Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut Vol 10 Chapter 3

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Chapter 3
Episode 3 – Infiltration, And Then

Part 1

Although Calensia had settled the situation in order for them, the commotion in the pleasure quarter was too much.

Because of that, Lux thought to quietly spend the five days in the inn, but──,

「Kuh……, ouch ouch ouch!」

Lux was persevering against his injury since the beginning, but pain ran through his body when he tried to move his body.

It was great that he brought down Brandish of Cutting Punishment, one of the Servants in the bar the other day, but because of that the backlash of working his body too hard visited him.

The terrifying aspect of the rare armament Chain Saw wasn’t its cutting power, it was how it inflicted shockwave on the opponent due to its vibration and left behind severe damage to the flesh body even from above the armor.

Because the armor of his Wyvern was destroyed, Lux fully tasted the effect of the enemy’s weapon due to his negligence.

He endured it stoically when talking with Calensia, but he couldn’t move for even a step after returning to the inn.

According to the doctor, his muscles were wounded and he was told to rest quietly for a week.


「Then I, will look after Lu-chan, okay?」

Philuffy wore the apron she brought and declared that she would nurse Lux.

She always had atmosphere of doing thing at her own pace, but now she somehow looked in high spirits.

「Here. Open your mouth, aahn」

First she brought the meal that the inn prepared to Lux, scooped up the food using a spoon, and held it out toward Lux.

「I, I’m fine Phi-chan. You don’t need to go that far, I’ll be fine after sleeping for a bit.」

「Lu-chan. This time, you did a really dangerous thing.」

Philuffy stared fixedly with a serious face and brought her face close to Lux who was smiling wryly.

She was a girl of few words, but she knew how to pressure someone in her own way.

「Sorry, that’s……. I made you worry.」

「I will nurse you for a while. Lu-chan, just sleep.」

She said that, then first she fed Lux.

It might be imprudent to think so, but this might be the first time he saw Philuffy this active.

She nursed Lux constantly like a devoted wife.

The inn gave their customer three meals a day. When he went to toilet, Philuffy escorted him in moving there, and she also lent him a hand when walking or waking up.

On top of all that, when Lux wanted to read while lying down, she procured things like the rough sketches of the city and so on for him.

She was definitely helpful, but Lux smiled wryly wondering if perhaps she was overdoing it slightly.

But, it seemed that Philuffy personally wouldn’t concede the role of taking care of Lux. Lux obediently let her did what she wanted.

「I’ll go buying things for a bit. Lu-chan, you need to sleep properly, you know?」

When his childhood friend left those words behind and went away, Lux was relieved.

「It’s a bit embarrassing but, it’s nostalgic somehow……」

Fundamentally as a child, Lux was often nursing after Airi.

That was why he really had no recollection of someone looking after him, but there was just that one time Philuffy looked after him when he collapsed from fever.

At that time, Philuffy thought that Lux would recover if he ate sweets, it was funny──.

*Knock knock* After he heard the sound of knocking, the door was opened.

Then, Philuffy who was shopping returned and began to wear her apron quickly.

「Wait, Phi-chan, what are you buying so much like that?」

「Tools for nursing Lu-chan. I’ll take off your clothes, so stay still.」

「Eh……!? Wai-!? What are you──」

Lux showed

a perplexed expression, but Philuffy paid it no mind.

Honestly, although the other party was a childhood friend who he trusted from the bottom of his heart, as expected it was still embarrassing to have a girl the same age with him to see him naked.

But, Philuffy was stripping off Lux until his underwear in her own pace indifferently.

Without pause she made Lux lied down with his face facing the bed, then her finger traced his back slowly.

At that moment, Philuffy’s large breasts touched his back, which caused blood to rush into Lux’s head immediately.

It seemed that Philuffy herself wasn’t conscious of it, but the softness and elasticity of her voluptuous breasts could be felt enough even from across the apron.

「Wai-, what are you doing Phi-chan!? Wait, ouch ouch ouch ouch-!」

「Here and here, I think?」

Her finger pressured on several spots, checking the place where Lux’s muscles and joints were hurt.

She was massaging him to right the distorted muscle while sticking compresses that were coated with medicinal herb, then she fixed them in place tightly using bandage.

The first-aid treatment was finished in just a few minutes.

「It’s finished, Lu-chan. What’s left is to rest properly.」

「Tha, thank you, Phi-chan.」

It seemed she rectified the distorted muscles in his body and somehow his body felt comfortable.

Lux said his thanks while being wrapped in a surprise that left him unable to say anything.

「But, it’s amazing that you know this kind of healing method. Somehow, it’s unexpected──」

「Master taught me when she was training me in martial arts.」

The one she called as master was the captain of Seven Dragon Paladins, Magialca.

In order to control her physical ability that was strengthened due to the seed of Abyss that was planted inside her body, he was told that Philuffy was going through a lot of hardships.

From Lux’s standpoint, there was also the fact that he was unable to safe her from Hayes’s human experiment, which caused him to feel complicated.

「Is Lu-chan, bothered about the matter of Abyss?」


When he was looking at the chair beside him while lying down on the bed, Philuffy seemed to guess what was inside Lux’s heart and muttered that.

But, till the end Philuffy talked with a gentle tone while showing him a faint smile.

「I’m feeling, glad about it. Both me and also Lu-chan, are able to stay alive, besides──right now, I can protect Lu-chan with this power.」


「Because since the past, I always wanted to become like that all the time. In the past, since I said farewell to Lu-chan, I wanted to become able, to fight too.」

He felt like his chest was struck. He was at a loss for words for a while.

In a glance Philuffy gave a flighty impression, but she was a girl with a really strong core in her heart.

So much so, that sometimes he would be completely enraptured by her.

「Phi-chan, say……」

Suddenly, Lux reflexively let his voice slipped out from his mouth.

At that time when he was going to tell her his words of gratitude, he could hear a quiet sleeper’s breathing.

「Zzz……. Lu-chan, you must, rest properly.」

Philuffy was starting to sleep soundly while sitting on the chair with winter sunlight shining down on her.

Lux smiled wryly while watching her sleeping face from the side. He decided to also rest.

「Thank you, Phi-chan.」

He grasped her hand that was always warm and gentle, then he also fell into dream world.

