Sairin Yuusha no Fukushuu Hanashi Volume 4 Chapter 14

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Translator: Norva

Editor: Norva

Anonymous news arrived at the chivalric order of Templar. That the orphanage near the Holy City is committing a blasphemous research against God. Even though they received the news, the chivalric order of templar did not move at once.

That’s because they got an order to not concerned about that news, and to deemed it is just some mischievous rumours.

However, at the great gate Holy Gate surrounding the Holy City, there’s a lot of orphans being sheltered there.

Those children testify that they escaped from that orphanage. Most of the children did not grasp the circumstances, but the two children explained the circumstances in the orphanage.

An illegal experiment was conducted in the basement of an orphanage. There were lots of children were sacrificed and they said that they escaped from there.

In response to that information, the chivalric order of templar finally moved. The captain of second corps, Marx Pietro Sandalphone and several knights that works under him went to investigated that orphanage.

It is said that dozens of corpses were found in the basement of an orphanage. Moreover, the total number of victims is believed to rise to hundreds from the trace. The investigation to identify those victims is being hastened.

In addition, illegal drugs that controlled by the Religious state was being discovered too. Because some of the laboratory instruments are burned, they unable to grasp what was the researched that conduct by them.

The whereabouts of both George and Lily is yet to be found, and the hunting down for those two is being carried out by the chivalric order of Templar. They also investigating their connection with the missing person case that was taking place in the Holy City

The title of the Holy Parents given to the two changed completely. As a blasphemer to God who committed mass murder, they will be put on the wanted list.

As for the sheltered children, they will be under the protection of chivalric order of templar until they found a place for them――――

――That is the conclusion of this case.

After disposing of them, we took the children and headed for the Holy City. A commotion broke out after we send the children to take shelter at the great gate, and due to that occurrence, the knight templar went to investigate the basement of the orphanage.

By doing so, as soon as their evildoing were exposed, the safety of those children was guaranteed. The chivalric order of Templar are suspicious, but with the concurrence of such serious matter, the Religious state echelons will make their move regarding this matter.

With that, they won’t be able to lay their hand on those kids if the country itself was protecting them.

The child called Michelle and Sheena who had greatly injured were to be hospitalized in the hospital of the holy city. The recovery effect of potion was just to some extent where it unable to make a complete heal after all. Plus, their mental exhaustion was also great.

Also, I deleted all information on “Hero Amatsu” that was in the laboratory. The data of Olga and the data collected from me are destroyed carefully and incinerated. There will not be something like my homunculus will be made in the future.

A few days from then.

The laughable title called Holy Parents has disappeared, and there are various rumours of those two around the Holy City.

Such as, they were a wicked follower of the “Fallen Light God” Hardia, that made children as a sacrifice.
That they were actually a Mazoku’s and a scout that was sent to sabotages the holy city defence. Then, they did an experiment to revive hero Amatsu……and so on.

The rumours range from a totally irrelevant thing to something relatively the truth itself.

Well, it has nothing to do with those already dead fellows.

Well, because I did not like that title which having them being called as the holy parents, it is not a bad thing for having them lost that title after all.

There was another problem than that. It means that there is someone who is turning around the bad part of the rumours.

That makes this suffocating case is not over yet.

A few days from then.

Michelle was spending her time absentmindedly.

Some of her memory in that basement is vague. But, she remembers that there was a pair of men and women came to the rescue. However, she lost completely he consciousness afterwards, when she woke up she was already brought into the holy city.

When she heard that Sheena and other children were safe, she felt relieved.

It was hard to answer the question from the knight templar who came to her hospital room and most of her wounds were already cured, and Michelle seemed to be able to leave the hospital tomorrow.


I heard the information of that orphanage from the person belongs to the chivalric order of Templar.

Apparently George and Lily seem to disappear from the orphanage.

She was asked whether she aware of where they went to, but Michelle said she did not know about it.

It seems that Olga and their son Dartis is yet to be found too. Every single one of them mysteriously vanished into thin air. Somehow, Michelle has already felt that they are not alive anymore. Because the fact that she herself is safe right now is proving to that.

More than that.

It was about Amatsu that kept remaining in Michelle’s mind.


The door opened with rattling sound.

Michelle is startled the moment she looking towards the visitor.

「……excuse me」(Iori)


Only for an instant, the person who entered her room is look alike Amatsu. Soon Michelle noticed that she was mistaken someone else for him. Because the one who came visiting her was a raven black haired boy.

「Did I cause you to make any misunderstanding?
If so, I’m sorry for that」(Iori)


「Can we have a talk for a while?」(Iori)


Then Michelle spoke to the raven black haired boy.
He seems to be Amatsuki Iori.

(After all, it resembles)

Amatsu and Iori.

Even though the height and hair colour are different, the two are similar somewhere. Though his look is quite similar, his presence is just like him.

But, Iori is sterner than Amatsu.

「……With your current state, I think it will be okay to tell you now」(Iori)

And Iori’s talked about what happened after that. Such, they cooperate to defeat Olga before they finally freed them.

The words were a bit vague but as expected by Michelle, George and the others do not seem to be in this world anymore.

「Then, what happened to……Onii-san?」(Michelle)

After listening to all the stories, Michelle asked Iori so. He closed his eyes and picked up something from the pouch with an inexpressible expression.

It was a small torn cloth.

「……that is」(Michelle)

「This was the only thing I have with me. Because, his body has……faded away」(Iori)

After he awkwardly said it, Iori handed the cloth her. The moment she receives it, Michelle recall it.

That this is something that Amatsu wore.



Grabbing the cloth, Michelle body trembles. Her sight became blurred, while her nose is getting stuffed.

