Rise Of The Wasteland Chapter 245

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Chapter 245        High School Graduate 

"Thank you so much for caring and leading us, we're just doing our job."

"Yes, yes, of course, we'll treat Xu Guoqiang's dissertation very seriously."

"Guoqiang's ability is undoubtedly amazing, it was just a rumor that we discriminate him. We'll definitely provide him with the best platform for his development."

After Ou Yangcheng put the phone down, he could not stop smiling. He just received a call from the Department of Education and was asked about the dissertation. Even though RongHua University was a 'medical university', there had not been any important or great research publications.

However, putting the dissertation in the school journal was just a small action that then started trending internationally. It was a miracle!

It was not just the research organizations overseas who were interested in Zhou Qingfeng's dissertation; the scientific research team in China was also paying attention. The reason why the research was important was that it provided a new method for treating cancers.

Professor Alonzo had been doing research on NTZs for more than ten years. The key point to the research was that he managed to separate a type of enzyme from a virus. However, there were some issues in his research that he could not resolve.

Professor Alonzo spent more than twenty years and he finally discovered the application of this biological enzyme. Thus, there was the NTZ-49. It would just take one more step to the perfect the NTZ-50.

In fact, Zhou Qingfeng was just showing the dissertation a few years before Professor Alonzo. Of course, valuable things attracted people's attention. Especially now since those biopharmaceutical companies were focusing on the cancer treatment. It had only been two weeks, and the genetically modified enzyme had been tested many times. The results were extremely exciting!

In fact, it came from Ronghua Medical University. Ou Yangcheng was so happy that he could dance all day. There were no words that could describe his happiness.

"Quick, call Professor Xu over, I need to talk to him." Ou Yangcheng was so happy and he could not wait to see the 'hero'. Once the result of the research was verified and confirmed, there may be a chance to increase the university's rank.

However, no one picked up the phone. Ou Yangcheng could not wait. He quickly went to Xu Guoqiang's biochemical lab in person. As soon as he arrived, he found that Xu Guoqiang was sleeping.

"Oh, Xu, you've been working so hard. It's our fault that we weren't properly taking care of you."

"Wow, I'm so impressed that you could continue to work and research under such conditions."

"Professor Xu, you have my respect. Although it was hard, you didn't give up and you made it. Great, good job!"

Since the laboratory was plain, Xu Guoqiang was sleeping on a camp bed. He was awakened by the noise. The moment he opened his eyes, he saw all the high-level administrators in front of him. It was not just Headmaster Ou Yangcheng, even his enemy, Feng Ruhai, had come.

When Xu Guoqiang heard what Ou Yangcheng said, he thought in his mind, "I've been sleeping ten hours a day for the past two weeks, what are you talking about?" He had been researching his entire life, but the past two weeks had made him extremely depressed. He rubbed his eyes, put on his glasses, looked at the people around him, and asked, "What are you guys doing here?"

"Professor Xu, your dissertation about the new application of genetically modified enzymes has aroused great repercussion from the international biological community. We're here to congratulate you. At the same time, we're here to apologize and we hope that we can make it up to you."

Ou Yangcheng said humbly and sincerely, "We decided to submit your dissertation that you submitted to the school journal directly to 'Cell'. You'll become famous for sure!"

"School journal?" Ou Yangcheng handed Xu Guoqiang the school journal. Professor Xu opened the journal and immediately saw the dissertation that was written by Zhou Qingfeng, "Ah, I remember this, but….."

Ou Yangcheng did not wait for Xu Guoqiang to finish his words. He quickly held his hands and said, "Professor Xu, we'll give you everything you need. We've decided to sponsor five million yuan to expand and renovate the lab. I promise that it is going to be a standard and high-quality lab."

"Five million?! But…." Xu Guoqiang was going to explain.

However, he was interrupted by Ou Yangcheng again. "I know five million isn't a lot, but it's just an initial investment. The money will be totally dedicated to your lab and we won't ask for any benefits. Just remember to mention Ronghua Medical University if there are any more dissertations."

It sounded like something great had happened! When Xu Guoqiang heard what Ou Yangcheng said, he finally realized why he failed and ended up divorcing his wife. It was all because of money. It was such a great feeling to suddenly have an extra five million yuan to spend!

However…., there had to be something behind it.

"Excuse me, I'm gonna go change." Xu Guoqiang finally turned sober. After he calmed Ou Yangcheng down, he went to ask Yan Tao about what was going on. Finally, he went into another room and softly shouted to Zhou Qingfeng who was lying on the camp bed. "Hey, Zhou, wake up. Wake up and explain this to me."

Zhou Qingfeng had been reading the entire night and had slept for less than two hours. He was annoyed. He opened his eyes and said unhappily, "What? Can't you just let me sleep?"

"It's about a five million yuan sponsor, wake up!" Xu Guoqiang was panicking.

The moment Zhou Qingfeng heard the words 'five million', he quickly sat up from the bed, "What? What? What? What's with the five million?"

Xu Guoqiang opened the school journal and asked, "Did you use my name to submit this dissertation?"

"Uh…, yeah?"

"Did you know that your dissertation has created a sensation?"


"And someone's here."

"To give us five million yuan?"

"I'm afraid that it's more than that. Yan Tao told me this morning that Howard came, and he said the Hopkins Medical Center in the United States wants to work together with us on this research. They're willing to sponsor fifty million dollars. However, they want the authorization of the entire research project."

"Really? Fifty million dollars! Hahaha…., but tell them f*ck off." Zhou Qingfeng knew that medical research nowadays was a high investment, high return businesses. Developing a new drug required at least a few hundred million dollars."

Undoubtedly, Hopkins Medical Center saw the potential of cancer treatment on the dissertation. They were trying to get it cheap. In fact, fifty million dollars was simply pathetic for the NTZ research.

Also, Zhou Qingfeng had a small thought that he did not want the NTZ to be globalized. He thought the world only needed one superman, and the others could come out after he was dead.

Zhou Qingfeng instantly rejected the fifty million sponsor. Xu Guoqiang was wondering about Zhou Qingfeng's pathetic education experience as he looked at the young-looking man.

"Hey, Zhou, are you really a high school graduate?"

"Uhh… yeah, but I graduated ages ago."

Rise Of The Wasteland Chapter 245

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