It appeared that he had fatigue amassed mentally from nervousness, because after that he was falling into a deep sleep.

──After that, a few hours later.

The two of them passed their time napping comfortably, but there wasn’t any particular problem and it became night.

Philuffy brought dinner and she fed him once more, and then they were drinking tea while resting after the meal.

「Lu-chan. Is your body all right?」

「Yep. Thanks to Phi-chan, I’m feeling a lot better.」

「I’m glad.」

After slowly drinking tea while relaxing, Philuffy was reading some kind of book. It seemed that it was a catalogue of the underground market that she received along with the tickets the other day.

Inside the catalogue most of the content consisted of weapon or precious metal, but the types of merchandises with scarcity value like rare animal were also mentioned there.

Philuffy was reading it curiously.

「Phi-chan, is there anything that you want? Anything other than food.」

「Animal like cat or dog, I want to try keeping them, perhaps.」

It seemed that she was keeping several pets in her home of Aingram, but right now it was forbidden to keep a pet in the girl dormitory, so she surely wanted to frolic with animal after so long.

When they played together after Lux was banished from the imperial court, he recalled how they once played with a wild dog inside a forest.

「Eerr, I don’t think it’s something that I can get for you right away so, is there anything else that you want?」

「Then, thing that can, make ice cream.」

「What is that?」

Lux tilted his head after hearing the words that he had never heard before.

「It’s a machine, to make sweets. It’s sweet and cold. Onee-chan said, that she ate it at foreign country.」

It seemed to be a tool that somehow mixed milk, egg yolk, sugar, and so on, then ice was jammed around them and they were mixed with each other to make the ice cream thing. The sweets lover Philuffy seemed to show her interest in it.

「Then, in the future, other than becoming Relie-san’s bodyguard, perhaps you can also open confectionery shop.」

「Yes, I want to.」

Philuffy’s cheeks loosened happily hearing Lux’s suggestion.

Surely she was imagining the future image of herself being surrounded by a lot of sweets.

Though somehow, he also got the hunch that she was going to eat all of the sweets by herself──.

「Lu-chan, when this battle is over, what will you do?」


He was asked back and he pondered.

Right now he was Lisha’s exclusive knight, and a member of Seven Dragon Paladins who represented the new kingdom, but if for example they reached Avalon just like the Lords said, then perhaps there would be no more large battle happening.

The reason was if they could reach Avalon, all the Ruin would be put under control, and in that case they wouldn’t need to fight Abyss anymore.

Of course, there was also the conflict between fellow humans, so there was no way that battle would be gone completely, but at the very least, when everything was taken care of five months later, then perhaps there would be no more large battle.

At that time, perhaps it would also be fine for Lux to think that for the moment what he ought to do had reached a point where he could pause.

From the beginning, he was fighting in order to change the old empire as an imperial family member.

In order to create a country where unreasonable rule and discrimination was gone, and people could obtain happiness as though it was the norm.

If he was able to realize that ideal, he thought that he ought to pull back after that.

If the Abyss was gone, then surely there wouldn’t even be any need for him to serve Lisha.

「I still haven’t decide, but I wonder, if perhaps there is something that even I can do?」

「Onee-chan, is looking for bodyguard. If Lu-chan becomes Onee-chan’s secretary, all of us can live together.」

「……Yes, that also sounds fun.」

Lux would become Relie’s bodyguard and secretary instead of Philuffy, while she would manage a confectionary shop.

Lux thought that such future might also be fun.

And above all else, he was happy with the feeling of Relie and Philuffy who were always treating him the same even with his status as a criminal.

「Then, should we take a bath?」

「Yes. Phi-chan, you enter first, I’m fine right now.」

Honestly speaking, although his fatigue had more or less vanished, his body was still unable to move satisfactorily.

This was a high class in with a large public bath attached at its side, but the bathing time was divided with man and woman entering alternately.

If he wasn’t mistaken, the female should be the one who got the first turn today, so Lux urged Philuffy to go first, but Philuffy shook her head quietly.

「Lu-chan will also enter with me. If not, it will be difficult.」


Lux who heard that was bewildered.

He didn’t dare to think about it, but for her to try to do that even at an inn of foreign country was──.

「Wai-, wait a second. As expected that’s impossible right!? Besides, the bath in this inn isn’t mixed bath……」

「It’s fine. I received permission from the inn’s staff, so we can reserve to enter alone at the end.」

Philuffy declared so. Within her dreamy expression, there was light flashing inside her eyes.

「No but, is such thing really permitted?」

As expected it was unthinkable that a mixed bathing of man and woman could be so easily allowed.

「When I said, that we are in honeymoon, they gave permission.」

「You are using our fake setting too well-! They are absolutely misunderstanding!?」

「Also, because I hand them a bit of money.」

「Don’t be like Relie-san only in that kind of aspect you know-!?」

Even his desperate retorts were in vain. Philuffy was unconcernedly preparing for entering the bath.

At this kind of time, there was nothing he could do when he couldn’t move his body properly.

No──surely this was simply Philuffy thinking to help Lux who was unable to move his body freely.

「At the very least wrap towel around our bodyyyyy……!」

While Lux’s scream was resounding, Philuffy helped him entering the bath where Lux needed incredible fortitude.

Part 2

「Haa……. Really our deepest apologies. We have been a bother when Lux-san and Philuffy-san were actually enjoying yourselves.」

「Uachaa……. I wonder if this can be counted as crossing the line already? Even if this is a honeymoon, still-」

「It can’t be helped. Lux-kun too is a young boy. Rather perhaps he should be praised to endure until this long in this situation──then, what is your impression?」

「Please stop joking around already-!?」

The Triad──Noct, Tillfur, and Sharis who were lining up inside the room were making fun of Lux in turns. Lux became bright red and objected.

After they had just gotten out of the bath and returned to their room, when Philuffy was helping Lux with changing clothes, the three arrived and it became a situation where the misunderstanding wasn’t stopping.

「Well, let’s stop teasing Lux-kun with this much. More importantly, it’s great that you are safe even after such incident happened.」

After Sharis smiled while saying that, Lux reported what happened the other day to the three once more.

How he accidentally met Stefa Hersmice, then he contacted Calensia because of her request, and then he received promise that she would guide them in the underground market.

