Rise Of The Wasteland Chapter 278

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Chapter 278        Trapped Beast

Bang! Bang! The sound of two gunshots could be heard at the same time. Two of Santos' guards who were standing away from each other were shot in their chests. They fell down once the rock touched the ground.

At the sound of the gunshots, Mirta was shocked and closed her eyes. She saw one of the guards cheating. However, before she could call out, Zhou Qingfeng had already fired the bullets into their chests.

Due to the high tension in the air and her immense concentration, the scene in front of her unraveled in slow motion, like in a movie, and the scene kept on repeating itself in her mind. It was still a piece of cake for Zhou Qingfeng. Even though one of the opponents was trying to cheat, Zhou Qingfeng managed to kill both of them. He was the calmest, steadiest, and coolest man ever!

When Mirta opened her eyes, the place was dead silent. Everyone was stunned and stared at Zhou Qingfeng in disbelief The people were shocked, astonished, and speechless. After a few seconds of dead silence, the crowd began to cheer again.

"Mr. Hugo did it! He won the two-versus-one duel. I couldn't even see him move. It was as quick as lightning. I only heard one sound and the two men opposite him were dead."

"Unbelievable, this is unbelievable! One of the guards was cheating but he still managed to win. I can't imagine what would happen if I were him."

"Now I'm sure the Lone Wolf, Carlos wasn't bad, it's Victor Hugo who's unbeatable!"

"What an incredible moment. Oh my gosh, I'm so excited. I don't think there's anyone here in Cuba who could beat him. And you know what? He's our friend!"

After two of the men fell, everyone started to rush towards Zhou Qingfeng. The female guards hugged and kissed him, the male guards lifted him up and cheered. He was thrown in the sky; the female guards were so excited that they took off their bras and threw them at Zhou Qingfeng to show their love.

"Hahaha….." Zhou Qingfeng was laughing happily as he looked at the bras hanging on his arms and head.

Mirta was smiling too when she saw Zhou Qingfeng win the duel. All the tension and nerves she had turned into laughter. As a queen who controlled the entire Guantanamo military base, it was so rare for her to smile at a man.

However, as everyone cheered and celebrated for Zhou Qingfeng, Santos was in a completely different situation. He felt a strong hopelessness from the fact that he could never beat Zhou Qingfeng. Zhou Qingfeng was like an unbeatable giant that blocked his way. He was depressed and really upset.

"Let's go, we've gotta get out of here. We'll be back winners after we destroy their base and eliminate their soldiers. They are going to regret their ignorance and arrogance." Santos could not even be bothered to collect the corpses of his men; he just wanted to leave.

"Wait…." Zhou Qingfeng was lifted by a few men. He stared at Santos from the top like he was a king, "General Santos, are you admitting that you've lost?"

General Santos was already dead inside. It was a two-versus-one duel where even one of his men cheated. Even so, they could not beat Zhou Qingfeng. Zhou Qingfeng's ability was beyond his imagination. He had to admit, "Alright, you win."

"So, we're good now? There's no conflict or whatsoever between us now?" Zhou Qingfeng asked.

Once Zhou Qingfeng mentioned the word conflict, General Santos thought about his son. He could not forgive Zhou Qingfeng. However, he had no choice at the moment, "Yes, we're good."

"Since we're good, why are you rus.h.i.+ng to leave?" Zhou Qingfeng got down from the Cubans, walked towards Santos, and asked, "Or are you still thinking about revenge? Do want another duel with me?"

Go away, idiot!

Two men at one time didn't even work, how am I supposed to fight against you?

Zhou Qingfeng was not planning to let Santos go. He grabbed Santos' shoulders, shook them, and shouted, "Tell me, do you want to have another duel?"

Zhou Qingfeng asked a few times but none of them answered. No one even dared to stop Zhou Qingfeng. The rest of Santos' men gradually stepped backwards because they knew that the young Chinese man in front of them was insanely strong. They would not want to duel with him unless they were crazy.

In the meantime, General Santos was forced to go back to his room. All his guards and luggage were locked with him in the same room. Zhou Qingfeng stood at the door and shouted, "Mr. Santos, you should stay for a few days. If you want to leave this place, that means that you have decided on another duel with me and I'm totally happy with that!"

The Cubans around were surprised. They did not expect that Zhou Qingfeng's intentions were to suppress and lock Santos up. Mirta reacted the quickest. She quickly came close to Zhou Qingfeng and whispered, "Is the Polarlys Legion ready to attack Na.s.sau?"

"We're still preparing…." Zhou Qingfeng asked someone to get him a chair and he just sat in front of the room where Santos was. Finally, General Santos realized that Zhou Qingfeng was not planning on letting him go.

As the door closed, Santos was a trapped beast. He was worried and irritated. However, this time, he was not shouting and yelling anymore. He opened the maps, activated the radio system, and immediately asked about the situation in Na.s.sau.

Everything in Na.s.sau was normal. The soldiers in Na.s.sau were following his instructions to gather. After a few hours, they would be on their way to attack the Abaco Island. The only problem at the moment was, the commander, General Santos could not be there.

"G.o.dd.a.m.nit!" Santos did not expect this to happen at all. He had just gotten the best weapons from Enclave and he was only here to convince them to surrender. One of his men suggested a new commander from Havana. Santos instantly slapped him and snapped, "A new commander to replace me?"

After Santos calmed down, he comforted himself, "It's alright, I'll still be able to command the battle. With this radio system, it's not much a difference compared to doing it in person. The forces we have right now are so much stronger than the Polarlys Legion. We could still win this!"

For the past two weeks, a large amount of people went to the Abaco Island to seek jobs. Even though the Polarlys Legion had the patrol system of the island, they could not stop the people who were able to sneak onto the island. What they had was actually exposed to the public.

Just looking at it, the Polarlys Legion was already at its best. They tried their best to expand their forces. However, it was just the population that had increased. Most of them were not soldiers or trained in the army. Also, their equipment and weapons had not improved over time. The fact that they did not have wars.h.i.+ps was a huge disadvantage.

As for the Liberation Front, the new dock landing s.h.i.+p, Bunker Hill, alone was enough to conquer the entire Bahamas. Thus, Santos was very confident. He held the map tightly and said, "You can't stop me, Victor Hugo. I'll do anything to destroy the Polarlys Legion, even if I have to sacrifice my life."

Rise Of The Wasteland Chapter 278

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