Still, Michelle desperately holds down her tears in front of Iori.

After a while, Iori stood from his seat.

「……Then, its time for me to go」(Iori)

「……Iori-san, thank you for helping me」(Michelle)

Iori shook his head to Michelle who thanks him.

「It was not me who helped you」(Iori)


「He was the one who told me what happen to you,
and if he didn’t tell me, I’ll probably never come for help」(Iori)

So it was Amatsu who helped Michelle.

Iori said so.

「……Ahh, Onii-san」(Michelle)

――Was not die in vain.

When Iori was about to leave the room, he told her to keep everything as a secret. By looking at his back, Michelle abruptly remembered something.

When she tried to leave the forest, she was encountering with a certain group.

Iori stops his movement suddenly when he heard that.

「……As for that group, did they mentioned a name or something?」(Iori)

Michelle remembers something after she tries to recall it.

The words that one of the men spoke right before she lost her consciousness.

「――If I’m not mistaken……they saying Marx-san or something」(Michelle)


The next day.

Michelle came back to that forest.

The orphanage is declared off-limits by the chivalric order of Templar, but it possible to enter near the entrance.

Michel buried the cloth which I got from Iori to the ground.

Then she put the wooden tag with his name on top of the grave.

As for the victims of the orphanages and the corpse remain there, their tombs are made as soon as the investigation is done.

The tombs of Yuma and others are already made and she just dropped by there before she came here.

But there is no grave of Amatsu.

It is because the homunculus won’t be leaving any corpse after they die.

And there are only a few people who know that he helped her.

All those children, and including Sina, nobody knows the existence of Amatsu who has fought desperately.

She hated those facts.

「……Therefore, I tried making Onii-san grave,
though it’s not luxurious, forgive me with this」(Michelle)

Towards the grave she made, Michelle says.

「As you can see, I do not have any injury anymore
and I was discharged from the hospital yesterday. Though it seems it will be taking a little bit more time, Sheena seems to be all right. I do not remember much about what happens at the……orphanage」(Michelle)

I wish I could just forget it……muttered by Michelle.

「The other children are doing fine too. There are neither injury nor disease. They were getting yelled after they jump at the people of the chivalric order of templar」(Michelle)

They played a trick on a knight called Leo who came to see their states and got yelled at very harsh by him.

It seems I do not know well what happens to George, Lily and others.

「……So, I have to become more dependable」(Michelle)

Because oneself is the eldest among them.

「……everything is all thanks to you Onii-san. For everyone happily making noise without knowing anything, as for Sheena being able to be hospitalized and for me to be able being here…… Everything was entirely thanks to Onii-san help」(Michelle)

As wind gently blows and swaying the surrounding trees

There is nobody replying to the words of Michelle.

「……thank you, Onii-san」(Michelle)

Everything was ambiguous in recent days.

She did not clearly realize it.

「Actually……I just wanted to say my thanks to you directly, you know. To say thank you to you Onii-san…… It’s thanks to Onii-san that everyone was saved……」(Michelle)

However, her tears streamed down her cheeks before she noticed it.

She was able to endure it at the time she with Iori. But right now, her tears overflow to the extent that it cannot be suppressed.

「I really……want to……talk with you more……」(Michelle)

Then, Michelle starts weeping.
After she recalls Amatsu.
The Onii-san who helped oneself was a true hero.


The tears from Michelle’s cheeks are falling.

Pitter-pattered as it soaked into the soil of the grave.

「……is it okay?」(Elfi)

Turn my back on the girl shedding tears in front of the grave and I walk to the exit of the forest.

While Elfi followed from behind.

「……yeah, because she needs to move on」(Iori)

Besides, I did not want to look any further.

……Because I get tired of myself.

I do not want to defile her feelings.

「I really like that side of you, ya know?」(Elfi)

「……you’re noisy, let’s go」(Iori)

「Kufufu, did you get embarrassed, you really did get embarrassed, ain’t you? 」(Elfi)

I walk without letting my guard off on our surrounding.

I didn’t sense anything right now, but sometimes I do feel that we’re being observed too.

Probably, it was Luser.

There’s no surprise attack, but I always keep my guard up all the time.

What a bothersome bunch.

「But it was an unpleasant incident」(Elfi)

「……you’re right」(Iori)

There are dozens of corpses found. From the traces, nearly ten times as many people were killed. Perhaps it was incinerated regularly or it was probably being disposed of.

「Most of the corpses were children……some, adults were mixed too」(Iori)

「……That reminds me, there was a missing incident happening in the holy city」(Elfi)

「Aah, it likely that they were killed in that basement, I’m really certain about it」(Iori)

The question is why that adult was killed.

「There were a certain number of children in an orphanage because they were sufficed enough to supply them with magical powers. Even for those children who have no relatives, it still hard to dispose of them without being traced」(Iori)

「Why did they bother themselves to dispose of those missing person……?」(Elfi)

Although we have come up with several presumptions, we have no proof to back it up.

Well, we should investigate it from now on.
This matter is not yet over.

「I guess the next target is already decided?」(Elfi)

「Aa, oviously」(Iori)

I remember the words that Michelle said in a hospital room.

『――If I’m not mistaken……they saying Marx-san or something』

There’s no doubt that fellow is involved in this matter.

Let me fulfil my revenge after having uncovered it. So, I have to revise the revenge method properly.


Suddenly, I thought.

Regarding that homunculus.

「…… Me from back then」(Iori)

I’m almost certain, I was like――

「Did you say something?」(Elfi)


I shake my head and move on.

Such path is already broken.

So, I should move toward my chosen path.

「Then shall we go with the next revenge?」(Iori)

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