「Then, Dragon Marauder was really connected with Heiburg? Nice job there Lux-chi. With this the new kingdom can be saved!」

「No. Your voice is too loud Tillfur. It seems it’s hard for voice to go through the wall here, but you are too careless.」

When Tillfur raised her voice happily, Noct reminded her calmly.

On the other hand, Sharis was nodding ‘yep yep’ in satisfaction.

「That aide Calensia who was together with Rosa huh. If what she said is correct, a backroom deal with Dragon Marauder will definitely take place in that underground market.」

「Yes. For now I think it will be fine if we can catch them in the act. Calensia-san said that Drag-Knights from the Resistance who are slipping in among Heiburg military will also give their assistance.」

「There if we can expose Lady Rosa’s crime and take away her position as Seven Dragon Paladins, she will lose her authority, is that right?」

Lux nodded at Sharis’s question and,

「It’s not certain, but the conquering of Babel should be halted temporarily after that. Using that chance, perhaps we can open discussion with Heiburg so we might form a united front.」

When Lux said that with a serious expression, Tillfur tilted her head with a puzzled look.

「Eh? What do you mean, reconciling with Heiburg? Isn’t if fine if we just report them to the world alliance like that? They are the traitor after all.」

「No. Looking at the actual problem, I judge that for now we should overlook it. The Lords said that they would attack at the time the traitor is discovered, so depending on their judgment standard, there is a risk that Babel and Triport near it will become battlefield.」

「Either way Heiburg’s connection with Dragon Marauder will be severed with this right? Then it will be better instead if we grasp that weakness to make a deal so Heiburg will cooperate with the new kingdom. It’s something like that.」

「Right. If Lady Rosa lose her standing and Calensia-san step forward, I think such path is possible.」

「Uwa, somehow it’s amazing. It feels really political……」

TIllfur made a bitter face at the talk of Sharis and Lux, then,

「Yes. Unfortunately this is a political talk. After all we too are knights.」

「Hmmmph. And, what should we do then, Lux-chi?」

「Honestly, the underground market must be guarded really strictly, so all of you won’t be able to approach easily. Until the matter is settled, I want Noct’s Drake to probe the surrounding and wait watchfully so no hindrance will interfere.」

Sharis nodded shortly at Lux’s suggestion.

「I don’t mind doing that but, a division commander of the Dragon Marauder might come right? Will you fine with only missy Philuffy?」

「……It’s all right. If their battle strength is following my estimate, then we will manage somehow.」

「Hmmph. Even though we too have powered up quite much, you cannot rely on us?」

Tillfur puffed up her cheeks with a tone that was lightly joking but,

「You shouldn’t trouble Lux-kun, Tillfur. Now, we will leave for now. You two have a good rest until the day of the decisive battle.」

By the way, the Triad entered this country using counterfeit credentials that Magialca prepared, so it would be dangerous if they acted too showy.

But, the true reason why Lux refused their participation in battle was actually due to a different factor.

「……Is it, okay? Not letting everyone fighting together with us?」

「Yes. This time, there is something that is bothering me a bit.」

Philuffy finally opened her mouth to question Lux. Lux nodded with a worried expression.

The incident at the pleasure quarter where they got dragged into the other day.

The method of Heiburg military that was led by Rosa was just too merciless.

If the Triad got involved into this in that kind of shape, surely he would regret it.

That was why, he didn’t want to involve them as much as possible.

「Then, let’s sleep soon, Phi-chan.」

「Yes. Night, Lu-chan.」

Lux called at Philuffy, turned off the room’s light, and inside the room was filled with silence.

With this, the preparation for the day of the operation was in place.

At the underground market, together with Calensia as well as the Resistance, they would catch Heiburg in the act of making a deal with Dragon Marauder.

From the report Rosa was also still at Triport, so this should be doable.

But, he wondered why.

Something that was like a different unease was tormenting Lux.

Part 3

And then, Lux spent a few days in the inn for recuperating, and then finally he infiltrated into Heiburg’s underground market.

The place where the market took place was beside the military facility practice ground, underground the guild of great company Elminant.

Lux who was wearing a dress suit and Philuffy who was wearing a dress entered inside while holding hand.

Bringing in Sword Device was allowed, but in exchange the sheath was locked with a metal cover.

The thing would take time and effort to be taken off without using the key, but with the information from Relie and Magialca, they had thought of countermeasure for this.

Just as the name underground market implied, a market place made from stone was spreading to the surrounding in circle shape.

Rare animal, rare food ingredient, artwork, precious metal, Drag-Ride part──furthermore even suspicious drug were lined up along with their prize.

「This drug, what is it?」

When Philuffy muttered while tilting her head, a middle aged merchant in charge of the stand grinned.

「Oo, you have good eyes there young miss. This is a stimulant. How about it, young master? It will make you energetic yeah.」

「It will make Lu-chan energetic? Then this one──」

「Wait, stop it Phi-chan! That thing might be different from what you are thinking!」

After Lux stopped her in panic, next Philuffy looked with deep interest at dried food made from rare fish, tried to sample an old wine, then he stopped her because it would obstruct their mission after this. They were spending a peaceful time.

This event was given a suspicious name like underground market, and in actually fact it was indeed fishy, but it still felt just barely legal.

The atmosphere was also more upright than Lux thought, but his tension wouldn’t relax.

Lux was putting up his guard observing if there was any gaze that was doubting the two of them while grasping the terrain by pretending to look around the market.

According to the story of Calensia who passed them by before this, Dragon Marauder wouldn’t appear here for the transaction.

They would show up at the facility beside this building, in Heiburg’s underground Drag-Ride hangar.

Of course, there was a path here that connected to the hangar, so there wouldn’t be any problem.


While Lux was in a daze, Calensia showed up in the underground market and beckoned at them with her hand.

「Over here Lux-san. The transaction with Dragon Marauder is going on. The path to the hangar is──」

Urged by Calensia, Lux and Philuffy followed behind her and they passed through several tough steel doors.

Led into a path where human sign was rapidly vanishing, they arrived at a place that was tinged with strange enthusiasm in the air.

There was a huge metal cage in hemisphere shape, while Abyss and Drag-Knight were fighting inside it.

「That’s it, beat it up!」

「What are you doing, don’t just run away!」

Angry yells were flying around. Influential looking nobles were yelling with fervor.

