. The way he walked away did not make him appear drunk at all.

Meanwhile, Santos who lost his son was screaming and shouting in his room. The guards around him stayed far away from the room because there were random gunshots coming out of the room. The doors and the windows were all damaged and broken.

"G.o.dd.a.m.n b*stard, how dare he stand in front of me? I will not let him go. He thought he could escape from me like he did? He's wrong! We've got weapons from the Brotherhood of Steel and he'll know what we've got."

After a few moments, Santos opened the door and shouted at his guards, "Bring the wireless radio! I'm gonna make a plan."

All the guards did not dare move. Santos said with a lower voice, "Alright, I've already calmed down. I have to admit, the Polarlys Legion is strong, but I'll give it all I have this time."

"First, send the airplane team over to Abaco Island to interrupt and investigate 24/7. This time, we have to take the lead. The reason we lost last time was because we lost control. We're gonna first destroy their airport and eliminate all their drones."

As soon as the guards heard what Santos said, they were relieved. They turned on the radio system and sent out the command.

"Secondly, get the Bunker Hill dock landing s.h.i.+p ready, bring along the amphibious a.s.sault vehicles we got from the Brotherhood of Steel. We're going straight to their base and completely destroy them."

"Finally, turn on combat mode for the three camps in Na.s.sau, We'll depart as soon as I return. We'll first get rid of the Polarlys Legion. I'd like to see how they're gonna fight against our wars.h.i.+ps with an expedition s.h.i.+p and a cargo s.h.i.+p. Finally, we don't have to use the old and rusty frigate anymore."

His guards were excited and high-spirited when they heard Santos. The Brotherhood of Steel has given a lot of good stuff to the Liberation Front just to cause trouble for Enclave.

"Alright, let's go home!" Santos did not want to waste any more time with the leader of the San Diego Military Alliance, Federo. He thought, It's just a few transport aircraft with a little food, what can you do with all that food? Stupid alliance, you'll be next after the Polarlys Legion!

When Santos prepared to leave his room, he b.u.mped into the person he hated the most. Zhou Qingfeng was wearing a cowboy hat and there were two Cuban female guards standing beside him. Zhou Qingfeng stared at him with an obvious provocative att.i.tude.

If it were not for the presence of the guards of Alliance, Santos would definitely have pulled his pistol out and shot Zhou Qingfeng.

Santos did not want to bother this murderer who killed his son. However, Zhou Qingfeng stopped him with two revolvers and shouted, "Mr. Santos, do you dare to have a one-on-one duel with me? It's not gonna hurt the innocent nor sacrifice the soldiers. We're doing it in the oldest way of solving a problem. Be it a man's problem, family hatred, or whatever. What do you think?"

What? Aren't you afraid of karma with all these bulls.h.i.+t?

Looking at Zhou Qingfeng who blocked his way, Santos was astonished. He thought, A duel? Are you f*cking crazy?!

Rise Of The Wasteland Chapter 274

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