「This is, what in the world──」

「It’s an extermination of captured Abyss as well as training for Drag-Knight. Of course, in reality it was just a mortal combat for betting. It’s a show for a part of nobles with bad hobby.」

「Why, is such thing──?」

When Lux asked with a dubious face, Calensia smiled powerlessly.

「I don’t know. Perhaps it’s a tool to threaten other people, or perhaps it is to heighten the people’s competitiveness by displaying strength, but either way right now it seems that a medicine experiment is being carried out. It’s for the sake of learning how to use the mysterious secret medicine called Elixir that was refined from Ruin──」


The reality that was too inhuman caused Lux to frown while following her from behind.

Before long they were let into a scraggy room made from stone. There Calensia stopped walking.

「This way. If you two hide behind here, soon division commander Vine from Dragon Marauder should show up. If you take him by surprise while wearing Drag-Ride, you should be able to subdue him simply.」

Saying that, Calensia took out a key from her breast pocket.

It was the key for taking off the cover that was locking their Sword Device in order to enter this underground market.

Calensia had told Lux beforehand that she would unlock the cover for them──but,

「Eh……, why?」

For some reason the key couldn’t enter the keyhole.

Calensia tilted her head and began to get impatient.

「Fo, forgive me. It looks like I mistook the key. I will quickly go take the right key, so please hide around here for now.」

「No, Calensia-san, I want you to wait. There is other strange thing.」


Calensia was backing away from Lux who was showing a perplexed expression.

「There is no exit in this place where we are hiding. Besides this is too strange. Before we came here, we were watching out the situation around us at the underground market, but──」

So to speak, Lux was on guard against assassin that was mixed in among the crowd.

「Even though we had caused that much commotion in the pleasure quarter, we didn’t hear any rumor about it. The security of the soldiers was also lax. Everything is going too well. The situation is unnatural for a military that is normally being managed by Lady Rosa with her way that is like that.」


Calensia lowered her eyebrows at what Lux pointed out and she averted her gaze.

「Since then, we didn’t meet Stefa just as you say. Could it be, at that point you have been threatened? That she would be killed if you don’t lead us into a trap──」

Silence. After the quietness, Calensia’s expression clouded.

Her shoulders were shaking fiercely and she directed an anxious gaze at Lux.

「So you, saw through it……you aren’t, going to kill me?」

Lux shook his head seeing the self-depreciating smile Calensia made.

「I’m not planning to blame you. However, we also cannot get trapped and die here no matter what. Can you understand that?」

Calensia’s shoulders dropped.

She hung her head down powerlessly, as though she was resigned of something.

And then, she confessed the truth piece by piece.

「Soon, one of the Servants will come here, in order to collect a large amount of Elixir that was used until now for the experiment in that arena. You two, please get away from here right away. If not──」

「No, I will remain here. If not Calensia-san will also meet a tragic experience. On top of that, I swear I’ll defeat the King of Vices in this Heiburg.」

「Unfortunately, I cannot agree with that talk you seee. The transaction is over alreadyy.」


Right after Lux muttered that, a cloudy voice of a girl came from behind.

Almost at the same time, the sword belt of Bahamut that Lux wore on his waist was plucked off by something.

When he turned around in panic, an unexpected sight flew into his eyes.

「How-!? Why are you here──!?」

A red haired girl wearing a wicked smile on her face.

Rosa Granhide wearing Heiburg’s military uniform and iron blue Drag-Ride was standing in front of them.

The Drag-Ride’s hand was toying with a black Sword Device that had just been stolen from Lux.

「Myy? That’s my line. Why are you in this kind of place I wonder, Lux Arcadia. But well, let me answer your question. I was here right from the beginning. Since that time I departed to Triport leading my subordinates to conquer Babel.」

「There is no way that’s……true. There shouldn’t be any sign of you leaving from new kingdom since a few days ago! And yet──」

When he was about to say that, Lux realized in surprise and he held his breath.

Come to think of it, the report from the Triad itself was strange.

Rosa was showing her face since the first day, but she was only walking around in the front line base without even participating in conquering Babel. There was also no sign of her commanding.

「You put a body double there since the beginning in order to attend this transaction──so it was like that.」

Rosa chuckled hearing Lux‘s mutter.

「You noticed too late theree. I held a bit of expectation at the wiles of the Black Hero who destroyed Old Empire Arcadia by himself, but it looks like you aren’t even at my level at all.」

Rosa licked her lower lips and grinned fearlessly.

But, there was something that surprised Lux more than her appearance here.

「Why? Gorynych should be a land battle type Divine Drag-Ride. The camouflage function when you appeared just now should be Drake’s ability. Just how in the world──」

「Myy? You forgot already? The Divine Raiment of my Gorynych, Tartaros Frame can rearrange and modify its own armor. It will need some time but, it can switch to any of the three types you know? Now, the service from me is only until here. I’ll have you surrender to mee.」

Rosa pointed the muzzle of her Breath Gun to Lux while looking triumphant.

Lux, Philuffy, and Calensia weren’t wearing Drag-Ride.

Furthermore their remaining Sword Devices had the sheaths locked.

There was no chance of victory left for them.

「You won’t, kill us?」

「Only third rate will kill you heree. This is a rare chance where I can obtain the highest quality of hostage into my hand. If I captured you and that ojou-sama, you two will be really useful in extorting the new kingdom. Aa, now that you mention it, there are also the three small fries loitering around you two. I’ll have them killed as example. After they are thoroughly raped and used as guinea pig, I’ll send their corpses back to the new kingdom as warning.」


Seeing Rosa’s wicked smile that hinted about the Triad, blood rushed into Lux’s head.

But, in reality he could do nothing at this stage.

「Calen, the punishment for you will be after that. Even though I’ve been so kind to let that cousin of yours alive──. Your disciplining is still lacking it seems.」


Calensia’s face turned pale and her shoulders were shaking. In that timing, Rosa’s gaze was taken off from Lux and Philuffy for a moment.

It was a very little opening of her heart due to her conviction of her victory.

Lux didn’t let that timing get away and unsheathed his remaining Sword Device.

Rosa reacted and quickly pulled the trigger of her Breath Gun.

While the countless light bullets were fired through the air, Lux was already equipping his Wyvern.

「──Howling Roar!」

Lux defended against the barrage with his barrier, at the same time he unleashed shockwave from his head armor.

He held back Rosa, at the same time he carried Philuffy and Calensia with both arms and took distance backward.

「How, the Sword Device’s sheath should be locked──!?」

Calensia who saw that raised her voice with an amazed look.

How did Lux unsheathed his Sword Device even though Calensia hadn’t opened the lock just now?

Using the physical strength of Abyss that Philuffy possessed and metal fitting that she used as hairclip, she quickly undid the lock for Lux when Rosa showed an opening.

That was the plan that Lux and Philuffy prepared beforehand.

The moment Rosa was slightly pushed back by Howling Roar, Lux skated in the air in order to attack her.

「Hah! You’re better than I thought. But it’s unfortunatee. You cannot make use of Wyvern’s mobility inside this cramped underground passage!」


Ligth instantly surged from Rosa’s armor and bullets were fired like explosion.

It was the application of basic technique, Break Purge that released off the armor while shooting a part of them like buckshot.

In order to defend against the barrage attack from the fired armor parts, Lux opened his Wyvern’s barrier in full and endured.

「──……This is-!?」

The moment the storm stopped, before his eyes the figure of Gorynych had completely changed compared to before.

From the form of Drake with Radar attached on its shoulder and four legs, into the form of land battle type that was covered with thick armor.

「Tartaros Frame – Normal Mode.」

The Divine Raiment of Gorynych that modified its own armor by combining its special armament, the unmanned armors Twelve Vice.

What Rosa selected was most likely the basic model of land battle type.

Blades were growing from various parts of the armor with a sickle shaped weapon, Scythe in one hand. That form resembled an ominous god of death.

It was standing in the way of the returning path that connected to the underground market, completely blocking the escape route.

「Can I ask you to keep it moderate even if you struggle in vaiin? No matter what, it’s just too insulting if you are trying to take me on with that kind of torn up piece of junk.」

Rosa who was convinced of her own superiority was boasting triumphantly seeing her opponent’s appearance.

Because Lux’s Wyvern got its shoulder destroyed at the battle five days ago against Brandish of the Servants, one of its arms couldn’t function properly.

And then, Bahamut’s Sword Device was still stolen by Rosa.

At this rate the result of the fight was clear.

Calensia showed a sorrowful expression. At that moment, Lux’s voice roared.

「Calensia-san! Escape to the corner of the passage! I’ll lure the Drag-Ride to the front!」

Calensia reacted to his voice and moved toward the corner of the passage. In that moment, Rosa’s Gorynych was entangled by countless wires.

Those wires came from Pile Anchor, the special armament that was fired from every part of Divine Drag-Ride Typhon that Philuffy was wearing.

Philuffy who had went around behind Rosa unnoticed summoned her Drag-Ride and launched her attack.

「──Hmph. You just kept staying quiet so I thought you aren’t going to do anything, but sneaking around in the shadow like that.」

「Get away, from Lu-chan.」

The instant Philuffy muttered that, the wires coiling around Gorynych was pulled toward Typhon in high speed.

Typhon that Philuffy was wearing immediately ran through the passage and dragged Rosa to outside the hangar──into the military practice ground.

The outside had been covered with dusk, cold rain was starting to pour down.

At present, the majority of the Drag-Knights of Heiburg were absent because they went to conquer Babel. The practice ground was empty.

Lux also followed Philuffy and Rosa and went outside. There he didn’t see any sign of other ambusher.

Like this, this time it was them who was in an advantageous position. Lux was convinced of that.

He exchanged glance with Calensia, where she nodded to him briefly in resolve.

「Lux-san, Philuffy-san! Please take care of Lady Rosa! I’ll block the path toward the practice ground and stop the military’s reinforcement.」

「Please. I’ll defeat Rosa here with her!」

Rosa herself had confessed about her backroom dealing with the Dragon Marauder.

The evil design of the King of Vices that weakened the new kingdom while conquering Babel at the same time.

(If we can defeat her──Rosa with this, then everything will end.)

The unreasonable reign of the military that was running rampant in this Heiburg too, and also the unhappiness of the people which was caused from it──everything would end.

Perhaps in order to learn tactic in situation that was like real battle, this practice ground had obstacles like trees and bushes growing.

The situation seemed to be even for both sides.

Next it would be a match to take back the Sword Device of Bahamut that Rosa took away.

If he had to say, their side was in advantage.

And yet for some reason there was an unknown anxiety residing inside Lux’s chest.

Even he himself didn’t understand what made him hesitate.

(──Right now isn’t the time to think about unnecessary thing! If we don’t win this battle, it will be over for us!)

Lux took a deep breath and switched his feeling.

And then he skated after Philuffy inside the forest of the practice ground that was covered with jet black darkness.

『Phi-chan! Are you okay!? What happened with Rosa?』

He sent his voice through Dragon Voice to Philuffy so Rosa wouldn’t be able to guess their intention.

『She is, still bound by wires. If it’s in this place it’s fine even if we fight, I’ll release the wire and attack.』

『-……!? Watch out!』

「You two looks really leisurely while being inside the garden of someone’s housee. But it’s really unfortunate thouugh──it’s you two who get caught in trap.」

The moment they heard the sarcastic laugh of Rosa, Philuffy moved.

Every part of Rosa’s armor that was bound by Pile Anchor was pulled closer when the wires were rolled back. At the same time Philuffy pulled back her right hand and took a punching stance.

On the other hand Rosa who was making a faint grin readied her big sickle shaped weapon──the Scythe and lifted it up.

(Rosa’s balance is broken because she is getting pulled. If they strike at the same time, it will be Philuffy’s win!)

Lux drove his Wyvern toward the fight while making that judgment. Right at that instant.

「I was wondering how skilled you are after especially coming here to spy──but it looks like I was underestimated huh.」

Every joint parts of Gorynych that Rosa wore were instantly disassembled midair. The restrain of Pile Anchor that wrapped everywhere was disconnected.

At the same time Gorynych was enveloped with ominous purple light that immediately connected to the disassembled armor parts──and reconstructed them back.

「Such, method……!?」

Due to the transformation ability of her Divine Raiment 《Tartaros Frame》, she temporarily disassembled her Normal Mode, and then after removing the restrain, she immediately reconstructed her armor back to Normal Mode.

She erased her disadvantage in less than a few moments and prepared the stance of counterattack.

But, the inertia from the motion of Philuffy pulling Rosa toward herself was in effect.

The result, Typhon’s fist that thrust out as counter hit empty air, on the other hand the blade of Rosa’s Scythe moved toward the torso while Typhon’s fist crossed beside her.

「Split into two.」

The gathered energy was focused on the edge of the Scythe.

It pierced the barrier of Typhon that boasted solid defensive power, but Philuffy’s left arm barely came in between and blocked the attack.

But──, even so a terrific impact hit her whole body.

When the edge of the Scythe was slashed to the end without pause, it left crack on her armor.


Philuffy who was falling backward let out a faint anguish into her expressionless face.


Lux skated with his half-broken Wyvern to try to help her, but before his eyes six unmanned Drag-Rides stood in his way.

Twelve Vice──the Drag-Rides that were the special armaments of Gorynych consisted of two flying type Drag-Rides, two land battle type Drag-Rides, and two special equipment type Drag-Rides.

They attacked Lux with movement of different system as though they were coordinating with each other.

It seemed because of their unmanned trait, their movement was simple and easy to predict.

But, in his current situation where he couldn’t use Bahamut, he was unable to simply break through them.

(I can only reduce their number with Critical Hit using Scale Blade!)

Even though he thought that, in this situation where his Wyvern’s one arm was broken, it was difficult to match the timing for counter when the unmanned Drag-Rides attacked simultaneously.

「Noow then, first──it’s one down. I wonder how will you feel when you see your comrade get killed right in front of you?」

In that opening Rosa drove her Gorynych and swung down the tip of her Scythe toward Philuff’s torso.

But, the moment it was going to hit, her usual absentminded voice could be heard.

「It’s okay, Lu-chan.」

Right after that, an unmanned dark grey Drag-Ride that Rosa controlled was pulled in front of Typhon and became shield.


Rosa’s eyes opened wide in bewilderment seeing her Scythe’s attack was blocked by her own Twelve Vice that she controlled.

Right after Philuffy fell, she fired her Pile Anchor and instantly pulled one of the Twelve Vise toward herself.

The moment the Scythe’s tip pierced the armor, Philuffy shifted the unmanned armor shielding her aside and sealed the movement of the Scythe.

At the same time, while still in the falling posture, she moved Typhon’s armored leg and kicked up at Rosa’s Gorynych.


If it was an average Drag-Knight who used a technique like that, they would lose their balance and tumbled down. Because of that it was an unusable kicking technique.

But for Philuffy who possessed tough flesh body and had mastered the martial art that was taught by Magialca, and exactly because she was using Typhon, this special battle style that was unique to her became possible.

Rosa’s Gorynych that was kicked up to the air for more than ten meters was entangled by several Pile Anchors that were fired from both shoulders and the back armor.

Wires were rolling around the whole Drag-Ride, preventing Rosa to escape by disassembling her armor using Twelve Vice.

At the same time the Pile Anchor that was fired from the right hand armor stretched to right beside her, capturing the second unmanned Drag-Ride and reeled it in toward her hand.

Typhon’s right hand caught it, and then that hand was wrapped with light as though it was burning. Energy was converging into that hand.

Right after that, Gorynych that was floating midair was reeled in one go, at the same time the special armament that was installed into Typhon’s right hand was activated.

「──Biting Flare.」

When the energy from the right hand was transferred, the caught unmanned Drag-Ride exploded.

Rosa got hit by the fragments and shockwave of the exploded armor and she was sent flying to far away backward.

Philuffy didn’t directly explode Rosa’s Gorynych was because Rosa was still keeping Bahamut’s Sword Device and also in consideration of Rosa’s life itself.

Even so enough damage should have been inflicted after Rosa’s barrier was pierced and her armor smashed like that. Here a strange situation occurred.




Ten-odd Drag-Rides entered inside the military’s practice ground.

Most likely, they were the members of Resistance that Calensia mentioned, the movement that was opposing Heiburg’s military regime.

At the timing when Philuffy stopped moving from the recoil of her attack, the general purpose Drag-Rides of the Resistance pursued Rosa who was blown away into the forest.

「Please wait! Killing her now is still too──」

Lux was facing the unmanned Drag-Rides of Twelve Vise while trying to stop them, but they didn’t show any sign of stopping.

「What are you saying! This woman, the current military of Heiburg, how much do you think they have done to us!? It can only be now! We’ll kill this King of Vises and win back our peace!」

「Yeah, kill her! Bring her down!」

「Clear away Heiburg’s darkness!」

More than ten Drag-Rides charged into the forest as one.

At the same time, the unmanned Drag-Rides of Twelve Vise that were attacking Lux headed toward Rosa’s position all at once.

「What’s the meaning of this? Are they going to protect Lady Rosa?」

No, that wasn’t what he should be afraid of.

Even after getting hit by Biting Flare, she was still moving her special armaments without problem.

In other words──the invitation toward that forest was a trap.

「Be careful, Lu-chan. That person, is strong. I somehow got back only your Sword Device but──」

Philuffy who stood beside Lux told him while sighing slightly.

Even while Rosa was receiving the attack of Biting Flare, she simultaneously disassembled and modified her armor, dispersing the impact to the limit.

As expected from a powerful person who was appointed as one of the Seven Dragon Paladins, her skill wasn’t normal.

Even while feeling astonishment, Lux quickly severed the lock on his other Sword Device using his Wyvern’s Blade.

And then, he dispelled the Wyvern armor in order to switch into Bahamut.

「……-!? Wait──if Lady Rosa is safe, then hiding inside that forest」

A trap that showed a pretension of rallying herself over.

That time when Lux noticed Rosa’s aim, a dark murmur resounded inside the night’s darkness.

「Tartaros Frame – Rapid Fire Mode」

Right after that, a part of the forest was blown away by explosion.

Gorynych transformed into a huge fortress of armaments. The Resistance members who entered her firing range were completely hauled up.

「Gu, GYAAAAAH……!?」

The men of the Resistance were covered in fire with their armor smashed. They rolled around on the ground while writhing in agony.

While Lux who was taken by surprise was bewildered, Gorynych modified its form even further.

「Tartaros Frame – Sky Force ModeSky Fortress Form」

Four Wyverns were combined on both shoulders into huge gun batteries there. Rosa moved outside the practice ground with that form.

「You are running away, Rosa Granhide!?」

When Lux yelled in surprise at the unexpected movement of the enemy, Rosa replied back with Dragon Voice.

『I’ll leave the battle against you for later. If the citizens are going against the military, I’ll burn the city as lesson. It looks like there is also still Resistance remaining outside. I have to do my job noow.』

『Don’t mess around! You want to harm even more unrelated people than this!?』

『Ahaa. I wonder what are you sayiiing. ──Everything is because of your fault right? Even though you aren’t even someone from this country, you are poking your nose as you please here.』

Cold sweat trickled along Lux’s back after hearing that shuddering whisper of the devil.

『It’s because a hypocrite like you are provoking me, that the situation become like this right? This is because you are trying to defeat me with a half-baked resolve.』

Rosa was chuckling while getting out to outside the rampart.

Right after that, screams could be heard. It seemed that there was Resistance force outside that was trying to get in.

At this rate, his few allies in Heiburg would be exterminated thoroughly.

「Shit-!? Why! Why is something like this──」

Lux drew out the Sword Device of Bahamut with shaking hand and summoned the huge dragon before him.

He quickly equipped the armor and glared at the other side of the rampart where Rosa vanished into.

「Lu-chan, be careful, Rosa might be luring you into trap……」

Philuffy calmly pointed out despite the slight hitch on her voice from the tension.

Lux had also noticed that in his heart.

Rosa had an intention for going out of the practice ground that was surrounded by rampart.

She wasn’t just planning to exterminate the Resistance, she was also planning to make the situation advantageous for her.

(No, her aim isn’t just that. No matter what happen, we cannot let Rosa get away here!)

Lux saw through Rosa’s intention and he shuddered.

Their current position at the surface was wrongdoers who trespassed illegally into the country as well as breaking into military facility without permission.

Although the majority of Heiburg military was at the new kingdom in order to conquer Babel, as expected there would Drag-Knights remaining to guard the capital. If they reported this to the world alliance, it would be Lux who became considered as traitor.

He had no proof of Heiburg’s transaction with Dragon Marauder, on top of that now he was forced to chase after Rosa even understanding that it was her trap.

If he let her got away here, it would be his loss.

「Phi-chan, we are going!」

They had no leeway to look after the injured Resistance members.

Lux crossed over the rampart and flew in pursuit of Rosa.

Then, the smell of burning and smoke pierced his nose from the direction of the city’s center.

Different from the Resistance members who were injured at the practice ground, the Resistance members here were killed.

Not a single one survived. There was even a girl who got half of her body blown away and expired.


『You aren’t a big deal aren’t youu, hero-sama. Can’t you protect even a single innocent citizen I wondeer?』

A provocation was sent through Dragon Voice from Rosa who was far away, heading to the south of the city.

It appeared that she had advanced until very far. Her figure couldn’t be seen at far away.

Lux’s body was getting heated, but he couldn’t let himself to get driven by rage here.

He didn’t know what kind of trap Rosa was setting up, that was why he had to pursue her carefully.

But──even so Lux’s heart was greatly stirred up.

He wondered if he had made some kind of mistake, whether there was anything he could do before it became like this.

「Lu-chan, found her.」

The voice of Philuffy who was skating on the street caused Lux to come back to his senses and he directed his gaze there.

The central national plaza of capital Hidehelm.

There was residential district around it. Rosa was standing on a spacious round stage that was surrounded with eight huge metal statues.

Gorynych that had returned to Normal Mode was already readying a complete battle preparation.

Inside its armored arm, there was a girl who seemed to be a citizen within its grip.

「Why are you doing something like this!? Are you planning to lay your hand on the people of your own country even more than this!?」

Lux yelled in anger──but, in respond Rosa sneered.

「I’m only punishing the traitors that are disturbing the country. Do you have any problem with iiit?」

「Just release the girl!」

「Thiis is why a kid who won’t listen is troubling. Even after accompanying me carelessly until this far, you still haven’t understand your own position──」

Rosa made a shuddering smile where malice and joy mixed into one.

「I’m the one giving order here, and isn’t it you who should throw away your weapon? If you get it then come on. Quickly obey me. Or else──give up on this girl. That’s what you’ll do riiight? After all you will treasure yourself more.」


「Lu-chan. Presences are gathering from the surrounding. Drag-Ride noise. A lot of them.」

「Oops, I forgot to say though. Naturally I’m gathering soldiers from the surrounding using Dragon Voice. There are still Drag-Knights that will also come if gathered from this city. Won’t you wait until you get completely surrounded?」

Rosa was taking position in the central national plaza was in order to make Lux and Philuffy to consider the surrounding houses so they would hesitate to attack with full power.

In addition this location also possessed the space where Rosa would be able to use her own strength as she pleased with a lot of covers available for her.

And the clincher was her scheme of massing the reinforcement that she called to her.

「So even the Black Hero is only this much? I wonder why people are all so eager to act hypocritical. Nothing is more important than yourself, other people doesn’t matter at aall. Even though human’s true nature is evil, everyone is living while hiding that. Even though in the end you are nothing more than birds of a feather with me, like how you are abandoning this girl──」

「Shut up! I, I’m just……」

Even while shaking from anger, Lux was gradually approaching Rosa bit by bit.

「──You ran out of time. Then I’ll execute this girl, sayonara.」

Rosa swung her scythe and slashed it down toward the girl.

Instnatly, Lux’s Bahamut that was awaiting for opportunity until now flashed red and attacked with explosive speed.

「Reload on Fire!」

He predicted Rosa’s movement and unleashed the Divine Raiment of compression and strengthening.

Usually he used it when the enemy was within the range in order to cut the opponent down instantly using Quick Shot. Now Lux purposefully activated it early in order to save the hostage.

At the same time he brandished his great sword and aimed at the armored arm of Rosa that was swinging up the Scythe.

The great sword where Lux focused all his energy at splendidly slashed Gorynych’s arm.


He took the hostage while entrusting her to Philuffy at the same time.

In a flash, Lux cut Gorynych’s torso with a returning slash.

「Ku, Aah!?」

The barrier was torn and the armor smashed.

The fragments were scattered into the wind and rain, floating in the air in pieces.

Lux’s Blade splendidly dug into the armor and it was bisected together with Rosa’s scream.


But, Lux felt a strange feedback from the slash and a shudder ran through him.

Even though he slashed without the intend to kill, why──was the enemy destroyed so badly like this?

Right after his focus was absorbed into that puzzle for a moment, Rosa was already moving.

*Zakuri* The strange sound of flesh getting cut could be heard.

From the back of Philuffy who was watching for chance far behind Lux in order to back him up, there was Rosa slashing with her Scythe.

The time was flowing slowly. Fresh blood was spurting high to the air from the back of his childhood friend.

The world stopped as though all color was erased from his sight.

「……Lu, chan」

Typhon’s armor was dispelled from Philuffy who had her back deeply slashed. She crumbled down.

「Philu, ffy……?」

Lux turned around and muttered in a daze.

For Philuffy who originally should be able to take a lot of punishment to collapse like that, it appeared that she was pierced from a spot at her back that wasn’t covered with armor. It was a lethal wound without a doubt.

Heiburg’s remaining battle force was already gathering at the surrounding.

The figure of the girl who was taken hostage by Rosa vanished. She was gone completely.

「Seee? The evil side is stronger right? Sin Phantom──the special armament that I have can produce illusion including my own body double. Have you forgotten it after so long I wonder?」

By putting the illusion of Rosa riding on the unmanned Twelve Vice, she could produce body double.

No, the tactic of creating clone of Rosa that couldn’t be seen through until it was destroyed.

Certainly he once got tricked by that at the skill exhibition battle previously.

And yet, there was a reason why Lux and Philuffy got so easily deceived.

Seeing the illusive hostage that was also made by Sin Phantom having blade pointed at it, it showed Lux a situation where he had to save the hostage in a hurry, lowering his guard.

And then, the Drag-Knights that were hiding within this rain and darkness while surrounding this plaza.

Philuffy was standing on guard against them in order to protect Lux from long range sniping. Rosa took her by surprise with her attention diverted like that.

It wasn’t that they were careless.

It was Rosa’s cunning trick that laid out multiple traps on top of each other ingeniously.

The result of the tactics that allowed every kind of evil surpassed Lux.

「──Surrender noow. I will let you all to stay alive for now. With this, the new kingdom will be driven to the wall as traitor within the alliance. I’ll release the Ragnarok from the Babel and direct it toward the bunches that gathered there.」

「Why, you……」

Expression vanished from the dumbfounded Lux.

His emotion was rapidly cooling down as though assimilating into the cold rain.

「Why are you──doing something like this? Why are you hurting innocent people? How can something like this is necessary──?」

Rosa loudly laughed in ridicule seeing his standing figure that was filled with hollowness.

「What a troubling child. After coming to spy at someone else’s country, now you are complaining when you failed? It become like this because you are trying to save other country’s people with a half-baked feeling. In the end, this is the most that the power of good can achieve.」

There was throbbing pain inside his head.

The figure of Philuffy lying down on the stone paving of the plaza overlapped with the scene of that time.

With the scene in the underground laboratory of Ries Island, ──what was done to that girl there.

(……Was I, mistaken?)

His consciousness was in chaos.

When Philuffy was killed and he lost his self.

There the same scene was definitely replayed once more.

(It’s the same like that time? What am I thinking……? What am I saying? no, right now isn’t the time──)

Rosa spoke even more words as though to take advantage of Lux’s dazed state.

「Seee, you aren’t thinking of saving this country or anything. ‘I won’t abandon anyone even if they are enemy’. That’s only you wanting to protect yourself so you can think you are a good person. Like that, you won’t be able to win against me who carried evil to the extreme. Now, let’s close down the curtain now. I’ll take care of the other three girls too after this. Aah, riiight──it’s also fine even if I turn that Abyss monster over there as guinea pig riight? In order to use the Elixir that I obtained effectively……」

Guinea pig.

The instant Lux heard those words, the restrain inside himself came off.

A part of memory that he didn’t remember was flowing in. He grasped Bahamut’s Sword Device tightly once more.

「Stop it already! Rosa!」

The silence was suddenly torn apart. A voice resounded through the central national plaza.

Looking there, a single girl slipped through the gap of the gathered Drag-Knights and approached.

Stefa Hersmice.

The blind girl who was a former military cadet who asked for Lux’s help.

Her existence who knew about Rosa and Calensia in the past was…….

「Ste, fa……? Wh, y」

The complexion of Rosa who held faith in absolute evil and committed tyranny changed slightly.

At that moment, the Drag-Knights of Heiburg military hurriedly caught Stefa’s hand.

「Remove the citizen! It’s fine even if you are a little rough!」

「Rosa! Please! You can hear me right!? Please, no more, something like this……」

Rosa stiffened at the desperate pleading of the girl.

But, she immediately wore back her former wicked expression and quickly lifted her hand and gave instruction.

「Remove her from here. Don’t let the citizen get in the way. Also, collect that new kingdom girl too──」

「……I won’t let you.」


Rosa reacted at the dark voice that slipped out from Lux’s mouth.

Almost at the same time, countless windows of light floated around Bahamut.

「Singlen’s tuning application──the Battle Array is it? Hoow foolish. You are still going to struggle in vain this late in the game? ……-!?」

She was about to sneer, but in the middle Rosa frowned in confusion.

The windows of light were gathering speed in repeatedly appearing and then immediately closing and vanishing.

Bahamut’s Sword Device was emitting intense light as though resonating with it, and finally it happened.

「This is──, don’t tell me!」

「I won’t, hand over Philuffy to you all.」

Particles of light were gathering in high speed around Lux, forming a new supplemental armor.

「Over Limit – On」

Each frame split, back wings, both arms, both legs, head part, and then even the great sword were covered with solid plate and transfigured.

The variable frame turned pointed sharply, enlarged, and shifted into a fiendish shape.


Lux skated in the air toward the Drag-Knights──the soldiers of Heiburg surrounding the area that numbered around fifty.

Transforming into an arrow that pierced through the air, he attacked in order to exterminate the enemies before him.

Part 4

「What is the meaning of this!? What is happening……!?」

Sharis was murmuring in amazement at the air above the central national pl

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